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Iphone Presentation

Transcript: Iphone Pros & Cons Iphone 6s Plus Cons: It's a bend-able phone Pros: 16GB-$230-$250 32GB-$250-270 Saving Money Battery life is amazing A great Iphone from switching from Android to IOS Iphone 7 Plus Pros Cons Using the same slot for headphones and charging The price-$449 Excellent Battery life More storage than the older Iphones Great Camera quality This phone comes in product (RED) with this purchase you help fund to the HIV/Aids program in Saharan Africa. Iphone 8 Plus Pros Cons The design is old looks just like previous Iphones for the price The price- $799 Sharper camera This phone also comes in product (RED) Water resistant Faster than older apple phones Rapid charging- 50% in 30 minutes Iphone X Pros Cons Facial Recognition Animoji Camera is better High Price- Fast Charging Costs More Fewer Color Options Iphone Xs & xs max Available at authorized resellers Iphone xr Pros Cons Glass front and back Price-$599 Can't expand memory Multiple Color Options Face ID Superior Battery Life Fast performance Fast charging 50% in 30mins Animoj- for a fun experience iphone 11, 11 pro, 11 max $1,099 Reason for my future phone I've been wanting a Iphone for long time now and I know you're getting tired of me asking. This passing Christmas I thought you were going to get me an Iphone when you had came in the house and said you went to go look but came back with nothing. Or when we went to Metro for my upgrade and I was eligible to get the particularity Iphone. I was hurt mother :( Like you said yesterday I've came a long way I'm more responsible then I was 20 yrs ago lol. Now I'm hoping this presentation and my reasoning will help me get a new phone Questions? Intermission

Iphone Presentation

Transcript: I can barely find a case for the phone I have now. (Let alone a cute one!) Below are some of the coolest/cutes phone cases the IPhone has. Cases... :) Photography Music I can carry around the IPhone in my pocket and listen to music with my Beat Headphones. I know what you are thinking,"What about the IPod touch?" Well the media playback on the IPhone is flawless and the sound quality is second to none. And what's the point in having nice headphones if the sound quality on the actual piece of technology you are using isn't very good? The main reasons I should have an IPhone Speed Apps My phone and IPad are both SO SLOW!!! But the IPhone 4 has a 1GHz processor which never keeps you waiting. HD Video *I know you all already shot down my reason of wanting the IPhone because of it's photos. But, here is another reason referring to a camera... Since I do have a nice camera (and that's great and all) but I don't always have it with me. It's too big to fit in a normal purse and for my orange bag, it could get banged up. The camera I have on my phone now takes AWFUL photos and has very limited space for new pictures. The IPhone takes great photos and holds at least twice as many as my phone I have now. The phone I have now doesn't take video. (Yes, my nice camera does but again it's too big to carry around.) The IPhone 4 shoots 720 PHD video. It also has a easy way to crop and edit the video. IPhone Presentation *There are lots of education apps that I could use to study and help with homework. Some are: 1. Historia World- A quiz to test general knowledge in history. (Requires wifi or data which an IPhone would support. 2. Word Mover- Choose from word banks and existing famous works and create poems. (Also needs wifi/data which IPhones have. Those are just a few of the amazing apps that require an IPhone.

Iphone Presentation

Transcript: Samsung was one of the first to jump into the smartphone game, long before Android and iOS The company became the world’s largest smartphone maker in 2011. Samsung became the largest producer of memory chips in the world in 1922, and is the worlds second largest chip maker after intel -Samsung's construction division built the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. “Samsung” means “three stars” in Korean, which was chosen by the founder Lee Byungchul with the hope for his company to develop in scale and power like stars in the sky. The logo of Samsung Group had been used since 1980 and replaced in 1992. As of 2012 there were over 30 million iPhone users in the U.S. alone and industry experts expect this number to continue increasing into the future. More recently Apple has faced strong competition from Samsung, largely due to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy. As of the third quarter of 2011 Samsung officially overtook Apple as the world’s leading smartphone vendor, with regards to shipments. When it comes to mobile operating systems Apple’s main competitor is Android, the OS introduced by Google. The market share held be Android has consistently been creeping up and as of May 2012, Android officially overtook Apple as the OS market leader. It took over 200 patents and 156 suppliers across three continents to make the iPhone. Everything from the look and feel of the phone to all of its individual parts to how precisely it's assembled was patented as intellectual property in early developments of the iPhone. In 2012, Apple released a complete list of its iPhone, iPod, and iPad suppliers, revealing the intricacies of assembling the products. Compared to Samsung Every Apple iPhone ad displays the time as 9:41 AM, the time Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007. Samsung makes about 30% of the A8 chips that go into Apple's iPhone 6. Siri was supposed to be for Android and BlackBerry phones before Siri Inc. was bought by Apple back in April of 2010. Not long after Apple's iPhone was announced, Cisco sued Apple for calling its product the iPhone. Turns out iPhone was then a Cisco trademark. The Cisco "iPhone" was a VoIP device that allowed its customers to use Skype without a computer. Cisco's iPhone launched 22 days before Apple's iPhone was announced. The companies later settled the trademark lawsuit, with both keeping rights to the iPhone name. 2 more facts.. Facts about the Iphone One More fact.. Samsung has remained the largest television manufacturer in the world and it also is the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD panels. The world’s first Full HD 3D LED TV was launched by Samsung in 2010. Samsung has been the top selling TV maker in the world for six straight years Samsung is ranked as the 9th most valuable company in the world More facts about the Iphone Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty. I phone Overall... overall i think samsung is better because it makes apples chips and Samsung makes more products and did not steal a copyright from another company.

iPhone Presentation

Transcript: And How It Revolutionized The World Like A Wave The iPhone, Released On June 29th, 2007, Had A Large Impact On Society It Changed The Technology Used In Phones It Became The Most Influential Invention Of The 21st Century The iPhone Is, Simply Put, Out Of This World... The iPhone Launched The Use Of Touchscreen Interface For Phones It Combined A Phone A Music Player A GPS A Personal Assistant (Siri) A Camera An App Store Internet Capabilities And More 217 Million iPhones Sold Since its release Led To 5 Billion Dollars Being Spent On New Jobs To Enhance It Purchased By All Members Of Communities The iPhone Has A Huge Impact On Society Apple Became The Largest Company In The World By Market Standards Apple Made $108 Billion In One Year Thanks To The iPhone It Is The First Phone To Have A Nearly Limitless App Market "With the right app, an iPhone [can] track the sun, sync shopping lists, be a drum machine, take restaurant reservations, [or] be a cash register" -CNNTech The iPhone Jony Ive Senior Vice President Of Design photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Changed Eduaction It Stormed The Market It's Not Just A Phone What Is An iPhone? Work Cited "5 Ways the IPhone Changed Our Lives." CNN. N.p., 28 June 2012. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <>. "" IPhone Sales Statistics 2010 and 2011. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <>. "How IPhone Changed the World | Cult of Mac." How IPhone Changed the World | Cult of Mac. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <>. "IPhone 5 & Budget IPhone 4S Expected September." – Cell Phones & Mobile Device Technology News & Updates. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <>. "IPhone" IPhone Facts. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <>. "Target Cuts Price of Apple IPhone 4 and Apple IPhone 4S." Phone Arena. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <>. YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2012. <>. Led To A New Super Company Made It Possible To Use A Phone To Take Quick Academic Notes Made Apps Available On The Market For The Sole Purpose Of Study And Learning Made It Possible For Lectures And Class Videos To Be Watched On The Go

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