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League Of Legends Powerpoint Template

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League Of Legends

Transcript: In-Game Gameplay The objective of the game is to destroy the other team's "Nexus" which is the core of their base. The team that destroys the other team's Nexus first wins the game. Destroying the Nexus will be hard because you will have to destroy all the turrets in one lane to reach the Nexus. This can be easier if you kill the other champions guarding the turrets and then attacking the turret. By: Derek Doan Summoner's Rift League Of Legends is played in a 3rd person perspective from above. The game is always different everytime because you play with different people using different champions and you can play with your and vs different people. Gameplay Twisted Treeline Objective Proving Grounds This is a video of the in-game gameplay, showing the top 5 plays of the week. (Apologies for the quality but Prezi only allowed files under 50mb.) League Of Legends is a game that comes under many different types of genres. They are - MMO, MOBA, RPG and RTS. Introduction A champion attacking a lane turret. Aim: Dominion There 2 different game modes in this game. They are "Normal" and "Dominion." Normal is where you play on a map with lanes. You and your team work together to push the lanes to reach and destroy the opponent's nexus. There are 3 different maps you can play for normal: Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline and Proving Grounds. Dominion is where you also have to destroy the enemy's nexus but in a different way. You and your team have to capture or take over turrets to drain the enemy's nexus down. There are 5 turrets located on the map and the more turrets you take over the faster you will destroy the enemy's nexus. The name of the map for Dominion is called "Crystal Scar." <- Nexus a s s i v e u l t i p l a y e r n l i n e u l t i p l a y e r n l i n e a t t l e r e n a o l e l a y i n g a m e e a l i m e t r a t e g y

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