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Transcript: The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints was organized as Christ's church in this dispensation in Fayette New York, April 6, 1830. The Church was restored by a man named Joseph Smith Jr. It took him and a few other witnesses ( Oliver Cowdry, Martin Harris and David Whitmer were major patricipators) 10 years from when Smith first received revelation and special ordiencies of the gospel, to translate the Book of Mormon, another testiment of Jesus Christ, (the key stone to the LDS religion), to organize the Church. On this date, 56 members gathered in the home of Peter Whitmer Sr. to hold the the first church meeting. In the past Century the Church has grown eminsly. Currently in 2011 the church is sitting above 14million members. The church is now known world wide because of LDS Missionaries, Humanitarian projects to developing countries or affected areas of natural disasters, "Mormon Messages" (you tube), and world wide TV broadcasts. Many people have questions such as : Why am i here? What is my purpose on earth? Were did i come from? And where am i going to go? These are all common questions that all people have. Its human nature. And many people look for religous guidence to resolve these questions. Its like that for any religion someone may choose to have faith in. And the Book of Mormon, Another Testiment of Jesus Christ is an interest to many different cultures world wide seeming how we are the only religion that use this other book of scripture that goes hand in hand with the Bible. The church also has a strong humanitarian movment. These are a few reasons poeple are appealed to religion, more specificly the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. The LDS Religion is an example of globalization. It is now become world wide with more than 1million members joining every three years. The Church has spread to the internet, live Television and has translated the book of mormon to different languages so that multiple cultures and Languages can read it. References: Our Heritage, published by: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints This is a photo of Joseph Smith, the man who restored God's gospel on the earth. Throughout his life, he and other believers were persecuted for their beliefs. He died a marter in Carthage jail June 27, 1844 where he was shot. An old photo of the Book of Mormon. The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints (Mormons)


Transcript: Address: 95 N 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 Phone: (801) 524-8100 LDS Business College is a two-year college in Salt Lake City, Utah, focused on training students in business and industry. The college is owned by The Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter-Day Saints and operates under its Church Educational System. College The term LDS stands for Latter-day Saints. From The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. Contact Information LDS Members: 12-18 credits - $1,530 1-11 credits (per credit) - $128 More than 18 credits (per credit) - $128 Others: 12-18 credits - $3,060 1-11 credits (per credit) - $256 More than 18 credits (per credit) - $256 Campus and Neighborhood Enrollment: 2200 Male/Female: 52.6%/47.3% LDS Population: 99% What is it? Historical Sketch LDS Business College has provided quality education for 123 years. The school began November 15, 1886, as the Salt Lake Academy under the direction of Dr. Karl G. Maeser and William B. Dougall. Willard Done, the first teacher, welcomed 84 students when the College first opened its doors. Recognition has come to the College as growth and development continued under 12 successive educational leaders. It was the only commercial school in America conducted by a religious body to be admitted to the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools. Under the leadership of R. Ferris Kirkham (1961 – 1986), the College achieved its first accreditation by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges in 1977. On December 9, 2008, Elder Russell M. Nelson, Chairman of the Church Board of Education Executive Committee, announced John Lawrence (Larry) Richards as the College's twelfth president. The College moved to its present location at the Triad Campus in July 2006. The College has a rich tradition shared by more than 76,000 alumni and scores of dedicated faculty and staff. Destiny Martinez-Townsend, Justin Daniels GOAL! Period 2 4/16/15 LDS Business College Size and Population My whole life has been hard my parents divorced at age one I live with my grandparents, and I got bullied at a very young age. All because, I was too nice, and too nice to stand up for my self. My parents taught me to be genuine, and kind no matter what and it became a second nature. I refuse to say any unkind words to anyone ever. I am a member of the Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter-Day Saints. My grandparents have taught me some good values and morals and the gospel has shaped my life for good. It gave me hope in my hardest times.. and It has gave me Joy, and peace. A reason I may want to attend this college is to have a good environment to be in at all times with loving and caring people. -Destiny LDS Business College Why I may interested in attending: Tuition Per Semester


