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Lego Presentation

Transcript: Environement - reduce our impact on environment - product LEGO bricks on our factories - build enegy sufficient factories and offices Engagements 4.2 Children Chima Great Depression First wooden toys Creation of the LEGO Group Bricks&More clubs the LEGO system - Good ideas came to life - Children decide - High quality and safety - Product facilities around the world LEGO history timeline 1930' Play Themes 2012 DUPLO Parents CUSTOMERS 2013 The first Lego brick 4.1 (-2.38%) The Lego phenomenon Friends • LEGO Club => 4-to-11 children • Adult LEGO User Communities • Theme Parks Product Safety -LEGO® brick system since the 1950s -Products made of high plastic quality -Innovate for more sustainable materials Mindstorms Solutions... Targeting girls production of the first plastic toys Engagements Sales Analysis LEGO history timeline 1940' ABS plastic 4.6 (+12.16%) Marketing Strategies Engagements Barbie Children Rights - Right to grow playfully - LEGO Education -Promote children’s rights throughout our operations -Support several association PlayDo Technic LEGO history timeline 1960' Ole Kirk Christiansen, founder of the Lego Group. In 1916, in Billund, Denmark, he purchased a carpentry workshop. How LEGO products are made 4.1 (+2.44%) 4 Funny Facts HASBRO 4.1 Schools LEGO SEGMENTATION • Catalogues • Campaign • Internet MATTEL Lego patent & Best seller And... • By-products LEGO LEGO history timeline Gross Sales (in billion $) Human Rights -Respect human right on our operations -Yearly survey LEGOals... • Market extension • Progress • Most famous group in the world Retaining our customers Engagements in 2012


Transcript: Supernatural Aid "You can make so much." "They're for boys." Beginning of transformation Tyco produced similar building bricks for a period but the production slowly faded. "Most creative kids toy." "Those f***ers are sharp!" 1932: Christiansen Family founded LEGO in Billund, Denmark as a carpenter company LEGO- "Play well" in Danish 1935: First product launched- LEGO Duck 1961: LEGO established in USA/ Canada 1968: First LEGOLAND opened in Billund Now- World's 4th largest Manufacturer in toys, now 10,000 employees in 130 countries Latest developments: Themed lego sets and games Challenges and temptations "Some of my best years." "Ever stepped on one?" Status Quo Feelings -Needs LEGO Fills: Hedonic (subjective/experiential) and psychogenic needs (status, power, affiliation) (priorities of culture) Nostalgic Needs Different for both parents and kids Transformation Revelation Death and Rebirth Life Style Brand- Family, children Bricks, toys, experiences, and teaching aides geared towards children Video and online games Themed LEGO brick sets LEGO Land and Theme Parks Retail stores and children’s clothes Board games Connecting with People "I have so many." Quotes "No social skills." Age 5 Expectations Call to Adventure Lego sued the CoCo company in 2002 for copyright infringement for their "Coko bricks". Lego wins. "I'm not creative enough." Abyss Age 65 "Fun!" Email subscriptions, Direct mail Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ Turning relationships into loyalty paying Attention to what is happening in the environment, online and culturally. mobility to change awareness Four main steps with trust in the center Identify Differentiate Interact Customize LEGO focuses on use of innovative technology without moving away from company's core values. Strong association with contemporary IT, and design & manufacturing systems Prices can range between $5-$500 for normal sets "So creative." Helper Legos biggest competitor, Mega Bloks, provide colorful and durable bricks for children and more advanced sets for older kids. "Best toys I've had." "I still use them for fixes." Unknown "I love them!" That´s all Amigos! Tactics Known "My kids love them." Dr. Josué Israel Cervantes V. Return Threshold Guardians "Boring." Needs "Lego's Friends is stupid." Prior to 2002: LEGO’s target market was boys aged 7 to 12. Adult fans were considered weird Mentor Godfred Kirk Christiansen describes LEGO's product attributes as being: 1. Unlimited play potential 5. Healthy, quiet play 2. For girls and for boys 6. Long hours of play 3. Fun for every age 7. Development, imagination, creativity 4. Year-round play 8. The more LEGO, the greater the value The Hero´s Journey "Great for kids." "No comment." Helper Fears Questions?

LEGO Presentation

Transcript: 5.LEGO educational benefits Why LEGOs Have An Impact[s] On The World 9.LEGO competitions/ FLL LEGO Competitions/FLL Continued LEGO Today Statistics LEGO Competitions/FLL LEGO enhances comunication and critical thinking LEGO develops problem-solving, organi-zation,and planning by construction LEGO improves literacy as children work with instructions LEGO teaches children to think in three dimensions Children spend more than 5 BILLION hours playing with LEGO's LEGO Educational Benefits... LEGO Today Statistics Continued... The word LEGO is abbreviated from the first 2 letters of the Danish word LEg GOt [in English leg got means play well] LEGO provides tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment LEGO improves creativity LEGO boosts children's motor development Typed By: Over 200,000 people/students participate in First LEGO League Many First LEGO League participants go on to degrees in Electronics Engineering In 1977 LEGO TECHNIC was made In 2009 LEGO games were made In 2013 LEGO Legends of Chima and Mindstorms EV3 were made In 2014 LEGO Mixels was made In 2015 LEGO Dimensions,LEGO Elves,and LEGO Jurassic World were made In 2016 LEGO Nexo Knights was made Search Box LEGOS to buy 8.LEGO today statistics Continued FLL means First LEGO League In the First LEGO League, robotics competitions events are held in 80 different countries First LEGO League boasts 29,000 teams running the same number of robots at the same time LEGO Educational Benefits Continued ... They teach people how to build structures like houses, sky-scrapers, and apartment buildings They teach people to learn how to use their imagination to create things [houses, sky-scrapers, and apartment buildings] All About LEGOs 6.LEGO Educational Benefits Continued LEGO Bricks These are the facts about LEGO history, LEGO educational benefits, LEGO today statistics,and LEGO competitions. Craigslist 2.Table of contents 1.Title slide Connor Morton LEGOs have an impact[s] on the world because......... In 1932 Ole Kristiansen's son started working in his father's business at the age of 12 In 1934 the firm had 6-7 employees In 1935 the first LEGO wooden duck was made In 1937 Ole K.'s son Godtfred K. [A.K.A. G.K.] started making models at the age of 17 In 1939 the LEGO Factory had 10 employees Table of Contents About LEGO In 1977... About LEGO In 1932... 3.LEGO history 7.LEGO today statistics I will now take questions, please, Thank you for watching 4.LEGO History Continued $1 solid gold LEGO bricks 340,000,000 Minifigures made in 2016 The bricks made in 1958 will attach with today's bricks Over 4,000,000 Minifigures around the WORLD 28 LEGO sets are sold each second during the Christmas season LEGO is manufactured 20,000,000,000 per year,2,000,000 per hour,35,000 per minute LEGO molds are accurate to 0.002 millimeter so that 18 fail in every million There are 915 million ways to combine 6 LEGO bricks 62-80 LEGO bricks for every person in the WORLD [made per year] The End

