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Housekeeping Forbes Presentation

Transcript: HOUSEKEEPING FORBES RATING EVALUATION 2018 Guest Service Request 2018 Rating Year Service: 76.47% 13/17 VS 2017 Rating Year Service: 88.24% 15/17 Guest Service Request Courtesy & Manners Forbes Standards Achieved "At the rooms,the male staff member smiled and was undistracted" "Staff closed each interaction politely for example, at the room male staff member said,"thank you.Have a good day" at the closing of the interaction" Courtesy & Manners Areas of Opportunities "During the brief visit,the male staff member did not look at the guest or provide eye contact". A play roll training will be conducted in the appropiate manner of how to interact with the guest and make eye contact. Courtesy & Manners Turndown Daily Service 2018 Rating Year Service: 0.00% 0/13 VS 2017 Rating Year Service: 58.33% 7/12 Turndown Daily Service Housekeeping Daily Service 2018 Rating Year Service: 68.97% 20/29 VS 2017 Rating Year Service: 67.74% 21/31 Housekeeping Daily Service Cleanliness & Condition Forbes Standards Achieved The carpet and floor was free of debris The shower and both sinks were cleaned and free of hair All towels were clean and in good condition The coffee cups were clean and replaced Wastebaskets were emptied Surfaces around the room were free of dust Cleanliness & Condition "The small make up mirror was not cleaned of fingerprints, and the countertop retained spilled saline solution and make up residue" Room Attendants will be continuously trained during the line -ups, about the importance of cleaning the countertop and the makeup mirror appropriately in stayovers. "The bed linens were not changed; thought the bed was neatly remade" As parts of our green program the bed linen are changed every third day of the guest stay unless, the guest requests it to be changed every day or the Room Attendant finds them dirty. Areas of Opportunuties Cleanliness & Condition Guest Comfort & Convenience Forbes Standards Achieved The iron and ironing board were returned to the closet Toilet paper sheet was folded neatly Shower amenities were replaced The ice bucket was drained and dried The clothing left on the bed was neatly draped on the desk chair The rooms was fresh with cleaning odor and the temperature remained consistent Guest Comfort & Convenience "Shoes left in the hallway were paired but not move out of the way" The focus has been in the arrival experience in which we are doing well so far, as it reflects on our GSI scores. We are now going to emphases the stayover service as we now see in GSI or Forbes that it’s about the guest service experience. Guest Comfort & Convinience Areas of Opportunities Elements of Luxury Areas of Opportunities "Underline cloths were not used to neatly display the guests’ personal items" "The guest left a necklace on the bathroom countertop and staff might have set it on a doily or placed it inside a jewelry bag" This is one of the areas that we knew points were going to be taken off as it requires a type of cloth not terry, that needs to be pressed and that causes an additional cost. Room Attendants will be re-trained on handling guest personal items and jewelry. Elements of Luxury Technical Execution, Skill & Knowledge Forbes Standards Achieved "The used bathroom towels were removed and neatly replaced" "The guest left an empty water bottle from the previous evening on the desk and it was removed" "When cleaning was taking place the door to the rooms were securely closed" The Room Attendants are consistently following the procedure of keeping the door closed while the cleaning of the room is in process also a service sign is placed on the door indicating the Room Attendant is cleaning the room. Technical Execution, Skill & Knowledge "A vaccum was abandoned in front of the guest's door and remained there for more that 12 hours" The vaccuums have been labeled matching the key and the cart numbers the Room Attendant are using it. We will enforce that at the end of the Am shift the supervisors will account that all equipment are in the storage. Technical Execution,skill & Knowledge Areas of Opportunities

Housekeeping Presentation

Transcript: Good Housekeeping July 28th 2017 What is housekeeping? "Good housekeeping means having no unnecessary items about and keeping all necessary items in their proper places." More than just keeping things organized Intro Intro Important Importance OSHA says all workplaces should be “kept clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition.” Good housekeeping creates a better work environment and tidy work habits Helps get job get done properly, efficiently, safely Prevents accidents including tripping/slipping getting hit by falling/pertruding objects Direct solution to many accidents Statistics 15% all accidental deaths- slips, trips, and falls 2011- 822 occupational deaths due to falls Annual cost of disabling injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls estimated to be over $11 billion Statistics Common Accidents Tripping on loose material or waste in congested walkways Slipping on wet or dirty surfaces Getting cut by projecting nails, wire, other scraps, or by broken glass Getting hit by falling objects Moving into dangerous common objects Common Accidents Improved morale Increased productivity More effective use of space Better hygienic conditions Less fire hazards Additional Benefits Additional Benefits Examples Examples Keep past examples in mind so they can be prevented in the future ABC Example ABC Example On Monday, ABC experienced an incident caused by lack of housekeeping in the plant As team members were moving a machine, one of them happened to kick a piece of scrap metal on the floor The metal piece went through the teammates boot and he was sent to the hospital This goes to show the importance of consistant cleaning of all areas, even ones that are covered by machines the majority of the time. Good Example Positive actions that are taken to prevent injury Hoboken Sewerage Plant ABCVA Plant Good Example Small Chemical Spill at the plant - Peracetic acid Made the choice to stop all production until the spill was completely cleaned up Prevented potential for slips, falls, or other unwanted actions Walkways are painted and clear from most obstructions No trash or waste was evident in the plant and there was clearly marked places to dispose of waste A few areas where clean up would be advised but overall the plant is easy to navigate Shop Photos Shop Photos Actions Many steps we can take to prevent accidents Actions Preventing Accidents Active Eyes Remove Hazards Lighting Key to preventing Trip, Slips, or Bodily Injury Preventing Accidents Having a Place Make sure you constantly observing your surroundings Check up and down often Everything you own should have a designated place to stay when not in use If using cords make sure they are taped to the ground so there is no possible trip hazard Install proper lighting in walkway areas If its not your place bring a flashlight Falling There is a proper technique to falling Falling 1. Don't brace your fall with knees or elbows 2. Spread out the Load 3. Roll upon Impact Practice!! (But CAREFULLY) Conclusion Conclusion Housekeeping can positivity effect many areas of safety both at work and at home You can find many examples of good and bad housekeeping within ABC Its important to remember the daily activities we can do to prevent accidents from happening

