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Landscaping Business Plan Presentation Template

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Transcript: NET PROFITS to make the children have fun while learning LET'S TALK ABOUT I make at least X10 on each of our investments. A summer school MOTHER-TONGUE TEACHERS Business @ GOBETTI-VOLTA PLAN NAME and address: Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope An investor will have to check your competitive environment before investing. Do not hide it from competitors. SWOT WHO WE NAME: HAPPY KIDS Strapline: Happy Kids learn English in the summer Elevator Pitch: An innovative summer school for young children using the facilities of Gobetti-Volta, especially the new pool. Send letters,emails, texts to parents I MARKET I HAPPY Strengths: Need for an English summer school in the area Weaknesses: Recruiting expert mother-tongue teachers with innovative, dynamic, energetic teaching skills Opportunities: Possibility of using existing facilities Threats: Some outdoor activities could not be safe for young children ELIZABETH PAULS COMPETITION FINANCIAL Fees I SUMMARY I to set up a summer school of English for young children to use the facilities of Gobetti-Volta A summer school of English for young children ANALYSIS U.S.P summary ARE " I IRENE SIMPS PRODUCT MANAGER to adopt the "splash and speak" approach Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope I for young children Arrange free open week at Gobetti-Volta, with prizes aims MARKETING HAPPY EVERY WEEK DAY I radio advertisements, local TV commercials 15% outdoor activities in English ELEVATOR Sponsors of children's items DEVELOPER STRATEGY Business I Competitor analysis: Humpty Dumpty school (Fiesole) Jack and Jill Summer school (Settignano) The Witch and the Wizard (Sorgane) happy kids I Enter here the history of your fundraising, what you plan to lift today, and under what conditions. I I KIDS 15% I EXPLAIN YOUR STRATEGY KIDS Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope WELCOME OUR BUSINESS 70% Happy Kids @ Gobetti-Volta, Bagno a Ripoli during the summer Business RESEARCH MARKETING MANAGER NEEDS PITCH Leo SMITH Personal Savings H APPY KIDS LEARN ENGLISH YOUR FINANCIAL have fun and learn English I Great demand for English Residential area with lots of young children Few opportunities for parents to find interesting activities for children in summer Possibility of using Gobetti-Volta grounds and pool A minimum of 25 children paying fees for the various clubs, including : traditional tuition, fun&games, speak&splash, lunch & laughter. Other special treats in the pool: snakes &ladders , hide 'n seek, treasure hunt " TEMPLATE BY CONTENT BY JEREMIE BERREBI

Landscaping Business Plan

Transcript: Maintenance • Homeowners who are often out of town • Retirees • Rental/Condominium Property • Public Spaces (Cemeteries, Historical Buildings, universities, restaurants, etc.) ... Landscaping • New home owners • Home sellers • Builders of residential and commercial properties Industry Analysis Company Description Provide regular maintenance of lawns and gardens, irrigation services, designing, installation & planting, etc. of landscape to commercial and residential customers. Marketing Plan slideshow/277811 industry-analysis-70172.html Small businesses control 72% of the landscaping industry (which is growing approx. 10% annually), and cater to both local residential and commercial areas. With equipments costs being relatively the same everywhere, small businesses are able to compete with larger companies by garnering local referrals, and respect. Additionally, due to their lack of need for offices or extensive payroll, smaller businesses are able to charge smaller fees for their services. Financial Plan Adelia Cash Fees Consultation (Price per Hour) - $50 Shrub Trimming (Per Ft Lgth) - $1 Tree Trimming (Per Ft Hght) - $6.70 Mowing Includes Trimming & Blowing (Price per Acre) - $40 Fertilizing Excluding Price of Fertilizer (Price per Acre) - $20 Pest Control Excluding Price of Treatment (Price per Acre) - $20 Gardening/Weeding Excluding Plant Cost (Price per foot) - $.10 Tree Removal (Price per tree) - $245 The landscaping industry is expected to see good growth in the coming years, due to people becoming more interested in improving and maintaining their properties for their own (or in the case of commercial areas, their customers) benefit, as well as improving resale value. Advertising Thru • Newspapers • Phone Books • Local Cable Channels • Direct Mail ... Start-Up Costs Incorporation Fee- $300 General Liability Insurance- $1,000 Working Tools- $10,000 Advertizing- $1,000 Total Cost - 12,300 Credits Landscaping Business Plan Target Market

