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Implementation Strategy Presentation Template

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Strategy implementation

Transcript: Show how things would improve Pro Strategies Conclusion Identified problems Con Define the objective Describe the next steps Describe the desired state Get your audience excited Idea 2 Pro bring strategic focus Pro effective strategy realisation is key for achieving strategic success assure awerness on strategies All projects are delivered on time and has strategy goals as main focus. Con communicate the strategy implement strategy through people-assure awerness on strategies get results It is leaders’ responsibility to build and develop the team, deal with misaligned or low performers, clear the path for people to decide and act, and keep energy and motivation high. Providing employees with the appropriate skills, training, information and supervisory support. Implement the new strategy with fanfare. It is important that all levels of employees are enthusiastic about the change and feel as though they have been rewarded for their help in bringing it about. There must also be a broad understanding of when the change begins, so create a launch date or schedule that everyone knows and can easily follow. 24 hour feedback guarantee rewarding loyal customers Explain your expectations Con Steps to implement strategy What can we do? How problems can be resolved Pro Idea 1 Describe the idea you think is best Challanges and opportunities Customer Strategy Implementation Company struggles with implementation of strategic objectives What if we do nothing? Explain what success will bring Providing employees with the appropriate skills, training, information and supervisory support for this strategy and the next ones. Recognize and Reward Explain how it will help Making them feel they are an important part of the change process and educating them about the details will help to create enthusiasm and cooperation instead of paranoia. Current situation Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures on time delivery of projects with clear strategic objectives included clear direction toward strategic objectives collaboration between teams from different divisions Information flow from the lower levels of the company some process with gaps and overlaps negatively affecting the final output Assuring everything is happening according to division strategy. Con

Strategy Implementation

Transcript: Strategy Implementation Purpose, Vision, Goals Strategy Tactics Actions Results "To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.” - Johann Goethe Review on Variety of approaches towards these Tasks. Submitted by:- Ajay Pratap singh Anshul Kumar Hardeep Banger lokesh Jaiswal Piyush Kumar Jain Functional Fit Which functional policies need to be implemented to achieve the strategy? Define key implementation tasks. Control System When there is a chance of frequent change. Where there is a need of several strategic options. What Is Strategy? Adoption and execution of Business Policies that consistent with business Strategies. These functional groups should adopt policies thatreinforce the corporate strategy. Sequence of actions What is the mix of Strategic, organizational, and interpersonal considerations that impact the implementation of strategy? What strategy is the general manager trying to achieve? The Degree of Involvement Attention to Administrative Constraint Manufacturing Thanking You "Solar India" Attention to Administrative Constraint Problems Organization Structure Incentives Control Transition Administrative Skill What should the timing be of implementation plan? Interpersonal CERC Regulations Tariff Setting Strategic planning system Key human & Organizational issues Deeply Involved. Cognizant of the administrative implication of plan, Communication & Timing To identify most affected people Commitment to purpose Business and ethical Standards Engineering Which management system and organization process need to be implemented to achieve the strategy? What implementation plan should manager should follow? “Strategies most often fail because they aren’t executed well.” Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan Political Management Entrepreneurial Mangement Administrative & Leadership skills Utilties : RPO Generators Consumers Which group or individual will be effected by the implementation of Strategy and how should there concern be managed? Won't specify action. Will quickly put right people in key jobs. Low Management Selection and Development Deeply involved. Pay Little attention to constraints. Usually settle for trade offs. Trust of Subordinates The Implementation task: Creating “Fits” Key skills of Organization Key skill of Individual Unstable environment, stable strategy. System seldom change fast enough to keep pace with strategic change. People and organization shaker Organization processes Strategy Formation High Identification Of key skills. Land acquisition Policy Currency Fluctuation Communications Corporate culture Entrepreneurial Management Vision Mission objectives Analytical Skill Finance High Low Finance Engineering Commissioning Operation Marketing Identify Individual Affected Administrative Fit Today Organization Structure IMPLEMENTATION SKILLS Strategy Results Strategic intent Administrative & Leadership Skill manager need to implement? Functions Administrative Fit The Degree of Involvement Implementation Modes Tomorrow What “misfits” exist in the company? What are Key implementation Task? Where an organization should Focus Pro To spell out functional and administrative Fits Identify Strategy Strategic Situation After Long time To identify Crucial Fits Are the objectives of implementation plan realistic? ow much is being accomplished over what period of time? Framework For Implementing strategy Motivating The Investors Technological Support Central and State Policies Promotion Of Solar Energy Strategy Should be embodied in everything the organization does. Two Types of Fits: "Solar India" Implementing rapid growth Consolidation Strategic change Turnarounds Integration of new acquisition Evaluation of strategy High Installation Cost Low level of Technological Maturity Grid stability Power Evacuation Resource Assessment Land Acquisition Transition Set of alternative actions Timing Leadership skills Organization Structure/Processes/ Systems Commitment to Purpose Bad Causes Decision Making Strategy Implementation Numerous approaches available Marketing Technical Should the Manager make key implementation decision alone or they should be delegated or result of collaborative process? Seldom does a strategy is embodied in all functional policies. Although many Misfits indicate poor performance. some are there due to a legitimate purpose Information System Analyze Control More concerned with Admin. fall outs Limited involvement with real time planning People & Organization Shaker Incentive System Implementing strategy Administrative Management Fuctional Policies Organizational Application to Cases Tariff : Grid Parity Incentives Financing Commissioning Intermittent source of Energy Development of Implementation Plan "we must pioneer a graduated shift from economic activity based on fossil fuels to one based on non-fossil fuels and from reliance on no-renewable and depleting sources of energy to renewable source of energy........" Reasons

