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Transcript: InDesign is a program that allows you to lay out graphic elements on pages for print, hence the term page layout. If we continue with our brochure example, you'd create a landscape (wide) 8-1/2" x 11" page and begin importing photos, art, and text and positioning it where you want it all to be. One other very important feature of a page layout program, and InDesign's other main purpose, is its output features. Open in design and you will be presented by an introduction screen. It is here where we will start to create the new document. Topic If you sent a layout made in Illustrator to a printer, they'd place that Illustrator file in InDesign before running it. Do try not to send a printer a layout made in Photoshop, because while they'll also place that Photoshop file in InDesign before running it, they'll have a good laugh at your expense first. The origin of the ruler can be set to spread, page or spine. By selecting spread, the ruler will start from the left hand side of the document and span across the spread of the document. Try to plan out your design before hand so you can predict you margin and gutter size. now take the outside value and half it for your gutter, 7.5mm When setting margins I like to progress my sizes from smallest to largest in the following order: inside, outside, top, bottom.When entering the values make sure that the link symbol at the center of the margins column is not ticked. When ticked it will make all the margin settings the same. If this is a document setup you are likely to use again in the future, navigate to the Save Preset button and press it. Give it a name and press OK. Next time you open InDesign this preset will be set up ready. Step 6 Ok, back to the introduction screen. On the right hand side select creat new document. Another floating screen will appear. Now before you format the document it will save time to have a rough idea of the kind of document you want to set (do a sketch for a rough mockup). Step 4 Description of program Step 1 Description cont. Step 3 Step 8 By: Niza Sexton & Shawn Phillips InDesign is built to play well not only with desktop printers, but with the high-end printing and plating systems of real-world print shops. InDesign offers controls and settings printers use to ensure that your brochure will print properly from their mega-machines. Photoshop and Illustrator do not offer such fine controls. Step 2 Questions ? Step 9 Indesign Step 7 Within the page size division you have a drop down menu with a selection of popular presets that are used worldwide. If you want to enter a custom size you can do so be typing directly into the width and height boxes. You can also define the orientation to portrait or landscape. You can make posters, flyers, brochers, magazines, newspapers, and books. Step 5 Description cont. Video What to know about Indesign. Again the bleed option has a link feature which in this case is best ticked to make the bleed settings the same. Slug can be used to place information and notes which will be seen by a printer and then cut off along with the bleed. Purpose of this program


Transcript: Examtime Photoshop When I was making the magazine for the premilary task I hadn't really used photoshop before so it gave me a bit of experience before making my music magazine. Now I can put more effects of photos to make them have a higher quality Before starting music magazine research i had never use examtime. I used it in my planning as a mind map to show what I would include on my front cover e.g. colour scheme of my magazine. I think it's a good site to go on rather than writing by hand a mind map as you can easily add and remove ideas from it. It's also easy to make colour so your work looks presentable Blogger Indesign played big part when construcing my magazine as it's the software I used to create it. You could easily make a magazine using word, however it would look no where near as effective as making the magazine on indesign. this is because indesign allows you to be very specific. For example on word you can increase the font size but on indesign you can actually choose how wide and high individual letters are. it also allows you to be very specific where you place photos and the size of them which you wouldn't be able to do using something like word. Prezi is also very good for presenting your ideas in a different way. It's more fun than just typing them up in a word document and it's really easy to use. Like examtime it's easy to add or take away anything you dont like which is better than when you've written it by hand as you would have to start again. I think it's going to become very popular for businesses, schools and colleges to present tinformation in a different way. Prezi Slideshare Indesign The main thing i have learnt to usse in the contruction on my music magazine is blogger. This is because everything i made towards i had to upload to blogger. Some things were easier than others. Obviously an easy thing was writing on blogger which i could do without learning, but things like embedding prezi, examtime and slideshare was something i learnt when i started the premilary task.. Now i've finished the music magazine embeding things on my blog is very easy and quick for me to do. I have found slideshare very useful for previous question of my evaluation because you can produce a normal powerpoint, upload it to slideshare and embed in on your blog. It's also helpful if you need ideas as you can see everyone elses powerpoints. Which is how everything is now- you can find whatever information you want on the internet.

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Transcript: Prezi-Presentation by Stephanie Siemens Videos by Gina Benson & Julie Kurchinski Presented by Sandra Elkins first version with Mac OS X support new features: drag and drop text object styles anchored objects the Transform Again commands multipage PDF import WYSIWYG font menus text wrap for inline objects PSD layers support The Beginnings 1999 CS2 bundles with Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat new features: enhanced PSD support drop shadows control palette story editor nested styles improved XML import/export document presets CS3 2005 - first Mac OS X-native desktop publishing (DTP) software - exports documents in PDF - first DTP to support Unicode and cross-platform scripting using Java Script CS 2002 new features: text on a path vertical justification built-in trapping eyedropper tool enhances color controls pencil tool printer and PDF export styles PDF scripting free transform tool plugin manager quicker at loading 2003 1.5 improvements in table styles, regular expression support, XHTML export, support for automated commands & a new user interface Software to develop logos, brochures, flyer, posters, invitations, business cards 2007 Getting started (creating a logo): Upgrades & Versions 1.0 2.0 new features: XML support OpenType support long document support tables transparency controls The Basics: 2000 Work cited: Timeline features: frame-based approach to page layout a Bezier tool clipping paths gradient fills - Replaced Adobe PageMarker in 1998 - First started by Aldus and later named 'K2' Adobe InDesign

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