Landscaping Business

Transcript: IB Landscapers Team 1: Jimmy Corcione, Nathan Mueller, Jovan Rodriguez, Max Sabo, Phillip Tovar Why we chose an LLC? What type of business formation should you choose? Business: Landscaping company based in Orlando, Florida. 20-25 employees Formation: Limited Liability Company Why: The team chose this formation because we believe it is best suited for this business. Advantages of LLC Advantages Flexibility of partnership with security of a corporation Avoid double taxation Small fees to start up range of $50-500 (depending on state) Owners personal assets are protected against liability Disadvantages Disadvantages Members are considered self-employed, thus required to pay their own Medicare and Social Security contributions When an owner leaves an LLC it may cause the LLC to dissolve Business Owner must recognize profits immediately no distribution to shareholders Risk Perspective - Costs more to start and maintain than a sole proprietorship - Management disputes - improper compensation, responsibility distribution, and unethical conduct - Loss of limited liability - evading taxes, choosing a bad partner, trademark infringement, no operating agreement, etc. Legal Risk Financial standing Financial Standing Tax Flexibility -choose to be taxed as a sole proprietorship or a corporation Set up as Sole Proprietorship -all profit and loss will be reported on personal tax return Set up as a S-Corporation -file form, but don't pay any corporate taxes on income Set up as a C- Corporation -shareholders report their share of income on personal tax forms, corporation will pay tax on income, this avoids double taxation Profit reports -can report profit and losses on personal tax returns, must pay in proportion to the profits that the company makes, even if profits are not distributed to the LLC owners

business plan template

Transcript: 30th of May 1995 MARKETING PLAN x tots OUR IDEA IS TO OPEN A BAR RESTAURANT WITH PLAYGROUND TO CHILDREN'S WE ARE GOING TO SERVE PIZZA, PASTA, SALADS, DESERTS, DRINKS, COFFE, ICE-CREAMS WEAKNESSES -we have regular customers -it is a great investment considering that we have a budget -lack of subsidies and grants Street plaça fossar, 2 THREATS WE MAKE CHILDREN'S PARTIES BECAUSE THEY SMALLEST CHLDREN'S TO ENJOY WITH HIS FRIENDS -we are young and we want to do work -experience in the sector -reasonable rices compared to their competitors -we know out of bussines. -unlike the other bars in town -we offer a fast, both at bar and tables WE WILL BE WORKERS AND ADMINISTRATORS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS The partners of this bussines are selection of our target market i have much experience in this sector to develop a good job in our bussines, we need: cook,waiter, baby sister and cleaning woman business plan template COMPANY OVERIEW This is our Bussines Plan I LIVE IN LLUBI I have much professional experience in this sector our service is focused for people aged 16-50 years and childrens, with an average purchasing power of 233.995€ by year. our bussines started in early 2016 the company is located in Sineu, next to a park in a residential area where there are lots of family activity. our from legal will be limited liability company This is a company dedicated to the restoration sector. MOREOVER, WE NEED TO HIRE A CHEF 20th of february 1994 SWOT ANALYSIS With the intention to communicate to people coming our business. The partners have decided to do flyers that will distribute throughout the town. Also, the partners have decided to put a notice in the website "Facebook". With the balance we conclude that we have a lot of money in the bank, as we have already paid to suppliers, we should invest money in profitable financial operations. and so we don't have much money stopped. I'm studying administration and finanzas in cifp joan taix -new competitors -the tourist village is in the winter -young people haven't other sineu main town to leave the weekend - the salaries frozen -more and more there are a rising unemployment -not being able to smoke inside the premises STRENGHTS consumer analysis I LIVE IN SINEU Maria Magdalena LLompart OPPORTUNITIES -good geographical location -the young people want another bar/pub to choose where to leave -little competition in the area concerning the playground - lots of restaurant in the town, so the competition is favorable. management team -the 85% were sineu's people and other surrounding villages. -the 40 % have a second home mainly located in coastal towns. -The most valued service is quality not forgetting the price. -Still prefer the services with a carte. we have done surveys in sineu CUSTOMER ANALYSIS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY i'm studying administration and finanzas in cifp joan taix financial plan Aina Maria Galmés There is a lot of competition in Sineu as there are 40 restaurants that offer similar products, to differentiate our service we will create a children park to the young public.

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