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Transcript: Philosophy of Middle Level Education Teachers Part III Alejandro Ramon Gutierrez Talking Circle Discussions Age: 14 years 10 months Grade:8th Activities: Soccer, chess, and art. Appearance: Average height and weight. Jerry uses glasses and braces and has asthma. He is one of the oldest in his class and is very social IEP: Math and reading (SPED room for math and inclusion for reading) Strength: Likes working with electronics Weaknesses: short temper, distracted easily and hypersensitive Week 4 Primary Caregivers Week 6 This week we talked about how teachers can show care and concern without compromising their authority. After learning about the care theory, we were able to discuss how important it is to show students care, giving them a reason to be invested in their schooling. When we show concern for our students we are also showing them respect, gaining respect and authority in return. Relationship with Caregivers Our first day in class was spent introducing ourselves to the group, talking about our breaks and telling everyone what our major was. We also talked about the talking stick, deciding that because we each had a lot going on outside of this class and in order to focus on being prepared for the discussion, we would just use an item that was with us. We decided that we would be sure to record all of our talking circle discussions on a google doc. We also talked about making sure that we would be prepared with the readings each week in order to have effective and constructive discussions. All of our group seemed to fall on a social spectrum from middle school (that is what we discussed most). Either people felt like they were very social (popular or even a "bully"), or that they felt kind of more like an outcast (transfer student, exiled group of friends). We discussed each of the different domains, some connecting more than others, but all having some sort of experience in each one. This week we were able to come together as a class and do a group talking circle where we discussed sex education and how our parents played a role in our sex education experiences. As a whole group, we agreed that this generation of parents are not really involved in their kids sexual education, which pushes their children to look to technology for the answers. This is not good because it makes them more prone to unreal expectations of sex. Parenting and Teaching She has six friends . LaTonya " She is in my homeroom. She is a very funny person. She is nice to me. Yullisa Camyrn Faisha Essence Meleny " She just got a boyfriend who she is so overprotective with. She has a bad attitude. "If a child is being bullied they need to speak up and tell an adult. Teachers and parents should talk to kids about being good friends." Week 1 Parents effects Week 5 "I love her. I do not see her all day, so I only spend 30min-1 hour with her. We talk about how our day went and how we felt about it. Diana is always supportive and pushes me to challenge myself. My favorite moment with her was going to the bulls game with her because we both like basketball and it was my first time ever being with her for more than an hour." Daily Routine Week 3 Week 7 Conclusion Favorites About Jerry Dad Introspective Somatic Communal Familial Intellectual Part II This week we started the circle off revisiting the question, Why does girls who start puberty earlier do better then girls who do not? The agreed upon answer was the idea that those girls who start puberty earlier tend to be more mature. Her body is developing faster hence her maturity level is as well. Often times girls that start puberty earlier hang with older people. When hanging with older people you will mature faster. We also discussed the Baumrind reading The Social Context of Child Maltreatment. The most interesting parts dealt with difficult children and the difference between responsive and demanding parenting. Difficult children are the children with difficult temperaments and one more likely to both elicit and be the target of aversive responses from parents. Knowing the difference between being responsive and demanding has an huge impact in a relationship with a difficult child. Gerardo "Jerry" Hernandez How many teachers do you have? 8 1. Mrs. Ewald – Favorite: "She is not strict like the other teachers and she makes her classes interesting" 2. Mrs. Pavelka 3.Mr. Edgar 4. Mrs. Kholer 5. Mr. Koteff 6. Mrs. Boyel 7. Mrs. Offerral 8. Mrs. Cicora – Least Favorite: "She likes yelling at me for no reason and every time someone is talking, she automatically assumes that it is me" This week we had a chance to plan a lesson for students in a Social Studies class with regular level students and student with special needs. In our lesson, we wanted all students to be able to be able to analyze primary sources, introducing our students to cave paintings and their meanings. Through our lesson, students would be able to understand the purpose of cave paintings and recognize their role in

