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Investment Portfolio

Transcript: MODERATE LOW LOW 5-Year CD Website Has over 50 years of SUCCESS Is #1 for Mid-Cap Value according to US News Member of FDIC Considered the "Best Online Bank" by Money Magazine Email STOCK LOW LOW Minimum Investment CSC Investor Relations 3170 Fairview Park Drive Falls Church, VA 22042 Company Details Company Details LOW 53.96 Why are you interested in this investment? Vanguard is an American Investment Management company providing services to its investors AGGRESSIVE Minimum Investment by Diana Khalik LOW Phone Number 7.53 % Expected Rate of Return Type of Investment Investment Portfolio LOW 10% Demand Account 5% Precious Metals 40% Stocks 20% US Stocks 20% Foreign Stocks 20% Bonds 10% High-Yield 10% High0Risk 25% Mutual Funds 1-800-542-3070 I am interested in Vanguard because they can invest my money in other funds that best benefit me. Since it is rated #1 Mid-Cap Value by US News there is not a great risk. With a minimum investment of $3,000 this investment management company will make the most out of my money. Vanguard is Client owned which puts me as a "Client" first. This is a great Mutual fund that would help me with other investments. Founded in 1919 as an Automotive Finance Business LOW LOW Risk Level LOW Mail 1.53% Contact Information CSC creates technology-based solutions to accomplish the "impossible", solving their client's Challenges LOW Minimum Deposit Type of Investment Why are you interested in this investment? LOW Expected Rate of Return I am interested in Ally Bank because of its ingenuity. Being rated the number one online bank, it is a great way to safely invest from home. Ally's 5 year CD has an APY of 2.43% which is really high for a Certificate of Deposit. Since is backed by FDIC you are guaranteed your money. Why are you interested in this investment? 877-662-7447 Expected Rate of Return Chat/Email Computer Science Corporation Website 1-877-247-ALLY LOW LOW LOW LOW 08/07 Banking and Finances Final Phone Number 3K 2.43% LOW Contact Information Contact Information Ally Financial P. O. Box 380901 Bloomington, MN 55438 $100,000 Risk Level I am interested in Computer Science Corporation because I am for the advancement of technology. CSC helps laboratories and other companies accomplish their goals through computer based solutions. Since the Human Race will continue to advance in technology this High-Risked investment will rarely fall. As of my research this company seems to be thriving. CSC is a great corporation to invest in. Risk Level LOW LOW LOW Phone Number LOW LOW Mutual Fund The Breakdown Name of Company Company Details Name of Company Type of Investment Name of Company Mail

Investment Portfolio

Transcript: Asset Allocation 20% speculative 55% moderate risk 20% low risk 5% cash equivalents Investor Type Recommend balanced Client 55 years old medium income stable office job expenses covered 10-15 horizon has RRSP & RESP Main Goal save for $400 000 retirement home 5-10% return $200 000 in 10 years $100 000 down payment $100 000 mortgage payments 10% loss preserve capital and have growth strategy medium investmnet knowledge little time to monitor operationally efficient passive focus on dividends & long term growth Economy skip numbers bullish stock market economy lags stock leads overweight in stocks disinflation long term slow growth no expansion in sight defensive & counter-cyclical favorable industries financials good banking system back at pre-recession materials Canada's advantage big gloabl commodity boom high dollar? volume trumps dollar utilities good in low interest rate telecomunication unfavorable consumer discretionary IT only negative growth industry bubble? 20% speculative $10 000 TD Small Cap Equity small cap anomaly good returns large capital play in resources long term $10 000 TD Precious Metals Fund very big returns inherent value countercyclical well mamanged watch for change no global funds? too much diversification lowers returns contrarian no ETFs? focused funds bring higher returns follow market with large cap stocks 20% low risk $200 000 TD 2-year bond diversify?! 6.55% coupon! very stable company great cash flow low default risk guaranteed return use TFSA 300 shares $33 Bell customers? utility/telecom internet phone TV great management just purchased CTV DDM $88.49 P/E $72.31 another utility/telecom?! Rogers customers? 300 shares $34 great competitor for Bell regulated industry well diverisfied radio stations TV stations sports teams exclusive content 200 shares $51 other banks? high dividend safe management large market cap raise dividend DDM $41.04 P/E $55.87 200 shares $66 play on resources high oil price environmentally friendly stable growth Bill Gates' biggest holding Warren Buffett holds railway 100 shares $91 Materials huge food shortage huge demand for products potash, phosphate, nitrogen very well globally diversified extremely healthy growth asssured long term demand Potash Corp? not well diversified government interference 5% cash equivalents Ally High Interest Savings Account GICs T-Bills? low rates need to convert transfer anytime in or out daily compounded interest Speculative $10 000 TD Precious Metals Fund $10 000 TD Small Cap Fund Moderate risk $10 389 BCE $10 3 Rogers $9 127 RBC $10 322 Agrium $13 228 CNR Low risk $200 000 TD 2012 bond 6.55% Cash $6 200 Ally 2% savings account no surprises regulated Breakdown Client scored agressive stable dividends huge demand big players dominate great dividends analysts very bullish 2%

