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Interior Design Presentation

Transcript: INTERIOR DESIGN BY:AMANI AZIZ JOBS & REQUIRMENTS Potential Jobs Architect Interior decorater Construction Worker Interior designer best suits me! REQUIRMENTS EDUCATION REQUIRMENTS Requires a state approved exam called The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) There are also qualification that are required to take this exam DEGREE NCIDQ EXAM LAYOUT OF A KITCHEN SALARIES Salaries Starting Pay: 62,677 annually Median Pay: 72,418 annually Top Salary: 102,022 annually JOB MARKET JOB MARKET IN INTERIOR DESIGN 01. 02. INTERIOR DESIGN IS NEEDED ALL ACROSS THE UNITED STATES LOS ANGELES, BEVERLY HILLS, SEATTLE, MIAMI,WASHINGTON ect. JOB OPPORTUNITIES JOB FORCAST Interior Designing jobs have been expected to grow 4% from 2014-2024 Interior designing jobs careers have declind in2014, and is slowly increasing as time goes on. The need for this career have decreased by 13.46 percent nationwide in that time. Numbers have declined 2.24 percent per year Its expected to go up with 45,480 new jobs openings in 2018 ACHIEVEMENT COMPANY/INDUSTRY California Closet, located in Buffalo. they focus on storage spaces. Andrew Law Interior Design, located in Washington DC. they focus on the focal points of thr home such as living room and dining room CALIFORNIA CLOSETS ANDREW LAW INTERIOR DESIGN WORKS CITED WORKS CITED “California Closets Depew Showroom.” California Closets, “Career Outlook and Job Vacancies for Interior Designers.” Recruiter, “CollegeGrad.” Graphic Design Degree -, “Interior Design Schools & Careers How to Become an Interior Designer.” How to Become, Law, Andrew. “Cover.” Andrew Law Interior Design, “Interior Designer I Salaries.” Sheriff/Police Chief Salaries in Colorado Springs, CO by Education, Experience, Location and More -,

Interior Design presentation.

Transcript: History History Region found in Region Tudor style is found in Description Missions style homes that i have seen and researched are mostly on the west coast of the United States. But i have seen a lot in neighborhoods hoods like Benders landing and river oaks. Mission Style Interior Design presentation about house styles This style is usually marked by horizontal lines, and flat or hipped roofs with broad overhanging eaves. Region found in Description Prairie Modern Style Region History Regions Craftsman found in Colonial Revival style Split level housing also can be called tri-level home is a style in which the floors are staggered, so that the "main" level of the house is partway between the upper and lower floors. Split level Low-pitched, front or side gabled roofs (sometimes clipped or hipped), dormer windows and multiple roof planes are some features of the house. Shed Style Description of the house History Description History Craftsman Style This style began in the late 1960s. Tudor style was evolved around the 1485 to 1603 time period. Region found in Ranch Style Description Description Region This style began in the last years of the 19Th century and is still popular today. Tudor style is mostly found in the UK and some other European countries. Also can be found in New New Zealand and the US. Prairie modern style was starting to become more popular in the late 1900s to the early 2000s. Most contemporary houses tap design history and freely borrow elements from a host of historical styles. Colonial revival continued Description Contemporary style split level housing is popular all through North America. Ranch style housing was first built in the 1920s. It was extremely popular with the booming post war middle class of the 1940s through 1970s. Contemporary houses are found in the United States. The style gained popularity in North America during the mid-20Th century. Most houses are made up of massive adobe walls and have long corridors and have low-pitched roofs with projecting wide eaves and non- flammable clay roof tiles. This style of house was founded in England but eventually moved to the the United States. This style house can be found mostly in North America Description History The centennial exhibition of 1876 reawakened Americans to the colonial past. This movement gained momentum 1890's. Region This type of house has a lot of clerestory windows standing tall and random in the facade. Can be 1 to 2 stories that are made up of Natural building materials. Also it has solar energy systems. Colonial houses are mostly like rectangles, and simple detailing. The houses can be brick or wood sliding (brick shown in the pictures below). Region prairie modern style is usually found in the mid-western part of the United States. This house is particularly found in the western United States. This kind of house is usually one story and really wide. History Description Began in the late 18 and early 19th centuries as buildings as train depots and schools. History Tudor style homes have decorative half-timbering, steeply pitched roofs, tall narrow windows, and massive chimneys. Colonial is found in Britain, The Netherlands (dutch), and also the Untied States. Clerestory windows are a common feature. Coniferous trees are usually used in the surrounding landscape. Tudor Style History

