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in memoriam

Transcript: Symbolizes Lincoln's high ideas, his belief in the freedom and dignity of people. His love for the union he worked so hard to save. Memorial has been site of some of the nation's most stirring Civil Rights demonstrations and events. Two groups were making plans to commemorate his memory. One group was led by a black woman born in slavery. Short Biography of Architect Santiago J. Erevia Thank You Willingly, you took part in a lopsided deal. We offer so little. Yet you give us so much You are a soldier, a protector and a hero. There is no check we can write to pay for all you do Just know without a doubt that we all Thank You ! "Lincoln Memorial Design and Symbolism." National Parks Service. U.S. Department of the Interior, n.d. Web. 24 May 2016. Earning The Medal The Lincoln Memorial Works Cited Adolfo Ramirez and Liliana Mateo U.S History----Period 5 Mrs. Seward 5-25-16 Born December 15 , 1945 , Corpus Christi, TX Married with four kids. Sargent Died March 22, 2016 in San Antonio, TX served for U.S Army May 21, 1969, Tam Ky, Vietnam Memorial was located on the western end of the National Mall in Washington D.C Construction took place between 1914 and 1922 Interesting Features Landmark Overview Memorial was built in 1922 to heal National division caused by the Civil War. Memorial importance as symbolic space for Civil Rights Movement. The virtues of tolerance, honesty, and constancy in the human spirit. Memorial is an inspiring and enduring symbol of freedom. Historical Significance The Lincoln Memorial Was used to sing After being denied to sing, Marian Anderson sang to the crowed of 750,000 people in the memorial. MLK said his famous "I have a Dream" speech. Other Purpose's for the Memorial Construction was during 1914 and 1922 Cost of 3 million "Secret Symbol of the Lincoln Memorial." National Parks Service. U.S. Department of the Interior, n.d. Web. 24 May 2016. Constructed of granite, marble, and limestone. Was based on neoclassical design, based on the Parthenon, in Athens, Greece Colonnade of 36 Doric columns Represented # of states in union. At time of Lincoln death French originally planned a 10-foot tall statue. Columns are tall with a base diameter of 7'5' Each column composed of 12 individual drums In Memoriam Of Santiago J. Erevia Distinguished himself by acts of gallantry Always on duty Took care of wounded men Followed directions did not hesitate to take on responsibilities From 2008 to 2015 the number amounted approximately 7.94 million in 2015 No entrance fee Paddle boats, bike tours, and night time walks with park ranger March 18, 2014 Santiago received medal from president Obama Given in the east room of the White House in Washington Presentation Of The Medal Landmark Continued Architecture Design Visitor Information and Essentials Message "Henry Bacon." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 24 May 2016. Henry Bacon built the memorial Born on November 28, 1866 in Illinois Design of Chicago's world fair Studied Architecture in Boston Drew upon his love for classic Greek Architecture. Designed the Danforth Memorial Library He died in New York City on February 16, 1924

