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In And Out Burger Powerpoint Template

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In and Out burger

Transcript: Cheeseburger-Calories 480 Double-Double-Calories 670 French Fries-Calories 400 Double meat-675 3x3- 860 calories 4x4-1050 calories grilled cheese-380 protein style -75o animal style -480 calories Chocolate Shake-Calories 590 Strawberry Shake-Calories 590 Vanilla Shake-Calories 590 Root Beer-Calories 220 Coca-Cola Classic-Calories 200 and other soft drinks history in and out dosnt put much adversting buut they do put work in to tv comeshials also the have racing comptions in california that bring in money In and Out burger popularity menu advertising prices Double-Double Burger $6.70 Cheeseburger $5.65 Hamburger $5.35 French Fries $1.60 combos Double-Double Burger $6.70 Cheeseburger $5.65 Hamburger $5.35 3x3- $4.45 4x4-$5.50 grilled cheese-$2.35 protein style -$4.30 animal style -$3.40 drinks Soft Drink Small $1.50 Soft Drink Medium $1.65 Soft Drink Large $1.85 Soft Drink Extra Large $2.05 Shakes $2.15 Milk $0.99 Coffee $1.35 Zane johnson in 1948 fist in and out was opened Harry Snyder introduces California’s first drive-thru hamburger stand in a space barely 10 feet square feet 1948 two way speaker box was introduced 1958 10th anniversary 1958 bottle drinks changed to fountan cups 1961 The first Animal Style burger is created in response to customer requests. 1971 drag racing and classic cars builds on Harry’s initial 1965 investment 1975 milk shakes intoduced in and out is vary popular in the places that is is occuping. for having a Number of locations‎: ‎342 help this. there is not alot of store but they get good bussiness Logo

In and Out Burger

Transcript: Market Overview McDonald's Subway Sonic Jimmy John's Taco Bell Quizno's In-N-Out Burger would fit well in the Bricktown area of Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Top Ten Lifestyles Final Decision Fast Food Restaurants in Bricktown 1. Bible/Devotional Reading 2. Own dog 3. sewing 4. Frequent fishing 5. Home video games 6. Hunting/Shooting 7. Crafts 8. Military Veteran in household 9. Our nation's heritage 10. Grandchildren 83% of people 25 years and older have at least graduated high school The mean travel time to work is 19.4 80% of workers in Oklahoma City drive to work alone The average family size is 3.13 1.Subway 2. Wendy's 3. McDonald's 4. Taco Bell 5. Burger King More info on OKC Total fast food meals sold per year: 806,000 Average number of times a person eats out per month at a fast food establishment : 6.3 Average household income in OKC is under $20,000 = 31.3% In 2007, there were 5,659 eating and drinking places in Oklahoma The total population in Oklahoma City is 1,585,716 The biggest age group in Oklahoma City is age 25-44 at 442,415 people Top 5 Most Popular Large Fast Food Chains 1. Panera Bread 2. Chipotle 3. In-N-Out Burger 4.Chick-fil-A 5. Au Bon Pain Competitive Situation Average Oklahoman The average Oklahoma City Resident is: White between 25 and 44 years old married a high school graduate lives about 20 minutes away from work is in a professional or technical job reads the bible owns a dog likes to fish or hunt Market Overview In 2009 9% of total employment in Oklahoma was in the fast food industry 6% of adults said purchasing meals makes it easier for families with children to manage their daily life %4.4% of households were married-couple families in 2007 Food sales in the Oklahoma City area= $1,273,795,000 The Top 5 Most Popular Mega Fast Food Chains in America Market Overview Compared to other restaurants and attractions In-N-Out...

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