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Transcript: [11] Alternatives to Latex [1] [23] Why use Latex [6] Latex [16] Bibliography 1.Extraction from tree photograph: Photo by Jan-Pieter Nap(Last accessed Jan 27th 2013) 2.How Condoms Work, photograph of condoms on formers : Tracy V. Wilson(Last accessed Jan 27th 2013) 3.How Condoms Work, Condom inflation test photograph: Tracy V. Wilson(Last accessed Jan 27th 2013) 4.File: Condom unrolled durex.jpg, photograph: Tomhannen (Last accessed Jan 27th 2013) 5.File:Latex being collected from a tapped rubber tree.jpg: Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams (Last accessed Jan 27th 2013) 6.12.2 Polymers. Cross linking bonds images: (Last accessed Jan 27th 2013) 7.Vulcanized Rubber: The School of Homœopathy(Last accessed Jan 27th 2013) 8.Condoms: Polyurethane, Latex, and Lambskin - What's the Diff?: POPSUGAR Fitness(Last accessed Jan 27th 2013) 9.Deluxe: Price of Polyurethane Condoms: (Last accessed Feb 2nd 2013) 10.Comfort XL: Price of Comfort XL Condoms: (Last accessed Feb 2nd 2013) 11.Naturalamb Lambskin Condoms, Price of Lamb intestine condoms: (Last accessed Feb 2nd 2013) 12.Manufacturing Process, The dilute ammonia solution use in production: (Last accessed Feb 3rd 2013) 13.Latex products for Health Care-Influence of Compounding and Process variables on their Quality: D.Joseph Francis (Last accessed Feb 3rd 2013) 14.Our company enjoys a highly diversified clientele. Some of the popular applications of Zinc Oxide are in the following industries: (Last accessed Feb 3rd 2013) 15.Tough definition: Boutal, A. Wakeling, J. Williams, S (2008). AS-Level Physics. London: CGP. 32. 16.Charles Goodyear discovery. Ogborn, J. Marshal, R. (2008). Advancing Physics AS. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 114. 17.Vulcanization (Number of sulphur bonds affecting toughness): (last accessed 4th Feb 2013) 18.OEM CONDOM dipping Moulds (Photograph of condom dipping): originally from (last accessed 4th Feb 2013) 19.Rubber (percentage content in car tyres). Geetika Arora(Last accessed 4th Feb 2013) 20.Molecular Structure of Natural Rubber and Its Characteristics Based on Recent Evidence, Jitladda T.Sakdapipanich, Porntip Rojruthai(last accessed 5th Feb 2013) 21.Condom (Oil based lubricants damage condoms): (last accessed 5th Feb 2013) 22.11 Ways A Condom Can Save Your Life: Multi-functional survival uses for a CONDOM (Man blowing up condom photograph): Creek(last accessed 5th Feb 2013) 23.Used Broken NR condom photograph:[term]=broken%20condom&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=18 NicholasDWhite(last accessed 5th Feb 2013) [24] More Numbers [3] IR Structure [9] [2] They are damaged by oil based lubricants -Mineral oil e.g. in Vaseline and Johnsons baby oil (which is almost pure mineral oil) -Some people are allergic -They degrade when exposed to UV light (from the sun) and heat [18] What is it? - Extracted from trees by a process called tapping. Otherwise known as cis-1,4-polyisoprene Young's Modulus 0.02GPa (20,000,000Pa) Tensile Strength: 0.1MPa (100,000Pa) (breaking stress) Tensile stress: 1000% (extension/original length) Can be stretched to up to 1000% of its original length Have a bursting volume of around 18 Litres B [25] [6] Q&A [1] Latex is cheap Latex has small enough pores Latex can take a higher strain than polyurethane The pores are small enough to stop sperm and STDs [4] The price of latex condoms compared to polyurethane condoms 5 Durex Polyurethane Condoms. £10.58 (£2.11


Transcript: latex WHAT IS LATEX Latex rubber is used in many types of clothing. Rubber has traditionally been used in protective clothing, including gas masks and Wellington boots. Rubber is now generally being replaced in these application by plastics. Mackintoshes have traditionally been made from rubberized cloth. Latex is the stable dispersion of polymer microparticles in an aqueous medium. Latexes may be natural or synthetic. Latex as found in nature is a milky fluid found in 10% of all flowering plants . It is a complex emulsion consisting of proteins, alkaloids, starches, sugars, oils, tannins, resins, and gums that coagulates on exposure to air. It is usually exuded after tissue injury. In most plants, latex is white, but some have yellow, orange, or scarlet latex. Since the 17th century, latex has been used as a term for the fluid substance in plants. It serves mainly as defense against The cells in which latex is found make up the laticiferous system, which can form in two very different ways. In many plants, the laticiferous system is formed from rows of cells laid down in the meristem of the stem or root. The cell walls between these cells are dissolved so that continuous tubes, called latex vessels, are formed. Since these vessels are made of many cells, they are known as articulated laticifers. This method of formation is found in the poppy family, in the rubber trees , and in the Cichorieae, a clade in the Family Asteraceae distinguished by the presence of latex in its members. It is also present in another member of the Asteraceae, the guayule plant. latex products and uses : THRE ARE MANY PRODUCTS MADE FROM LATEX HERE ARE A FEW Latex clothing GLOVES CONDOMS The latex of many species can be processed to produce many materials. Natural rubber is the most important product obtained from latex; more than 12,000 plant species yield latex containing rubber, though in the vast majority of those species the rubber is not suitable for commercial use.[ reasons why latex is is used


Transcript: LATEX ALLERGY AWARENESS March 2012: EBP Idea Proposed May 2012: Presented EBP Project to Hospital Staff July 2012: Nurse Practice Council aware of outdated policy August 14 2012: First email to Janet Wilson requesting assistance on policy revision August 29 2012: QI Meeting, New group members acquired September 6 2012: First meeting with Janet Wilson September 14 2012: Communication initiated with hospital stakeholders September 26 2012: QI Meeting September 27 2012: Proposed idea to Nurse Practice Council October 4 2012: Meeting with Janet Wilson October 24 2012: QI Meeting November 7 2012: QI Meeting November 15 2012: Presented Plan to Nurse Practice Council for Patient & Hospital Education December 2012: Latex Allergy registration pilot to begin January 2013: Anticipated date of policy approval and implementation May 2013: Policy implementation complete Amy Bass Erin Bohnert Lauren Buzzard Chester C. Farley Morgan Van Der Noord Background – Latex Allergy: LATEX ALLERGY Policy Update Education & Implementation Plan Barriers Policy Out of Date No Educational Materials in place for patients or staff Timeline PROBLEM Let's take a look at... Final Policy and Educational Material! - Met with Stakeholders: Food and Nutrition Department Resource Distribution Procurement Services Operations Manager Director of Pharmacy -Revised Policy -Presented Proposal to Nurse Practice Council GOAL/AIM Interventions Varying schedules Delays in information from stakeholders and others Durham Regional Hospital is a “latex safe” hospital. “Natural Rubber Latex Allergy is a significant medical concern that affects healthcare workers and the general population.” (Durham Regional Latex Allergy Policy) The primary goal of the revision was to make sure a policy was in place that provided guidelines to identify and protect patients, staff and visitors with a latex allergy. Final Policy and Education

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