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Investment Presentation

Transcript: Investment Pitch 1) Parents/family - I would let them know that it's investing not just in a movie but in their son's or family member's future, and I would show them the budget and explain our goals so that they could understand they aren't just throwing money at a movie that's being made just for fun or off the cuff. 2) Chicago horror enthusiasts (i.e. and affiliated groups) - Offer to screen at their events, use extras from their fanbase, possibly props, special thanks in the credits. Again, still show them the budget and everything so they know we have our stuff together. Also, create merchandise that would advertise the film and festivals. 3) DePaul Students - set up a paypal account and advertise to the depaul student body, especially groups like the DCC, through social media, flyers, and OrgSync. Offer chances to participate as PAs, be an extra, ask for help getting a student project going. Investors by Funding Brooke Shelton-$400 Frank Holly- $800 Richard Romanowksi- $800 Kathy Spitzer-$800 Pat Suddarth-$800 Sean McGahan- $1000 Andrew Riplinger-$1000 Mark McGahan- $1200 Tom Byrant-$1600 Anna Sanford- $1600 Denny Fidler-$1800 Mardi Moore-$2000 Mark Wilson- $2,400 Daniel Duron- $400 Zonia Guzman- $400 Sherry Cook- $1000 Martha Carter- $1500 Nadia Cavner- $500 Terri Johnson- $500 Total Investment: +/- $20,500.00 Meat Man Synopsis Logline: A new butcher uses human meat to fill his orders must avoid detection. MRS. ANDERSON has a dinner party for her friends to show off the new butcher she found that has the best meat she, or anybody else, has ever had. The new butcher is known as the MEATMAN. He has run out of meat for his customers. The Meat Man kidnaps a HOMELESS MAN and doses him with a paralytic. While trying to sneak the Homeless Man into his warehouse, the paralytic wakes up. Meat Man kills the Homeless Man, but not without a struggle. The Meat Man prepares the body, when a POLICE OFFICER happens on the scene of their struggle. He slips into the warehouse. Meat Man sneaks up on the Officer and attacks. They struggle. Meat Man runs away. In pursuit, the Officer falls into a chamber of horrifying human faces. Frozen by his horror, the Officer does not notice Meat Man come up behind him. Meat Man kills the officer by suffocating him with a black bag. Later that night he makes a sudden delivery to Mrs. Anderson. He learns the Officer is Mrs. Andersons husband. He does not like loose ends, takes out the black bag from his pocket. Cut to black. Synopsis Investor List

Investment Presentation

Transcript: THE END :) The average rate of return during low periods is about 8%. In the high risk periods, 15% or more is expected. Consumers Math 3rd Hr - Palmgren s/i/investmentrealestate.asp Return Real Estate is a higher risk on the Financial Planning Pyramid. Liquidity How quickly can you get your money? By: Sara Spragg & Jessica Pierson Real Estate markets go through high & low periods. When it's high, the prices rise and liquidity is good. During low periods, prices decrease & liquidity is poor. This obviously depends on the economy (how good or bad it is). Sources What Does Investment Real Estate Mean? Advantages How risky is the investment compared to others? How does the rate of return compare to other investments? Unlike the stock market, real estate isn't a quick buy & sell atmosphere. What is the average rate of return? Disadvantages If you would like to invest in real estate, you have to be financially prepared. There are certain things you have to deal with as a landlord or a real estate agent such as home renters or commercial property. Investing in this is a high risk, but with higher risk, you'll get more money. Significant Liabilities - you are a target for the "sue-happy" type (held liable). Real estate always carries value, no matter how the economy is. ate-investing-pros-and-cons. Conclusion Compared to other investments, real estate provides an advantage against inflation in the long run. Risks Steep learning curve, you must be knowledgeable in many different ways & be able to learn quickly. Illiquid Assets - assets that are not easy/fast to convert into money. This is when people buy property to lease or sell it, rather than live in it. These places can be commercial, land, or any property. http://www.kidseconposters.c om/keb/Title%20List%20FLP% 20Poster%20Set/financial-plan ning-pyramid-rev.html Tangible Asset - you can invest in property & actually see your profits / investments. Investing in Real Estate Efficient markets don't truly exist, meaning inefficient markets present great opportunities for bargain priced deals.

