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Transcript: Mechanical Engineer Agricultural Engineer Chemical Engineer Enviormental Engineers fix and prevent enviormental problems. They work anywhere they're needed, such as the E.P.A. They make abut $79,050. Material Engineer engineering Architectural Engineer Nuculear Engineer Aerospace Engineers Chemical Engineer Matireal engineer Chemical Engineer A Chemical Engineer creates objects out of chemicals. They work at pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, energy, and all sorts of manufacturing. They make about $92,930. Agricultural engineers mix science with food to make healthy foods even more healthy. They work anywhere rural. They make about $74,000. Architectural Engineer Mechanical Engineers build and maintain machines. They work anywhere ranging from Robotics to Air-conditionng. They make about $79,230. Aerospace Engineer Nuculear Engineer Nuculear Engineer Material Engineer Nuculear Engineer Material Engineers turn recources into everyday items, or more advanced items. They work in the composite materials industry, office technologies, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, paper products, aerospace, high-tech, and aluminum manufacturing and recycling. Materials engineers make about $84,550. Ocean Engineers find and protect the ocean. They work anywhere aquatic. Ocean Engineers make about $91,730. Their feilds are construction, dredging, instrumentation, robotic vehicles, coastal and environmental protection, and fish farming. Mechanical Engineer Electrical Engineers can channel electricity from power sources to factories, homes and buisnesses. They also create the latest media technology and wireless comunicaton systems Engineers work in many places such as power companies, microchip makers, defense contractors, fuel-cell manufacturers, computer-aided design software makers, and consumer electronics companies. An electrical engineer makes about $85,920. Architects basicly build and create buildings, factories and much, much more. They work for engineering, construction, and architectural firms. They make about $73,340. Nuculear Engineers work to safely harness the most powerfull energy sources. They work mainly in federal labs/buildings. They make about $101,930. electrical Electrical Engineer Agricultural Engineer Ocean Engineers Enviormental Engineer Nuculear Engineer Ocean Engineers Enviormental Engineer By:Nada Abdalla Aerospace Engineers design anything that has to do with the atmosphere or above. They work at the aerospace industry, airline companies, automobile manufacturers, NASA, Departments of Defense and Energy, and commercial space operations. They make about $102,420.


Transcript: my opinion 3/13/15 favorite book from middle school 3/18/15 minds ear 3/5/15 make a wish 3/12/15 brett mceleney During the war of the birds and the beasts the bats wanted no part in the war. After the war was over the birds and the beasts agreed that the bats will be banished into the night. I do agree with the phrase money cannot buy you happiness i agree because if you what whatever you want whenever you want it would get boring and tired. Plus you cant buy poeple that illegal free time 3/11/15 Ice or Fire? 4/17/15 I would die in a firey death than in ice because if im frozen everyone would see my dead body and feel sadder than seeing me in ashes. I dont like being inside means im not free if my body is in ashes they would be blown into the air that is what I call freedom. when I was in middle school in fifth grade there was one book I loved was boba fett crossfire. The reason why I liked this book was I am a huge fan of star wars and boba fett was my favorite character The new book im reading called silverwing is a really good but there was one part that confused me that there's another character in the story another character i the story talking.the main characters are shade and goth. Three things I like to do in my free time is to one sleep. Ever since we've skipped ahead we've all been tired. The second thing I like to do is play games well who dosent. The last thing i like to do is read sometimes the power goes out and I get bored. success 2/27/15 The book im reading is called hearing with the mind. It mostly tells how deaf people still hear but no with there ears. When poeple go deaf or blind there other senses strengthen. To me is success means getting something accomplished with high expectation. To me success in the future would be better than the past. For me I just want to graduate high school that would be my ultimate success. If I could wish on a star and would come true that wish would be to have the ability shape shift into an alpha ceph. Its an incredibly dangerous and destructive and travels under ground. The alpha ceph is part of somehing called a hive mind its alomst like a bees nest except there not bees there aliens that merged with there technology. 5/18/15 D block composition silverwing 2/26/15 why in the dark? 4/6/15

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