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Transcript: Hypothesis 6. The positive relationship between GSCM practice and environmental performance is weaker in enterprises having more just-in-time practice adoption than in enterprises having less just-in-time practice adoption. Green supply refers to the way in which innovations in supply chain management and industrial purchasing may be considered in the context of the environment. (Green et al., 1996, p. 188) suggestions Data collection literature review 1. Relationship GSCM practice and environmental and economic Performance? Study background Hypothesis 1. Enterprises having higher levels of adoption of GSCM practices will have better environmental performance improvements. by ANY QUESTIONS? THANK YOU! Hypotheses: ___________________ _______________ Hypothesis 4. The positive relationship between GSCM practice and environmental performance is stronger in enterprises having higher levels quality management practices adoption than in enterprises having lower levels of quality management practices adoption. finally, can answering research questions Enterprise sizes ranged from under 500 to over 8000 employees Hypothesis 2. Enterprises having higher levels of adoption of GSCM practices have better positive economic performance improvements. 2. Investigate how quality management and just-in-time (or lean) manufacturing principles, influence the relationship between GSCM practices and performance? "chinese enterprises should make a ‘green barrier’. It is because the main problem is most product from Chinese enterprises could not meet both quality and environmental requirements" Hypothesis 3. Enterprises having higher levels of GSCM practices have (worse) negative economic performance improvements. qm jit research framework 281 questionnaires administered to all the enterprises and representatives According to (Shultz and Holbrook, 1999), it is important for organizations to balance economic and environmental performance. study background..... Hypothesis 5. The positive relationship between GSCM practice and economic performance is stronger in enterprises having higher levels quality management practices adoption than in enterprises having lower levels of quality management practices adoption. Journal Presentation a total of 186 unique and usable manufacturing enterprise responses __________________ Result and analysis Muhammad Yoga Izzani 15311050 (Zhu and Geng, 2001). These results in Chinese manufacturing enterprises are supported by the literature by a number of researchers who have looked at other manufacturing enterprises. Carter et al. (1998) External GSCM have direct and positive impacts on environmental performance. moderator collect more sample Research questions limitations.... it is only considering the expectations and beliefs of the relationships, actual fifinancial numbers were not used. most of these Chinese manufacturers are very early in the adoption stages of these GSCM practices. Research questions: The economic performance is a plus and the strong relationship exists between GSCM practice and positive economic performance Environmental supply chain management consists of the purchasing function’s involvement in activities that include reduction, recycling, reuse and the substitution of materials. (Narasimhan and Carter, 1998, p. 6) make a financial number Hypothesis 7. The positive relationship between GSCM practice and economic performance is stronger in enterprises having greater just-in-time practice adoption than in enterprises having less just-in-time practice adoption.

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Transcript: Quality of Writing My Article Questions A former principal offers five strategies that can support young adolescents on their path to college far before they even enter high school. Audience How a school utilized Mix it Up at Lunch, a Teaching Tolerance tool to help students identify, question, and cross boundaries that exist in middle schools across America. A look at how a Georgia Middle School invested in technology and used data collected to close the achievement gap. High school leaders who participated in The Principal's Partnership endorse a program suggesting that middle school educators can help prepare parents for the transition to high school. Topics Offers a glimpse into a Jr. High Schools transition program designed for students and parents alike. Focuses on often overlooked transition to middle school, and how schools should create a comprehensive transition program. Articles for Me All are related to the field of middle level education, and range from current and retired principals, and assisstant principals, consultants, counselors, college professors, and current and former teachers. Through their writings, each of the authors demonstrate a strong understanding of adolescents and the necessities of a successful middle school. From Survive to Thrive: The Importance of Transition Transitions Smooting the Way for Students and Parents Helping Us Help Them View from the High School Data amd the Path to Student Achievement Getting to Know You: Mixing It Up at Launch Welcome Students to a School of Character Never Too Early: Preparing Young Adolescents for College Addressing Underachieving Non-Special Needs Students Money Matter: Learning Fiscal Responsibility Look Before You Jump: Transitioning to Block Scheduling No Rhyme or Reason: Poetry Reading Strategies Teams in Action Click Here Teaching in the Middle The Mark of Leadership Reviews and Resources Megaphone Articles of Interest A retired middle school principal discusses the phenomenon of students that often fall through the cracks because they are not labeled when they enter the middle school. Middle School Journal An assistant principal discusses how educators at her school overcame budget cuts to ensure that the school could continue to promote harmony, maturity, growth, and self-discipline among students and staff. Authors