Interior Design Presentation

Transcript: Interior Design Presentation: Job Description: Job Description: Interior Designers Work with people, to help there spaces come alive. Interior Designers are very creative people with an artistic eye. They look at different colors, and decor to help make a dull space turn into something unique, and unexpected. Salary: Salary: The salary an interior designer makes, is diffrent acording to where they live. On the graph, the blue bars are showing the sallery for the people who passed the exam for the N= natinail C=councail For Interior Design. Famous Interior Designers These Interior Designers are known for there creative eye, and there creativity that is always flowing, and coming up with new ideas to bring a room together. Famous Interior Designers Tiffany Brooks Tiffany Brooks Tiffany, is a Interior Designer in Illinois. She was born on June 17th, 1979. She studied Job management. After collage she immediately began her career as a interior designer. Images of Her Work: Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney, was born on 1976, she is currently 42 years old. Her education on interior design came from The University Of California, in Los Angeles. Images Of Her Work: Who Do Interior Designers Work With Interior Designers work closly with aciretures, mechanical engineers, and construction laborers, to help and diturmin how there structiors, will work. Communication My Sources: 1) 2) Sources

Interior Design Presentation

Transcript: 1/18/18 220 Interior Design By: Cesily Rith WHO AM I? I am a Interior Designer who works with clients to create aesthetic rooms and spaces. I also have a fun job of selecting decorative items such as color, material and lighting. Although, I have to be very cautious of building codes and inspection regulations. WHO AM I? What Do Interior Designers do? What Do Interior Designers do? As an Interior Designer I determine my client’s goals and requirements for the project. - I consider how the space will be used and how people will move through the space - I sketch design plans - I estimate project costs - I also visit the project when it’s complete to make sure that the client is satisfied. What Type Of Degree Do You Need? What Type Of Degree Do You Need? To become an Interior Designer you need an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree. You must also take a state approved exam and do two years of training. It’s not as easy. You have to be creative, responsible, and determined in your work. You also need a successful career such as two years of training, you have to earn a degree, and you have to pass a state exam. These requirements are in demand, without any of these you can’t become a professional Interior Designer. Is It easy becoming an Interior designer? Is It easy becoming an Interior designer? The yearly salary starts from $26,130 up to $91,360. Interior designers could earn $55,510 per year. To add on, Interior designers could earn an hourly wage of $23.48. What's the starting and average pay? What's the starting and average pay? The working conditions of a Interior designer requires communication between clients and other designers or engineers. They work indoors to create functional Indoor spaces. What are the working conditions? What are the working conditions? I chose Interior design because it was the best job out of the top 5 I had to choose. Also, I really enjoy decorating using my creativity and ideas. This job is important because it plays a big role of the everyday life. Interior designers make spaces more pleasant and functional for people to be in. Why did I choose this job? Why did I choose this job? I have confidence I could pursue this career because I take my education seriously and If I really wanted to become a Interior designer I will work really hard for this position. Do I think I will Pursue this career? Do I think I will Pursue this career? Graph Survey If you are interested In decorating places for people or ever thought about it. Being an Interior Designer will be a good job for you. It's fun and you could put in all your creativity when doing a certain project for your clients. Graph Survey Sources: Sources:

Interior Design Presentation

Transcript: BathRoom All furniture is Art Nouveau inspired Lowered sleeping/Lounge area Green It's a Small home after all Skylight keeps room lit during the day A large storage area is created from the different levels Kitchen Elegant Art Nouveau windows Recycled glass countertops and tiles Water saving Dual-Flush Toilets Energy-star certified Frigidaire washer-dryer combo that saves space and energy Art Nouveau Target: Single Active Young to Middle Aged People Living in an urban area To design a small green living space with a total of 300 square feet. Cast iron and wood railings with floral patterns Design Interior Design Designed for those who want an interesting and stylish home Convertable space is not suitable for those who want privacy of their sleeping area but is meant as a innovative way to create a space for relaxation and/or gatherings for an active and social lifestyle Plenty of storage space Small home equals less space required to build it, as well as lower cost, perfect for the limited space in an urban area Small home also means less work is needed to keep it clean Interior space: Thank You For Listening Painted glass door with Alphonse Mucha inspired image Emphasis: Lounge/Sleeping Area External Planes MIssion Concept: Icestone countertops Storage areas above and below counter Breakfast bar eliminates the need for a large dining table Emphasis is created in that area by the darker coloured walls that contrast with the higher area. Many of the detailed design such as the storage area and the batheroom door are also in that area Entrance/Living Area by Deshi Deng Skylight and windows provides light Floors are made from Natural linoneum Fitting the needs and Wants of the CLient Many curves and abstracted elements Organic forms can be seen in the doors, windows, railings and decoration Cast iron is used in the railings Yellow is used to create emphasis on the entrance The yellow border and white corner are used to create flow and rhythm around the house

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