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Transcript: 5.What are the qualities mentioned in the hadeeth that describe Al-Qur'an that make it a truly special and great book? Ans: 6.What is the role of Sunnah in relation to Al-Qur'an? Ans: The sunnah has important roles 7.Name: The Masajid mentioned in Al-Qur'an- pg B6 the only sahaba mentioned in Qur'an by name- pg B6 the only woman named in Al Quran- pg B6 the language of Al qur'an- Arabic 4.What are the main elements found in the message of Al-Qur'an? Ans: 1.The reality and attributes of god. 2.The spiritual world. 3.God's purpose for creating mankind. 4.God's rules for a righteous and happy life. 5.Man's responsibility toward God and the world. 6.The coming of the day of Judgment. 7.The Hereafter. 5.What are the qualities mentioned in the hadeeth that describe Al-Qur'an that make it a truly special and great book? Ans: WHAT IS AL–QUR’AN? AL QUR’AN IS THE HOLY BOOK FOR MUSLIMS. IT IS THE MIRACULOUS WORD OF GOD REVEALED TO PROPHET MUHAMMAD THROUGH THE ANGEL JIBREEL, OR GABRIEL. THEREFORE, AL-QURAN IS A WAHY, OR DIVINE REVELATION, THAT HAS REACHED US THROUGH A HOLY CONNECTION STARTING FROM ALLAH, TO THE ANGEL JIBREEL, TO THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD. THE WAHY, OR QURANIC REVELATIONS, ARE REGARDED MUSLIMS AS THE EXACT WORDS OF ALLAH. AS YOU LEARNED EARLIER, ALLAH REVEALED A FEW BOOKS TO PAST PROPHETS AND MESSENGERS. PROPHET IBRAHEEM RECEIVED AS-SUHUF( THE SCROLLS), PROPHET MUSA RECEIVED AT-TAWRAH( TORAH), PROPHET DAWOOD RECEIVED AZ –ZABOOR(THE PSALMS),AND PROPHET ISA RECEIVED AL- INJEEL( THE BIBLE) Majid-ul-Haram BOOKS OF ALLAH BOOKS OF ALLAH PROPHET NAME AS-SUHUF (SCROLLS) IBRAHEEM(ABRAHAM) AT-TAWRAH (TORAH) MUSA(MOSES) AZ-ZABOOR (PSALMS) DAWOOD(DAVID) AL-INJEEL (BIBLE/GOSPEL) ISA(JESUS) AL-QURAN MUHAMMAD 1.what is Al Wahy? 2.list the books of Allah and the Prophets they were sent to 3. what are the seven elements of what the Qur'an talks about? 4. How is the Qur'an a great holy book? Masjid-ud-Dirar The Qur'an speaks in powerful and moving language.It talks about: 1.The reality and attributes of god. 2.The spiritual world. 3.God's purpose for creating mankind. 4.God's rules for a righteous and happy life. 5.Man's responsibility toward God and the world. 6.The coming of the day of Judgment. 7.The Hereafter. ISLAMIC PRESENTATION NAMES IN THE QUR'AN - Allah mentioned the names of twenty five Prophets and messengers including Adam, Idrees, Nooh, Hood, Salih, Ibraheem, Isma'eel, Is-haq, Loot, Ayyoob, Ya'qoob, Shu'ayb, Musa, Haroon, Thul-kifl, Dawood, Sulayman, Ilyas, Al-Yasa, Younus, Zakariyya, Yahya, Isa and Muhammad. -Maryam is the only woman whose name is explicity mentioned in the Qur'an and her name is also the title of a surah; it is 19th surah in Al-Qur'an -Zaid Ibn Harithah was the only Sahabi who has his name mentioned explicity in Al-Qur'an. MANY YAERS LATER, ALLAH REVEALED AL-QURAN TO PROPHET MUHAMMADTHROUGH THE ANGEL JIBREEL. THE PROPHET WAS 40 YEARS OLD WHEN THE QURAN BEGAN TO BE REVEALED TO HIM, AND HE WAS 63 WHEN THE REVELATION WAS COMPLETED. PROPHET MUHAMMAD WAS THE FINAL MESSENGER OF ALLAH TO HUMANITY, AND THEREFORE THE QURAN IS THE LAST MESSAGE WHICH ALLAH HAS SENT TO MANKIND THE QURAN WAS ORIGINALLY REVEALED IN THE ARABIC LANGUAGE, BUT IT HAS BEEN TRANSLATED LATER BY MUSLIM SCHOLARS INTO MANY OTHER LANGUAGES. THE QURAN IS ONE OF THE TWO MAIN DIVINE SOURCES OF GUIDANCE WHICH FORM THE BASIS OF ISLAM. THE SUNNAH IS THE AUTHENTIC SPOKEN WORDS AND ACTIONS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD. WHAT MAKES THE QURAN DIFFERENT FROM THE SUNNAH IS PRIMARILY ITS FORM. THE QURAN IS LITERALLY THE WORD OF ALLAH, WHEREAS THE SUNNAH WAS INSPIRED BY ALLAH, BUT THE WORDING AND ACTIONS ARE THE PROPHET’S. THE SUNNNAH HAS IMPORTANT ROLES IN RELATION TO AL- QURAN.IT EXPLAINS THE MEANING OF AL-QURAN, IT DETAILS SOME OF ITS GUIDANCE, AND IT DESCRIBES HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT INTO REAL LIFE. CHAPTER OUTLINE 1. WHAT IS AL QURAN? 2. WHEN WAS AL QURAN REVEALED? 3. WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS OF AL QURAN MESSAGE? 