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IT consulting

Transcript: Cooperating with Planning department, purchasing department, technology design department and solution department. IT CONSULTING IT project management Assistant for selecting project, and project management. After-sale department Accenture Assistant The Entry-level Consultant Senior Consultant Department Manager Director Vice President CXOs CEO Scene 2 INTERVIEW Advantages:flexibility The future Business trips Personal ability Company’s strategy Customer relations and business affairs The industry Zhou Guanping Zhang Xiaoyu Zhang Yakang Technical consultants Group C Acknowledgment to: Q3 Customer-oriented Social specialization Information communication and human resources Customer Service Thank you ! Q1 What do the employees usually do for their work How many types? Hierarchical Position & Level ——Talents we prefer Scene play of a Graduate from SEM her story with IT consulting IT application Pre-sale department Professional Service Constant communication What do employees do? Business Process Reengineering Design for informationalized solution Application for software system of management. Teradata Trivial work Enterprise’s strategy, vision and mission, target recognition, Strategic business planning, enterprise IT structure planning, and IT implementation plan. Matrix structure Wei Kejia Wu Yi Li Sheng Potential! One of the world's largest consulting firm on the Fortune Global 500 list Career path Logic analysis Fast-learning Excellent Communication Persuade others Cope with stress Scene 3 IN THE COMPANY Go inside Open environment Few restrictions Government support Merry Jobs Introduction High liquidity Disadvantages:hard to supervise Management optimization and vision clear, IT evaluation and demand clarity, IT construction strategy. What is Information technology consultation? Sales department Every Three Years ——An all-around, systematic reform for the enterprise—— Business Consultant Scene 1 ASK FOR ADVICE High degree of freedom Every project is in the charge of a certain group Teradata‘s trade-off Between Lily and Merry Conversation between Merry and the CDC Teacher IT planning Scene 4 FIVE YEARS LATER Ms. Yang Ling Mr. Yu Yong Senior students in IT major High pressure Dealing with Q2 A global enterprise data warehouse solution leading manufacturers The life Considerable Demand High-level service Clean industry

IT Consulting

Transcript: Education Network What is IT Consulting? Technology IT CONSULTING Designing training programs Providing training for the client Providing general advice to the client Explaining complex technical issues in simple and clear terms to each member of staff IT Consulting is a field that focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, IT consultancies often estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on businesses' behalf, known as outsourcing. IT consultants are hired to find a fastest, cheapest and most reliable ways to make company's computer systems run better. They assess a firm's tech needs, create a plan, see it through and follow up to make sure it's running well. IT Consultant = Systems Analyst + Computer Technician + Project Manager Dynamic Responsibilities IT CONSULTING Dragan Jovanovic - Starting pay: $ 54,000 - Median pay: $96,400 - Top pay: $156,000 - 10-year job growth: 22.1% Training duties Advisory skills Technical skills Business skills Communication skills Management skills Advisory language skills Business and management language skills Technical language skills Skills Travel Thank you for your time SALARY Business Deciding which clients to take on Meeting with each client to discuss individual needs and objectives Researching the different features of the client’s business Thinking about how the business could be improved through IT systems Assessing the client’s pre-existing IT systems and the knowledge of the staff Assessing whether or not the current hardware options are working well for the company Bachelor Computer science Information systems Information technology Management Information systems Business Engineering Mathematics MBA Business administration IT management Organizational behavior Management of technology and innovation