Investment Portfolio

Transcript: B) Moderate Risk Investment C) It is a debt investment in which an investor loans money to an entity that borrows the funds for a defined period of time at a fixed interest rate. D) $1 per bond is required. I plan on investing $2,000 on a bond. E) A $2,000 bond bought at par value would receive a 6 percent interest would earn a current yield of 6 percent. F) E-Trade I) 100 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 1-877-921-2432 To send an email, you can go on the customer service link: A) Bond B) Conservative Risk Investment. C) It is a certificate entitling the bearer to receive interest. A CD bears a maturity date, a specified fixed interest rate and can be issued in any denomination. D) $1,000 is required to open and I plan to put $3,000. E) 1 year interest is 0.25%. I expect $250 more in the CD at the end of each year. F) Chase Banking I) 10951 S Jog Rd Boynton Beach, FL 33437 1-877-CHASEPC (1-877-242-7372) A) Traditional Savings Account B) High Risk Investment C) It is a type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation's assets and earnings. D) I plan on buying $2,000 on different companies such as PotashCrop and AT&T. E) PotashCrop farmland in parts of the developing world yields just half as much as U.S. cropland. China and India each account for 7 percent of PotashCorp's revenue shares that analysts expect will grow. AT&T is on track to generate roughly $36 billion in cash in 2012, enough to cover the dividend payout and still put $20 billion back into the business. F) E-Trade I) 100 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 1-877-921-2432 To send an email, you can go on the customer service link: 5) Diversification allows to spread out investments so that you don't put all your money into one single investment. It is important because if you have a bad investment, you can lose everything and you should always have a back up. Diversification protects you from losing all your assets in a market swoon. 6) My portfolio shows diversification by spreading out the $10,000 into different investments. Investing in stocks lets me participate in the potential growth of individual companies and the economy. Investing in bond funds can add a measure of stability to my portfolio. A) Certificate of Deposit by Coleen Plata A) Stock B) Conservative Risk Investment C) It is a low-risk, interest-bearing deposit with a bank or other financial institution. Money can be taken out easily and is easy to use with debit cards and checks. D) Minimum opening balance is $25 and I plan on putting $3,000. E) Interest rate is 0.01% per month so I expect a return of $10 per month. F) Bank Of America I) 3603 W Woolbright Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33437 (561)-742-3213 If you've received a suspicious Bank of America email, forward it immediately at Investment Portfolio

