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Illinois institute of technology

Transcript: Illinois institute of technology Urban environment well known for engineering, law, architecture, science, and applied technology. School is not religous based private One of many cafeterias Greek life Mccormick student village Most students stay here except ones willing to pay more is the only one available to first year students Minimum of 2.00 gpa but is rare to get in with any less then 2.50 act scores minimum of 20 but rarely under 22 is accepted Being in downtown chicago there are many forms of transportation and around campus there are shuttle buses to take you around Also being in chicago entertainment is whatever you can make of it and there are tons of restraunts to try as well. "Greek organizations have been an important part of the Illinois Tech educational experience for more than 100 years" The average classroom at illinois institute of technology Sports opportunities offered include baseball, basketball, soccer, swim and dive, track and field, and lacrosse (women only) school does not have a football team Keating sports center has weight rooms, exercise facilites and pools Average full time graduate student pays 26,197$ in tuition and 13,275$ in room and board. Which rounds out at around 40,000 in first year expenses. Everything is done at the university (no traveling abroad offered) Paul v galvin library Cost and other quick facts Sports Most of the class buildings are very similair but classrooms vary on courses and such Basic information

Illinois Institute of Technology

Transcript: Illinois Institute Of Technology Illinois Institute of Technology's mission is to educate individuals for complex professional roles in a changing world and to advance knowledge through research and scholarship. The guiding principle of the university is that a modern, innovative education for students expecting to enter complex professional roles is only possible with a faculty that maintains close ties to the technical professions and has an outstanding reputation in academic research. Academic Applying for aid Required form: FAFSA Priority date: April 15 Rolling? Yes Campus size: 120 acres City or town school is located in: Chicago, Illinois Population of city/town: 2,900,000 Locations of branch/satellite campuses: Branch campuses in downtown Chicago, Wheaton, and Bedford Park. Nearest major city: Chicago, Illinois Locations Architectural Engineering Just the Facts A program that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of materials, systems, and methods used to construct and equip buildings intended for human habitation or other purposes. This program is available in these options: Certificate program Associate degree Bachelor's degree Master's degree Doctoral degree Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Campus environment Majors with the highest enrollment: architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering Majors with the lowest enrollment: design, business administration/applied science, engineering management Average freshman GPA: 2.9 on a 4 scale Percent of full-time freshman students who returned for sophomore year: 89% Student Faculty ratio: 10:1 Total faculty: 509 men, 146 women, 655 Total Full-time faculty: 304 men, 81 women, 385 Total Part-time faculty: 205 men, 65 women, 270 Total Graduation rate: 65% within six years Summary Semester/term begin dates: in late August and late January. Calendar system: semester system (two terms comprise academic year) Month(s) in which new student orientation is held: Orientation for new students held in June, July, and August. Number and length of summer sessions: One summer session of eight weeks. Quick Facts Calendar Experience Illinois Institute of Technology is a private, PhD-granting university, established in 1890, with programs in engineering, science, psychology, architecture, business, design, and law. One of the 16 institutions that comprise the Association of Independent Technological Universities (AITU), IIT offers exceptional preparation for professions that require technological sophistication. IIT also provides challenging academic programs focused by the rigor of the real world. The university's 6,000 students come from every state in the U.S. and over 80 other countries. IIT and its contract research affiliate, IIT Research Institute, have an annual research volume of $120 million. 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Year established : 1890 Type of school : university, private (nonprofit) Programs : 4-year undergraduate, graduate school Religious affiliation : no Campus enrollment : 7,707 students Coeducational information : coeducational institution, founded as coeducational institution Location description : in or near a major city (pop. 300,000 or more) Application fee : none Illinois Institute of Technology 3300 South Federal Street Chicago, IL 60616-3793 312 567-3000 UNIQUE/SPECIAL PROGRAMS Expenses Undergraduate tuition: $31,363; $31,363 out-of-state Additional required fees: $1,080 Book fees:$1,000 Miscellaneous expenses: $3,300 Other expenses: Transportation, miscellaneous. Combined room and board expenses: $9,188 - $11,960