First Approach Consulting - Company Presentation

Transcript: André Pires Manteigas M. (+351) 961 308 867 E. geração de negócio em volume Differentiation What's really in the Customer's mind! Will I receive the material within schedule? Competition Analysis innovation do you know why our business cards are transparent? We need to reduce the costs... presents a different approach to the market Development differentiating What's in the Customer's mind? factors Conventional approach Customer What's the advantage of First Approach? Business Model Cost Reduction melhoria contnua dos produtos e valorização dos mesmos Sales Real knowledge of the final Customer's needs, in other words, responsibility direct contact with final Customer Added value to products by the introduction of improvements one partner for many customers, which translates in bigger business volumes Financial control of all the processess with final Customer Brand Management FA faz seguimento dos pagamentos por parte do cliente Dsitributor knowledge Very Short Time to Market! Stocks Management Manufacturer Created in May 2014 the transparency arises from the creation of trust relations between all parties, based on deep knowledge of the market, manufacturers and Customers. based on SWOT Analysis Supplier A Supplier B Manufacturer - what's the advantage of being with First Approach? Manufacturer Supplier C Williams Cibrão Cunha M. (+351) 964 581 978 E. Francisco Sierra Couto M. (+351) 910 891 899 E. Customer has a special need A new product! First Approach Business Model Specialized Procurement Challenge The Team First Approach dedication relação de confiança I need less suppliers... Market Segmentation Cost Reduction Complete process control, from order to delivery Direct contact with the manufacturer easiness of product adjustment one unique partner for many solutions peace of mind Business Areas Ricardo Relvas Perpétuo M. (+351) 967 647 589 E. Paulo Alexandre Santos M. (+351) 927 600 088 E. Customer Main Partners Taylor made development Price Strategy Non-conventional approach Idea Supplier D I need to make some changes... who do I talk to? Customer B bill of materials Customer A bill of materials Brand Strategy Customer E bill of materials Customer D bill of materials Customer C bill of materials

FTD Consulting - Company Presentation 2012

Transcript: Project Examples References Documentation Qualification Test Guide (QTG) Engineering Reports Quality System setup according to EASA Safety Management System Implementation (SMS, SQMS) according to EASA Integrated Management System Setup according to EASA PART 145 Maintenance PART 21 Organisation Approval FSTD Development Strategy & Design Production (Parts, Risks) Installation & Qualification Regulatory Affairs & Approvals JAR regulations (JAR-FSTD A/H, JAR FCL 1 / 2) EASA regulations since April 2012 (CS-FSTD (A)/(H), Part ARA, ORA of Commission regulation No. 290/2012) International FSTD Regulations such as FAA, CASA, CAAC, etc. ATO approval AOC approval Sourcing & Sales FSTD Sourcing/ Evaluation: Technical aspects, pricing, equipment, service offers, negotiations Financing & Leasing options (Partner with branches in 22 countries) Simulator Sales Support (new & used FSTD) Project Management Point of Contact (Customer, Manufacturer, Local CAA) Supervision of Milestones from Sourcing to Qualification Installation support, supervision & coordination Preparation for successful qualification (FSTD, Documentation, Facility) Safety Management & Quality System with FSTD Procedures Manual… Flugsimulator Berlin How to turn an Event Simulator into a qualified FSTD… Further contracts internationally Improving Safety Management System Improving Integrated Management System Creating an Evaluation Pilot Pool Taking care of the so-called “small ATOs” from April 2013 in Germany FTD Consulting 2012 Company Presentation Future plans, adding products… Launched in 2010, based in Munich, Germany Our mission With our expertise we try to close the information gaps for those who want to invest in Flight Simulation for different purposes, whether for business, training or for pure enjoyment. Main target Support on regulatory questions in general (JARs, EASA, FAA, etc.) Support on FSTD related issues Support on documentation and approval processes (FSTD, ATO, AOC) Risk identification & prevention no delays, no financial risks Mr Alexander Schaffler (Managing Director/ Owner) Aviation & FSTD related experience Director Marketing & Sales @ Diamond Simulation (Diamond Aircraft Group) Sales of 35 FSTDs world-wide from 2007-2009 Project Management FSTD @ Diamond Simulation (Diamond Aircraft Group) Project Management of 50 FSTDs between 2007 & 2009 world-wide Independent Consultant @ FTD Consulting (since 2010) Mr Dieter Dworznik (Consultant) Aviation & FSTD related experience Captain and Flight Instructor Boeing 737 @ Lufthansa (retired) Consultant FSTD @ Diamond Simulation 2007-2010 Support on development of the IOS & Evaluation Pilot Flight Inspector @ CAA Germany (since 2011) Support for CAA inspectors, Evaluation Pilot Consultant @ FTD Consulting (since 2011) Project Examples Project Examples Diamond AERO/ FTO Urbe, Rome, Italy - 2 FSTDs in 1 simulator centre Project Examples Our services (cont´d) Our Services for Operators, ATOs and AOC holders… Project Examples Consultants Company Sales of new and used FSTDs