LEGO presentation

Transcript: Group 2 INTRO INTRO In 2004, brink of bankruptcy Fad toys seemed to be rising and product life cycles declining Children have less unscheduled time Children over 3 years old, demand had shifted toward technology, like video games and online activities. More and more competitor Toymakers increasing manufactured in Asia. Background Background Do not have enough inventory in period. Too much products leads to bad forecasting and order fill holiday seasons The LEGO Group’s major customers were frustrated by STOCK-OUTS & SLOW-MOVING INVENTORY Problem statement Problem statement Expand into new markets No competitive advantage No focus on core business WRONG Strategy WRONG Strategy FIVE FORCES External Children( age>5 years) customer power customer power High parents buy toys to please children many subtitutes in the market, fox example: video games hard to satisfy Retail stores senstive to inventory turnover "Can you please tell me why I shouldn't put dog food on the shelves instead of LEGO products" -Wal-Mart buyer Threat of New subtitute Threat of New subtitute Lower inventory turnover rate High No technology needed Find OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) easily in China Sell products online Threat of New Entry Threat of New Entry $ 0.53 $ 15 High Supplier Power Supplier Power Middle Thousand of toymakers in the world market Rivalry Rivalry Middle Internal Analysis Internal The growth period that wasn’t (1993-98) The growth period that wasn’t (1993-98) No suitable sources to take competitive advantage Affect the position of their main business The fix that wasn’t (1999-2004) The fix that wasn’t (1999-2004) Restructuring programs exit wristwatch and publishing Focusing more about external environment The net profit margin is fluctuation In-licensed products’ sale flow with films develop online store (Walmart) 1993-1998 from 4000-8000 components Component proliferation at LEGO Component proliferation at LEGO Creative designer can build lots of new Lego products T2*4(n): 1-1 2-24 7- 9 millions Component numbers Component numbers Component proliferation at LEGO Component proliferation at LEGO Direct Cost $50,000 for a new mold 5 colors * 4000 components * $50,000= $40 million. 10 year for loan, $4million for every year. Indirect cost Management Short-term cost (labor costs) Long-term cost (Holding inventory) Core Competency Core Competency Brick Design ( competitive advantage) Educational component of its toys Parents & kids can play together High Innovation Ability Required Technology Outsource manufacturing Keep manufacturing products Invest on New product lines Fall back on plastic-brick product lines Options Options Pros reduce the labor cost, Improves considerably contribution margin and ROI increase productivity and have more money to focus on core products and business. Cons Possible loss of control over a company’s business processes Problems related to quality and turnaround time Outsourcing Outsourcing Pros Increase quality and technology access Lower transportation costs, simplified Global Supply Chain Cons High cost and inventory carrying costs Keep Manufacturing products Keep Manufacturing products Pros Diversify Portfolio and sales revenue Online and digital world requires less physical assets Cons Slower moving inventory Dispatched and unorganized supply chain New Product Lines New Product Lines Pros Target loyal customers Maximize profitability Cons Immediate bankruptcy Demand is changing Fall Back On Product Lines Fall Back On Product Lines Recommendation Recommandations Company need to Foundry because of high production cost Draft the profit stock-out in retail stores during holiday seasons Company can continue to foundry fixed assets decreased 68% from 1250 to 400 Implementation Sell the theme park (To get cash) Marketing(To get forcast) Forecasting(To get more balanced forecast) Find OEM in China Implementation Sell the theme park LEGO Theme Park LEGOLAND WINDSOR (u.k) LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA(u.s.a) LEGOLAND German(German) Theme parks require large amount of cash The rest of cash can invest in forecasting systems and processes improve the management and manufacturing to the component count Marketing survey and foster LEGO user groups, keep different ages customers’ loyal and find most popular theme products. Improve the website to make it more attract and more easy-to-use. Doing more researches about customers (eg: let designers know what customers like.) Forecasting Focusing more on most popular products by more detailed market research. Put more inventory on shared componments. Cut the componments to 5000, and focus more on popular products like (Star Wars and Harry Potter) Finding OEM in China Hongxing toy company in china Its production is 100% similar to the Lego products, as showed in the following picture. Only cost 0.53 dollar The net income increased by almost 2 times. The production cost reduced by almost 4 times, although the revenue increased 10%. The result Thank you Thank you Q&A

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