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marketing plan template

Transcript: Sbitany Company Marketing Plan Template Marketing Plan Template Sbitany Home Appliances Company Co. Company Summary Company Summary Company Introduction 1961 AD A leading company in the field of retail and wholesale of electrical home appliances It has developed to become the leading company in the field of importing and marketing electrical and electronic devices, commercial and residential air conditioning, mobile phones and information technology devices for the Palestinian market. Branches It has more than 500 employees, 30 retail branches and 250 merchants, Sbitany offers unparalleled coverage in the Palestinian market, and its services not only stop at the end of the shopping process, but also provide after-sales services to 100% of its customers, Nablus Jenin Ramallah Jerusalem Hebron Jericho About Company Company Akram Sbitany & Sons' network of branches extends across all governorates of the country (30 branches). One of the company’s plans and future vision is to expand and increase the number of branches to reach fifty branches by the end of 2022. He company adopts in its branches the modern system in terms of design, decoration, ways of displaying goods and devices Products Some Products Akram Sbitany & Sons owns exclusive selling and marketing rights for more than 50 international brands of the finest and best brands in the world, which occupies the first rating positions in the manufacture of electrical and household appliances, which is proud and proud of these modern agencies, and among the most important of these brands. JOB TITLE #1 All Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, iMac, MacBook and more: JOB TITLE #2 Samsung has many products, including Galaxy, Tab, smart screens, washing machines, refrigerators. JOB TITLE #3 LG is similar and similar to Samsung, and these are some of its products. Market Analysis Electronic devices come in second place in terms of expenditures for the Palestinian citizen, as the average expenditure on devices per capita is 250 dinars annually, distributed as follows: 37.5 dinars in the West Bank and 28.2 dinars in the Gaza Strip, according to the reports of the Central Statistics Authority in 2011. Market Analysis Due to the lack of a suitable analysis of the percentage of the use of electrical and electronic devices in Palestine, I will give an example of the use of devices globally Competition Regarding the competition that the national industry is exposed to from imported goods, the share of Palestinian electrical appliances in the local market is more than 40%, and the consumer is free to choose what suits him. Competition It is noteworthy that official data indicated that 99 percent of Palestinian homes are connected to the electricity network, 97.2 percent of Palestinian families own a refrigerator, 97.3 percent own a washing machine, 98.3 percent own a television set, and 39.6 percent own cooking gas. Customers Customers Most appliance consumers are likely to be accustomed to shopping at retail and low-priced stores rather than from traditional stores (ie. supermarkets). Practical devices are becoming more and more popular due to greater flexibility in the demand for corporate rules Customers are looking for devices that are mid-priced and designed to be used for the longest possible time, and devices are now seen as things that cannot be disposed of as well as investments Quality still matters, but design and specifications play an even more important role in purchasing Customers like to express their own taste. The most demanding customers carefully consider each purchase, in terms of its monetary value Entering the market with high quality original equipment. Joining a national retailer to distribute products nationwide. Providing all options of shapes, colors and sizes. Provide easy payment to sell as many devices as possible. Promotion Communications are made in and out of stores to create awareness of the point of sale. Trying to attract as many customers as possible. Strategic Marketing Objectives Place Products and tools are displayed in stores belonging to a retailer targeting a large segment of customers. They are offered at different prices and strategies to attract customers' attention. Advertising and promotion budget In-store promotion Create a huge ad 3000 - 5000 2% for each employee sold through Subtotal (3000 - 5000) Marketing and finance strategy Out-of-store promotion Create press releases 1000 Create newsletters 500 Subtotal (1500) Total (8000 ) The problems facing the hardware sector in Palestine and Sbitany in particular Problems There are competitors for the company, such as Maslamani Home, and this may reduce the percentage of sales and profits of the company. An increase in the shipping price and taxes due to the Israeli occupation. Customers are not obligated to pay the monthly installments for electronic devices. The high prices of electricity in Palestine, and this may reduce the percentage of sales of electrical

