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iPad Presentation

Transcript: Music composition, painting, photography Constant support for additional help and troubleshooting Finance plan that works for you Keyboard Within two decades, tablets will be an integral part of the educational process Evernote synchronizes with school computers, instantly saving all iPad work Pages: Students can create stunning reports complete with images and graphs An Exciting Trend Software that blocks sites that have no educational value Don't Just Learn. Create. 24-hour customer support Personalized tutorial video iTunes U keeps all learning materials in one place Easily changeable, so that the school can adapt as to the ever-changing web iBooks Passwords and engravings make them hardly worth stealing Security Flexible policies on sites like Youtube Apple understands that an unaided switch can be difficult What We're Offering: Apple is the best Apps Keynote: Easier and more engaging than Powerpoint Experience it Why They're the Next Big Thing With keyboard, iPad has almost all capabilities of a normal computer Free styluses Reliable, established, easy-to-use Why Apple? Numbers: Enables students to easily organize information into colorful graphs, tables, and charts Lessons become highly flexible and adaptable Centralizes school population iPads represent 94% of the educational tablet market Textbooks become interactive Teachers' Benefits iPad presents a variety of apps that make every style of art easy and accessible The iPad package comes with a customized package of apps that meet the specific needs of your school, including: Find My iPad can locate a lost device with an internet connection iPads can synchronize with school servers, ensuring that nothing is ever lost iPad replaces all textbooks Making the switch We will provide a customized tutorial video that teaches students and staff all apps in your school's package Keyboard increases students' typing speeds by an average of 20 WPM Don't just learn the material... Ensuring Productivity Fifty packages of iPads equipped with customized app package, cases, and keyboards for the 2014-15 school year Teachers can easily create stimulating, constantly accessible lesson plans Almost any tablet on the market can improve on the current educational process Great for collaboration

Ipad Presentation

Transcript: I Pad videos were uploaded onto the portal to be used as study guides Calcimor NICHE: the Calcimor eats the blue grass and the Blue Lollipop Tree’s leaves. It crawls up the trees and sleeps and gathers fruits and leaves. The Bloobear eats the Calcimor. ADAPTATIONS: the Calcimor’s long nose helps it sniff fruits. The spikes on its back protects it from the harsh rain conditions and predators. Its claws help it to climb trees to sleep safely from predators. We enjoyed the activity, we do not only think it was cool and fun but also informative. We learned from it, and we were also able to understand the eye’s structure and function better! It was so interesting and it was fun to cut it even though it was hard. We got to touch many different parts of the eye such as the cornea, pupil and iris. We also got to touch parts of the eye that you can't see without dissection such as the vitreous humor and the muscle surrounding the eye as well as the optic nerve. This dissection was very useful for our knowledge of the eye. We like this type of activity because it makes anatomy easier to understand and we get to see physically the parts and organs that we are learning about and interact with them. Rachel Patterson Alesia Nava Interactive Smartboards helped students review concepts Students created projects using I Pad apps such as Pages and Photoediting programs I Pads directed and recorded dissections The Technology Explosion in Mrs. Gerlach's Room 2011-2012 I Pads were used for introducing information and research Click to Play Video Students used I Pads to label organisms and write reflections BYOD enhanced the classroom experience Technology enhances the classroom experience! Click to play video

Presentation for IPAD committee - IPAD Summit

Transcript: Twitter Infuse Learing Metryx Tony spoke about 7 skills essential to transform education in the 21st century.... 1- Critical thinking and problem-solving 2- Collaboration across networks and leading by influence 3- Agility and adaptability 4- Initiative and entrepreneurialism 5- Effective oral and written communication 6- Accessing and analyzing information 7- Curiosity and imagination Most of these APPS were free... GoalBook Class Dojo EdModo EdModo ThreeRing Social Networks & Blogs Learnist MyCreate sometimes it is okay to put the IPADS down GoSoapBox Student Response Class Dojo SubText Teacher Diagnostic Collaborative Social Networks & Blogs ThreeRing Social Media Metryx Google Drive Workshops Attended on Day One Teacher Diagnostic General Information Google Drive BYOD/1:1 GoSoapBox Proloquo Posterous Evernote Pinterest Timeline IPAD Summit 2012 Harvard University Posterous iPads and Apps for Ongoing Mobile Formative Assessment Learnist ipads are becoming a catalyst for creating a culture of inquiry and collaboration Collaborative Keynote Speaker: Tony Wagner Social Media Pinterest use of social networking sites such as twitter to support student and teacher learning itunes university Formative Assessment on the IPAD SubText Student Response Workshops Attended on Day Two AudioBoo AudioBoo The full conference was on November 7-8, 2012, and offered two days of keynotes, concurrent sessions, and informal learning events along these three strands: Classroom Integration: Pedagogy, Curriculum, & Assessment Leadership: Designing for Innovation & Supporting Innovation through Professional Development Technical: Deployment & Management to Support Teaching and Learning GoalBook Major Takeaways Infuse Learing BYOD/1:1 Twitter EasyAssessment Evernote Socrative Socrative EasyAssessment MyCreate from consumption to creation to curation -- the teacher as the curator of learning objects

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