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LinkedIn Presentation

Transcript: LinkedIn is currently available in eighteen languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. With more than 161 million subscribers. LinkedIn is significantly ahead of its competitors: Viadeo (35 million) and XING (10 million). LinkedIn saw a 10 to 15 million member per quarter growth rate throughout 2012. For instance, LinkedIn has influenced the structure of modern social networking websites. And so, Facebook is trying to compete with LinkedIn by focusing on helping the growth of small businesses through their advertisements and the ability to create a company “page.” Risks Related to Class A Common Stock Possible limited market for investors in industry. Requirements of being a public company may strain company resources, divert management’s attention and affect our ability to attract and retain qualified board members. Intention to not pay dividends for the foreseeable future. Market Risks Interest Rate Fluctuation Foreign Currency Exchange Risk and Foreign Currency Forward Contracts Inflation Risk Allen Blue 108.86 Competitors (PNS & SNS) Stock Information 59.07 Founders 2029 Stierlin Court Mountain View, CA 94043 United States LinkedIn has a Worldwide Presence. Moving Forward, LinkedIn follows Core Values: • Our Members Come First. We encourage employees to know and understand our members and to ensure that we foster the long-term vitality of the LinkedIn ecosystem. • Relationships Matter. By fostering trust with colleagues and partners, we all succeed. We fundamentally believe that doing what is right is more important than being right. • Be Open, Honest and Constructive. We expect our employees to communicate with clarity and provide feedback with consistency in a constructive way. • Demand Excellence. Our employees are encouraged to lead by example, seek to solve big challenges. Set measurable and actionable goals, and continuously learn, iterate and improve. • Take Intelligent Risks. Taking intelligent risks has been paramount in building the Company to date. No matter how large we become we strive to never lose our start up mentality. • Act Like an Owner. Talent is our most important asset. We expect our employees to act as an owner in each decision they make, no matter how big or small. Members can create, manage, and share their professional identity online. Access professional information and find opportunities. Solutions designed to enable professionals to achieve higher levels of performance and professional success and enable enterprises and professional organizations to find and connect with the world’s best talent. Overall, achieving top productivity and success! Where does Business Operate? allows developers to integrate its content and services into applications* Offers hiring solutions (LinkedIn Corporate Solutions) Enables enterprises and professional organizations to find, contact, and hire qualified candidates by selling individuals’ information to recruiters and to job seekers. LinkedIn Jobs allow enterprises and professional organizations to advertise job opportunities on the company's network Provides marketing solutions (LinkedIn Ads) enables advertisers to build and target their advertisement to its members Last premium subscriptions: designed for general professionals to manage their professional identity and connect with talent. General users have opportunity to subscribe for InMail. Mission of the Company Eric Ly Reid Hoffman Property: Principal executive offices in Mountain View, CA (approx. 198,000 square feet of space) Sales and marketing and customer support offices in Chicago, New York, Omaha, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Monica. International LinkedIn offices are located in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Delhi, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, Mumbai, Munich, Paris, Perth, São Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. Data centers in the U.S. In the first quarter of 2012, Co. leased additional facilities in various locations. Reading List by Amazon Box File Collaboration My Travel by Tripit Google Presentations WordPress Slideshare Blog Link by Six Apart Huddle Workspaces Company Buzz by LinkedIn Subsidaries 122.71 Exploring Trends Can see that Total Revenue is increasing, and how much each product has grown from year to year. Also, charts below show how international market is expanding as well. Operate an Online Professional Network 86.84 creating websites that focus on providing unique services for users. Social Networking services provide a means for people to create communities, build relationships, and ultimately network with others. LinkedIn does this in a unique way, by focusing on relationships among employees and employers. -The birth of social networking began with MySpace (2003), revolutionizing the use of the internet as a whole. Soon enough Facebook (2004), Twitter(2006), and Google+

