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Transcript: AVIATION MANAGEMENT GIZEM KAYA APPLE IPHONE X About Apple About Apple The iPhone is one of the world’s most iconic devices and, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t very old. The very first iPhone was unveiled in January 2007 at the MacWorld convention. Steve Jobs revealed what Apple had been developing for nearly 3 years and, for its time, it represented the cutting edge of technology Locations locations Today the company has 475 retail outlets in 17 different countries staff staff The company has a total of 115,000 employees worldwide. Product Product Space Grey Silver Capacity 64GB 256GB Weight: 174 g (6.14 ounces) features features With iPhone X, the device is the display. An all-new 5.8-inch Super Retina screen fills the hand The display employs new techniques and technology to precisely follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners. A tiny space houses some of the most sophisticated technology including the cameras and sensors that enable Face ID target customer Target Customer Generally appeals to people from all walks of life teenagers teenagers Teenagers use iphone for many reasons. Some of these reasons are to socialize with friends, listen to music and go on Facebook, MSN, twitter etc. There are also many gaming apps that appeal to them COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS These students use iphone products to quickly record notes. These notes are kept organized in their devices. Also these products are light which makes carrying devices to and from school much easier. business people Business people are very intrigued by Apple products.l. These devices are used to finish work efficiently and to communicate with clients easily. In addition, sending documents is easy and organized. BUSINESS PEOPLE : adults Adults iPhone's are useful to adults for their everyday needs such as phone calls, map directions, internet connection, documents and cameras. Carrying these small devices makes adults lives much easier for communicating daily. benefit of the product benefits of product The iPhone X uses the A11 chip and nervous system for Face ID, a new face detection system that other phones do not have. price of the product price of the product 64 GB 6.099,00 TL 256 GB1 6.899,00 TL

iPhone X Presentation

Transcript: CRITIQUE OF THE iPHONE X AD INTRODUCTION iPhone X today is the most innovative phone out there at the moment. The company Apple is also one of the most innovative company iPhone X ad I - The domination over innovation II - The media power of Apple III - Why do we want to buy it? APPLE'S DOMINATION ON INNOVATION ‘Apple advertising has continued to talk in the simplest and least technical terms possible’ - Chuck Pettis Their innovation through time First Generation iPod Macintosh According to the Time Magazine, the iPhone X is in their list of Best Innovations of 2017, and it was introduced as ‘A Smarter Smartphone’. Why is the iPhone X so innovative? Better Camera All-Glass Phone Bigger Screen Better Colours Why is it heavily criticized? THE GENIUS OF THE AD The genius of the ad The goal of Apple is to make unforgettable ads (Melby, 2011), it’s always about thinking differently, and using nostalgia '1984' The Superbowl ad 'Hello' The first iPhone ad Why is it so good? This one was actually fast-paced and felt interactive with the viewer, the colours and the fonts were attractive and like every iPhone design, extremely pleasing. They are showing the new innovation with the same rhythm as the music and making it fun to watch for everyone. This was more targeting young adults and teenagers because of the improved camera and the Animojis. The iPhone X ad was actually extremely different from the other Apple products that are usually sleek and tone-down color-wise. The colorfulness of the end is different from every other ads they produced before making it unique. WHY IS THE AD SO GOOD? Why is it so good? This one was actually fast-paced and felt interactive with the viewer, the colours and the fonts were attractive and like every iPhone design, extremely pleasing. They are showing the new innovation with the same rhythm as the music and making it fun to watch for everyone. This was more targeting young adults and teenagers because of the improved camera and the Animojis. The iPhone X ad was actually extremely different from the other Apple products that are usually sleek and tone-down color-wise. The colorfulness of the end is different from every other ads they produced before making it unique. THE MEDIA POWER OF APPLE Apple has been considered for many years to actually represent a religion with millions waiting days in front of their stores for the new iPhone to come out. By creating a cult-following, made by fans, has become their best move business speaking. Their WWDC are always events that are then talked about everywhere waiting for new innovations each year. The myth and religion around Apple Behind religion, there is a God, and that God is Steve Jobs, he has become iconic for his work making Apple. He has become the American Dream by starting in his garage after being a college drop-out in 1976 (Carlton, 1997). Steve Jobs - An iCon The design is amazing, they make it seem like it’s never done before, and of course it's just appealing to everyone to have an iPhone. Why do we want to buy it? Apple (2017). Meet iPhone X — Apple. [video] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. Allen, F. (2011). The Religion of Apple. Forbes. Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. Jethani, S. (2011). Apple: The New Religion?. [Blog] Huffington Post. Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. 7 Core Habits That Made Steve Jobs Iconic Wanderlust Worker. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. Carlton, J. (1997). Apple : The inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business. [ebook] New York: Random House. Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. The Age of the Platform : How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business. (2011). [ebook] BookBaby. Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. CNBC (2018). Microsoft, Apple and Amazon and the race to $1 trillion. [video] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. Melby, C. (2011). Apple's Most Unforgettable Advertising. Forbes. Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. Business Insider (2017). The best Apple ad from each year since its 1984 Super Bowl hit. [Blog] Business Insider. Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2018]. References :

