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Human Resources Presentation Template

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Human Resources Presentation

Transcript: Personnel Selection Process Course-Content Analysis Commitments ROTC first developed with Federal Morrill Act of 1862 -Federal land given to states for college development -Military curriculum requirement Educated citizens and provided job pool for educated military personnel selection Initial Training Continued Course-Content Analysis Leadership based training in military customs and traditions and Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) instruction 4 weeks Maxwell AFB, AL /Camp Shelby, MS One of the most important features of organizations today is teamwork Diversity Training Never Alone Tuckman’s 5 Stages of Group Development Freshman = AS100 Class -Initial Expectations Lab -Followership Introduction Field Training Course-Content Analysis Narrowing Perspective Candidates by Application ROTC does after Field Training Further Personnel Selection AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) Additional criteria based on demands of the job History of ROTC Air Force ROTC began in early 1920’s as AirROTC Officially became Air Force ROTC in 1952 Today AFROTC is the most successful Air Force Officer commissioning tool to date AFROTC is present at over 1,000 higher level learning facilities, including 144 Universities Course-Content Analysis Sophomore = AS200 Class -Air Force History Lab -Leadership Image Source: (Noe, 2011 Pg. 158) Contracted Cadet Process Non Contracted Cadet Process TBAS (Test for Basic Aviation Skills) High Validity Questionable Reliability AFOQT Aviation Portion TBAS + AFOQT = PCSM (Pilot Canidate Selection Method) score Initial Training AIDA Model Training is more effective when directly related to Job KSAO’s Principles of Learning Dining Procedures: Time Management Attention to Detail Military Bearing Dining Procedures Selection For Field Training Instructional design: a process of systematically developing training to meet specified needs Learning Objectives: Method of training that has some form of training value Course-Content Analysis Based off the Air Force’s need for Officers Selection based on Grades, Physical Fitness, degree Ranked amongst all AS200s in the Nation 2.5 (Contracted) 2.0 (Non-Contracted) GPA 75% or higher on their Physical Fitness assessment Minimal to no Civil Involvements AIDA Model Testing and Selection Purpose: to provide employees knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors -> directly related to the job Field Training: Establishes proficiency in traditional customs and AEF Instills core values and leadership concepts Job Selection is crucial to successful Human Resources Management U.S. Department of Defense is largest employer on Earth USAF uses AFROTC as a Job Selection tool Complexities of selecting a ‘soldier’ -High Risk -Competition from other Military branches

Human Resources - Presentation

Transcript: Evaluate training and development programs to ensure they are meeting employee and company needs. Training and development opportunities typically lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation. Employee efficiencies result in operational cost savings and increased capacity, resulting in company financial gains. Learning new technologies and techniques for getting work done also improves operational metrics. Training activities can also increase employee retention rates. The outplacement has three main steps; a)the organization has to decide about the new targets b)the organization chooses the employees to be outplaced c)it invites the outplacement consultant and announces the downsizing to employees. Thank you for listening Training&Development Outplacement Activities and recognition that cost money are welcomed by employees as part of the motivation mix Promotion Advantages of Training&Development The organization makes a decision about decreasing the personnel expenses and the number of employees. The Recruitment Process Important people in Recruitment Increasingly important aspect of the HRM role Wide range of areas for attention Adds to the cost of the business Human Resources Stages Process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill, and how to fill them Involve mainly strategy and forecasting techniques Forecasting techniques are highly emphasised and important To forecast the employer’s demand for labor and supply of labor. Next, identify supply-demand gaps and develop action plans to fill the projected gaps The advancement of an employee from one job position to another job position that has a higher salary range, a higher level job title, more and higher level job responsibilities. Decision making authority tends to rise with a promotion as well. Viewed as desirable by employees because of the impact a promotion has on pay, authority, responsibility, and the ability to influence broader organizational decision making. Employers are challenged to provide alternative career paths for employees who deserve the benefits and recognition provided by a promotion, but do not aspire to manage the work of other employees. Why we need planning ? Motivation Structure your training and development department to support your associates. Offer training opportunities to those who fail performance appraisals. Encourage employees to develop their professional skills by offering courses at work. Actively solicit information from the employees who report to you and from your coworkers about what motivates them. Company can fill open positions while their competitors may have missed solid opportunities For eg ; If you fill open positions 50% faster than industry average, you are more likely to get better talent onboard more quickly. Manage the recruitment sources Find the best talents for the vacancies Manage the vacancies in the organization Run the internal recruitment process Building the strong HR Marketing platform Co-operation with local and international universities Provide feedback about the trends in the job market The need for the job Job definition&Planning Recruitment Training&Development Performance Motivation Promotion Cross responsibilities Outplacement The process of establishing career objectives and determining appropriate educational and developmental programs to further develop the skills required to achieve short- or long-term career objectives. Company Website Newspapers and Magazines Refferalls Providing an environment at work that is conducive to and supportive of employees choosing to become motivated about issues related to work. In the field of human resource management, training and development is the field which is concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. It has been known by several names, including human resource development, and learning and development The imporant points are; Steps in Training&Development Human resource departments typically conduct activities designed to train and develop company personnel, whether to address performance problems or help prepare an employee for a management role. In addition to formal training courses (such as instructor-led sessions, web-based training and seminars), you should offer flexible alternatives such as coaching, mentoring and job-rotation experiences. Developing employee capacity involves managing programs such as employee orientation sessions, policy and procedure awareness sessions, leadership development workshops and other options designed to enable your company (and employees) to succeed. Career Planning Recruitment Sources Select the recruitment source: The simplest recruitment source is the corporate website. The corporate website usually attracts potential employees, who know the company. The other source can be the employee referrals Equal opportunities Discrimination Contract Health and Safety Recruitment Stages Job opening: The