Integrated Marketing Plan

Transcript: February 2012 Sexual Assault Centre London Mission We create safe spaces for survivors of sexual violence To break their silence. We listen. We bear witness. We facilitate healing. We celebrate resiliency and courage; We educate We advocate We agitate To create social change Vision Our world without sexual violence Values Justice, Equality, Fairness, Inquiry, Innovation, Interconnection, Inclusion, Honesty, Respect, Compassion London Public Library Twitter tweets and Facebook posts will contain link to London Intercommunity Health Centre webpage regarding film screening post contains all pertinant details regarding event (including event poster) description of film location and time of screening panel discussion following film Promotional Materials Measurements London Public Library Key Messages The screening of this film is intended for everyone 12 years old and up as the content may not be appropriate for younger children. The film is meant to get people thinking about the media they are exposed to on a daily basis and how it can, and often does, portray women and girls in a negative light. The film also seeks to inspire the audience to take action against this sexism. Sexual Assault Centre London $75 for adminstrative costs includes pens, paper, name tags, etc. all backgrounds teens Mission We provide inclusive and equitable health and social services to those who experience barriers to care, and we foster the active participation of individuals and the communities we serve. Vision Building opportunities for healthy and inclusive communities. Values Inclusivity, Innovation, Professionalism, Accountability, Excellence, Advocacy Audience The Sexual Assault Centre London was founded through cooperative efforts. On June 1, 1973, the London Women’s Resource Centre (LWRC) opened and was funded under the Opportunities for Youth grant. The Centre developed a library, workshops for women around issues such as assertiveness, equal employment opportunity and day care. Women involved in LWRC developed ideas for services needed by women in the London area. One of the issues raised was the prevalence of sexual violence and need for specific services to address the issue. Several agencies grew from the effort and gained their own autonomy, including the Sexual Assault Centre London. At this time Rape Crisis Centres were being developed across Canada. The Sexual Assault Crisis Line service was established in London in April 1975. In May 1984, the Crisis Line became a member of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres. In February 1985, the Sexual Assault Crisis Line became incorporated as a separate body from the London Women’s Resource Centre. The name was changed to the Sexual Assault Centre London and a Board of Directors was formed. A link to the film's trailer on YouTube will be made available on the websites of each partnering organization. This will give the viewer an opportunity to preview the film and get excited about the screening and the cause. London InterCommunity Health Centre Name of film (Miss Representation) will be in every promotional piece The film aims to inspire the audience to recognize the misrepresentation of women in the media and take a stand against sexism. MissRepresentation is a call-to-action campaign that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge limiting labels in order to realize their potential, and to encourage men and boys to stand up to sexism. To have a strong presence on social media, we aim to produce at least 10 Facebook and Twitter posts combined. Additionally we aim to increase our Facebook and Twitter followers by 5% to increase exposure of our posts regarding the film. Having a diverse crowd in attendance will mean at least 30% of attendees are male and age groups 12-24, 25-40, 41-55, and 55+ are represented in similar numbers. While personal information regarding gender and age will not be requested, a simple scan of the room will indicate whether or not this objective is achieved. An increase in the number of pledges taken at will indicate whether or not women in the London community are responding to the message of the film. When taking the pledge, one is asked to provide name, email, and city, making it easy to track pledges specifically from London, Ontario. We will also track the number of posts and comments on the MissRepresentation Facebook and Twitter pages. Google Analytics will provide demographic information on all social media outlets which will give a better understanding of who is taking the pledge and making posts on Miss Representation's social media outlets. To determine if we are successfully reaching out to men and boys we will use Google Analytics to find out how many males are taking our call to action to visit to learn more about the organization, and how many males are posting about the film on our social media outlets Overall key message: SEE

marketing plan template

Transcript: Objectives Support goals Economic Factors Our own brand will be made we want sale things like versace, aero, adidas, and all that other stuff. to become a global business be the store that everyone talks about make as much money as possible have the customers talking about us and telling their friends about us. have more than one business advertising Product description services we will provide Good quality of course do daily inventory checks put the money in a safe at the end of everyday go around and make sure that clothes aren't scattered all over the floor make sure windows are cleaned check clothes and make sure they aren't damaged Long term goals we will like do pullies wash and see if it fades or anything to see if any holes pops up it needs to be hand washed maybe check to see if its going to shrink they are tested every month we have actual testers, people who are coming in and testing the products will try different fabrics, material, designs, items and other things keep our customers updated on our sales and promotions that we have going on send them emails maybe with coupons in it make sure that our boutique is running properly check our financial portfolio at the end of everyday make sure i have loyal employees have only people that want to be here and help make us known apart of the business teams and our goals public works charlotte russe Direct market retail customers wholesales everybody we can economy goes down a lot of new businesses taxes goes up a great disaster can happen maybe a earthquake or something Activities we will use direct and wholesalers maybe retail different distributors we will go to for different things will do online ordering and over the phone want do packaging, will order from main company we will not do loading or packaging, they will have to order online and our main headquarters will send it to them. very convenient for you ships between 4-7 days it meets the needs because comparison our competition cant compete we have sales, we don't try to break you inventory will be on a clip board with everything and quantity of how many we pose to have it checked everyday because we need to know if anything got stole or damaged or anything else Summmary of marketing plan Competition Anaylsis build boards website; where you can order and look and see what we have in stock magazine BIG grand opening have a fashion show maybe showing some of the things that we will be selling to help us meet our financial needs help us become one with our customers able to pay everyone back that we had got loans from Describe the Product who we selling to? Pricing Unique characteristic is that we will have our name of the store plus a little heart like thing at the end so you will know that this is our brand and not any knock-off have sales blowing off the roof TRY to make our revenues all positive try not to on any dept break even every month, even if we have to have a sale too the prices will help with covering the expenses we put out for them plus for the company as a whole will vary highest thing maybe $40 cheapest $2.50 up to 75% off do the seasons sales, like mark downs hopefully cheaper than competitive most of the time but don't want to go into dept over it pricing will match our appearance manager will be in charge of checking the stock we will have a team to help calculate our sales as well Estimated number of customers (6) Estimated volume per customer ($8.25) Estimated sales volume ($0) Quality how will sales be calculate Packaging is going to depend on what you get Prices will range from maybe to $2.55-$36.99 co-adic boutique Factors That May Affect our Business

