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Information Technology Presentation Template

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Information technology presentation

Transcript: from marker 2D 2.0 technology + AR virtual exhibition based on AR technology Augmented Reality "Gabinetto degli Asburgi" in AR 400 historical images as POI Virtual vs Augmented Reality glasses "mobile" devices "Punto soft" agency together with GCODE final considerations real time images through Flickr and Museum database real scene + virtual scene developed a software for IPhone and Android especially designed for Museums Milan Expo 2015 Layar AR browser needed only virtual things replace the world immersive environment social virtual worlds Performance Art Layar app October 9th 2010 MoMa New York Power House museum Sydney Application fields (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr do you want to create an augmented reality software for your museum? real things\world additional info no replacements sense of presence in the real world (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Education mediated reality Needed devices Military & emergency services History: Advertising The Augmented Reality Getty Museum Los Angeles (cc) image by jantik on Flickr computer Entertainment "..Augmented reality (AR) refers to the technology that offers a real-time view of one's immediate surroundings altered or enhanced by computer generated information. When users examine their environment through AR devices, they see information superimposed on the objects around them.." IPhone Android systems Everykind of technological device that has and support specific processor display camera sensors (accelerometer, GPS, solid state compass) Jaron Lanier Aims crucial aspect: technology to create a smart city AR one of the main innovations special glasses provided to visitors damaged or desappeared finds, artworks, cities become alive with added values AR is funny to use it will attract new target! it will may be the alternative of "dusty" museums AR: an unavoidable innovation AR and contemporary art 1989: Jaron Lanier "Virtual Reality" 1990: Tom Caudell "Augmented Reality" 1992: first uses on military field 2000: Bruce Thomas ARQuake 2009: ARToolkit -- Adobe Flash Architecture Main differences:

Information Technology Template

Transcript: New Hire Credentials Register all mobile devices All employees must review the TFSB Mobile Email Policy Mobile device must have PIN configure Remote Wiping of Mobile Devices: When a device is reported lost When employment termed & employee does not comply with removal requests Mobile Device Acknowledgment Form Includes: Internet / Intranet / Extranet-related systems / TFSB Computer & -Laptop equipment Software / Operating systems / storage media / network accounts or email Instant messaging systems / WWW browsing / FTP protocols THIS IS ALL THE PROPERTY OF THE FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK Prohibited Activities: Sharing of network credentials: Username / Password Unauthorized copying of copyrighted materials Unauthorized downloading of software to TFSB equipment Introduction of Malicious Software into the TFSB Network Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, email bombs Making fraudulent offers Pornography Providing information about or lists of TFSB Employees, customers or affiliates to non-TFSB parties Sending of Email for the purpose of harassment Use of the TFSB’s name in any unsolicited email Understanding Tools & Resources available Information Technology Desk Policies Mobile Email Network Acceptable Use Knowing Cyber Security Protocols Phishing vs Spear Phishing Consequences for Non-Compliance Malicious Links Information Technology Cisco Office Phone Guide: Be sure to sign in / sign out Conference Call forward Join 2 lines together Voice Mail All users must password protect voice mail upon recording their greeting Download and use Jabber eFax Paperless environment Send / Receive faxes via Outlook See User Guide Single Sign-on System Phones - Phone/Fax Number Payroll - Paylocity General -OKTA -Network -Webmail Encompass Related -BPS -Credit Plus Resources Password Management Portal All employees must enroll Mandatory network password change every 25 days The Portal is used to: Enroll Change Reset Unlock Phone & Fax Archie 2 Factor Authentication Work Place Security Acceptable Use Policy Live Stream Video Site Objectives Don’t make passwords too easy. Information is often easy to find on social media, making it easier for cybercriminals to hack your accounts. Pet or kids names Avoid using full words in your password. @ can replace the letter “A” and an exclamation point (!) can replace the letters “I” or “L”. Get creative. Phonetic replacements, such as “PH” instead of “F”. deliberate misspellings, such as “enjin” instead of “engine”. Never share your password. Don't tell anyone your passwords, and watch for attackers trying to trick you into revealing your passwords Best practices in password creation Departments > Information Technology Password Management Portal Sending Securemail FAQs Cisco Setup Mobile Email OKTA Setup Live Stream Email on your mobile device

Information Technology Presentation

Transcript: The program would put us through typing exercises, putting up words that we needed to copy by typing the same words/letters underneath. Every time we finish the exercise it would record our WPM (Words Per Minute), and tell us how well we are doing and which fingers had errors on. After getting our scores we would record them in our All The Right Type chart, typing in the date, wpm, and what level we had completed. Here is a video detailing all the right type. Word Title Page In word the first project was to make a title page on information technology. We would have to utilize the insert and cut and paste options to make this title page letting us explore with it more and learn new things from word Word Calendar For the second word project we had made calendars to see the outlines word had to offer Word Resume For the third project we had made resumes for jobs that we may get in the next few years. This project would teach us how to make actual resumes so that we may be knowledge on it when we actually want to apply for a job. Google Docs In google docs we had made a slide show of story of our choice. This project had shown us how to use google docs and test our creativity. After we made our first slide wewould pass our story onto a person in our group then write a chapter in their story. This is my own chapter the first one in fact. Example of another persons chapter of my story. Computer Coding I was given an opportunity to learn computer coding using some of the activities provided at We would learn on how to code and after going through some basic exercises then challenged to make our own game. Go Animate In go animate we were tasked with making a animated presentation on one of the 5 R's . With go animate we learned how to animate and lipsync voices to animations . We also educated ourselves more into the R that we had picked and stretching our imagination for scenarios to represent that R. Weebly In weebly we had made our own webite learning what we could do for one and how to actually make it. We would pick a subject for the site to be based off on and we would make 5 tabs to explain that certain subject example picture Movie Maker In movie maker we were tasked to make a movie on ay topic we wanted and adding music pictures and words. We learned on how to use movie and utulize it to our greatest extent. Prezi In prezi we learn how to make a slide show with circles or squares to hold the information. Prezi allows you to focus on the details in the circles and zoom in to highlight them. In word we learned how to make a calendar, resume, title page, and a chart. Keyboarding with All The Right Type In All The Right Type we had learned how to type faster and getting familiar with home row! Word Document What I learned In information technology

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