In Memoriam

Transcript: In Memoriam Alfred Lord Tennyson (sections 1, 7, 82, and 130 Characteristically, throughout In Memoriam, Alfred Lord Tennyson employs the imagery of natural elements in order to portray his feelings and emotions after the death of his close friend, Arthur Henry Hallam. Perhaps the most poignant of these images is that of the wind, represented in many ways throughout the poem, and linked closely to the concept of calm despair' and wild unrest'. Abigail Iliffe Experts Say: Tennyson is one of the best known poets of the Victorian era, and indeed his stylistic features and subjects epitomize the period. In Memoriam is one of his major works, and in this elegy he mourns the death of his best friend Arthur Hallam. I shall be discussing section LV specifically; first analyzing how Tennyson structures this section then discussing how it fits in with the rest of the poem which is essentially a dedication to his best friend and an exploration of immortality, his faith, and the meaning of loss. Marianne Porter Theme: Tennyson is grieving the death of a very close friend. Unified by the poetic persona's grief, doubt, and search for faith. The composition of In Memoriam was initiated by Tennyson's deep suffering at the loss of his brilliant young friend, the promising poet and scholar Arthur Henry Hallam, who died suddenly in 1833 at the age of twenty-two. Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Rhyme- In each stanza, the first and last line rhyme, so do the two middle lines. Of their dead selves to higher things. 7 15`Behold the man that loved and lost, Here in the long unlovely street, Ah, sweeter to be drunk with loss, That men may rise on stepping-stones 130 Thy voice is on the rolling air; I hear thee where the waters run; Thou standest in the rising sun, And in the setting thou art fair. What art thou then? I cannot guess; But tho' I seem in star and flower To feel thee some diffusive power, I do not therefore love thee less: My love involves the love before; My love is vaster passion now; Tho' mix'd with God and Nature thou, I seem to love thee more and more. Far off thou art, but ever nigh; I have thee still, and I rejoice; I prosper, circled with thy voice; I shall not lose thee tho' I die The long result of love, and boast, Or reach a hand thro' time to catch To one clear harp in divers tones, The noise of life begins again, Author Background Time period characteristics To dance with death, to beat the ground, I Let Love clasp Grief lest both be drown'd, On the bald street breaks the blank day. Imagery- part 1, stanza 1— music in Heaven Literary Devices But who shall so forecast the years So quickly, waiting for a hand, Title of Poem- A Memoriam, A.H.H. Poet- Alfred Lord Tennyson Completed in 1849 It is a requiem of a friend from Cambridge who died suddenly of a cerebral haemorrhage in Vienna in 1833. Since it was written over a period of 17 years, its meditation on the search for hope after great loss touches upon many of the most important and deeply-felt concerns of Victorian society. It contains some of Tennyson's most accomplished lyrical work, and is an unusually sustained exercise in lyric verse. It is widely considered to be one of the great poems of the 19th century. The original title of the poem was "The Way of the Soul", and this might give an idea of how the poem is an account of all Tennyson's thoughts and feelings as he copes with his grief over such a long period - including wrestling with the big philosophico-scientific questions of his day. It is perhaps because of this that the poem is still popular with and of interest to modern readers. Metaphor- Drunk with loss (line 11) 82 I wage not any feud with Death 30For changes wrought on form and face; No lower life that earth's embrace May breed with him, can fright my faith. Eternal process moving on, From state to state the spirit walks; 35And these are but the shatter'd stalks, Or ruin'd chrysalis of one. Nor blame I Death, because he bare The use of virtue out of earth: I know transplanted human worth 40Will bloom to profit, otherwhere. For this alone on Death I wreak The wrath that garners in my heart; He put our lives so far apart We cannot hear each other speak. Dark house, by which once more I stand I held it truth, with him who sings The far-off interest of tears? A hand that can be clasp'd no more— Meaning/Theme/Experts Behold me, for I cannot sleep, Poem At earliest morning to the door. Than that the victor Hours should scorn And like a guilty thing I creep He is not here; but far away Let darkness keep her raven gloss: And ghastly thro' the drizzling rain And find in loss a gain to match? Doors, where my heart was used to beat But all he was is overworn.'