4. WHAT MAKES AL QURAN A SPECIAL AND A GREAT BOOK? VOCABULARY AL QUR’AN AL-WAHY SURAH SUWAR AS- SAB- UT- TIWAL The Qur'an is a great book of God, to muslims it is the holiest book in the world. It is also the final message sent from God to mankind. Therefore, some describe it as "the final testament". Let us learn how great the Qur'an is by reading this beautiful hadeeth about it. ALI NARRATED THAT RASOOLULLAH ONCE SAID,“……IT IS AL QURAN THE BOK OF ALLAH, IT HAS THE TALES OF PEOPLE WHO CAME BEFORE YOU, AND IT TELLS YOU WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER YOUR TIME, AND IT HELPS MAKING JUDGEMENT ON THINGS THAT OCCUR AMONG YOU. IT IS THE TRUTH, NOT FALSEHOOD. WHOEVER REJECTS IT WILL BE DESTROYED, AND WHOEVER SEEKS GUIDANCE OUTSIDE IT WILL GO ASTRAY. IT IS THE STRONG ROBE OF ALLAH, IT IS THE BOOK OF WISDOM AND IT IS THE STRAIGHT PATH. THOUGHTS WOULD NOT GO ASTRAY WITH IT, TONGUES WOULD NOT ERR IF THEY USE IT, AND SCHOLARS WILL NOT GET ENOUGH OF IT.YOU WILL NOT GET BORED, EVEN WHEN YOU READ IT AGAIN AND AGAIN, AND IT WILL ALWAYS SURPRISE AND INSPIRE YOU. THE JINN SAID


Transcript: Ans1) Mus'ab Bin Umayr Ans2) Bilal Ans3) That he heard a beautiful or a lovely call to the prayer. Ans4) Jerusalam, Masjid Ul Aqsa. Ans5) Because he wanted to check out who were the hypocrites the one who won't listen to the Prophet Ans6) The one who migrated to Madinah. Ans7) Yathrib. Ans8) False, they were rich powerful men who controlled the economic life. Its the Islamic Call to prayer. 10. Jews and Muslim will live together as two separate nations with its own way of life and its own financial affairs. 11. Both Nations would coexist peacefully. 12. Neither nations was responsible for the misleeds of another. 13. The oppressed would be helped and supported. 14. Both nations would bear expenses of war. 15. Blood sheds were unlawful for both the nations. 16. All disputes referred to ALLah and prophet. 17. The quraysh and their allies would not be aided of given refuge. 18. The nations would not provide safeguards to any wrongdoers. The Other nine ARE Continuation Society In Madinah Charters OF Rights The Prophet bestowed Some rules for the three communities to follow that were the jews, Muslims (Ansar and Muhajirin) The first qiblah was in Jeruslam. The masjid name was masjid ul aqsa. Allah had changed the qiblah to makkah. Now the masjid name was Ka'bah. Allah did this because he wanted to see that if muslim will obey his command immediatly and he wanted to spot out the hypocrite who will not obey the command of Allah. Azaan In Madinah Changes Of Qiblah Abdullah dreamed of hearing a lovely call to prayer. He went and told the Prophet Muhammed(SAW) About his dream and Prophet(SAW) asked him to go to Bilal to teach him so that he could call out loudly and Bilal also had a beutiful voice. Q1) Who was the person who was sent to the yathrib residents by the Prophet? Q2) Who was the first person to call the azaan? Q3) What was Abdullah's dream? Q4) Where was the first Qiblah located? Q5) Why did Allah changed the Qiblah? Q6) Who are the Muhajirin? Q7) What was Madinha previous name? Q8) True Or False:- Jews were poor and farmers (If false then whats the right answer)? Meeran , Sameer , Tahavvur , Adnan , Ibrahim Ali , Hashim Done By:- 1. The 3 communities would unite against rebels or criminals even if thier own relatives. 2. The two communities would help Muslim in matters in ransom and money. 3. No Muslim is allowed to kill any other muslims nor help others to unite against the muslims. 4. They are responsible of the discharge of the obligations of Allah if one indivuals has failed to perform it. 5.Jews who became muslim will be treated normally. 6. Booty would be shared by All muslims. 7. One who deliberately killed a muslim would be killed until the their family forgives him 8. It was unlawful for any muslim to support anyone who is doing wrong. 