Integrated Marketing plan

Transcript: IMC Project The 704shop Strategy Planning By: Whit Teed and Kaden Elaasar 704shop Business As this is the first ever shop in Charlotte that represents the city itself, it became successful enough to have a website and delivery options. Located on Camden Rd, Charlotte NC 28203 T-Shirts Features Product Unique This feature helps gain customers by intriguing many people to purchase the item because of its difference from other clothing stores in Charlotte. It gives the best reason to buy the product because you can’t find or purchase it anywhere outside of the City. Unique Modern Modern This feature is relevant to new hip styles that are arousing in America. Why not look stylish while representing your home-town? It gives another good reason as to why people should purchase the product because the product itself is accustomed to the newest trends and ideas. Lifestyle This feature appeals to customers by associating them with a desirable way of living. It gives another good reason as to why this product is so special to purchase and wear with pride towards the city of Charlotte. Lifestyle Objectives Objectives The target market for our companies product is for ages 16-35. The population of the city is 859,035, 47.9% are males and 52.1% are females . The average income of residents in Charlotte is $61,017. The median resident age of people living in Charlotte is around 34 years old which is around the average age people have children. Target Market Theme "Spring Into Summer" Theme: Tropical End of May---beginning of June Smart Goals 1.By the end of July, 704 shop Instagram followers will increase by 10% when targeting through advertising on Instagram. 2. Have a budget of $100,000 to promote our shirts and use less than 70% of the budget. 3. By the end of the 45 days, we would profit 5% more than our budget. Goals PROMOTIONS Campaign May 26th- Begin Social Media Contest June 5th- Send out Press kits to media June 9th- Pick Winners of the Instagram post June 11th- Promote Newspaper in Charlotte Observer. June 21st- Interview with TV and radio reporters. July 2nd- Analyze how many people used the discount code found in our newspaper. May-June-July Schedule Schedule Promos Promotional Plan These coupons can only be used for our shirts which will force people to choose from our selection of shirts. For our contest we will post instructions on our Instagram for our followers to use for a chance to win. We can measure this promotion through our Instagram followers and how many people actual enter the contest. Instagram: @The704Shop Followers: 27.3 K Social Media The Charlotte Observer will be our main newspaper of choice to advertise our products. Our goal is to draw attention to our company by having people use our coupon code found with in the newspaper. We can measure this print media promotion by finding out how many people actually use the code from the newspaper ad on our website or in-store. Charlotte Observer Newspaper Press Kits Press kits Newspaper Ad [(total pop. 9,031) (69%)] ($385 per 7x5 in2.[$11 per in.]) = $68,545 Instagram Ad Post $160 + 500 clicks ($1 per click) = $660 Press Kit $1150 Total Price $70,335 BUDGET Camden Rd, Charlotte NC, 28203 Day trip to The 704shop Extra We can measure the print media promotion or newspaper ad by finding out how many people actually use the code from the newspaper on our website or in-store. We can measure our social media promotion by analyzing how many followers we have gained from our starting point. For our press kits we can measure these by identifying our achievements by reflecting on how many customers we have gained by the amount of purchases there were made. . How can we measure? Key Metrics

Integrated Marketing Plan

Transcript: Social media Webpage App Email newsletter SWOT Market Size & Trends Strenghs Quality unique High profit margin Exclusive image Honest, direct, authentic, friendly, fun, simple. Traditional marketing Advertising Competition Posters Flyers Newspapers adds Magazines adds Romy, Bogdan, Jin, Cornelia & Marta Promotion I-10 From California to Florida American Food More than 25 kind of German ale, British ale, European beer and the American beer Craft beer, honest well-made American comfort food great friendly service. Weakness Young company Higher price Target only local area Quality Targeting International 20-40 year old High & medium income - 50% Chinese - 50% Foreigners Location 20-40 years old with high income The economy of China develops very fast Fashion, international, high-end restaurants Environment and good service Posters TV ads Web page App Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube...) Fliers Integrated Marketing Plan Digital media Positioning Location Quality High price International Wide offer Product & Service Promote Sales Daily specials Upselling & Cross Selling Offer Combo Meals Discounts Loyalty Programs Email Newsletter Promotional Plan Happy hour Clients THANK YOU!! Segmentation International vs local Young vs old High income vs low income Families vs friends groups Opportunity Flavored beers. Sales volume increased Beer industry- high growth, low failure. Low market concentration. Honest, direct, authentic, friendly, fun, interactive. Threat Big capital needed to start up Competitors Targeting & positioning Great food, amazing beers

