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Kickoff Presentation

Transcript: Accomplishments Inquiries 4,236 Total Terri Brubaker (737/1.07% RONA Rate) Sue Brandenburg (596/.5 RONA Rate) File Scans 226 Total Yocelynn Aguilar 69 Abena Asiedu 65 Mitchell Inputs (Thru October) 272 Total Terri Brubaker 91 Abena Asiedu 69 Subrogation Recovery Report 2015 Tricia Pisarra 94.3% Desiree Bryant 91.5% Tricia Pisarra 95.5% Nicole Lawrence 94.1% Theresa Burns 93.2% Chris Twait 90.48% Tricia Pisarra 88.46% ERI Drive in Osvaldo Reyes (74) 98.5% Jeff Nuss (36) 98.8% ERI Field Randy Pickens (14) 97.8% Jason Moore (25) 96.1% TLRI Randy Pickens (5) 93.9% ACV Agreed Osvaldo Reyes- (26) 96.2% Saul Panameno (98) 84.7% Before Estimating Accuracy Osvaldo Reyes – 93.0% Jason Moore 92.6% Total Loss Validation Antonio Chavarria (7) 97.6% Dave King (6) 97.1% Agent Referrals Jason Moore - 20 AA Referrals Osvaldo Reyes 17 ERI Field 1) Paul Rider 98.0% (21) 2) Ian Price 99.0% (7) TLRI 1) Paul Rider 96.4% (12) 2) Gary Osborne 94.4% (9) Loss Cost ACV Agreed 1) Gary Osborne 92.9% (126) 2) Jeff Digioia 84.7% (59) Before Estimate Accuracy 1) Gary Summers 93.5% (Drive-In) 2) Jeff Digioia 93.2% (Field) Total Loss Valuation Accuracy 1) Paul Rider 97.3% 2) Steve Benson 96.7% Above & Beyond AA Referrals Karen Cooper - 30 Sales Referrals Karen Cooper - 40 ERI Drive in- 10 or more surveys 1) David Leang (46) 99.39% 2) David Nawrocki (157) 99.18% ERI Field- 10 or more surveys 1) Craig Seal (18) 99.91% 2) Rob Sanders (26) 99.17% TLRI- 5 or more surveys 1) Darrell Hollis (16) 93.98% 2) David Leang (5) 93.43% ACV Agreed 1) Craig Seal (75) 86.7% 2) Sean Lucas (101) 84.2% Before Estimating Accuracy 1) Craig Seal – 96.7% 2) Darrell Hollis – 92.1% Total Loss Validation 1) Rob Sanders 98.02% 2) Debbie Munchenbach 97.63% Don't forget to sign the card for Joe Schmidt TLRI Rich Underwood Christian Hepler Ruby Cummings: 7963 Terry Brubaker: 2732 Tim Hogbin: 1751 Others: 2860 Devera Barnhart 100% (5 surveys) Patrice Dacosta 100% (2 surveys) Craig Wareham 100% (2 surveys) Mark Haas 75% (8 surveys) Brian Boyer 198 Craig Wareham 138 Patrice DaCosta 137 Aurash Ghassemieh 0% Mark Haas 4.8% Mark Haas 100% Patrice Dacosta 99.3% Brian Boyer 98.7% Craig Wareham 97.5% Capital Region 2016 Strategy and Goals 30/180 Day Rep Rate Goal 30 day target = 18.5%-19.8% 180 day target = 23-24.4% Quality Assurance Reviews - Expected Goal Vertical Review Expected Target = 65.6% 2016 Casualty Main Strategies Quick contact and early disposition Timely and complete follow up to encourage Expanded Fast Track Settlements Achieve moe Unrp CWA's at higher Rep Rate levels High level of file quality with good judgement in disposition of Major Injury Claims Improvement in evaluation and negotiation plans Effective use of IEP Process, considering all factors for the claim High level of file quality with good judgement in disposition of Major Injury Claims Jeanine Wilson Segmentation PE - Capital CSA 2015 DPA Award Presentation Colossus Quality Which unit within our MCO has a former NFL player on their team? Dave Cadigan What was your MCO year-end CE Result? – the highest volume in the CSA Lisa Johnson Which 2 reps in the C unit have been sitting in their same desks as originally assigned since the Chantilly, VA office merged with Clarksburg many years ago? 577 MAWA’s received 450 Closed 78% Closed Ingrid Walker Rental Craig Seal FPE Casualty Emerging Innovation How many combined years of experience does the S-Unit have? Debbie Manion 1109 Insured Contacts R-Unit (Virginia Auto) Trivia Question GHRN Accountability Be Creative Voice Results Interactive Activity *worked at Yuma Express for 6 years! Pat Whelan Create a new tagline for Allstate TOTAL UMBI in 2015 4554 Total Loss Processor Which unit member is celebrating an anniversary TODAY?! 70 74 Frances Rife LDU 792 1072 91 surveys 95.25% 3 50 surveys 95% Antonio Chavarria in the Country John Cavaliere 23 surveys 93.85% Trivia Question Which MD Field auto adjuster was formally an Inside Auto Total Loss adjuster and worked at Home Depot ? 85 Question Highest % Closures Who transferred directly from Express claims to our office in 2014? Salvage with Keys: 92.2 % 1st Who is the newest member of Inside Auto? Jeff DiGioia Interactive Activity – Over 1000 contact customer tasks 590 TL contact tasks 91% contact 326 surveys 93.60% Who is the first person you should call when you receive a new file? in the CSA LDU Trivia Question File Quality % Not Expected Auto (B-Unit) Subrogation Processor Team Clarksburg MCO Stephen Benson Trivia Questions FPE Auto Trivia Question Unrepresented Unit Salvage Pending: 11% (700 pieces of salvage) Suzanne Perry Danielle Rife 80.38% How many unrep adjusters in 2015 were previously processors? Unrepresented CWAs Randy Pickens Question Desiree Bryant Val Tucker 1125 2015 CE Results Jose Marrone 99 Dave King David King What is one thing we do to mitigate our number or rental days? 3rd 63 surveys 95.66% Customer Experience 678 TL contact tasks 82% contact NSS Results Jason Moore JT Tosadori Jeff Nuss

