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Industry Analysis

Transcript: Threats 15th largest economy in the world Traditional metals for manufacturing (Steel, aluminum, brass) Trend toward plastics More durable and adaptable Rely on low global fuel prices for manufacturing Bioplastics Derived from biomass such as vegetable oil or corn starch instead of petroleum Contract Law & Enforcement 1.01 Trillion GDP (Republic of Korea) Joint-Ventures in General Preference of local control of JV operations with foreign entities Management control should be evaluated on three levels: shareholder equity representation on the board of directors active management (representative director and subordinate management) Korean board meetings require the physical presence of all JV members as well as a quorum of the directors. International Business Practicum Consulting Presentation Government Incentives World Data Bank, 2009 Annual revenue of more than $1 trillion Fragmented Industry Hundreds of niches Major products include: Plastic bags & bottles, plastic film and sheets, plastic pipe & foams, rubber hoses & tires Injection and compression molding are the principal methods of plastic processing There are both natural and synthetic rubbers Demand closely linked to the US economy Supply to OEMs, component parts Raw Material Price Fluctuations Produced with oil and natural gas Higher world oil prices make plastics more expensive Shortened Product Life Cycle The life of a new product from concept to market has decreased from years to months Quick and accurate turnaround on customer orders is critical for plastic companies to stay competitive Environmental Concerns OSHA regulations to protect workers Increased disposal regulations U.S.'s 7th largest trading partner Often acts as a 3PL, competing on performance Chemical manufacturing industry 10,000 U.S. companies $700 billion dollars domestically $4 trillion Taxation of Foreign Corporations Taxes only on income derived from within Korea No taxes on the liquidation income of a foreign corporation Same taxes and laws as a domestic company KORUS protection from double taxation Tax Base Calculated based upon yearly income - deductions for deficits & non-taxable income No restrictions on earning remittance Yearly documentation required Industry Analysis Grants or Subsidies to Foreign Investors Special industrial complexes to ease the opening of businesses Conditions of use (either): High-technology business Percentage of foreign ownership above 30% Incentives include: Exemption from or a discount on lease charges Financial subsidies for the development of industrial technology Industrial base fund support Tax Incentives Benefits of Foreign Investment Zones (FIZs) Exempted from corporate and income taxes for the first 5 years 50 percent reduction for 2 years thereafter Environmental Regulations Employment Laws Population48,754,657 (July 2011) Weaknesses Increasingly aggressive on combating pollution Ministry of the Environment Ratified United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in November 2002 Committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions between 2009-2013 Target to cut emissions by 30% by 2020 Corporate incentives for re-engineering processes to reduce greenhouse gas emission Loans at subsidized interest rates Technical assistance Exemptions from government inspections and reporting requirements Source: Doing Business Overall Conclusion Relationship with A-sung Long-term relationship with potential Korean JV Current contract with HP Currently exporting to Israel Urethane- the material of choice Extraordinary physical and mechanical properties Flexibility, and easily customizable Longer part life fewer replacements, reduced labor costs, less equipment downtime Superior Quality in Manufacturing Dr. Chang's proprietary knowledge Company patents Manufacturers are often located close to the OEM "We will push plans to give special treatment to foreigners coming again to work in the country so small and medium-sized companies can use skilled foreign manpower," Labor Minister Lee Cha-pel Source: U.S. Department of State Plastics are an easy substitute Replace traditional metal component parts High-temperature, high-performance Increasing demand in: Packaging and container market Construction industry Medical supplies Asia Electronics market New ways to utilize plastics over silicones Bioplastics Derived from biomass such as vegetable oil Potential to address environmental concerns Increased response and support of IP right through KORUS Supported protection and commercialization of IP Strengthened global cooperation to protect and support foreign IP companies Rogue Employee Laws Covenant not to compete Bonded employees Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) Supports Korean patents through a formal registration process High investment in capital equipment Equipment for specialization is expensive Average firm is 65.3% leveraged with small firms 82.8% leveraged Specialized production Patents limit competition for specialized products High quality

Industry Analysis

Transcript: Covers only North America 2010 Revenues of $130 billion Average revenue increased 1.1% Forecasted to increase 5% to 2015 External factors Demand from foreign and domestic carriers Replacement of aging military aircraft Company Backgrounds Boeing Started by William Boeing in 1916 Anti-trust legislation in 1934 United Air Lines, United Aircraft, Boeing Airplane Merged with McDonnell Douglas in1997 Global operations, headquartered in Chicago, IL 157,000 employees 2009 revenue of $68 billion 12.1% increase from 2008 747, 777, 787, Apache helicopter, F-18, C-17, missiles, primary contractor of International Space Station Lockheed Martin Started as two separate companies Glenn L Martin Company in 1912 Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing in 1916 Both merged in 1995 Headquarters located in Bethesda, MD 140,000 employees 2009 revenue of $45 billion 5.8% increase from 2008 84% of revenue comes from US Government C-130, C-5, F-22, F-35, missiles, satellites, and other defense systems Organizational Mode Business Model Nature of the Industry 45 page Ethical Business Conduct Guideline “conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, in accordance with the company's values and Code of Conduct, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations” Ethics hotline 8 listed values Free copy given to each employee to keep Recent lawsuit Whistle blowing from 3 internal auditors Boeing Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pioneering and solution innovation Process efficiency Conclusion F-35 Lightning Differentiating innovation Similar capabilities compared to F-22 CEO July 1, 2005 – James McNerney Was CEO of 3M for 5 years Board of Directors 13 Members Diverse backgrounds Limit as to number of other boards can sit on Supervising role Many externalities Effective leader C-17 Globemaster Process efficiency Many quality awards Saved over $90 million to date Boeing Boeing Lockheed Martin Both have strong futures Boeing More diverse Integrity part of organizational culture Adapts quicker to changing environments Not so strongly affected by whims of political officials Lockheed Martin Cuts is defense spending Cancelation of government programs Commercial division Network of entrepreneurs Many available resources Highly complex environment Shifting to interconnected teams Resources still available but allocation has been reduced Use same principles with suppliers Authority has been pushed onto suppliers 2,500 page instruction book for 777 is only 25 pages for 787 Lockheed Martin C-17 program Catalyst style Employees open to change High urgency Commercial division Catalyst style Exception 787 Dreamliner program – Coach style Operates deliberately with low urgency Should be under catalyst style 23 page Code of Ethics & Business Conduct do what’s right, respect others, and perform with excellence Ethics Officer Ethics hotline Recent lawsuits Race discrimination Whistleblower of defrauding US Government Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy Differentiating innovation Upgrading older aircraft 737 Drentiating innovation and process efficiency 1960’s upgraded to modern standards Aircraft, Engine, and Parts Manufacturing All four divisions Coach style Employees open to change Low urgency for change F-35 program Should be operating under catalyst style Excessive overrun costs $320 to over $382 billion Four years behind delivery date and still in development phase Aeronautics division – F-35 program Network of entrepreneurs Reorganized division to attempt to contain costs Has not worked Should move to interconnected teams Make resource allocation more strict and find ways to improve efficiency Other divisions – interconnected teams Resources being allocated to F-35 program Governance CEO April 2005 – Robert Stevens Board of Directors 11 members Required to retire at age 72 Supervising Role Many externalities Effective leader Lockheed Martin

powerpoint template

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