Transcript: How to Get it Done pt. 2 Ideas I Want To Talk About NOT LSD Team Culture Functionally, how was your team run? Was it done well? What went well? What didn't? Rules: 1. When having a conversation use the finger rule. Avoid speaking over others. 2. Be respectful. It's okay to offer your opinion but don't be rude. This goes for me too. Please call me out on it. 3. Be serious. Not only does this influence your future in AIESEC, keep in mind you basically hold the future of AIESEC in your hands. These are the people that, potentially, will be taking leadership roles as in applying for TL, VP, LCP, and beyond. Personal Why is team culture essential? What are the pros to having good team culture? Any cons? How do we have a team culture like OGX? (Kidding. But not really.) Team Days! What Makes Good Team Culture? End Goals 4. Makes sure they know their functional education. This you can discuss with your VPs and other TLs on your function. Have education resources available. 5. Keep morale high. If someone has no motivation whether it's with the work or to collaborate with others, then how can you expect them to contribute their best. 6. Avoid making them feel underutilized and undervalued. Strong one on one relationships Collaborative goals Work out issues between meetings Each member must look at each colleague and believe “s/he is fantastic at what s/he does and brings so much value to our organization.” Period. This doesn’t mean that members adore each other at a personal level. It just means that they know they are in the boat with only the most talented peers. Functional Start from the Ground and Work Up How to Get it Done pt. 1 1. During your interviews, assess personalities and see whether or not the person is a good fit for your team. 2. During your first meeting as TLs with newbies, tell them the point your team with a mission statement, slogan, or something along those lines. 3. Clearly state expectations and ground rules. 1. Hiring process. What are your end goals? Is it member growth? Personal growth? Both? Is it numbers? Triple Ds? Is it creating a nurturing environment? CHECK INS LED BY JUAN (ABIL) LDS Would you say your team had good team culture? Why or why not? Running a Successful Team Thank You! WHAT IS TEAM CULTURE?

BYU Landscape Architecture Presentation

Transcript: Evermore Adventure Park - 45 acres LDS Conference Center Plaza Vineyard Stake Center Various LDS Meetinghouses (20+) South Temple Streetscape Triad Center Plaza High Schools/Middle Schools Design Process Compliments from various contractors, architects as well as LDS church employees Evermore Park Parkway Lofts Moab Marriott Resort LDS Temples Educational Projects The Team Logan LDS Tabernacle Provo City Center LDS Temple Rome, Italy LDS Temple Aba, Nigeria LDS Temple Logan, Utah LDS Temple Logan, Utah LDS Tabernacle What makes In-Site Unique? Parkway Lofts Apartment Complex Elementary Schools Provo City Center LDS Temple In-Site Design Group employs a talented team of landscape architects and designers with diverse experience. South Temple Streetscape We will go the extra mile Brigham Young University Foothill Park - 30 acres Franklin Park - 5 acres Creekside Park - 22.5 acres Harvest Park - 7.5 acres Joaquin Park - 1 acre Evermore Adventure Park - 45 acres Lighthouse Cove Park & Open Space - 5 acres "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin A qualified team with exceptional experience Questions or Comments? Park Projects Collaboration with other design professionals Consider constructability and maintenance during the design process. Designs that don't just look good on paper, they are beautiful, functional and maintenance friendly. Design with construction costs in mind Unique process that ensures success Attention to Detail Competitive Price Sunset View Park master plan - 13 acres Plain City Park master plan - 9 acres Bicentennial Park master plan - 14 acres Traverse Mountain Park - 5 acres Sweetwater Park phase 1 of 9 acres - 1.6 acres Mt. View City Park - 7.5 acres Savoy Gardens Park and Open Space - 5 acres Why choose In-Site Design Group? Logan LDS Temple Religious Projects Long term relationships Logan LDS Temple Conclusion Exceptional value Rome LDS Temple Creekside Park - 22.5 acres Facilities Planning Presentation Mountain View K-8 School Ephraim Elementary School Gunnison Elementary School Mountain Trails Elementary School Greenwood Elementary School Dry Creek Elementary Blackridge Elementary School Mt. Pleasant Elementary School Crestview Elementary School Dan W. Peterson Special Ed. School Who we are: Orem High School (36 acres) North Lehi High School (50+ acres) American Fork High School Redesign Lehi High School Redesign Pleasant Grove High School Field House Highland High School Baseball Field American Fork Middle School Redesign Eagle Valley Middle School Albion Middle School Remodel JFK Middle School Remodel New Lehi High School What makes ISDG unique? An Exceptional Team Diverse background & experience Construction Management Experience Provided CM/CA for many years on millions of dollars worth of landscaping. Deliverables Detailed record drawings Complete project binder CM/CA Process We know that what looks good on paper doesn't necessarily work in the field. We know how to take a project from concept to design to construction and project closeout. We know how to get project done on time and on budget. Logan Temple: Concept design through complete construction in 6 months UVU Pedestrian Underpass Park Orem MATC Higher Education Attention to Detail Go the Extra Mile Construction Documents Construction Management & Administration Bid Management In-Site Expertise Brigham Young University Facilities Planning Presentation Experience Religious, Educational, Parks, etc. Foothill Park Go the Extra Mile (and a half)


