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Id Badge Template Powerpoint

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Transcript: photographed by Mary Moorman the grassy knoll Dallas Police and Badge Man Skeptics Photograph is too blury Dallas Police was there to protect Not enough evidence The fact that fact that most Americans did not trust the information they had been fed from the press and showed their skepticism, therefore, creating conspiracy theories. In the years following the release of its report and 26 investigatory evidence volumes in 1964, the Warren Commission has been frequently criticized for some of its methods, important omissions, and conclusions. In a 2013 interview Robert Kennedy Jr. said his father Attorney General Robert Kennedy who publicly supported the commission privately felt it was a "shoddy piece of craftsmanship." [19] Why the Dallas Police? Why believe it? Jack Ruby had a relationship with man members of the Dallas Police. Vice President Johnson was from Texas. Dallas police information was scattered and police work was sloppy. Warren Report- people have reason not to believe the Warren report because some say they got the trajectory of the shots wrong and also some believe Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent $1.25 How does badgeman fit into the role of a myth? Bibliography Why Badgeman? Who Is Badgeman? Monday, February 17, 2014 Facts It shows that America was desperate for answers and that they would point at anyone as a suspect. " Warren Report Vol XCIII, No. 311 Badge Man


Transcript: We wear our bade on the outermost part of our outfit, ie. scarf, sweater, or jacket. We wear our badge on our left side over our heart. Helpful tip: place your thumb on the bottom of your throat and fan out your hand. Your badge will go in between your pinkie and your ring finger Final Thoughts! What is "Badge" Badge is what we wear when we have formal business meetings or important events such as Founder's Day! Do's As fierce as this is...please don't wear this for badge *note: no messy buns. Up-dos are allowed as long as they look nice. This girl's hair is braided and looks as if she put effort into it. Ponytails are allowed as long as they look nice. *note: makeup should be natural. No crazy neon colors or club make up please! Some Examples How do we wear our Badge? *note: be mindful of your dress length, no one wants to see butts or vaginas so be sure your dress is an appropriate length even when you raise your arms *note: badge should only be worn with nice jeans so this would be okay as long as there are no holes. NICE leggings would be allowed as long as your butt is covered and the leggings are not see through PLZ NO Remember, you are always wearing your letters so be aware of what you are saying and doing...especially in badge. One mistake reflects badly on all of us. Do not, under any circumstance, talk badly about other organizations, our organization, or our sisters while in badge Try not to talk badly about people in general ¯\_("/)_/¯ Be extra careful to be respectful of class and of teachers when in badge. Be kind to those around you and try your best to live through our values, try to be your best person in badge NO CUSSING OR TALKING ABOUT PARTIES WHILE IN BADGE If you ever have questions about badge feel free to text or snapchat me! lizzy_olson 623.606.2678 Ultimately how you dress is your choice, but for letters and badge please keep your length at a little longer than risk taker or longer :) if you are questioning the length of your dress, I would say play it safe and don't wear it Badge!!! The Do's and Don'ts Don'ts

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