9. Allah and his prophet would settle all disputes among the 3 communities The First 9 were Muhajirin and Ansar Answers Bonds Form Between Them Azaan Assessments Hijrah Bilal Calls Out For Prayer After concluding this pledge the Prophet said:- " If you fully comply with these promises you will have the right to Paradise; but if you fault, you will not have the right to Paradise. Allah may punish you or forgive you." The new muslims asked the Prophet to send them a Muslim who could teach Qur'an and Islam, he sent Mus'ab Bin Umayr for the task. Witihin a few months many people accepted Islam In The Pledges Of Aqabah From the spread of Islam almost all of them accepted Islam, and when Prophet Muhammed arrive , they gladlt accepted Muhammed Ummah and with the treaty imposed all the tribes became one Ummah . The jews tribe that were living there were Banu Qainuka, Banu Nadhr , Banu Qurayza. In Madinah the jews were wealthy and powerful and controlled the economic life in Yathrib. The arabs were unfortunately Farmers Thank You For Watching Abdullah's Dream The Terms That The People Of Yathrib Accepted When the muhajirin that are the people that traveled to Madinah, arrived the Ansar, people who lived in Madinah were overjoyed. There was one problem in Madinah. Everyone wanted to pray but didn't know when to pray. Some suggested that they should blow a horn to call everyone for prayer but some disagreed. Umar(RA) suggested that they should try calling out loudly for prayer and Prophet agreed. The Prophets help to strong the bond or brotherhood between them. The ansar shared all their possessions with the Muhajirin. The ansar felt a great responsibility for their makkan proteges that they thought of giving have of their dates to them Its Previos name was Yathrib. Islam spread t Yathrib by Prophet Muhammed, sending Mu'sab bin Umayr to teach them about the Quran. Banu Abdul Ash'Hl was the first tribe to accept Islam in Yathrib. Madinah also had polythiests as well as Jews inhabiting there Madinah had two arab tribes : The Aws and The Khazrag In the tenth year of Prophet's mission Prophet Muhammed met six people from Yathrib who had come for their annual rights . They

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Transcript: References: Unit B Chapter 4 booklet. These major signs are one that will occur closer to the Day Of Judgement, and are very extraordinary. The return of 'Isa. He will call people back to Islam and they will obey his call and will warn people against Al-Dajjal and kill. He will stay on the Earth for 40 years and then die. Next, the appearance of the Dabbah. The strange beast will come and call people back to Islam, some will receptive to the call and others will reject it. Major Signs By: Amanda Rozhan 9RM Minor Signs The Last Hour Allah says in a surah-ul-qamar: "The Hour (of Judgement) is near." [54:1] Many people have heard or read of someone or another prediction that life will end on a certain year and date. Scholars don't believe in these predictions while some people tend to believe the false predictions while others ask questions and get confused. We as Muslims shouldn't get confused. We know both that Allah has created this world and will be brought to an end by only Him. No one knows when the end will occur even prophets and angels do not know when that will be. We may not know when the hour will occur however, Allah and our Prophet have told us a few signs which help indicate that the end of this world is approaching. The Basics The appearance of Al-maseeh-ud-Dajjal, the false Messiah, claiming to be God holding both Heaven and Hell. Purpose being to deceive people. The Minor Signs are that start occurring well before the Day of Judgement, and are not very extraordinary. Smoke will appear from all over the Earth that will cause all believers to catch something similar to a common cold today, unbelievers though will be hit with something stronger. A cold wind will come causing all believers to die leaving only the unbelievers to witness the Last Hour. The Day of Judgement Finally, the most major of signs is that the sun will rise from the west which will indicate tha world has almost reached its end. Once this happens, Allah will not accept the repentance of disbelievers it will be too late. The appearance of Gog and Magog, both hidden tribes of