Linkedin Presentation

Transcript: PERFORMANCE What about Performance? We all start out on the same line, right?... So, why some will cross the finish line first?.. Is it all about natural skills? gifts? luck?...a secret weapon? Well, let`s say that results are a combination... a combination of what? Ability + Knowledge + Resources (igua) Performance They all are positive relations... The more able, the higher results; The more knowledge, the higher results The more resources, the higher results So, a critical thing here is how we look at ability and knowledge.... Are they modifiable or not? So, elasticity of ability and knowledge is a critical... Performance management is about making ability and knowledge positive-elastic resources Please, do you have an easier definition! Sure! Positive-elastic resources implies leading people to make them capable to become self-designers of effective strategies that increase... their level of ability their level of knowledge So, for the case of organizations, the real question is... How to train people that are able to increase their own levels of ability and knowledge?... Some advicers would tell you that simply by hiring them!... Well, that`s a solution...but a very expensive one! An alternative? Well, I can offer one... Organizations can train their own people to become "elastic"! By providing tools that make them feel control over their environment Changing the way they think, act and feel To become real believers that they can change their current level of ability and knowledge And, how can we do that? The critical thing is inside people Learning environment determine the learning strategies on individuals. Some learning strategies can fit better certain challenges than others, and... right learning strategies boost performance! Words influence the way we think Practice increase how skillful we are.. Mastering key activities increase our self-perception of competence Goals get our action focused on.. Reaching goals impact positively our self-confidence What do I specialize in? How does self-efficacy work? Explanation of the model Self-efficacy Language Being good at "that process" can positively impact how knowledge you have and how able you are to use it effectively A more realistic performance model looks like.. And more important, what can our organization do to boost self-efficacy? Some learning strategies produce better results Life is learning Learning environment That process Model of performance Additionally, goals make our mind gets focused on, and allow us experience the feeling of mastery Goal System The objective: make them believe that they can change their current ability and knowledge Self-efficacy can be boosted using several tools.. For so doing, we can apply social science methods and economic evaluation Success is a process and what really matters is how good we are at "that process" In conclusion, self-efficacy is about changing the way we think about ourselves and about our group Peformance is an optimal combination of.. Mastering key actions Any job involves essential activities to be mastered Self-efficacy Language is a powerful tool for transformational leadership Language The way we express about ourselves and our group says much Performance Mastery key activities Ability + Knowledge + Resources = Performance Who am I? Self-efficacy Inside ... Resources Knowledge CONTROL-ELASTICITY-LEARNING But, what self-efficacy is? Learning strategies They all are positive relations... When we face challenges, what we know and how "naturally" good we are at are not enough... PERFORMANCE Goal structure Mastering those actions boost how confident we are individually and collectively Ability Conclusion For businesses, it`s essential to measure the impact of any action in terms of performance and financial output Well-structured goal systems can make the most out of us before new and demanding challenges

