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Junior Presentation

Transcript: Theoretical Foundation Social Acceptance ’when a child is deprived of the opportunity to gain status through his useful contributions, he usually seeks proof of his status in class through getting attention’ -Dreikurs Stanley Coopersmith Self Esteem A confident student is an engaged student Proactive Approaches Corrective Approaches make a behavior intervention plan Discrete can be difficult 1.Write annual goals Making 8 and 9 Lesson resource room teacher Scheduling Project Classroom and Behavior Management Right on ability level K-2 Resource Room (pull-out and push-in service) Improvements Math Lesson Plans TLW read common words with the -en ending with 85% accuracy 1. Visually discriminate the -en ending 5.Adjust Gloria Meyer STIO: Concern about ADHD STIO: 2. Identify information needed to solve the problem. Three cheers for Excel 3. Set up the problem using a picture Use multiple modes of assessment 2nd grade boy Lessons: Emotional Impairment So... Instructional Design Look for the 13 Students (two tested out of special ed) a girl with a plan of the problem 3.Develop short term objective compassion Worksheets need for clear, consistent communication 2.Choose area of need and target skill Continue to incorporate technology a behavior before it happens energy 4.Write skill sequence importance of consistent service 4. Develop series of skills (Discriminate, Recognize, Express) Marcy Blowers' Junior Presentation 1. Determine if addition or subtraction is needed to solve the problem Dont' assume that a student already knows something 2.Visually recognize the -en ending Recommend Evaluate students throughout a lesson Communication form and meeting calendar Reading Lesson Plans 3.Schedule Getting back on track after a behavior The Scenario olland West Why? 1.Analyze student performance praise good behavior Materials order Don't go beyond the objective 3.Use the -en ending to write nonsense words 5.Write lessons for 3 consecutive skills in the sequence 2.Create groups Timing is important, but there's always tomorrow Suburban Area Relevant practice interpreting scores Assess, assess, assess Speech & Language Impairment Gage timing through expereince What? Plans anticipating problems Field Placement real-life application 3. Choose short term objective Keep it measurable Subtract up to two digit numbers with regrouping in the context of a story problem with 80% accuracy 10 students (profiles given) Learning Disability Confidentiality 1 hour planning time per week Goals 1. Analyze student test scores "There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey." -Jim England 4.Evaluate 2.Select target skill 5. Write lesson plans for three consecutive skills teach to a variety of learning styles CA-60 PPVT KTEA (math) Observations Running Record DIBELS Speech & Language Impairment Case Study Rubrics Celebrating the Infamous 10-hour Block Interpret Rudlof Dreikurs Strengths Schedule service 3-5x per week per goal per student consistency It's tough to "think small" getting in the swing of it Your eyes can tell you what a protocol can't Hands-on and engaging Who?

Junior Presentation

Transcript: Looking Back.. I interned at Europe Cakes in a the Padack Arcade Tuesday through Friday from May 3rd to May 26th. My expectations were to sculpt different shapes out of fondant and make cookies as well as cupcakes. While working with Monica I learned many techniques that will help me advance in the future. Junior Presentation Future Plans Next Chapter I chose Culinary Arts because I see baking in my futue. My goal was to get more use to cake decorating. My interest in baking came from my aunt. She owns a catering company and I love working with her. I enjoy watching Cupcake Wars and Cake Boss. I love to watch all the different techniques that they use. Internship After graduating from Watertown High School I hope to get into a pre-med program. I have not made and decisions on what college yet. After attending college for eight years I hope to move somewhere relatively warmer then Watertown. I hope to have my own my own practice someday. Samantha Clement Skills If I could rewind I would have liked to be in the kitchen more often. I would have enjoyed working with cake decorating more as well. Cake and cookie making Dessert preparation Cake decorating Work well with team members Pie making Piping Unfortunately, I will not be attending Culinary Arts in the 2016-2017 school year. I will be in the nursing program here at BOCES. I want to pursue my career in becoming a dermatologist so I want to get use to some medical terms before i head off to college.