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Transcript: GPA- Must be a 3.9 or higher. ACT- 25- 31 In term, IIT is a highly competitive school. IIT ACT and GPA Population There are 2,714 under graduates (part-time and full-time) and 7,787 University Total Enrollment (part-time and full-time). Louis regularly plays with Mr. Potato Head. Biology Chemistry Architecture Chemical Engineer Biomedical Engineer Economic Sociology Study Abroad Law Psychology AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Mascot of IIT In the psychology section in IIT they have an octopus named Louis which can type on the computer and play with a ball, and shake hands . . . sort to speak. There are more men than women on the campus. They have statues of a man sitting on a bench across the campuses. Fun Facts IIT was founded in 1890 and it is also a private school, independent, PH.D. - granting co-educational research university. It offers today's students a great education in engineering business architecture, the sciences, psychology, the humanities and applied technology in an environment geared toward the undergraduates students. Information on IIT Location and Communication You must have at least a 3300 South Federal Street Chicago, IL 60647 IIT Phone # (312)-567-3000 Website: Illinois Institute of Technology By: Abraham Deasia Nicole A. Colon Rebecca Colins Soccer Yoga Track and Field Water Polo Lacrosse Pumpkin Launch Homecoming Basketball Rock Climbing Etc. Activities IIT's mascot is the scarlet hawks. Just so you know, scarlet hawks are not real hawks that exists. in real life. Thanks For Watching!!! Fields of Study

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Transcript: Costs: Tuition, fees, room and board, additional costs Carman Hall hall Features studio and one-bedroom with den apartments 2 first floor lounges Staffed 24 hours a day by community desk assistants. Students must use IDs to both enter the building and to pass the front desk Updated kitchen appliances including oven, range, hood, and a refrigerator Internet and Cable Furnished with beds, desks, dressers, and desk chairs. White: 39% Non-Resident Alien:22.5% Hispanic/Latino:13.1% Asian: 10.3% Ethnicity Unknown: 6.8% African American: 6.6% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.7% Two or more races: 0.5% American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.4% Under Graduate: $4,200 Tuition, $1,680 Fees, $11,300 room and board, $1,000 transportation Books and Supplies: $1,200 ($1,500 for Architecture students) Transportation: $1,000 Personal/Miscellaneous: $3,028. Graduate Student: $15,756 Tuition, $665 Fees, $10,800 room and board. Available Scholarships: 3 Types of Scholarships: First Year Scholarship, Transfer Student Scholarships, International Student finances and Scholarships . First Year: Health Scholarships, Crown Scholarships, Chicago Police and fire department Scholarships, Reserve officers Training Corps scholarships. Transfer Scholarships: Presidential Scholarships, Transfer Tuition scholarships, Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships. International Student finances and Scholarships: Merit Scholarships, Dimiter Etimov Scholarships. Popular Programs: Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) John Anderson, IIT's president was appointed to the National Science Board by president Barack Obama. Minimum Course requirement Famous Graduates: Karl Menger, Mathematics Professor (1946-1971), Department Chair, considered one of the finest mathematicians of the 20th century. Francis CG Hoskin, Professor of Biochemistry beginning in 1969, discovered an enzyme that neutralizes nerve gas. Available Schlorships: Private school, technology-focused, research university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, science, architecture, business, design, human sciences, applied technology, and law. State: Illinois Location of college: Bronzeville, Chicago Most Popular majors and Programs-what are they known for? Clubs and organizations Some main clubs Student housing options: Student housing options: School: IIT Website address: I chose this school because, both of my parents went to this school. And I was interested in engineering. Population: 54,383 Student housing options: 0 Average GPA is a 3.1 to a 4.0 GPA. Talon the Hawk: 36 Armour college of engineering, IIT Armour College of Engineering has a long and proud history of educating engineers who are innovators and leaders. There isn't a course requirement for IIT Literary Club, Debating Society, Dramatics Club, Dance Club, Music Club, Photography and Films Club, Indoor Sports Club , Quizzing Club, the Fine Arts and Crafts Club. Minimum GPA for admission Average class size: Around 20 students in each class sometimes fewer. Or rarely 50 students in a class. Contact: 312-567-3000 1.0 Type of school You must have a background of engineering, computer science, or anything you want to major in. Contact address, phone number, email, and website address. Other recreational activities are, clubs such as drama clubs. Gunsaulus Hall Features studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments 2 first floor lounges Staffed 24 hours a day by community desk assistants. Students must use student IDs to both enter the building and to pass the front desk Updated kitchen appliances including oven, range, hood, and a refrigerator Internet and Cable Furnished with beds, desks, dressers, and desk chairs. Features two suite-style buildings and one apartment-style building. Engineering is the most popular major, since 1940, known for a variety of Engineering majors such as electrical and aerospace engineering and electrical engineering. by: Jonathan Woisetschlaeger Sports such as baseball, basketball, and hockey. IIT offers a variety of physical activities for students to get involved in. IIT College of Science offers challenging programs in mathematics and the sciences to outstanding students with a interest for knowledge and who want to change the world. Why did I choose this school Ethnic breakdown of students by gender: Unique Information about IIT Majors for students to study and average size of each class: Email: Mascot and school colors College of Science: School colors: White and Red What major or career am I considering studying in the future? Traditions: Valedictory functions: A valfi is something like a personalized farewell for fourth year students. Valves are organized for different hostels on different days. It is supposed to be a night when fourth year students cherish memories of their stay at IIT. Number of students: 7,850 Males: 64% Females: 36% State Street Village Suite-style means that two students share a room, and they share the bathroom with two