KICKOFF Presentation

Transcript: The Cost of being a Cowboy There will be THREE silent auction tables These will be named after famous Oklahoma Cowboys. Woody Guthrie | Will Rogers | Gene Autrey Each table will close at a separate time to allow for maximum bidding Items will be placed into packages to meet a variety of bidders budgets, but also make some very impressive packages. KEEP THOSE DONATIONS COMING! There will NOT be a Dash for Dessert this year. Dash may return for dessert in the future but not this year 52 CARD DRAW This will be a premier game and will allow for very limited play. We need to promote this on all our pages. Basically people will have opportinty to buy ONE of 52 cards from a custom Dash deck of cards. Each card will cost $50. Cards will be drawn, if your card is drawn you are out. The last card standing wins a DISNEY GETAWAY PACKAGE!!!! We are still working on airfare!!! If anyone has leads we could use help!!! HEADS OR TAILS Sherrif starts on beaded necklaces. The necklaces will sell for $20. Each player will have a max purchase amount. Players will be asked to choose heads or tails, each necklace is a life. Last person to have guessed right through the game WINS THE PRIZE!!! GIFTCARD SWITCHEROO Player pays $20 to choose a envelope. Envelope is guaranteed to have a giftcard with $20 or MORE... we need as many gift cards as you can get, this game can be replenished throughout the event. Plates & Teacups We will have a Centerpiece Crafting & Gift Basket Packaging Part in late February Keep Gathering GIFT CARDS & DONATIONS Heavy Hourderves by Catering Creations Mashed Potato and Mac & Cheese Bars WITH tons of toppings... Bacon Wrapped Jalepenos Sliders on Cornbread &/or Onion Bread Smores Bar & ApplePies (suggested menu) CASH BAR Variety of Beers, Wines, & A Signature RED Cocktail WHAT SHOULD WE NAME THE COCKTAIL? EVENT IS OPEN TO TEAMS, FRIENDS, AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS (not a event for children) Tickets $20 per person ReservedTable $250 (seats 8, VERY limited) Food Included - Cash Bar Available Cowboy Cocktail Attire Movie Theatres Sheplers, Teners, Justin's, Western Stores Cattleman's, Lonestar, Iron Star, Outback Car Detail Packages Papa Murphy's, Top That Pizza (family night) Beauty Services (to make a girls day out) Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Manly Stores Hobby Lobby & Michaels, Party Stores Pet Grooming, Dog Bakery, Pet Stores Cupcakes to Go-Go, Sara Sara, Green Goodies, Bundt Cake Order of Events Cowboy Comforts... 6:30 pm Doors Open | Bar Opens | Auctions Open 6:45 pm Program Opening 7:00 pm Food Served 7:45 pm 52 Card Draw 8:00 pm | 8:20 pm | 8:40 pm Tables Close 9:00 pm Heads or Tails Game 9:30 pm Bar Closes | Pull Food 10:00 pm Clean-Up What's Left? Need Requested Event Details Cowgirls Love Bling! TEAM CAPTAIN - GOODIE BAGS OKLAHOMA HISTORY CENTER Friday March 7th @ 6:30 pm-10pm Set Up TBD - Clean Up 10-11pm Chocolate Brown, Turquoise, Tangerine & Burlap Reserved Tables (in glass rotunda) Chocolate Brown table linens, turquoise satin toppers, satin chair covers, and pops of tangerine & burlap. Cocktail Tables (throughout the venue) Tied chocolate brown table linens Centerpieces (will be sold) Reserved tables | vintage looking tiered dessert stand see example. Do you have dishes you can donate? Cocktail tables | mason jar vase, flowers, & a mirror FACEBOOK PAGE we have a Facebook Event Page that will roll out this week. Please like it & share it. It will update often promoting games, auction items, thanking donors, etc.... ***Please let Amy know when you have a item donated so she can pick it up from you and post it in a uniform manner on the website FACEBOOK PROMO IMAGES we will have a set of Facebook promo images that will also roll out this weeek. Cover pics, promo pics, pics that can be used as profile images.... feel free to use these as much as you want PDF INVITES PDF Invited will be released approx 6 weeks out from the event when ticket sales start. You can email, share on facebook... TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED TABLE SALES GO THROUGH AMY ONLY Promoting the Event Event Overview Location is Everything... Photo {BOOTH} Needs... Silent Auctions Fun & Games