LinkedIn Presentation

Transcript: Background Founder and CEO MIT Hears about Dropbox from a friend, blog and tries it What is Dropbox? THANK YOU!!! Lean Strategies Lessons Learned Arash Ferdowsi Syncs files across multiple platforms regardless of file type. Server and desktop client written in Python. Supports revision history Dropbox supports multi-user version control, enabling several users to edit and re-post files without overwriting versions. Going Forward Metrics - Revenue Jeff Bartelma Source: Technology Make a product that sells itself! Dropbox Founder and CTO MIT Competition Aditya Agarwal Founder and CEO Dropbox is VERY secretive about its revenue. According to Forbes, it made up to $240m in 2011. Arash Ferdowsi Encourage word of mouth and viral Used a referral program with two sided incentives that increased signups by 60 %! Used surveys, landing pages, signup flow optimizations, encouraged users to share. Big investment in analytics Dropbox was founded in 2007. Guiding their decisions was a relentless focus on crafting a simple and reliable experience across every computer and phone. Secured seed funding from Y Combinator and Series A funding from Sequoia Capital Drop now has a 100 million users. Head of Operations CMU What strategy or strategies should Dropbox adopt to survive? "It actually works" September 2008: 100,000 registered users January 2010: 4,000,000 Mostly by word of mouth and viral: >35% of daily signups from referral program >20% from shared folders, other viral features Sustained 15-20%+ month-over-month growth since launch Uses Amazon's S3 storage system to store the files. Uses SSL transfer for synchronization and stores the data via AES-256 encryption. Provides a technology called LANSync. LAN synching allows Dropbox to find new files on the LAN, bypassing downloading from Droppbox servers. Dropbox Chooser: Adds a beautiful Dropbox dialing to web sites with few lines of HTML Should Dropbox have accepted Apple's offer? Who is Dropbox 's greatest rival: Google Drive? iCloud? SkyDrive? What's the best strategy for a statup's survival? Compete? Sell out? Director of Product MIT VP Engineering CMU Hired experienced marketing guy. Picked out keywords, made landing pages. Hid the free account option for people coming from paid search, replaced it with free limited trial. Went live in 2009 But it dint work! The popular keywords bidded way up, probably used by other venture backed startups. Hiding the free account option was buggy and confusing. What Customers Think Security and privacy Business Model Uses the same secure methods as banks and the military to send and store data Files are backed-up, stored securely, and password-protected Nobody can see private files in Dropbox unless they are invited, or they’re in the Public folder. (Everything in your Public folder is, by definition accessible to everyone.) Outline Background Dropbox Team Technology Cloud Storage Lean Strategies Business Model Metrics User Adoption Revenue Competition What Customers Think Lessons Learned Going Forward Source: Typical Dropbox user Unexpectedly happy, tells friends "I didn't realize I needed this" Have an amazing product Build your community even before you have a product Question best practices Encourage word of mouth Understand what is working Learn early, learn often Metrics - User Adoption Experiment : Paid Search Results Learn early, learn often. You can get as much feedback without shipping working code. Be strategic about who your innovators and early adopters are. Know where they are and communicate clearly. Avoid clutter, a good product speaks for itself. Focus on having a sign up driven homepage. Make the sign up process as easy as possible, and help users with their initial first steps. Ruchi Sanghvi A true startup success! Drew Houston Do something to help users keep coming back. Leverage referrals over advertisements. Capitalize on weakness and pain of points of competitors. Be everywhere- multiple device & platform. Best practices aren't always best. Solve a real problem. Lessons Learned Founder and CTO Drew Houston The Team Technology Pritish Karanjkar, Pooja Gangote Tola Anjorin, Nikita Roy

LinkedIn Presentation

Transcript: Ext: 23734 Resourcing Operations Manager Robert Nunn Introduction Introduction Profile Creating Content Invitations Putting together a professional profile Generating your own content Making a purposeful and meaningful introduction Your Profile BUILD A GREAT LINKEDIN PROFILE AND BUILD YOUR PROFESSIONAL BRAND LinkedIn is a Network, not a Job Board Short Blocks of Copy TOP TIPS - Getting Started TOP TIPS - Getting Started Light up your profile with your voice Act naturally How do you introduce yoruself? The first thing people will read It's YOUR brand TOP TIPS - Headline & Summary TOP TIPS - Headline & Summary The essence of who you are 5-10 seconds to capture your audience Make it meaningful - Not Obscure OBSCURE TITLES OBSCURE TITLES Headline Current Job Title Headline Consistent with your "Experience" Job Title Can be more than 120 characters on Mobile Summary Much more important than it used to be Summary Take the first two lines to encourage people to click more Be Authentic Why you do what you do Summary Extended Help the reader grasp the key points How do you describe what you do? TOP TIPS - Experience & Endorsements TOP TIPS - Experience & Endorsements Your personal Search Engine Optimiser Mix of high level & niche Get Endorsements Experience Put in a line or two about Primark Experience Bullet points describing your main responsibilities Make sure dates are correct. "To date" for current position Endorsements Endorsements Not relevant for today TOP TIPS - Standing Out TOP TIPS - Standing Out Additional Information Skills - Accomplishments Voluntary work Additional Information Additional Information Quality not quantity Make it meaningful TOP TIPS - Build Your Profile TOP TIPS - Build Your Profile Connections are the most important Identify connections that will help your engagement Recommendations Recommendations Ask both existing colleagues as well as your old Those who can speak credibly about you Give as well as receive Creating Content Content Creation Status Updates Sharing Jobs Activity Status Updates Text is better than picture/video, which is better than links Less is more, but "more" is the MOST crucial thing... It's ALL about engagement Status Updates Sharing Jobs Tag Sharing Jobs Post Like Share Activity Activity Invitations & Messages Invitations How to invite... How to invite... Personalised Message - the 5 Ps Polite Pertinent Personalised Professional Praiseful Personalised Message - the 5 Ps Conclusions SUMMARY SKILLS SKILLS POSITIVITY TEAMWORK LOYALTY COMPUTER MANAGEMENT PHOTOSHOP

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