Investment Presentation

Transcript: Part 2 Q 5 5 selected mutual funds & Index Q5 Stock information Investor can get on website *Price Quotation *Past performance *Shares per lot *Transaction volume and value *Ratios for decision making Q5 Bank of America Corporation(BAC) 6b Guide Stone Funds Equity Index Fund Class GS4 (MUTF:GEQZX Industrial Analysis "WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Federal Reserve says its low interest-rate policies are still needed to invigorate a subpar U.S. economy.In a statement Wednesday after a policy meeting, the Fed said it would keep buying $85 billion a month in bonds to keep long-term rates low and encourage borrowing and spending.Yet the Fed seemed to signal that it thinks the economy is improving despite some recent weak data and uncertainties caused by the partial government shutdown.The Fed no longer expresses concern, as it did in September, that higher mortgage rates could hold back hiring and economic growth. And its statement makes no reference to the 16-day shutdown, which economists say has slowed growth this quarter.“;_ylt=AwrTWVVSPIpSqRsAdx.TmYlQ Fundamental Analysis Computation of Performance Statistics Chung Cho Man Edwin 12074346d Hau Sai Sing 12074887d Ho Ka Fai 12071452d Hui Chi Kit Anthony 12067347d Ng Yi Pan Tony 12074346d Siu Chun Wing 12075488d To Lai Sze Doris 12037654d 6b Guide Stone Funds Equity Index Fund Class GS4 (MUTF:GEQZX) Summary of result Part 1 Q 5b,6b Equations for Calculation Low interest-rate/ buying $85 billion a month in bonds 6b Guide Stone Funds Equity Index Fund Class GS4 (MUTF:GEQZX Part 1 Q 4 Market Stats and News Macroeconomics Analysis Quantitative Easing Policy 6b Ivy High Income Fund (WHIAX) Part 1 Q 3 News Examples News Performance Measures Investment Presentation

Investment Presentation

Transcript: Stocks Tiffany & Co. Sirius Radio Amazon Google Dow Chemical TGC Industries Coca-Cola Buffalo Wild Wings Delta Airlines Revlon Walmart Carnival Cruise Lines Mutual Funds Bonds Conclusion How would you rate your overll investment strategy? -We gave our investment stratgy a B. Did your investments perform as expected? Why or why not? -Most of our stocks were predictable, but some of them were surprising. If you were to start ove, how would you go bout developing your strategy? -We would have done more research on what is the smartest thing to do What one thing would you suggest to be changed in this project? -That te work expected be explained in a better manner. Also that the articles not be due during the SMG. What is the most important investment concept that each of you will take away from this project? -We learned that for our age, to have the most success with investing we must research companies with a long-term growth rate to make the most profit. How we decided on what mutual funds to pick was soley on what ones were doing good in the market at the time. We didn't use specific strategy that has been made because at the time we were buying them we didn't know very much about them. Ratinale: Our selection depended on which would be affected by the economy the most. We selected one of each. We had good knowlede of what stocks to choose for various reasons and they were successful. Stock Transactions: Buffalo Wild Wings Delta Airlines We didn't have any bond transactions made because we didn't buy any bonds. The rationale also was not there because of the fact that we weren't required to buy any so we did not do so. Bond Transactions Made & Rationale Stocks Investigated Bond Performance Graph BondStrategy Outcome Explanations Stock Performance Graph 6 Stock Strategy Outcome By: Shelby Tulk & Eden Charbonneau What we would have changed was to do more researh on each stock. Another thing we could have done was to look at a wider variety of stocs that deal with other industries than having more then one in the same area. -Eden: My strategy was to invest in stocks that were successful to me and i was interested in. -Shelby: I went with the income investing idea. Mainly because it looks at companies with stock that are steady stream. If the market crashes then you won't lose a lot in profit whereas you would in a much more risky stock What we would change about our bond strategy Week 5 Our bond strategy outcome was positive because we didn't buy any bonds while in the Stock Market Game. The out come of our strategy was very good. Our over all return was poitive by a very great amount. There was a little down fall in the middle of the game, but shortly after it started to climb again and we were soon back up and doing well. Even in that period where our stocks fell slightly, it wasn't nearly enough to make a large impact on our totals. Our stock strategy was first to look at what was going on with the economy at the time we were in the game. Next looking at what industries would and wouldn't be affected as harshly as others. Then we narrowed it down to resemble the income investing idea. Our over all outcome for Mutual funds was good. We waited until the middle of the Stock Market Game to buy a fund, but after that we ahd a positive turn. Once we bought the fund, after the first couple of weeks it didn't gain or lose profit. Explanations 10 Stock Transactions Made & Rationale 4 What we change about Funds Mutual Fund Investigation American Funds Sound Shore Schwab Funds Vanguard T Rowe Price Schwab Funds (swppx) FMI Funds Selected Funds Vanguard Funds T.Rowe Price (trbcx) American Funds (amcpx) Eden: My strategy focused on investing in mutual funds that fell under the large growth category because they are ideal for our age since they have high growth-orienated return objectives. Shelby: When I was deciding on what strategy to use for mutual funds I thought it would be best to pick funds mostly that are large growth. These types of bonds have a greater return over a longer period of time than other funds may have. Most of them also have high-growth returns or that is what they aim for, so to me this seemed best for profit over a longer period. They were also the less risky funds. Cash on Hand Perfomance Graph What we would change about stocks 7 8 We didn't have a bond strategy because didnt buy any bonds while we were participating in the Stoch market Game. We wouldn't change anything about our bond strategy because we didn't buy any bonds. What we would change about the mutual funds is that we would have there only be research for six mutual funds instead of having to do twelve. Considering that we only have to buy one I think if there was less to research then the students would have a better understanding on what it is that they are looking at. Mutual Fund picking Strategy Bond picking Strategy Mutual Fund Transactions & Rational Explanations Mutual Fund Perfomance Graph Bond Strategy Outcome SMG Investment

