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Introduce Yourself Presentation

Transcript: One of my biggest role model in my life would have to be my mother. My mom has impacted my life by always being on my back and reminding me to always try my hardest. Even though I went through a stage in my life when I would say I "Hated" my mother I really didn't. I love my mom because she is strongest most important lady in my life. I admire my mothers strength and perspective in every difficult situation. She has been there for my falls and she has been there during my glorious moments and I wouldn't have anyone else be my role model because I know there is no one greater than my mother. A mother is always there for when you need someone. Introduce Yourself Presentation By: Adam Navarrette Some of the things im curious about are the question i'm sure everyone else asks ourselves if the world is going to end? I do not believe that it will it hasn't for years. And every scientist that has stated that the world will end with some type of asteroid hitting the earth is ridicoulous. I remember sitting at my desk my freshmen year talking about some crazy scientist who took his life because he was stating he was 100% sure the world was going to end by an asteroid hitting the earths surface. It turned out the asteroid didn't even hit our surface. So that would be something I am curious about knowing but doesn't really believe the world will ever end we have been here for over millions years. Before common era. My Role Model The Questioning of Me The best thing about me is I am a respectful young adult. I have great people skills I enjoy conversating with others. I am also a creative individual as you can see by now. My hobbies are working out,playing baseball, and spending time with my dog Coco. I have achieved many goals during my lifetime I like to set goals for myself because I know I am capable of doing them. A less public achievement I have accomplished was when I benched 250 pounds. I enjoy going to the gym because it is the only place where I get to relieve my stress. When I was younger I used to like relieving stress while I played on the field. It felt exciting when I would catch a ball and the whole crowd would cheer during the game. I enjoyed playing little league with some of my teammates. I made friends that I shared the same passion with and that was good. Graduation My brother's name is Roy Martin. He is very athletic. He is fit and about 5"10. He just turned 22 years old in September. His personality traits are athletic, kind, respectful, intelligent, and patient. My dogs name is Coco inspired after coco channel. My dog is an american bulldog and pitbull. She is about seven months old. She is white with brown spots with a tint of green eyes. The book talks about being shortstop. Shortstop is more than a position. Derek Jeter was a shortstop and his father as well. He turned himself into a legend, playing shortstop was in his blood. My twin sister's name is Ashley. She is the total opposite of me. She is short and smart. Her personality traits are intelligent, caring, loving, respectful, and most important honest. The Big Field by Mike Lupica My Favorite Book My Family & Me Conclusion The Best of Me The Questioning of Me I expect to graduate with the rest of my classmates. Class of 2015. I overcoming high school and still in the process. Some of my best experinces is meeting some friends that I could count on. I learned that in life you have to work hard for what you deserve. I will take any step necessary to accomplish graduating. Incoming freshmen should know not to procastinate and always show up to school on time. I plan to accomplish many things in my lifetime but one of my biggest goals is to never be in poverty. I plan to work hard and accomplish every obstacle to get what I want in life. I plan to have a good house, good job, and an amazing family. I agree with some of the laws we have in today. But there are some laws where I believe they are unfair. For example the dreamers act I find it unfair for this proposition. I believe that if you came to this country to better your education and economy you shouldn't have restrictions to what you can or cannot do. Many of us here that were actually born in the United States of America take our freedom granted, while others fight and strive to come to our country. They go through a lot to have the same liberal rights we do. That is one proposition I do not agree with. My mother's name is Gloria. She is slim and light skinned. She likes to go to the gym with my sister and I at times. My mother's personality traits are funny, enthusiastic, caring, strict, and loving. My father's name is Adam. He is about 5"8 and stylish. My father is a very busy man he also likes joining us at the gym sometimes when he is not too busy. His personality traits are strict, hard working, caring, athletic, and funny at times. The End My Long Term Goals

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