Kickoff Presentation

Transcript: Mid 150 Calories Reward! Automated Measurements Agenda NUTRITION Online Health Guide Daily Email Coaching: Motivation Exercise schedule Nutrition/Meal plan Customized based on individual profile Interactive Guide: Meal ideas/recipes Food facts and ‘Ask the Dietitian’ Animated exercise explanations Components of a workout Discussion forums with other participants! Vegetables (spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, green beans, squash, asparagus, cabbage, mushrooms, etc.) Cash Incentives “The Portion Teller: Smartsize Your Way to Permanent Weight Loss” by Lisa Young 47% Retention Portions are Too Big in the U.S. Q1 Around the Clock BMI Table Q4 The Path to Lifelong Fitness Age: 40 Weight: 250 Height: 5’ 6” BMI: 40.3 Cardio Run/Walk Bike Swim Row Hiking Skiing Rock climbing Tennis SOURCE: Vegetables (spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, green beans, squash, asparagus, cabbage, mushrooms, etc.) We take the principles of healthy eating and daily physical activity… and deliver it in easy-to-follow daily emails. A Day-by-Day Approach Intermediate* Before…1,445 Calories! FOODS TO BE LIMITED Sugar Highly processed foods Saturated fats Trans-fats Alcohol Salt Cash Incentives visit Click on Enroll Group password = jackson Journal Summary Three Stages Why Diets Don’t Work! Proper Nutrition & Exercise Revealed! Demonstrations Exercise examples Enrollment/weigh-in procedure Your Privacy Getting Paid for Success Kickoff 6 Days a Week How Much Will I Lose? You’re still eating the foods you like, only now you’re eating the right sized portion! This saved 660 calories! Each email is customized with the employer’s logo and participant’s name. Portion Distortion! Q3 861 Calories After…785 Calories Q3 Why diets don’t work in the long run, and what you can do about it! Congratulations! Automated Measurements Center for Disease Control (CDC) Advance Data Report #330, September 6, 2002 “Obesity: Obesity Trends and Genes”, Charles R. Attwood, M.D., F.A.A.P. “National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)”, October 9 2002 Journal of the American Medical Association “The Relationship Between National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Weight Guidelines and Concurrent Medical Costs in a Manufacturing Population” January/February 2003, Vol. 17, No. 3, American Journal of Health Promotion Mercer Human Resource Consulting Report, December 10, 2002 “Is Fat the Next Tobacco?’ Fortune, February 3, 2003 “The Perfect Diet”, Newsweek, January 20, 2003 “Excess Weight Linked to 90,000 US Cancer Deaths Annually”, American Cancer Society Research Report, April 23, 2003 Margaret L. Watkins, Sonja A. Rasmussen, Margaret A. Honein, Lorenzo D. Botto, and Cynthia A. Moore “Maternal Obesity and Risk for Birth Defects” Pediatrics 2003; 111: 1152-1158. CCH, Inc. 12th Annual Unscheduled Absence Survey, 2002 The Surgeon General's call to action to prevent and decrease overweight and obesity / Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health. - - Rockville, MD : U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Office of the Surgeon General ; Washington, D.C. American Obesity Association/The Lewin Group. Costs of Obesity. September 13, 2000. “The Impact of a Worksite Health Promotion Program on Short-Term Disability Usage”, The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Volume 43(1), pp 25-29, January 2001 “Weight Loss”, Money Magazine, p. 101, Fall 2003, 64 ounces = ½ gallon = 800 Calories! Agenda Does This Seem Familiar? Enrollment Success Story: Jane Taylor (60 yrs. Young) Prepare 10 on-the-go snacks every Sunday. Buy a bag of apples and a 10 pack of string cheese. Bring these to work on Monday morning and you are set for the week with a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack each day! 181 Calories Participants can click through the email to connect to our world-class online health guide for even more information about eating and exercise! 5-6 Meals Per Day Enrollment EXERCISE 37 Your Privacy is Protected = Weight Loss Access to Advisors Phone, Email & In Person Electronic Support System Jackson incentaHEALTH performance data across multiple worksites The human body was designed to walk, run or stop; it wasn't built for coasting. — Cullen Hightower 56% Retention How to Eat! Weight Management Weekly Tracking Success Rewards! How much should I weigh? Current weight = 151.6 Current BMI = 25.22 MYTH: To lose weight, you need to severely limit your food intake. FACT: If you cut back too far, your body starts “hoarding” fat to keep you from starving! Myth vs. Fact EXERCISE You will have more energy! Your clothes will fit differently! You will sleep better! You will crave healthier foods (foods that fuel the body!) Even when you are sitting at your desk, your body will be burning more calories! 3 Levels of Exercise Online Enrollment I’m not

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