Investment presentation

Transcript: Next 10 Years: PE ratio: 18.78 Gender: Positive trend Age: Expenses Largest food retailer in canada steady growth of earnings per share Sector PE ratio: 15.84 Spending Habits: 32 Cash Beta: 1.38 tracks the MSCI Emerging Markets Index Maintain Standard of Living Marital Status: Next Year: Communications Small Cap - Ensign Energy Services Inc. Contribute the maximum to TFSA ($5000) AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $6701.88 Large Cap - Royal Bank of Canada AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $1340.38 Company’s PE ratio: 4.91 Industry's PE ratio: 13.20 Sector PE ratio :14.43 Asset Allocation Be able to retire comfortably Saving Patterns: AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $5361.50 Remediates contaminated soil and contaminated construction debris. Management Fees Small Cap - Bennett Environmental Inc. Up to $100000 insured by CDIC Mid Cap - Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd Saves 30% of her disposable income Low expenses Monthly Income: improved since management change in 2006 Provides the diversification that the investor needs. Michelle Black Provides predictability and safety while avoiding low returns Company’s PE ratio: 12.69 Industry's PE ratio: 9.41 Sector PE ratio :10.23 Family Doctor (owns own practice) Lower Beta = .43 AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $6701.88 Single For emergency funds Chosen to diversify into commodities AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $5361.50 fixed at 50 cents per quarter for past 3 years Large cap:30% Mid cap: 25% Small cap: 20% Emerging Market Stocks: 10% Bonds: 10% Cash: 5%. Large Cap - Loblaw Companies Limited $100/month administration fee Largest Bank in Canada Next 30 Years: Conservative Education Status: Goals Strategy: Strategy: Annual income of $50,000 Emerging Market - Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Stable Dividends Bonds - Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income Fund $30 billion in sales AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $8042.25 High Finances No action is needed No Name large returns past 5 years Doctor of Medicine Updated once a week Strategy: Client Invest with an aggressive asset allocation model 20% of profits Beta: 1 Career: strong 10 year return of 14.6%. Globe and Mail Investor Watchlist good defensive stock AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $8042.25 President’s Choice Balance out high amount of high risk assets Watchlist shows the updated values of the portfolio As we make changes to the composition of the portfolio, we update the watchlist AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $5361.50 AMOUNT INVESTED AFTER FIRST YEAR: $5361.50 Low risk $9000/year for debt payments over 10 years Risk Tolerance: passively managed widely diversified Engineering, construction, operations and maintenance services Contribute the maximum to RRSP ($22450) Oilfield services in Canada Canada-based international gold producer $10,000 Name: Analysis of Client PE ratio of 72.31 Strong PE ratio and reasonable beta Female Owns several strong labels 1. Pay off all debt Mid Cap - SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. Lower PE ratio means less risk

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