iPhone X Presentation

Transcript: iPhone X Lea Abrams ABOUT ABOUT Release Date and Basic Info Release Date and Basic Info Apple is calling the 10th Anniversary iPhone "the future of the smartphone". This new style has gotten rid of the home button and the finger tip sensor. The preorder for this device begins Friday, October 27, 2017. However, shipping will not start until Friday, November 3, 2017. There is limited supply available so if you want one, you have to order as soon as possible. $$ Pricing $$ Pricing - 64 GB costs $999 - 256 GB costs $1,149 - Additionally, U.S. phone carriors are charging $42 a month for the new phone, as well Features Features Camera Camera - New 12 MP dual-lens Camera - Portrait Mode - Better slow motion recording -True Depth Camera Facial Recognition Facial Recognition You no longer can unlock your iPhone by scanning your fingerprint. Now, your phone unlocks just by looking at it. It is also being conjucted with Apple Pay, so it is safer to make a transaction. Apple claims that there is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that someone else would be able to unlock your phone with facial recognition. It will disable in the event of an emergency. Charging Charging Charging an iPhone has never been easier. Intsead of having to worry about a wall adapter and wire, Apple has created an airpad where you simply place your device on it, and it charges. It can charge multiple devices at once. The only issue is that this seperate device will not be released until 2018. Discussion Question Discussion Question Do you think that the new iPhone X is worth spending $1000 dollars on? Google Images Sources Sources

Iphone X

Transcript: Apple Inc. Iphone x Project by: Nathan Tefft The Iphone X, was introduced to the world by Apple in November 2017 has impacted the world of smart phones by creating 3D facial recognition, getting rid of the home button to have the screen expand taking its place, and making improvements to the camera allowing you to edit the picture with high grade lighting effects. Theisis Phone Screen Improvements Phone Screen Improvements Home Button Home Button Swipe up from the bottom the screen to return to the home screen instead of pressing the Home Button Water protection Water protection The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X are water proof Super Retina Screen Super Retina Screen Iphone X uses an all new 5.8-inch super retina phone screen Full Screen Phone The screen covers the whole front of your phone, even perfectly rounded corners of the screen symmetrical to the corners of the phone. Full Screen Phone Screen Quality Accurate colors, True blacks, high brightness, 1,000,000 to 1 ratio of contrast Screen Quality Camera Improvements Camera Improvements True Depth Camera Depth sensing cameras can create studio quality lighting effects True Depth Camera True Depth Facial Recognition True Depth Facial Recognition Uses face recognition to make emojis with your facial expressions Pictures with Iphone X The camera keeps face/main object in focus and blurs the background Pictures with Iphone X Great quality photos and pictures using rear cameras, even in low light scenarios Pic. and Video quality with backside cameras Pic. and Video quality with backside cameras Face ID Face ID Face ID Password Face ID Password You can use face ID to unlock your phone It uses technology to completely recognize your face, feature for feature 3D Facial Recognition 3D Facial Recognition Creating your Face ID Creating your Face ID The Iphone X uses the true depth camera to project a bunch of tiny dots to make a precise depth map of your face Face ID can't be hacked by using a photo of your face, it scans to make sure it is a real face No Face ID Fraud No Face ID Fraud The Phone recognizes your face even as it physically develops and changes Face Change Recognition Face Change Recognition Use face ID as identification for apple pay Face ID with Apple Pay Face ID with Apple Pay Accessed 12 Dec. 2017. "Apple's Facial Recognition Software Has Privacy Advocates Worried." All Things Considered, 18 Sept. 2017. Research in Context, MSIC?u=mnkcjh&sid=MSIC&xid=7c577be4. Accessed 7 Dec. 2017. "Business." The Economist, vol. 424, no. 9058, 16 Sept. 2017, p. 9(US). Student Resources in Context, Accessed Dec. 11, 2017. "", Apple, Accessed 5 Dec. 2017. "IPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: IPhone X, Leaving Rivals in Its Dust & a Classy New Concept Design." Network World, 19 Jan. 2017. Student Resources in Context, A478152301/SUIC?u=mnkcjh&xid=af314e42. Accessed 11 Dec. 2017. Sources Sources

IPhone X

Transcript: iPhone X Aiden Janowsky Our company Apple Apple was started in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The Team The Team Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak Jobs and Wozniak both worked together to make their creations. By the numbers By the numbers These are the stats of Apple since it was founded in 1976. Global sales Global sales USA 23% These are the Global sales for apple since 1976. Interaction Interaction What influenced them to make apple was that both of them met each other and both wanted to make devices that people never heard of before, and dreamed about what they could make. History History of Apple and the iPhone Today Apple sadly does not have jobs any more but has moved on and made more products like the new IPhone X Apple started to expand when they made there first store in virginia in 2001 1976 was when apple was established the first thing that they made and was a big thing was the apple computer which was made in 1976 Testimonials Testimonials Steve Jobs Steve Jobs Steven Paul Jobs was an Entreperneur that was the co-founder of Apple, Also a inventor and designer. Jobs was born in San Francisco but was first put up for adoption, He attended Reed College and eventually graduated and met Steve Wozniak. After many years of inventions Jobs was Diagnosed with a Tumor in 2003 but caught up with him and he passed away at the age of 56. Steve Wozniak Steve Wozniak Steve Wozniak was born on August 11, 1950 and grew up in San Jose California as a single child. Steve attended to many Colleges but ended up getting expelled from his last College so he gave up. After about 3 years he met Steve Jobs and both of them created Apple. Now Steve has lost Jobs but is still making products to this day. Products & services Products & services IPhone X IPhone X There is a face scan to unlock your phone. The IPhone X hides your secret notifications. Charge without a charger just put it on top of platform that they give you. This is the all new IPhone X that came out on November of 2017. Apple Mac Apple Mac Did say is very light but strong. Has a face scan. Hides notification if needed. Apple Mac is not yet realesed but will be in June of 2018 Ipad Pro Ipad Pro Is a lot Thinner and lighter so easy to carry. Also a Face ID Also a hand ID The Ipad Pro which is the newest version of the Ipad was released on June of 2017.

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