Transcript: LDS How often will we do financial statements? We use financial statements to manage the affairs of the company by assessing its financial performance and position and taking important business decisions. We will have an: income statement balance sheet chart of accounts retained earnings The business will use cash basis accounting so that we always know exactly how much money we have during the present time. This is to avoid mistakes of possible overspending because money has not been taken out of the accounts yet. Cash or Accrual? We will do them at the end of every month in order to properly keep track of the financial standing of our business. Fiscal or Calender? Revenue We will begin our advertising by doing the following: Bring fliers to local companies/ organizations who would possibly utilize us A billboard off the side of the interstate to get the word out to people whose job involves travel Social-networking: the fastest way to reach the most people We decided to have the end of our accounting year be the end of the calender year. A fiscal year would be more suited for businesses that are seasonal. The business's revenue will mostly include the money we make for our services. It will be recorded the moment we acquire the payment. Where will we be? Expenses Get the word out! Our expenses will include: rent for the building cost of supplies salaries of workers advertising costs, etc. We will record our expenses as soon as we make the payment. It's Just Lunch! Financial Statements The location of our business will be in Lexington, KY where there are multiple places that would take advantage of our type of business.

LDS Temple

Transcript: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Courtney Dixon Thank you for learning about my experience! I visited the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Orlando, not a church. Before I visited, I actually didn't know that there was a difference--I envisioned the Temple as a sort of "St. Patrick's Cathedral," if you will. What You Need to Know It is considered sacred ground. There are no church services there, rather, there are "ordinances," which are somewhat equatable to sacraments of the Catholic Church (I will discuss these a bit more later). What Makes the Temple Special? It is the second-largest LDS (Latter-Day Saints) Temple on the East Coast, second only to the Temple in Washington, D.C. Fast Facts About the Temple Temples are considered to be the holiest places that the Latter-Day Saints can visit, as they are the "houses of the Lord." Inside, I was not able to take photos, as it is a place of serenity. I also had to turn off my phone! Everyone inside the Temple wears all white suits or dresses, symbolizing purity. is clean, white, and simple--according to the pamphlet I received, this is because only the very best and pure materials are used, and they want it to appear “celestial” and peaceful at all times. Atop the large steeple is the angel Moroni. The Architecture... When I asked about him, the man inside the temple told me that he is the angel who took pity on humans and helped bring them back to Christ when they were lost, so the Latter-Day Saints treasure him and place him atop all of their temples! Moroni 10/25/18 This is Moroni. Orlando 10/25/18 The temple had an aura of peace, and I felt very calm there. I almost felt as though I were in a different world! It was very quiet, and the people were all very kind. I felt very welcomed! Even though the temple is an incredibly sacred, holy place for the Latter-Day Saints, the people I spoke with were extremely inviting and warmly answered any questions I had. They did not treat me as an outsider, but rather as a visiting friend. I was even given a copy of the Book of Mormon to keep! Ordinances When I entered the temple, I noticed that behind the front desk was a wall. Unfortunately, I was unable to actually enter the rooms behind the front desk because they were reserved for very special religious and spiritual events, or the “ordinances” that I mentioned earlier. Inside the Temple Baptism, Endowment, Sealing, And more! The Ordinances include... One can