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Internship Final Presentation Template

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Internship Final Presentation

Transcript: —— 636 rooms The Plaza™ Macao Revenue management Venetian Macau Software reasons for price change: close room type promotion begin/end pricing close hotel Yay! Vlookups factors for competitor set: location market segment pricing and grading by Belu Liang BB204212 application of disciplined analytics predict consumer behavior optimize product availability and price 289 rooms —— —— 2905 rooms monthly report Selling the right room to the right client at the right price on the right distribution channel with the best commission efficiency property team Refelction Excel Opera Vision: property management reporting system IDeas: revenue management system Microsoft Access: database management&analytics The Venetian® Macao be sensitive to numbers Sands® Cotai Central Professionalism comes from profound knowledge Practise makes perfect Don't be shy to ask Make use of your time Excel skills Revenue management questions I had been asked what is natural number? (given that Sofitel and HI in the same competitor set) Sofitel is so far away from our HI, how do you think it's gonna affect our business? Why didn't you talk about Sofitel? Do you think it's not important? Then why we set it in the report? Internship experience at Revenue management test booking Facebook Content 1224 rooms —— The company and department Job tasks What I learnt Reflection Q&A Job tasks for intern analyst CRO team: casino revenue optimazation Conducting daily, weekly and monthly reports like the daily rate shopping reports, and the availability charts. Update rates onto the system to ensure the system has the most updated rate all the time. Upload daily and monthly occupancy to our internal reports and webs Assist with ad-hoc tasks Sands® Macao Thank You! Macau team Zhuhai office Keep an eye on OTA e.g Why include Wynn and MGM in this competitor set? What happened to Wynn on Wed? Why Sands(wynn) increase price on Sat? Pricing? End of promotion?

Internship Final Presentation

Transcript: Medigap VA Medicaid 5 UHC Project: 395 lines, $1,295,325 1 Great 3 Cash Follow - Up Stats Cash Follow - Up Orientation 2 Orientation Lunch & Learn 63 lines commented Overview of Fresenius Accounting Analysts Joint Ventures Revenue Cycle StrengthFinder Test results Collections Lunch & Learn/ Outings Collection Stats Good Credits Collections Operations Human Resources Business Development Revenue Operations excellence Cash Follow - up KPI meeting Key Driver RVP call GVP Call Team huddle meeting Flash Takeaways from Internship Overall Outings Top Golf White water rafting Andretti Review and Correct: -manual adjustment, write off, transfer errors Code of comment: -RM & PPP Created AP packets Software used: Tricare and Veterans: Andrew K. James Summer Intern Positives of Orientation Exposed Be proactive Communication Professional setting Fresenius Culture Better understanding of the business Acronyms Terminology Information Overload AP packets: BCBS of GA Settlement Refund - $484,098.83 $800,000 in Cash Payment Adjustments (800 lines total) Veteran’s Contracted – 342 lines coded, $35,000. 96 have BOC letters, $3,660.00 BCBS of OH MHMO – 107 lines, $13,000 Corp Sweep OPD took 113 lines, $285,000 to income Aging: 115 SELF credit lines, $68,000 Reversed Write-offs: 130 lines, totaling $20,180 3 Guarantor refund: $ 108.87 4 Working aging Calling insurance Reasons for denials 1. Arranger 2. Relator 3. Learner 4. Responsibility 5. Analytical 0 Clinic Visit Friendly learning enviroment eCube Financial Navinet Laser Fiche DI Sharepoint Viatrack Payer Portals MURS Negatives of Orientation Looking at debits What I learned in Collections Bad Cash Follow - Up

Final Internship Presentation

Transcript: Intern at Cesar Chavez When 264 white, 92 hispanic/latino, 51 socioeconomically disadvantaged, 32 ESLs, 23 disabilities What college do you want to go to? What do you want to be when you grow up? manage stations, organize, supervise, conduct informal surveys -Diverse backgrounds, need an equalizer - college introductory classes - Community college? Thanks for listening! -Public vs Private -English vs Spanish (Immersion vs Class) Cesar Chavez: Davis, I don't know 3. Cesar Chavez: ballerina, baseball player, singer How does this public school compare to private schools like Merryhill Elementary school? About My Internship Connections To Whom Merryhill: 24 yes, 6 I don't know t h e -the purpose of education: economic competitiveness vs. desire to learn How does this compare to lower SES areas like Kit Carson Middle School? Cesar Chavez Elementary School What I did Merryhill: doctor, professor, veternarian Quotes from Students Wednesdays, 8:30-11:30 AM Cesar Chavez: 20 yes, 10 I don't know -Ashley Schoonover maybe 100 students at Merryhill total How does Cesar Chavez manage to establish a college-going culture in their elementary school? Merryhill: Davis, Stanford, I don't know "Yes, everyone goes to college. You have to. It's illegal not to go. You have to go, or else you get put in jail or something" - ME Ashley Schoonover -Raised a lot of issues So what does this all mean? 2. EDU IOO: Final Internship Presentation -Classroom resources Survey data Elementary "I just want to play on my bike and eat Pan de los Muertos, okay?" -CC e n d "El dieciocho no vino hoy" - CC -re-mediating remediation Cesar Chavez: 2012 API Where -imaginative careers vs. high professions Data not available for Merryhill School Also: Merryhill Elem., Kit Carson Middle To help the teacher and learn about kids' feelings/attitudes concerning college -Ultimately a very rewarding experience Sra. Gutierrez's kindergarten class lots of issues Kit Carson: 2012 API 44 white, 184 hispanic/latino, 301 socioeconomically disadvantaged, 120 ESLs, 60 disabilities 1. "My mom is a vet, so I want to be one too." -ME My Reflection Are you planning on going to college? -did your parents go to college? My Central Questions -It's only kindergarten, so the kids still have a lot more opportunities to learn about college. -Now is the time to start! "Do you go to college? What's it like there? Does it look like our school? When is your lunchtime?" ex: class size, technology - I <3 kids, but I don't think I want to be a teacher Why

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