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Lego Blocks Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Supernatural Aid "You can make so much." "They're for boys." Beginning of transformation Tyco produced similar building bricks for a period but the production slowly faded. "Most creative kids toy." "Those f***ers are sharp!" 1932: Christiansen Family founded LEGO in Billund, Denmark as a carpenter company LEGO- "Play well" in Danish 1935: First product launched- LEGO Duck 1961: LEGO established in USA/ Canada 1968: First LEGOLAND opened in Billund Now- World's 4th largest Manufacturer in toys, now 10,000 employees in 130 countries Latest developments: Themed lego sets and games Challenges and temptations "Some of my best years." "Ever stepped on one?" Status Quo Feelings -Needs LEGO Fills: Hedonic (subjective/experiential) and psychogenic needs (status, power, affiliation) (priorities of culture) Nostalgic Needs Different for both parents and kids Transformation Revelation Death and Rebirth Life Style Brand- Family, children Bricks, toys, experiences, and teaching aides geared towards children Video and online games Themed LEGO brick sets LEGO Land and Theme Parks Retail stores and children’s clothes Board games Connecting with People "I have so many." Quotes "No social skills." Age 5 Expectations Call to Adventure Lego sued the CoCo company in 2002 for copyright infringement for their "Coko bricks". Lego wins. "I'm not creative enough." Abyss Age 65 "Fun!" Email subscriptions, Direct mail Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ Turning relationships into loyalty paying Attention to what is happening in the environment, online and culturally. mobility to change awareness Four main steps with trust in the center Identify Differentiate Interact Customize LEGO focuses on use of innovative technology without moving away from company's core values. Strong association with contemporary IT, and design & manufacturing systems Prices can range between $5-$500 for normal sets "So creative." Helper Legos biggest competitor, Mega Bloks, provide colorful and durable bricks for children and more advanced sets for older kids. "Best toys I've had." "I still use them for fixes." Unknown "I love them!" That´s all Amigos! Tactics Known "My kids love them." Dr. Josué Israel Cervantes V. Return Threshold Guardians "Boring." Needs "Lego's Friends is stupid." Prior to 2002: LEGO’s target market was boys aged 7 to 12. Adult fans were considered weird Mentor Godfred Kirk Christiansen describes LEGO's product attributes as being: 1. Unlimited play potential 5. Healthy, quiet play 2. For girls and for boys 6. Long hours of play 3. Fun for every age 7. Development, imagination, creativity 4. Year-round play 8. The more LEGO, the greater the value The Hero´s Journey "Great for kids." "No comment." Helper Fears Questions?

Learning Fractions with Lego blocks!

Transcript: This can be the modified activity for the students with IEP's in the class and who ever would benefit from starting out with this activity rather than the equivalent fraction worksheet (mentioned on previous slide). Cross-Curricular Activity with Extension Learning Fractions with Lego Blocks! Grade 4: The Ontario Curriculum Grade 4 Introduction to fractions using concrete materials: Task to assess learning at the end of the introductory lesson: Fractions can be made easier and much more fun to learn for children ... GREAT IDEA: Find old baby wipe boxes and hot glue a flat piece of lego board on the inside of the lid. The students can store and also build their lego blocks all in one little box. This activity can be used at the end of the lesson. It incorporates art so it will be a nice way to end off a fun math lesson by letting art serve as a relaxing method. This activity will also show how much the students have learned from the introductory lesson. FUN FRACTION ACTIVITY! MAKE MATH FUN! 2) Demonstrate and explain the relationship between equivalent fractions, using concrete materials (eg: fraction circles, fraction stripes, pattern blocks) and drawings (eg: "I can say that 3/6 of my cubes are white, or half of the cubes are white. This means that 3/6 or 1/2 are equal") Different ways to represent fractions with the lego: Lego blocks! The little bumps on the top of the lego blocks can be used as a counting tool. While comparing the lego blocks, students can count the number of bumps on each block in order to represent the fractions. Useful Resource for Teaching Fractions with Lego: 1) Represent fractions using concrete materials, words, and standard fractional notation, and explain the meaning of the denominator as the number of the fractional parts of a whole or a set, and the numerator as the number of fractional parts being considered. Cross-curricular Activity Fraction towers are a fun way to engage students in learning about fractions. The 9 colors of the lego blocks represent a particular fraction i.e. 1 whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12. These colors help students make connections among the different fractional parts during their exploration. Through fraction towers students develop number sense for fractions and mixed numbers, order fractions, and explore number operations with fractions using concrete materials. The towers provide students with a tactile, visual and graphical representation because they can stack the blocks upwards to show the relationships. The predetermined colors help make these relationships more explicit for students. First lesson on fractions and getting some of these reactions?! By: Shilmi Chokshi (Section 001) and Kayley Couper (Section 002) Start out the 'scary' fraction unit by introducing the FUN lego blocks! Split the class into groups of 3 to 4 students in each or if possible, have enough lego blocks for every student in the class for a more effective learning experience. Specific Expectations: Representing fractions with lego blocks can also be useful because of the different colors.

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