Human Resources Presentation

Transcript: Tender: Empathetic Caring Focus on individuals self direction Trust and commitment. * The journey * The definition of tough * The definition of Tender Restructuring – Organisational restructure has both winners and losers. People who are able to land on their feet are easier to liaise with. But in any restructure there are those that lose their job or sometimes end up in a role that is not suited to them. Tenderness needs to be applied within conversation to help implement a tough decision being made for the benefit of the company. * Interpretation * Both elements support a journey being made Human resources needs to be both tough and tender. The link between Human resources with tough and tender definitions Tough: To be strategic Policies are followed fairly and consistently Focus on company needs. My View Thank you Any Questions? Within Human resources we have to keep tough and tender balanced otherwise it can become tempting to slide into being too tender therefore can avoid the tough work, which is not what organisations need. For me assisting the organisation achieve its objectives through this strategic method is an art. Helping and watching people grow is great. But helping and watching the company grow through its people is even more fulfilling. I believe that 'HR needs to be tough and tender' means understanding company needs and not being afraid to make tough decisions but to consider how people feel and do so with empathy. As a function, we are often expected to give tough news and feedback in line with strategies, but it will be more advantageous to give it in an tender way to ensure both company and the individual are as comfortable as can be. Example continued Human Resources Presentation What do we mean by that? Conclusion Examples from my current workplace Recruiting – There is always an enjoyable feeling telling somebody they got the job they were really hoping for. Unfortunately, for every person who gets the job, there are those who wanted it and didn’t get it. It is no fun to make those calls and experience outlines the need to do the correct process for the company whilst being tender in communication to the individual.

Human Resources Presentation

Transcript: 1. Ronald P - HK Aston 2. Edy S - HK Aston 3. Jauhar A - HK Fave 4. Murti Sari P - HK Fave Badminton Handling Complaint Employee Update Sports 2. Reza Mega S - Banquet Captain Human Resources Presentation Standard Grooming 7. Taufik Hidayat - Chief Accountant 8. Edy Santoso - Maintenance POM 13. Nurdin - Room Attendant Coordinator : Denny - HK 3. Yahya Reza - Banquet Captain Every Friday Start 6 PM - 8 PM 6. Agree Ramadhan - Rest Waiter 12. Nafisul Mukti - Waiter 1. Richardo Carleone - Bell Driver Upah Minimum Provinsi DKI Jakarta 2014 Promotion Feb Basic Standard Grooming & Greeting 9. Carlos Pangihutan - Bell Driver Representatives are : New Hire, Resign, and Promotion 4. Riki G - Bar Captain TRAINING PLATFORM Service Excellence Service Excellence Asst. Restaurant & Bar Manager Departmental Trainer Gathering 1. Heriyanto - FB Supervisor Rp. 2.441.000,- First Aid Online Mandarin Club Coordinator : Sehono - FBP Futsal Next Training Plan Train The Skills Managerial Skills Training Overview Supervisory Skills 5. Puji Prasetyo - Banquet Waiter SKKNI Program 2. Siprianus Dalu L - Accounting Admin POM Telephone Courtesy Pictures Supervisory Skills 1. Feni M - Front Desk Agent December 10th 2013 8. Jimmy Wijaya Beauty Class Managerial Skills 7. Shella - Senior GRO 4. Ocep Triadi - Room Attendant From FB Supervisor 10. Eko Afriyanto - Room Attendant Staff Activity 1. Roni - ENG Aston 2. Ricky M - FBS Aston 3. Yeni Y - FO Fave 6. Ruri. P - Room Attendant Others English Fun Club Employee Update Training and Development Staff Activity Others Telephone Courtesy Training 9. David P Tambunan - Restaurant & Bar Manager Insurance Socialization by BNI Life Employee Outing Training and Development 3. Ariono Aji W - Sales Executive Departmental Trainer Gathering 11. Rudi Wiranata - Maintenance POM Every Monday Start 6 PM - 8 PM Resign Des - Jan November 29th, 2013 Internal Cross Exposure 5. Vonny Lee - Senior Admin POM New Hire Des - Jan Representatives are:

Human Resources Presentation

Transcript: Repsol Sport Centre "Ultra-flexible" Image Source: Who We Are Who we are Personal Trainers Customer Services Images Source (webpage): Personal Trainer Image Source: Lifeguards Lifeguard Image Source: CSD Image Source: Compensation Philosophy Compensation And Benefits What are the driving factors behind Repsol Sport Centre’s compensation plan? Attraction Attraction Image Source: https://miro.medium.commax/700/0*WcLc1J8oc24l9XR1 Retention Retention Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Image Source: Motivation Motivation Image Source: What do we currently reward? What do we currently reward? Performance (yes)! Proficiency (yes)! Skills (yes)! Tenure (yes)! Image Source: What is a Talent Marketplace? Talent Marketplace "A talent marketplace matches people to opportunities and potential roles based on their skills, interests, and preferences. It can also connect employees with experiential, on-the-job learning that will give them the chance to learn new skills or practice the ones they are developing." - Skills Assessment for HR Administrator (Word Document 2022) *Citation would be listed here as well as the final page Where does Repsol Sport Centre compete for talent? Talent Industry Industry Image Source: Organization Type Organization Type Image Source: Location Location Image Source: Organization Size Organization Size Image Source: Thank you! Thank you!

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