Implementation Strategy

Transcript: Real-world projects = higher quality products Creates awareness of skills they need to succeed in the "real-world" Organizational, analytical, and communication skills Need to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, and team players Most students understand and can state the value of doing practical group projects Group projects are not for everyone Allowing an option for equal work to be done on one's own (undergraduate level) Best Practices Continued Professor of Marketing at Cal State Authors Victoria Seitz - Ph.D., Oklahoma State University Professor of Marketing at Cal State 1. Provide relevant hands-on experience 2. Students have more buy in if they have a say in their group *Selecting a partner, then you match partners for a group 3. Every student participate in every phase of project - not assign roles 4. Team meetings with the teacher Nabil Y. Razzouk - Ph.D., Arizona State University Razzouk, N., Seitz, V., & Rizkallah, E. (2003). Learning by doing: Using experiential projects in the undergraduate marketing strategy course. Marketing Education Review, 13(2), 35-41. Learning Together Analyzing Research Student Surveys Project experimentation in multiple marketing courses Context Experiential Projects Challenges Reference 5. Have them do at least one presentation rehearsal 6. Confidential peer-evaluation forms 7. Have a solid plan and follow it Elias Rizkallah - Ph.D., Northwestern University Professor of Marketing at La Sierra University Undergraduate Marketing Course Around 30 students What is an ideal real-life group project situation Pros and cons What are students' perceptions of these real-world projects How to set up successful projects Real-World Projects Best Practices Methods Results 1. Finding meaningful projects 2. Grading - Assigning value to individuals, group as a whole, etc 3. Student complaints about group members 4. Time to work on the project