people who will break through the barrier that holds them back and ravage the Earth; drink all the water, destroy all plants and animals and plants and kill people. The Prophet (saw) mentioned more than 50 minor signs. Many of them have occurred already however the others are yet to come around. Some of these minor signs include knowledge will disappear and ignorance will be replaced, the consumption of intoxicants such as alcohol, spirits, etc will be widespread, which it is today. Women will outnumber men; 50 to 1 and men will start to look like women and vise versa. Good deeds will decrease. Also truthful people won't be believed however the liar would. Lastly the "appearance of Al-Mahdi. He is a great man and his name is Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, just like the name of Prophet Muhammad (saw). He will spread justice in the world and encourage people to practice Islam." There will also be three huge earthquakes, they will damage a great amount of land. They will occur in the east, west and the Arabian Peninsula.

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Transcript: Sunni Islam Largest denomination of Islam Comes from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Belief that Muhammad did not appoint a leader after death A community chose Muhammad's father in law as the first caliph of Islam They believed that the caliph can also be chosen democratically Shia Islam Second largest denomination of Islam Comes from the Qur'an and the Hadith Belief that his family, the Ah al-Bayt including his descendents (Immans) have special rule over the community Muhammad's cousin was the first Imman and the rightful leader of the Islam community by Nishathan Ravi Raj Foundations of Islam Foundations of Islam Principal Beliefs of Islam Variants of Islam Recorded in the Qur'an Interpreted through the 5 Pillars of Islam 1. Testimony of Faith (Shahada) 2. The Prayer (Salah) 3. Fasting (Seyam) 4. Charity (Zakat) 5. Pilgrimage (Hajj) It is a Reflection of what is contained and authorised in the Qur'an God's words state: "Shall I seek other than God as a source of law, when He has brought down to you this book fully detailed?" 6:114 "Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord" 33:2 "Or do they have partners who legislate for them religious laws which were not authorized by God? If it were not for a preordained decree, they would have been judged immediately. Indeed the transgressors shall have a painful punishment." 42:21 The Hadith Non-Violence ‘Forgive him who wrongs you; join him who cuts you off; do good to him who does evil to you, and speak the truth although it be against yourself.’ :Inscribed on the hilt of the Prophet’s sword Mercy Assist your brother or sister Muslim, whether he be an oppressor or an oppressed. ‘But how shall we do it when someone is an oppressor?’ Muhammad said, ‘Assisting an oppressor is by forbidding and withholding that person from oppression.’ :The Prophet Peace 'It is unworthy of a Mu’min [a person with faith] to injure people’s reputations; and it is unworthy to curse any one; and it is unworthy to abuse any one; and it is unworthy of a Mu’min to talk arrogantly.' :The Prophet Oneness of Man Prophet Muhammad said: "Surely Allah does not look at your faces or your bodies, but looks at your hearts and your deeds". The 6 Pillars of Faith 1. Belief in God (Allah) One unique God 2. Belief in Mala-eka (Angels) Belief that Allah created unseen creatures 3. Belief in the books of Allah Allah revealed his books to mankind through his prophets, originating from the same divine source 4. Belief in the Prophets of Allah Sent to mankind as messengers for guidance 5. Belief in Yawm al Qiyama (Day of Judgement) That everything will come to an end and all will be judged by Allah 6. Qada-wal Qada (Destiny, Divine, Decree) That the whole universe is directly under the control of Allah Principal Beliefs of Islam Introduction Principal Beliefs and Sacred Texts of Islam Islam teaches the importance of both Belief and Practice, stated in both The Qur'an and The Hadith. Basic Beliefs include: The Oneness of God