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Transcript: Bank Indonesia finalized the formulation of Bank Indonesia Regulation No.14/26/PBI/2012 on Business Activities and Office Network based on Core Capital of the Bank design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Notes to the Model Research Objective Implementation Plan Heavily regulated industry Assets that are mark to market value Loss provisions The difficulty in defining debt The difficulty in defining reinvestment: Capital expenditures , Working capital What is the intrinsic value of Bank Agris for major investors? What is the percentage of ownership gained by new investor based on the amount of investment needed to reach BUKU 2 according to the computed intrinsic value? Research Questions Valuation of a Bank by using a discounted cash flow model Step 1: Assess the business impact Step 2: Merger Step 3: Consolidate financial reports Step 4: Entice existing shareholder with preferred shares Step 5: Right issue to existing shareholders Step 6: Offer to public investors Characteristics of Financial Service Firms Dividend Discount Model Free Cash Flow to Equity Model Excess Return Model According to Aswath Damodaran (2009), “It is contended that financial service firms are more suitable valued employing equity valuation model, instead of enterprise valuation model, and with actual or potential dividends, instead of free cash flow to equity model”. Use bottom-up betas No adjustment required for financial leverage Adjust for regulatory and business risk Consider the relationship between risk and growth If betas are used to estimate the cost of equity, they should mean reverting to one in steady growth The objective is to find out a numerical representation of the value and ownership percentage of the company that would be obtained by the investor if inject the remainder funds as required by Bank Agris to achieve a core capital of Rp. 1 trillion as stipulated by Bank Indonesia for the capital requirement of BUKU 2

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Transcript: Goals and Reflection Important Dates SAT Test Dates: School-wide SAT: Weds. March 6th Sat. May 4th (Register by Apr. 5th) Sat. June 1st (Register by May 3rd) ACT Test Dates: Sat. April 13th (Reg. by March 8th) Sat. June 8th (Reg. by May 3rd) Sat. July 13th (Reg. by June 14th) Important Dates SMART Goals 1. Because I want to excel in my SAT and ACT scores, SAT being at least 980 and ACT 26, for the next month and on, until the exams, I will practice on Khan Academy for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. SMART Goals To Do List Ask Guidance Counselor for "fee waiver" Register for a "fee waiver" from Register for the SAT at Register for the ACT at To Do List Gratitude (Sanders ONLY) Gratitude (Sanders ONLY) Ms.Sanders (yes, I know it's generic or cliche, but hear me out) before AVID, I was sitting in a lower level class wanting to be challenge with education. I heard of AVID but I never knew how to approach it. My 5th grade teacher said "Danisha, I didn't offer the AVID application to you, because you don't reach the potential to be in the program." Yes, I am a bit of a talker but I've always loved education, so for her to say that, it hurt. I pushed it aside as a "hard fact" but it was just a blessings in disguised. I joined the AVID program in the middle of my 7th grade year and boy when I tell you I was so fortunate, I was fortunate (still is). *Fast Forward* I never thought I would meet a person that I genuine like with a bubbly personality; a teacher that's actually attentiveness about their students life (mind-blowing). You gave people forgiveness after fallen mistakes, never gave up on student so easily (no man left behind), understandingly relate to others, and is just a bunch of sunshine. What my 5th grade teacher said isn't an insecurity to me no more, I know what I'm worth because of you.

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