Implementation Strategy

Transcript: PROJECT TEAM PROJECT TEAM Director of Information Technology Project Owner 19 Years within AKA IT Responsible for Oversight of Project Dewey Morris Dewey Morris IT Operations Project Manager & Developer 15 Years in IT, ~10 Years with AKA Manages Development Project for public site Develops Members Only site and Reporting Site Darold Fletcher Darold Fletcher Systems Administrator 14 Years in IT, 3.5 Years in AKA Responsible for Hardware and Infrastructure Needs Desmond Christie Desmond Christie Web Developer X Years in IT, 1.5 Years with AKA Assist in Development of the public and Members Only sites Daniel Quinones Daniel Quinones netFORUM Business Analyst Consultant Project Management and Business Analyst Resource 16 Years with AKA Assist with Project Management Testing Susan Darrow Susan Darrow SITES SITES AKA1908.COM AKA1908.COM Public Web Presence of the Sorority Craft CMS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server MEMBERS ONLY MEMBERS ONLY Member Portal for sensitive information and membership profile netFORUM Built-In CMS eWeb Server (premise-based) REPORTING REPORTING Used to input reporting data Programs Finance Conference Planning End-of-Year Reports (Regions) Backend PHP (No CMS) Internal Server REGIONAL SITES{region name} Far Western, Great Lakes, International, South Central, South Eastern Public Web Presence for the regions Members Only Access Craft CMS (Same Instance as International Public Site) REGIONAL SITES EVENT MICROSITES{event name} Event Information and Access to Registration Craft CMS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server EVENT MICROSITES OTHER SITES Centennial Site Unsung Heroes AKA Pioneers OTHER SITES PROJECT PLAN Milestone Dates Next Steps PROJECT PLAN MILESTONE DATES Administration Project Team Site Requirements List Theme Logo Graphics and Design Concepts Program Overview Site Developers Develop Statement of Work (SOW) Develop Wireframes for public site and Members Only site NEXT STEPS

Strategy Implementation

Transcript: Valerie Jansen January 10, 2018 MGT/498 Rich Arriaga Strategy Implementation, Evaluation and Control Introduction Introduction Strategic Implementation Governance & Ethics Social Value Innovation Legal Limitations & Diversification Evaluation & Control Summary Summary "If we are going to grow and we are going to diversify we have to take risks." Alex Taylor, CEO of Cox Enterprises, INC. 3 3 1 5 3 Years Years Exsisting Customer Base New Customer Growth Strategic Implementation Strategic Implementation Alignment Alignment McKinsey 7 S's Model Outsourcing International Strategy Governance & Ethics Governance & Ethics Social Value Social Value Innovation Innovation Incremental Innovation Reconfigure the Value Chain Competitive Advantage Legal Limitations & Diversification Legal Limitations & Diversification Evalutation & Control Strategic Metrics Key Financial Ratios Evalutation & Control Strategic Metrics Balanced Scorecard Strategic Metrics Financial Results Customer Goals Learning & Growth Business Process Strategic Metrics Key Financial Ratios - Strategic Performance Net Profit Margin = Net Income Sales How profitable is the company? Return on Assets = Net Income Total Assets Shows how efficently the company uses it assets Sales Productivity = Sales # of Employees Outlines efficiency of human capital in gaining sales Earnings Productivity = Net Income # of Employees The amount of profit earned per employee Gross Margin = Sales – Cost of Goods Sold Sales Helps understand how variable costs influence profitability Key Financial Ratios - Strategic Slack Times Interest Earned = Net Income+Interest Expense +Tax Expense/Interest Expense The ability to meet commitments to bondholders EBITDA = Net Income + Interest Expense + Tax Expense + Depreciation + Amorttizaton Operating performance net financing, tax, and accounting practices Debt to Equity = Total Debt Total Equity The higher Debt to Equity ratio banks are less willing to issue loans Free Cash Flow = Net Income + Interest Expense + Depreciation – Capital Expenditures – Dividends Cash flows generated net future investments and payments to shareholders Long-Term Debt to Equity = Long Term Debt Total Equity Similar to Debt Equity, when comparing the two shows how the company mets long and short-term commitments Key Financial Ratios - Operating Efficiency carcog Current Ratio Current Assets Current Liablities Its ability to meet its short term obligations Acid Test Current Assets – Inventory Current Liabilities The ability to meet obligations without selling inventory Inventory Turns Net Sales Inventory How fast the firm sells its existing stock of goods Average Collection Period 365 × Sales / Average Accounts Receivable How fast the firm turns sales into cash Days Payables 365 / Annual Purchases × Average Trade Payable How fast the firm sells its existing stock of goods Strategic Implementation Governance & Ethics Social Value Innovation Legal Limitations & Diversification Evaluation & Control Conclusion Conclusion References References Dryer, Jeff. (2016). Strategic Management Concepts and Cases. John Wiley & Sons: Hoboken. NetMBA. (2010). Financial Ratios. Retrieved from Cox Conserves. (2018). Cox Enterprises. Retrieved from

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