Integrated Marketing Plan

Transcript: Client: My Dog Product: Pet’s Kitchen Length: 15 seconds • Bang of a door closing • A middle aged lady calls out ‘honey I’m home, sorry I’m late but work was hectic. You will never believe what happened today…. ’ • Female voice is interrupted by a dog barking • Female immediately responds by saying ‘I missed you too! Sorry I don’t have time to cook you dinner tonight but luckily we have Pet’s Kitchen for you tonight, I know how much you love that.’.. Lastly, call of action “ Pet’s Kitchen bringing home cooked meals to your special ones, because they are worth it’ Outline Objectives Target Market Creative Campaign Threats Reputation of My Dog appearance lack of variety of animal foods, eg cat foods higher cost and price Target Market Strengths Price: Television Newspaper Cinema Magazines Expositions/ Trade Promotions Sales Promotions Internet Home Page Print AD Marketing Mix aimed within greater Sydney The intensive saturation at the start of the media plan means we will try to reach as many members of the target audience of possible We estimate reaching at least 75% of the market with a frequency of five times in the six month promotion period Opportunities Situation Analysis SWOT My Pet’s Kitchen will primarily consist of the middle to high income bracket of women between the age of 40-60 Environmental Analysis Opportunity Analysis Product: Medium- high good quality product representative of the target market “Bringing home cooked meals to your special ones, because they are worth it’ Weaknesses Customer Analysis situation Analysis objectives define the target market the campaign media planning and strategy Radio Advertisement strong competitors no product enforcements poor placement wihtin supermarkets and stockist change in laws, envionment and economy Budget Reach versus Frequency Broad customer base customer base willing to spend -they have a disposable income growing market Media Plan & Strategy Purchase gift strong brand equity excellent online service good choice of product and menu options advanced technology raise awareness of product and build the brand increase ROI by 23% in next 12 months encourage customers to try new product for first time gain a market share of 5% for Pets Kitchen Integrated Marketing Plan Competitor Analysis Company Analysis SWOT

Marketing 3500 Integrated Marketing Plan

Transcript: Edward Jay Epstein notes in his famous investigative article: "In its 1947 strategy plan, the advertising agency strongly emphasized a psychological approach. "We are dealing with a problem in mass psychology. We seek to ... strengthen the tradition of the diamond engagement ring -- to make it a psychological necessity capable of competing successfully at the retail level with utility goods and services...." It defined as its target audience "some 70 million people 15 years and over whose opinion we hope to influence in support of our objectives." De Beers spent millions upon millions convincing the public that they needed to buy a product that they basically created out of thin air (thin air that they alone controlled). 7 Reasons Why Diamonds Are a Waste of Your Money Ira Weissman - Huffington Post Movie idols, the paragons of romance for the mass audience, would be given diamonds to use as their symbols of indestructible love. In addition, the agency suggested offering stories and society photographs to selected magazines and newspapers which would reinforce the link between diamonds and romance. Stories would stress the size of diamonds that celebrities presented to their loved ones, and photographs would conspicuously show the glittering stone on the hand of a well-known woman. The plan also envisioned using the British royal family to help foster the romantic allure of diamonds. A memo said, "Since Great Britain has such an important interest in the diamond industry, the royal couple could be of tremendous assistance to this British industry by wearing diamonds rather than other jewels." Queen Elizabeth later went on a well-publicized trip to several South African diamond mines, and she accepted a diamond from De Beers. "Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?" Edward Epstein - The Atlantic Magazine Career accelerator for students - JOBS Top-tier undergraduate programs Individualized faculty attention World class faculty Breadth of business skills (Core Classes) Outside the Classroom Experiences: Internships Go Global Huntsman Scholar Program Koch Scholar Program Clubs/Organizations Scholarship Money Ability to be successful after graduation A place for the best and brightest (Quality vs Quantity) What else could we be doing? What brought you to the Huntsman School and Utah State? You can have the best idea or product in the world, but if you can't create a need or perceived value for it then it's worthless. Got Milk? What are some successful marketing campaigns? Integrated Marketing Communications How many believe diamonds are a good investment? WHY? What is integrated marketing communications Just Do It The Greatest Marketing Campaign of the 20th Century How many of you intend to give/get a diamond engagement ring for/from your future spouse? What about the Huntsman School of Business? What message do we send out? "A Diamond is Forever" De Beers How many of you that are married either gave your spouse a diamond ring or received a diamond engagement ring? The Cold Hard Facts

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