Portfolio Investment Presentation

Transcript: ZhaoGroup2 Lessons Learned Chevron Corp (CVX) Murphy Oil (MUR) Freeport McMoran (FCX) Continued improvement in US economy Weak foreign economic growth Momentum in Chinese economy Ultimately stagnated global economic growth Key Sector Decisions Financials Citigroup (C) JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM) American Tower (AMT) Industrials Strong Buy by S&P 500 Beta = 1.36 Strong sequential loan growth in the 4th quarter of 2012 rebound in investment banking Potential problems: LIBOR scandal, mortgage-backed securities very strong buy according to S&P beta = 0.8 high dividend rate Asset Allocation Employment Cost Index: Compensation rose 1.9%,Wages & Salaries rose 1.7%, Benefit Cost rose 2.5% in 2012 90% of funds vested in equities Equities split into 3 outperforming sectors 2% S&P 500 ETF to mark progress 5% cash to maintain liquidity needs No bonds, due to low interest rates buy by S&P 500 beta = 1.91 P/E =9.4 Emerging markets and replacing systems in developed markets increased profits after 2009 Although this stock dropped after our initial purchase we believe that it will make a recovery after this short downturn we maintain a positive view of its expansion efforts Diversifying into oil & gas might hurt it and the debt that they would have to use to finance the merger would hurt earnings Oil, gas, copper, gold too closely related, and economic downturn (global business conditions) would magnify. Therefore we determined to sell this company. very strong buy according to S&P beta = 0.8 high dividend rate a+ quality rating according to S&P Employment Situation: Unemployment Rate decreased slightly to 7.6% in March Benchmark S&P 500 Exceed market return by 1% Expected portfolio return of 11% Chevron Corp Purchased VOO in order to lower our portfolio beta and mimic the market more closely Sold FCX based on company evaluation Decided not to purchase bonds due to current interest rate and Quantitative Easing Consumer Price Index: decreased 0.2% in March Materials Monitor Portfolio Beta: 1 < beta < 1.5 Sell lower beta stocks and very high beta stocks Outpace market on an annual basis: Return > 10% Desire Approximately 11% Monitoring and Rebalancing S&P 500 rated Strong Buy High Beta to match our expected returns Strong fourth quarter results 3.3% increase in revenues from previous year “The company estimates that it’s tear I Capital Ratio, if Basel III were currently effective, would be 8.7% above peers.” - S&P 500 NetAdvantage Chevron Corp Economic Indicator Analysis JPMorgan Chase & Co Citigroup JOY Global Inc Deere & Company Return Objectives Individual Security Selection Energy Financials Industrials Materials Low beta (0.51) to offset the high beta of C S&P called them the “market leader in wireless tower industry” continuously purchasing towers which helps economies of scale expanding internationally into emerging markets Energy Mutual Fund Rated a buy by S&P beta = 1.58 P/E = 10.1 S&P recently increased rating from hold to buy Sharp downturn in business during 2008-2009 but current growth led us to believe that this company would follow suit with the recovering economy Caterpillar Continued Portfolio Monitoring Murphy Oil Risk Objectives SeekingAlpha Portfolio Rebalancing Decisions Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold, Inc. Deere and CO (DE) Caterpillar (CAT) JOY Global Inc (JOY) GDP Growth increased 0.4% in 4Q2012 Sector Rotation Analysis Needed to take a more active approach When the market is outperforming, simulate the market rather than trying to beat it. Sector Rotation strategy not as effective In long term, we still expect that each of our picks would eventually be winners Laura Peterson Dalton Easterwood Lauren Stevenson Hengqing Zhu Total Portfolio Rated a buy by the S&P 500 Beta = 2.14 P/E = 8.4 “current soft patch” that will lead to a turnaround given current economic conditions We were afraid to cut our losses, hoping that it would turn around based on the S&P 500 projections. In the long term we still expect this company to be a winner. In our monitoring/rebalancing, we reviewed the stock we felt that it was undervalued and still believe that it will turn around. Capital Market Expectations Pension Fund Objectives P/E = 6.6 largest copper producer and the major producer of gold and molybdenum rated a sell by S&P 500 because they feel it is overvalued, historically low valuation in 2013 due to its planned merger with PXP and MMR. American Tower Maintain a beta of greater than 1, but less than 1.5 Standard deviation less than15%; maximum acceptable loss is 19%. beta = 1.22 P/E = 11.8 Hold rating by the S&P 500 growth Capital Market Expectations

Investment Portfolio

Transcript: TIMELINE PORTFOLIO Portfolio weights Standard Deviation (in %) Forecasted to grow by 20% of American GDP to 4,6 trillion in 2020. Aging population Government struggling to pay Technology creates more accessibility AIRLINE INDUSTRY No direct competition with oil Strongly competing with fosil fuels Expected Return (in $) EXPECTATIONS OF PORTFOLIO OPTIMISATION Successful short-haul low cost airline business model 6.8% increase air traveling Expected Return (in $) 2015 RENEWABLE ENERGY Portfolio of 20 assets Based on growing industries Annual Return > 30 % Low Standard Deviation Monthly analysis INDUSTRIES TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY EFFICIENT FRONTIER OPTIMIZATION FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY ASSETS CONCLUSION Budget of £ 1'000'000 List of 20 assets Choice of industries Maximization of Return Minimization of Risk Create value VALUE AT RISK Frequency (in %) Introduction Strong increasing demand in sweeter products iShares US Healthcare Providers iShares US Healthcare ETF ProShars Ultra Nasdaq biotechnology Expected Return (in %) Craft beer trend ETFs VALUE AT RISK 2 Importance and Viability Innovation Drives the economic growth Impact on each industry Growth with 18% in the US Forecasted to growth to 15% of total market in 2020. Increased with 22% in 2013 Forecasted to grow with 45% in 2020 Increasing corporate investments Return On Investment Weekly basis 0,53 % Monthly basis 6,53 % Annual basis 31,36 % HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY 3 year 5 years 10 years Technology Food & Beverage Airline Solar Industry Healthcare Standard Deviation Weekly basis 1,50 % Monthly basis 5,21 % Annual basis 10,82 % 5

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