Junior Presentation

Transcript: Not Finished yet! Lance Jones My Philosophy “Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.” – George Halas One of my biggest values is that people matter way more that things. Items can be replaced people can't. This quote shows me that every thing I do will always be perfect. Why? In my coming years I plan on being a community activist to show that youth that the world isn't just what they see today. Toys For TOTS Jr.Zulu Community Service Lance Jones, 17, member of Junior Zulu, straighten the toy selection during the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure ClubÕs annual Toys for Tots distribution Saturday, Dec. 22, 2018, at the Zulu Roy E. Glapion Reception Hall in New Orleans. Zulu, partnering with Entergy, the Marine Forces Reserve, Young Money Entertainment and Magnolia Enterprises, provided toys and bicycles for 1,500 New Orleans children. What I did. What I Did I also helped kids make decisions on what toy to get. Working with the toys for tots organization in conjunction with Junior Zulu has taught me to be a positive influence on the decisions that young kids make and not to confuse their minds and let them get toys that do violet things. What I learned. What I Learned The connection this opportunity this has on me is positive. I was able to work with little kids and enjoy their happy and vibrant attitudes. Connection Connection How does violence In video games influence violence in the real world? Research My research proves that Violent video games have an effect on the mind of young people. The violent video games teach kids what kinds of guns kill the fastest. The Debate People who don't car about the fact but see the crimes happen always assume the person wasn't ion the right mind. The lookey loos see the news and and say dang how could they kill all those people so quickly not realizing that games are teaching how to kill. Good :) Bad:I The analysis of 24 studies from countries including the U.S., Canada, Germany and Japan found those who played violent games such as "Grand Theft Auto," "Call of Duty" and "Manhunt" were more likely to exhibit behavior such as being sent to the principal's office for fighting or hitting a non-family member. Studies Show I agree that violence in video games influences real world violence. I see that the games can be controlling because it's like being sucked in to a whole different world. My Argument Monster Essay &The Wife Of Bath"s Tale A Closer Look Assignments The writing piece talked about my anxiety of test taking. To elaborate I take plenty of time out to study and and know all of the information I will be testing on. So far I've trained myself to throw out those butterflies before testing to keep my self focused and calm. Monster Essay Monster The Story really stood out to me by the twist and turns of the story lines. Showing that a man raped a girl because he had ragging hormones. The way the queen gave him second chance to find out "What women really want." And once he got he answer he wasn't still didn't treat women the way they ere supposed to he promised the woman he would be married to her just to stay alive but then told her to do whatever she wanted to do he would play mind games with women. The Wife of Bath's tale Bath Tale Final Reflection Reflection I came to Easton my sophomore year and I'm a Junior now still with one more year left to go. Things that changed about me since I first came here I've basically met the whole school, cut my hair off and joined the Student Council, Silverbacks, and am now the PBIS Chairman. While playing Football and Baseball for the school. Journey Journey Senior Questions Senior Questions When it comes down to thanking the staff member that helped me the most it goes to Mr.Daveron. I'm thanking him for the time he spends when I really need help with school work all subjects. Also for keeping good thoughts in my head about the positive young man I'm aspiring to be. The subject I've enjoyed the most is Fine Arts Survey this is because the movie critiques we do. Meaning we have to find the deeper meaning to the movies or videos that we see. Also the big class discussions that we have and how deep we go and how involved every one is to conversation. Senior Question Part 2!

Junior Presentation

Transcript: Viewing the Heavens; A Culminating Project By, Wyatt Raphael Little knowledge on building anything, let alone a telescope. How to work a telescope. Basic upkeep of a telescope. General knowledge on telescopes. Interested in many fields of science. Unique project. You get a telescope at the end. Practical item which can be used later. Cheaper than buying a telescope from a manufacturer. Work Cited Amalgamation of most learning except: -Musical/Rhythmic -Kinesthetic -"Natural" Goals Current Knowledge Skill Needed Poor time management. Procrastination. Hectic home life. Summer work schedule. Indecisice, may change mind. Gets bored easily. Basic construction skills. Grinding glass. Depending on model/make soldering or welding may be required. My Topic Building a Telescope Dobson, John. “Notes from John Dobson’s Telescope Making Class.” San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, Fall 1996. Web/Classroom. 28 April, 2013. telescope-making-class Fact About Myself Berry, Richard. “Build Your Own Telescrope: Complete Plans for Five Telescopes You Can Build with Simple Hand Tools (Third Edition).” Richmond: William Bell, Inc., 2001. Book. Complete a fully functional telescope. Complete the project as soon as possible. Pass on the first presentation. Learn to be more "hands on." Carboni, G. “How to Build A Telescope.” Fun Science Gallery, March 1996. Web. 28 April, 2013. Possible Problems Why a Telescope?

Junior presentation

Transcript: Ms. Coyne, College Adviser Feel Free to Take Notes! Finishing your junior year Preparing for your senior year Preparing for what you will do after High School What are we going to talk about? You need: ACT or Compass test scores High school diploma 4-year colleges Why go to a 4-year college? Schools like Mizzou, University of Central Missouri, Missouri State University, and Truman State University Steps: Apply Send test scores Send transcripts Visit campus File FAFSA Enroll in classes You Need: ACT Scores Application Fees Certain GPA Community Service Recommendations Resume Getting accepted You want to challenge yourself academically You want the traditional college experience (ie. living on campus) There is a certain program you are trying to get into What do you need to focus on junior year? College Graduates Earn More Money Steps for getting in Wait...I don't have to take the ACT? Senior year! Every school has different admissions requirements--make sure you know yours and set them as a goal Start working NOW if your school has selective admissions requirements Get involved in extracurriculars Any questions? The value of a college education Enrolling in community college Option 2. Community College Take challenging classes--especially dual credit courses. Save $$$! Narrow down your post-secondary options Apply by the priority deadline for schools--many are as early as December Take the ACT again--December is best Meet with Ms. Coyne! Fill out the FAFSA and look for scholarships What are your plans after graduation? To-Do for Your Junior and Senior Year Loans Think of loans as an investment if you need to use them....but use them wisely! Scholarships Merit Based Need Based Be the student a teacher wants to recommend Types Local Institutional Major Based National Meet with Ms. Coyne to discuss your plans after graduation Consider colleges and careers you're interested in Sign up for A+ Take your ACT by April of your junior year Keep attendance and grades up Still take the ACT The Compass is a similar test that measures which classes you should take How to pay for college You want to get your general education requirements for cheap (A+) You're not academically prepared for a 4-year school You want to explore majors a bit more Campus Representatives: Sign up with Ms. Coyne Narrow down your interests Make up any missing work College Field Trips: Maintain a good GPA Have good attendance Make up any missing work Sign up with Ms. Coyne You have the opportunity to attend.. I'm in the counseling office My door is always open I'll be meeting with all juniors Option 1. 4-Year College Why go to community college? Steps: Apply Pay Fee Send Transcripts Send ACT Scores Do FAFSA Pick Classes Pick Housing

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