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Job Interview Background Information Presentation

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Job Interview Presentation

Transcript: Contact Details • Basic Spanish Language. • Basic ICT knowledge. Voluntary Work; In the summer of 2014 I applied for NCS (National Citizen Service) – NCS is for 16 and 17 year olds, in the project you take part in social action projects and build skills for work and life. NCS brings together young people from different backgrounds and helps them develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility. It encourages personal and social development by working on skills like leadership, teamwork and communication. During the third and fourth week of NCS I did voluntary work, this involved cleaning up/redoing a garden at a community center, as well as this we put on a charity event to raise money to give to our chosen charity. After four weeks of NCS I carried on volunteering with a group of people from the NCS group. Weaknesses; Tendency to hold back from direct participation. Slow to make up my mind and reach a decision. Too cautious. Don't take enough risks. Voluntary Work Past Education • Writing – In my spare time I enjoy expressing my feelings through writing, this would come in useful if I needed to write any reports within a job. • Reading – I enjoy reading from time to time because it helps me expand my vocabulary and makes me become more creative. Email; Number; 01828 664 882 Why i want this job; I would like this job because I find it very interesting and I would 100% enjoy it because of this I would work as hard as I possibly could to complete any work necessary. Education; I attended Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy high school and now I am currently studying at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy sixth form, the subjects I am studying are Health and Social (double), ICT and Media. I am hoping to complete my studies by 2016 and then to do further education and go to university to do a course in criminology. Qualifications gained; • GCSE English Language – C – Year 2013-2014 • GCSE Mathematics – C – Year 2014 • B-Tech Science – C (Pass) – 2014 • GCSE Information Technology – B (Merit) – 2014 • B-Tech Business Studies – B (Merit) – 2014 Preferences; Strengths; Thoughtful. Analytical. Good listener. Careful. Past Employment and work Experience Job Interview Presentation I have not had any pass work experience but i am looking forward to working and having and making new experiences with your business. Strength and Weaknesses Hobbies/Interests Skills Preferences are available on request.

Job Interview Presentation

Transcript: IV. Entrepreneurship Endeavors Complete orientation Read, review and understand company policy Listen, observe and question Establish relationship with company professionals Listen 80%, speak 20% Successful track records in internships, projects and leadership positions. Innovative and Creative thinker Technical, negotiation and Leadership skills A self starter and a Team Player Excellent verbal and written communication skills My "Strategic To Do Plan" for providing value immediately This Personal traits help me with success on the job iii. Medical Device Model Why Hire Me? Source: ii. Social Entrepreneurship 30 Days A social interactive application to connect students to local businesses. Runners up at the startup ideation competition at Zahn Innovation Incubator. Designed and Fabricated a 3D prototype model of a lumbar Inter body Fusion device. In collaboration with SHARP hospital, San Diego ii. SAE Aero Design West I.Education Designed and optimized an M2129 S Duct for a project under Indian Airforce Employed Catia V5, ICEM CFD for grid generation, TECHPLOT for post processing. Working on optimizing and increasing the efficiency. Deposition on 3D plastic substrate patented by our SDSU MEMS lab. Research Data Analysis of various materials used. Various cell efficiencies. Different Cell structures tested for optimum performance. Job Interview Presentation Pilot project demonstration at National city Library, San Diego. Acquired funding to develop and deploy OSC at SDSU Brawley campus. Conducted a business analysis and growth forecast on Organic solar cell. Collaborating with UCLA MEMS lab & Solarmer. Source: ii. Global Vectra Helicorp LTD, India Identify short, mid and long term goals for position. Build internal credibility Work with surpervisor to establish goals and success metrics Gain EV market knowldge II. Project i. Aeronautical Development Agency, India 60 Days Aerodynamics & Management team head. Won 4th place in NASA System Engineering award. Designed in Catia V5, Analysis performed in ANSYS Positive (Can do) Mental Attitude Determination for achievement Organized Love of learning Adaptable and Flexible Ability/ willingness to follow instructions Managed the inventory of replaced mechanical parts using QAS tool. Oversee multiple projects over all phases of maintenance. Rijkaard Mendonca 10/07/16 - Product Innovation Management, Operation & Supply Chain Management, Six Sigma - FEA, Nanomaterials, MEMS, Design of Medical Devices - Teaching Assistant for Mechanical & Thermal system labs, Mechanics of materials. Undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from Manipal University, India Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering Management from San Diego State University, US Education Projects Internships Entrepreneurship Endeavors i. Co-Founder of Miniversity III. Internship i. Organic Solar Cell Different Electron and Hole transfer layers. What and Why? - Type of Solar Cell which uses an Organic Photoactive layer. - Flexible, Cheaper manufacturing cost Applications - BIPV, Portable electronic devices, - ELectric Vehicles Overview Around 330 million people every year are affected by heatwaves in India. No electricity, average summer day temperatures 110-118 degee F. 9-12 degree F drop Enrolled in the Zahn Innovation platform Social Entrepreneurship competition.

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