Consulting Company

Transcript: IT Consulting Company Tech-Refresh “Moving Forward with Technology” TEAM 1 OUTLINES: Introduction Business Objectives Problems and Solution Analysis Total Cost and Timescale Recommendations / Conclusion Business Analysis Business Objectives INTRODUCTION AH Classics owned by Harold Croft that Produce replicas of classic cars. Using the CAD software for designing. The storage space is running out. AH Classics encountered few challenges that negatively affects the company’s operation. Our technical team Tech Refresh has come up with some cost effective and reliable solutions for the company to develop a secure network. OBJECTIVES Create a cost effective plan. Secure and reliable network solution. Securely sharing data among the staff. Growing the business. Problem 1 Problem 1 THE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM 1) Insufficient storage space and backup. THE PLAN • Deployment of a Network Attached Storage (NAS) platform for document storage/back up and remote access of files by all staff of the company. THE PLAN • Creation of a shared folder for documents uploads within the company. Buffalo LinkStation LS220 8TB (2 x 4TB) 2-bay NAS THE COST & TIMELINE THE COST and TIMELINE Deployment of a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Creation of a shared folder Problem 2 Problem 2 THE PROBLEM 2) Inefficient Information for Customers Inability of customers to get information about products and services THE PLAN • Developing a website for AH classics to display products and share valuable company information with prospective customers across the world. THE PLAN THE COST & TIMELINE THE COST and TIMELINE Deployment of a Website with training and maintenance. Problem 3 Problem 3 THE PROBLEM 3) Limited Customer base The expansion of the company customer base will lead to increment in the revenues. THE PLAN • Creation of social media accounts to promote the business and online advertisement. THE PLAN THE COST & TIMELINE THE COST and TIMELINE • Creation of social media accounts as well as social media campaign. Problem 4 Problem 4 THE PROBLEM 4) System breakdown THE PLAN • Installation of Solid-State Drive (SSD) to speed up computer processing time. THE PLAN THE COST & TIMELINE THE COST and TIMELINE • Installation of Solid-State Drive (SSD) to speed up computer processing time. TOTAL COST and TIMESCALE Our Proposed Solutions Benefits Expected benefits: 1. Creditability 2. Target Marketing 3. Cut cost 4. Improve customer satisfaction 5. Business accessibilty Risk Analysis 1. Risk if proposal accepted: Resistance to change by staff. Posting inapprorriate/irrevant content. 2. Risk if proposal rejected: Lack of centralized repository. Remote access of information. Limited customer base. Inefficient document management. Slow computer processing time. 1. Appointing an IT specialist staff full time. 2. Hire a content manager staff. 3. Appointing an IT engineer for running the backup on the NAS. S References: References,(2018).NAS Devices. [ONLINE] Available at: . [Accessed 24 October 2018].,(2018).DSS Devices. [ONLINE] Available at: . [Accessed 24 October 2018]. WiX,(2018).premium Plans. [ONLINE] Available at: . [Accessed 24 October 2018]. Cloud Wings,(2018). Prices and Plans. [ONLINE] Available at: .[Accessed 24 October 2018].,(2018). How much does a small business website cost?. [ONLINE] Available at: . [Accessed 24 October 2018].

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