In Memoriam

Transcript: Practicing means repeating again and again, so it's boring. THERE WERE PLENTY OF PEOPLE AT THE PARTY REPARATION vs REPAIR POPULAR vs COMMON STEAL focuses on that which is taken I prefer watch RARE and STRANGE vs UNUSUAL Responsible of ANOTHER BOTTLE Literal: The price of fuel has gone down lately. 1. Can you prepear my breakfast? 2. My mum paid a big prize for the hairdresser’s service. 3. She got married to the old man and took advantage of him. 4. He is a very rare boy, he always eats bugs Neutral: The program is a great opportunity; you should take advantage of the situation. PREFER with BARE INFINITIVE SOMEONE ELSE You get no prizes for being a jerk, jerk. QUITE/QUIET ENGLISH: a person more = dumb it was plenty of people The responsible people RESOLVE and SOLVE PEACEFUL take advantage of They all refer to something that is not commonplace, BUT: This prehistoric tools are a RARE find in this area IE: difficult to find What a strange day that was, sometimes i wish it had been a dream IE: unfamiliar or disturbing OPPORTUNITY, CHANCE, POSSIBILITY HER DREAMS CAME TRUE Purpose and aim OURSELVES VS EACH OTHER The gang robbed three Banks over a period of six months, but were finally caught. Mike and Eva looked at each other and kissed passionately in front of the whole class He won a car as a prize for answering every question correctly. Responsible for it does not mean train Popular = people like it WRONG, IN MEMORIAM it looks like preparar, but doesn't necessarily mean the same. I had the opportunity of meeting Write Right’s author. I had the chance/opportunity to become Batman, but at that moment I didn't want to. There’s a high chance/possibility that you win the lottery if you are mayor of the Partido Popular. I paid SpongeBob 9000 dollars for the recipe of the Krabby Patty Johnny Depp is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood PRICE It's quite hot today It was a quiet wedding with few guests PACIFIC ROB focuses on the place or person 3. Are these sentences okay? (2016-2016) Opportunity: a favorable set of consequences Possibility: an event that may happen or not you make your own breakfast, a maid might prepare it for you The question has been solved; the correct answer is posted for all to see. REPARATION = PAY TO SOMEONE Ex: We should invite someone else PLENTY = noun ROB vs STEAL also known as SPANISH: prefiero ver not prepair, not prepear strange, unusual: mostly synonyms FULL = adjective THE PARTY WAS FULL OF PEOPLE PREPARE 4. Fill the gaps 1. They ______ (robbed/stole) to the old woman. 2. The _____ (reparation/repare) of the car is quite expensive. 3. She wanted to go to Disneyland but she couldn’t _______ (make it reality/make it come true) 4. I’ve been arguing with my Maths teacher because she says my exercise was wrong, but I know ____ (I have the reason/I'm right) OTHER BOTTLE SPANISH: una persona más PAY SOMEONE Common = it's normal, even if you don't like it She looked at herself in the mirror and realized she was ugly as hell PLENTY AS AN ADJECTIVE Quiet: SILENT or LOW VOLUME Purpose is the reason for which you do something, that which you want to achieve. Aim is the direction you take in order to achieve that purpose. Our aim is to promote the use of solar batteries. Our purpose is to slow down global warming in order to save lives. EXERCISES All over the years people have developed certain abilities Other/Different types of videogames are far better than Fifa 2016 REFLEXIVE Negative: The mean old lady took advantage of her because of her innocence. This construction does not exist (literal translation) HER DREAMS WERE MADE REALITY 'Cause it's fun, right? 'take something from someone without permission' RESOLVE means that the problem or situation is over. It's NEUTRAL it does not imply the result was satisfactory: The issue has been resolved, although none of us is happy with the final outcome. (ALL) OVER (TIME) Literal translation: aprovecharse, sacar provecho MAKE IT REALITY You play football, do judo, go jogging Take profit of Heart problems are common among people who are 65 years old or over All over is used for space but not time Responsible PRIZE Other different types of videogames are far better than Fifa 2016 The correct way is: PREFER followed by -ing OR a verb preceded by TO: Practise a sport ( pay to do something: merecer la pena) I prefer to sort out a problem as soon as I can I prefer driving to walking. figurative: You must pay the price for your behaviour. REPAIR = it was full of people The responsible Our car was stolen from outside our house last week. RECIPROCAL OTHER DIFFERENT OTHER SIMILAR SOLVE means to deal with the problem successfully: 1 What do I mean by … ? I want other pen… This one is better, give me another. I acquired my collection over the years and you threw it all over the floor in a second. After years of living in a peaceful environment, the old lady rapist became a much more pacific person. RESPONSABLE, RESPONSIBLE, RESPONSIBLE OF TIP: quite = noun

In Memoriam

Transcript: This poem is a good representation of the theme of comradeship. The author conveys his genuine love for his soldiers as if he was their own father. He feels like he raised them during their time throughout the trenches and on the battlefield. "In Memoriam" So you were David’s father, And he was your only son, And the new-cut peats are rotting And the work is left undone, Because of an old man weeping, Just an old man in pain, For David, his son David, That will not come again. Oh, the letters he wrote you, And I can see them still, Not a word of the fighting, But just the sheep on the hill And how you should get the crops in Ere the year get stormier, And the Bosches have got his body, And I was his officer. Oh, never will I forget you, My men that trusted me, More my sons than your fathers’, For they could only see The little helpless babies And the young men in their pride. They could not see you dying, And hold you while you died. Happy and young and gallant, They saw their first-born go, But not the strong limbs broken And the beautiful men brought low, The piteous writhing bodies, They screamed “Don’t leave me, sir”, For they were only your fathers But I was your officer. Born March 4, 1893, Lieutenant Ewart Alan Mackintosh fought in WWI as an officer of the Seaforth Highlanders. He was killed on the second day of the second battle of Cambrai on November 23, 1917. His poetry has been considered to be comparable to the most famous war poet, Rupert Brooke. "In Memoriam" You were only David’s father, But I had fifty sons When we went up in the evening Under the arch of the guns, And we came back at twilight - O God! I heard them call To me for help and pity That could not help at all. By Ewart Alan Macintosh References Comradeship umey/ewart_alan_mackintosh.html

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