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Ice Cream Social Powerpoint Template

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Ice Cream Social!

Transcript: Jenga War 2-6 Players or Egyptian Rats 3-6 Players Roll the Dice..... What ever number u roll you will sit with that person or group # I will pass out a worksheet. You will have a contest on who will finish first. First person to finish does not have to help clean at the end of the camp. 2nd place....trash 3rd place......organize (games, desk, etc....) 4th and on......sweep and or help Staci with putting things away. Ice Breaker and Rules! This helps build vocabulary (English word) for Points..... I only have one Korean/ English dictionary but if you need help you may use your phone. The more points you have after all letters are played you are the winner. This game is for 2-4 Players Game Choices..... What is it???? Scrabble Ice Cream Social! 2015 You can have 2-7 players.....maybe more. It is when people gather to play different games for a few hours..... They then take a break and make Ice cream sundaes and talk (Socialize) You have 2 choices... 1.Use the Rolling Dice to Pull the Number block. 2. Not use the numbers but just play a number game. Use the dice to see who will go 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on..and be sure to remember your order. Players : 2-10 People Winner: 1st person with no cards. Must match Color or Number to place a card down. You MUST SAY....UNO when you only have 1 card Left! If someone says it before you then you have to draw 4 cards. If someone put a +2 you must draw to but if there was a +2 and another is placed so... +2 and +2 = 4 cards same goes with +4 cards.... +4 and +4 =8cards

Ice Cream Social

Transcript: $4 Heavy Cream (32 fl oz): $5.69 Resources The Ice Battle $4.69 Reddi Wip - 3 pack (15 oz. per can) Milk Chocolate Chips (24 oz): $4.69 Teams must create their own ice cream flavor with the given materials Rules Foam Cups (45) $1 Teams raise money for the American Cancer Society for cancer research & treatment. Money raised from The Ice Battle will be donated through Relay For Life to the ACS. Chopped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (19 oz.): $5 Shirt Design About $4.79 Ice Cream (1/2 gallon) Sprinkles Rainbow (11 oz.) Winner will recieve a $25 Visa gift card Criteria: all gallon recipes start with: - 2 qts. half and half cream - 1/2 pint heavy cream - 1 1/2 cups of sugar - 4 teaspoons of vanilla extract - 1 pinch of salt Half & Half (64 oz.): $5.29 Relay For Life Teams are split by grade (freshman, juniors, etc.) 5 students from each grade will represent their class Competition by Dolch Systems and Engineering Sugar (5 lb.): $4 $8.98 Chocolate Syrup (48 oz.) Vanilla Extract (16 fl oz): $10.40 M&M's (42 oz): $9 Ice Cream / Toppings Corn hole Ring toss Karaoke Kan Jam Volleyball Movie Challenge: Create a new and creative ice cream flavor. Also must have sample batch and ice cream product name. Plain t-shirt The 5 students from each grade level competing will recieve a shirt. Salt (26 oz.): $0.89 Activities Event to socialize with other students Relay For Life fundraiser tied in Make your own ice cream competition Tickets: $5 Tools: measurement cups, teaspoons, gallon ice cream maker Survey Ice cream makers: $ 30 each Plastic Spoons (40) $1 Napkins (160) $1 Oreos (20 oz): $4.50 $3


Transcript: Ancient flavored ices Chinese generally credited, 3000 BC Marco Polo credited for introduction to Italy Modern ice cream invented in Italy (17th century), spread through Europe via France "French-style" made with egg yolks "Philadelphia-style" made with finest ingredients, no eggs, only egg whites METHODS OF CREATION Nancy Johnson patented a hand-cranked freezer in 1846, establishing the basic method of ice cream making. Traditional method for cooling: -Ice packed with rock salt Roughly 20 minute process Ingredients: -1/2c. Half and Half -1T sugar -1/2t vanilla Mix ingredients in QT sized ziplock bag, place into gallon bag with ice and rock salt, shake and enjoy! FROM THE BEGINNING MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: Unknown inventor created the method of using ice and salt to lower the temperature of ice cream ingredients during making. Rock salt lowers freezing temps Colder 'environment' causes freezing of ingredients! You scream! I scream! We all scream for ice cream! Monday, February 17, 2014 $1.25 ICE CREAM PARLOR IN NEW YORK CITY! Sources used: LOOKING BACK IN TIME America's first ice cream parlor opening soon! Homemade Ice Cream - Made Easy! Vol XCIII, No. 311 ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! Simple procedure, sweet reward!

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