Muslims believe that Allah is the only one, supreme God The Oneness of Lordship Belief that Allah is the only Creator, Provider and the Commander The Oneness of Worship Belief that Allah is The Only God who should be worshiped and obeyed Oneness of Allah's Names and Attributes To believe that Allah, His Names and Attributes are perfect Allah says "And Allah makes none to share in His decision and rule." (Holy Quran 18:26) Islam's main principles have changed very little over time Over its history, people like Al Ghazali and Aisha Bint Abu Bakr made sure Islam is in the hearts of its adherent The Five Pillars e.g. Hajj ensures that Islam will continue to be a living religious tradition It's Growth, Expansion and its ability for interpretation enable to be one of the strongest religions today Living Religious Traditions Why are sacred texts important in relation to Islam? Illustrated Islamic Beliefs Provided Guidance What are the examples of Sacred Texts? The Qur'an (word of God) 5 Pillars of Islam 6 Pillars of Faith The Hadith (words of Muhammad (Pbuh) What are the different variation of Islam? Sunni Shia

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Transcript: Qira'at By:Arvin Islam What is Qira'at? About Qira'at Qira'at is a position in salah. It is basically the recitation of the qur'an, during qiyam. It stands between Takbirat-ul-Ihram and ruk'oo as a position. How do you perform qira'at? Performing Qira'at To perform qiyam, you place your right hand over your left hand near your navel (boys) and near the chest (girls). Then you perform qira'at by recite Surat-al-fatihah first, then you recite any other surat of your own. Once you are done, you say 'Allah Akbar' and move to ruk'oo stage. Surat-al fatihah Surat-al fatihah Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem Alhamdu lillaahi Rabbil 'aalameen Ar-Rahmaanir-Raheem Maaliki Yawmid-Deen Iyyaaka na'budu wa lyyaaka nasta'een Ihdinas-Siraatal-Mustaqeem Siraatal-lazeena an'amta 'alaihim Ghayril-maghdoobi 'alaihim wa lad-daaalleen Qul huwal laahu ahad Allah hus-samad Lam yalid wa lam yoolad Wa lam yakul-lahu kufuwan ahad Example of surah Example of surah Surat-al-Ikhlas Importance of Qira'at in salah Why is qira'at important in salah? It is important to salah because it is the basis for salah. Without recitation of the qur'an, your qiyam will not be completed, which means your salah will not be accepted. Not only that, it will also keeps you focused only to Allah and Allah only, not anything else. Benefits of Qira'at What are the benefits of qira'at? Qira'at has lots of benefits that are both spiritualy and mentally good for yourself. Here are some of the benefits in both spiritual and physical benefits During the recitation of the qur'an, you gain a lot of hassanat for reciting just one letter of the word in the ayat, which equals to a massive amount of hassanat when you recite qur'an in salah. During the action, you are also focused to Allah and not anything else, making the connection between you and Allah much stronger. Spritual Benefits Spritual Benefits In terms of physical benefits, your arabic pronounciation improves when reciting the verses of the qur'an. It falls in the qiyam position so doing qiyam will help your back keep in a straight position and practices your durability. Physical benefits Physical benefits Link of qira'at in real life How is this linked to real life This is linked to real life in ways that, practicing the recitation of the qur'an can lead you to teach the younger who are still growing and gain hassanat while doing it. It'll make you more successful in life when Allah will give you hassanat for doing good deeds. Not just that, by doing qira'at everyday during salah make you a better person in general. Quiz Answer all 5 questions correctly and you will win one candy! no redos. 1. When is Qira'at performed? 2.What do you recite in Qira'at (Qiyam)? 3.Give one reason why Qira'at is important in salah. 4.Give one spritual and physical benefit of Qira'at. 5.How does it link to our daily lives? Quiz Quiz DID YOU WIN?

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