Illinois institute of Technology

Transcript: Foreign language : 2 required , 2 recommended Costs. Tuition Average ACT : 28 English, 29 Math, 28 composite Miscellaneous expenses: $3,300 Average SAT I : 600 verbal , 672 Math, 1264 combined Its technology related and its something im interested in. Average freshman GPA: 2.9 on a 4 scale Non-need-based scholarships/grants available: •non-need-based (general) •academic merit scholarships/grants •athletic scholarships •ROTC scholarships Additional required fees: $1,080 High school courses required. Lab : 2 required , 2 recommended TYPES OF AID AVAILABLE Types of loans available: •FFEL Subsidized Stafford Loans •FFEL Unsubsidized Stafford Loans •FFEL PLUS Loans •Federal Perkins Loans •College/University Loans My university of interest is UIC.University of Illinois. Computer Engineering Computer Engineering, General Computer Information Systems Information Science/Studies Computer Science Computer Science Electrical Engineering Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering Engineering Management Engineering/Industrial Management Humanities Humanities/Humanistic Studies Industrial Technology Management Operations Management and Supervision Information Technology/Management Information Science/Studies Management Science, General Materials Science/Engineering Materials Engineering Materials Science Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Molecular Biophysics/Biochemistry Biochemistry Molecular Biology Physics Physics, General Political Science Political Science and Government, General Professional/Technical Communications Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other Psychology Psychology, General Science/Business Biological and Physical Its a technology school which catches my interest since i want to learn about technology.but theirs no medical majors that im interested in. Other expenses: Transportation, miscellaneous Other : 2 recommended Total : 15 required , 19 recommended Its a 4 year undergraduate graduate school. Types of degrees. GPA.Grade Point Average Majors And alot more Science : 3 required , 3 recommended History : 2 recommended Aerospace Engineering Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics Architectural Engineering Architectural Engineering Architecture Architecture (BArch, BA/BS, MArch, MA/MS, PhD) Biochemistry Biochemistry Biology Biology/Biological Sciences, General Biomedical Engineering Biomedical/Medical Engineering Business Administration Business Administration and Management, General Business Administration/Applied Science Business Administration, Management and Operations, Other Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Chemistry Chemistry, General Civil Engineering Book fees: $1,000 Undergraduate tuition: $31,363; $31,363 out-of-state Bachlors Masters and Doctoral English: 4 required , 4 recommended why i like it. Combined room and board expenses: $9,188 - $11,960 Act, Sat Ups and Downs Financial Aid Social studies : 2 required , 2 recommended Need-based scholarships/grants available: •need-based (general) •Federal Pell Grants •SEOG •state scholarships/grants •college/university scholarships/grants (institutional funds) •private scholarships/grants Math: 4 required , 4 recommended Combined ACT middle 50% range : 25 - 31

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