only enter the temple’s rooms once prepared to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and anyone who does enter must change into entirely white clothing, symbolizing purity. There are several rooms within the temple, including: the “Endowment Room,” the “Sealing Room,” the “Baptistry,” and the “Celestial Room.” The Rooms of the Temple This is the pamphlet I received during my visit! Inside, there are some details about the various rooms within the Temple... The Endowment Room This is a photo of an Endowment Room in another LDS Temple (the one in Salt Lake City). I was not allowed to take photos, but the pamphlet included photos from other Temples so I could get a better understanding of Temples as a whole. This where the ordinance of "Endowment" is performed. Members are reminded of their purpose in life, and they are able to dedicate their lives to Christ. The Celestial Room This photo happens to be of the Celestial Room within the Orlando Temple. The Celestial Room is a place of reflection, where one sits after his or her Endowment ordinance. The Sealing Room The Latter Day Saints value family relationships above all others. The Sealing Room is where families are “sealed” for eternity. This most often takes the form of marriage. The Baptistry The Baptistry is where Saints can be baptized on behalf of their deceased ancestors. In this room, other ordinances can also be performed on behalf of those who have passed away (including Sealing and Endowment).

LDS Presentation

Transcript: It provides a set of assumptions about how various leadership styles interact with characteristics of subordinates and the work setting to affect the motivation of subordinates to help them accomplish their work in a satisfactory manner. There are many different Leadership behaviors but the Path-Goal Theory only examines 4 of them. Directive, Supportive, Participate, and Authentic-Oriented. Leadership refers to the qualities that make someone a good leader, or the methods a leader uses to do his or her job. It characterizes a leader who gives subordinates instructions about their task, including what is expected of them, how it is to be done, and the time line for when it should be completed. It consists of being friendly and approachable as a leader and includes attending to the well-being and human needs of subordinates. Supportive Leaders treat their subordinates as equals and gives them respect. The leader consults with subordinates, obtain their ideas and opinions and integrates their suggestions into the decisions about how the group or organization will proceed. This Leader establishes a high standard of excellence for subordinates by which he or she sets challenging goals, assists in training, emphasizes improvement, and expects the highest levels of performance. These style of leaders show high degrees of confidence. Affiliation, Preferences for structure, desires for control, and self-perceived level of task ability are some of the characteristics that determine the degree to which subordinates find the behavior of a leader satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The design of the subordinate's task, the formal authority system of the organization, and the primary work group of subordinates collectively make these characteristics most influential in motivating the subordinate. Task Characteristics call for leadership involvement and helps the subordinate overcome obstacles and feel that their work is of value. It is so broad and confusing because it brings together different types of leadership. It does not have much support from the many empirical research studies. It fails to explain the relationship between leadership behavior and worker motivation. It promotes dependency and fails to recognize the full abilities of subordinates. Task Characteristics How Path-Goal Theory Works Directive Leadership Leader Behavior Andrew Cynda Kayla Subordinate Characteristics GIVE US AN A PLEASE! THE END Supportive Leadership Achievement-Oriented Leadership Participative Leadership F U N with Spongebob & Path-Goal Theory Criticisms

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