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Transcript: "Global warming is a buildup of six types of heat-trapping gases in the Earth's atmosphere." (Greenblatt 2) "These gases are called 'greenhouse' gases because they act as a greenhouse by retaining the sun's heat in Earth's atmosphere." (Greenblatt 2) Interviews Do Average Citizens Understand What Global Warming Is? Q5: Do you believe that the government is doing anything to fix global warming? L: "No. The government holds a COMP Conference each year to discuss the matter, but nothing has been done about it. The US has stopped the progress on global warming and even persuaded New Zealand and Canada to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol, which is ending this year after 15 years." C: "They're researching it." The Kyoto Protocol (1997) Global Warming #17 Interviews Con't Q2: Do you believe global warming is a major issue? L: "Yes." C: "No" Q4: Do you think anything should be done about global warming? L: "Yes. We need to do two things: 1.) Limit the amount of carbon emissions into the air. This can be done by using renewable energy, using more effective means of transportation, and stop the burning of fossil fuels. 2.) We need to be prepared for higher temperatures. Stronger and more rich countries should offer aid to poorer countries that will be in need at times of disasters." C: "No. Things are already being done to fix it and no more should be done." Q6: The US is having nothing to do with global warming because they believe it will inhibit economic growth, is there another solution? L: "Yes. We must take it very very seriously. There has been an increase in hurricanes, drought, forest fires, and other natural disasters. We need to cut carbon emissions by stopping overusing or wasting products we already have, weatherizing homes with new doors, windows, and insulation, increasing mass public transportation, changing cars to electric, and moving our electric source closer to home. This will also increase job opportunities in the US." C: "Yes. Cut out all unnecessary travels, learn what your carbon footprint is, live green, lower heating, and support nuclear power." What is Global Warming? Q3: Have you noticed any changes that could be a result of global warming? L: " Yes. The average temperatures have increased, as well as the intensity of natural disasters. Also, the polar ice caps and glaciers are melting at an incredible rate." C: "The summers have gotten hotter, storms are coming more often and are more sever, et al." Cooper, M. (2001, January 26). Global warming treaty. CQ Researcher, 41-64. Retrieved from Greenblatt, A. (2009, January 9). Confronting warming. CQ Researcher, 19, 1-24. Retrieved from Cooper, M. (2001, January 26). Global warming treaty. CQ Researcher, 41-64. Retrieved from "The greenhouse effect." (The Greenhouse Effect, in EPA Global Warming Site: Climate, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, January 7, 2000, (accessed January 17, 2008) ).Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. In 1997, industrialized nations from all over the world met in Kyoto, Japan to discuss how they could reduce the amount of green house gases in the air. It was agreed that each nation would reduce their green house gas emissions by 5% below 1990 levels. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said "I was one of the many Americans outraged when my country would not sign the Kyoto Protocol. The federal government dropped the ball on a critical environmental issue." Bibliography Global warming is indeed a problem that should be taken very seriously. It is man- made, therefore average people should focus on fixing it. Interviews Con't (Again) Conclusion Q1: Can you please explain to me what global warming is? L: "The temperature of the Earth is being raised by green house gases. Chemicals are released into the air, the most abundant being carbon dioxide and methane, and get trapped in the atmosphere; this allows more heat to be trapped. However, certain levels do bounce back out. The levels of carbon dioxide has increased by 145 parts per million in the past few years. Global warming is definitely caused by people through the use of fossil fuels." C: "The average temperature of the earth is increasing." By: Azure Decker

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Transcript: Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Behavioral Healthcare MHS 4703 University of South Florida Paul G. Stiles Position Presentation By: Yasmeen Qandil Birth Control Pills Should it be OTC? YES! There is no risk of overdose Easily accessible Lowers the rate of abortion What Are The Benefits of OTC Birth Control Pills? Shares the same ingredients as OTC emergency contraceptives but a lower dosage Of 135 countries, 96 countries have OTC birth control access. Other OTC drugs carry more serious risks and side effects No Risk of Overdose Birth control would become easier to obtain by teens, immigrants, and uninsured women It is less complicated to take a trip to the drug store than to go to the doctor and wait for a prescription. It would eliminate 3rd party insurance companies ultimately reducing the cost of the drug Easily Accessible OTC birth control lowers the risk of unwanted pregnancies Researchers found that if women were able to obtain oral contraceptives without a prescription as a covered health insurance benefit, there would be an 11 to 21 percent increase in the number of women using the Pill. As a result, the rate of accidental pregnancies in the U.S. would decrease by 7 to 25 percent. Easier access to birth control could ultimately put an end to abortion restrictive laws. Lowers Abortion Rate It is not covered by insurance There is a decrease in privacy It increases the use of hormonal drugs Disadvantages to OTC Birth Control Bringing birth control to the shelves of drug stores would mean that women would have to pay out of pocket. It would no longer be free for those with insurance companies that cover the full cost Not Covered By Insurance The cost of birth control would decrease OTC birth control would be a lot less expensive to those who are already uninsured. Affordability is Access Act (ensures otc birth control pills are covered without cost sharing and without requiring a prescription) HOWEVER... Purchases would become public and anyone would be able to see some one check out with birth control Patient-Doctor confidentiality Decrease In Privacy Methods of birth control such as condoms and emergency contraceptives are already over the counter However, Making Birth control pills over the counter would increase the use of hormonal drugs If you are not knowledgeable about what your body needs, you may be damaging it Increase Use of Hormonal Drugs However Birth control is safe to use Women are responsible and knowledgeable enough to care for Birth control should be over the counter because: There is no risk of overdose It would become easily accessible It lowers the abortion rate Conclusion

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