Housekeeping Presentation

Transcript: THANK YOU CLAUDIA AN DANIELA GIOVANNA Our Story Location: 1100 Granville St. V62 2B6, Canada. 161-183 Best Western Plus FACILITIES REVIEWS EXPEDIA.COM REVIEWS Challenges Challenges Housekeepers Communication Job Completition Physical injures Security & Safety Language barrier Lack of department communication Housekeeping Department Managers good Training turnover Possible solutions Solutions Rewards for guest's complaints Hire an external company Training employees Deep cleaning Thorough inspections Incentives/rewards for employees Assessing performance Air purifiers Evidence Turndown service Double check HEPA filters Improvements Improvements Housekeeping Department defining the process and objectives of the department,cleaning and maintenance schedules and organizing the allocation of tasks in an efficient of the housekeeping and also, why not? , to reduce costs. organization and planing: a leader with organizational capacity is essential to manage a human group in a work of this type. In this department the governess will be responsible for reporting directly to the hotel management. Leadership and direction: the motivation of the employee in the tasks involved in housekeeping is vital if we want them to be involved in the performance . Motivation: as aspect that differentiates a good manager or leader is his ability to listen to his staff. Active listening : the control of everything that covers this department [employers, lingerie, stationery,elements of common areas,cleaning products] etc.. requires organized mind and here plays an essential role the figure of the governess Monitoring and control: follow the rules and your work and professional performance will triumph.


Transcript: “They were obliged to come by their notions of piety and good breeding and by a desire, a determination, to keep me, so to speak, safely within doors” (183). “the lady persisted . some people--some of us--feel that Ruthie should—that a young girl needs an orderly life…”(185) (186-187) Nature Normality's “There is nothing to be afraid of, she said. Nothing to be worried about. Nothing at all. She dipped her hand into the lake and let the water fall from her fingers” (168). “What I’ll Do When You Are Far Away” “Love Letters Straight From Your Heart” “Cottage for Sale” “Irene” Houskeeping 2nd Wave of Feminism From a feminist perspective Brianna Lockridge Appearance Song Lyrics Housekeeping “Who would think of dusting or sweeping the cobwebs down in a room used for the storage of cans and newspapers—things utterly without value? Sylvie only kept them, I think, because she considered accumulation to be the essence of housekeeping…” (180) Scenes where “housekeeping” is mentioned or described scenes where the appearances, or normality's of the girls are described or mentioned scenes where the women are speaking of or out in nature. These same ideals from the Second Wave of Feminism are present throughout Housekeeping. *These are the scenes where Marilynne Robinson’s critique on the ideal that many Americans had about women being just homemakers or “housekeepers” is most apparent. The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan Housekeeping was first published in 1980 which was during the Second Wave of Feminism During the novel Ruth was reading a novel entitled Not as a Stranger, from 1954 (right before the second wave of Feminism). The novel is about a man who gets a woman, whom he doesn’t love to marry simply because he knows she will be a good wife and take care of him. In Housekeeping Slyvie tells Ruth that “That isn’t the sort of thing you should be reading” and later burns the book. “Lucille was dressed like all the others in a sweatshirt and sneakers and rolled-up jeans…I thought I should not draw attention to myself, knowing the importance Lucille now placed upon apperances…” (173).


Transcript: Good Housekeeping = Pest Prevention! How do you know if you have Bedbugs? Itchy welts on the skin or other reactions to the bites You see live bugs in the bed mattress folds, box spring coils, sheets, pillows, blankets or bed frame Blood spots on mattress and/or bed sheets Brown or black excrement spots on mattress and/or bed sheets There is a distinctive sweet odor if there are enough bedbugs present Some people show no reaction to the bites Housekeeping to Keep Pests Away Vaccuum Often! Every day or every other day Wipe down counters and other surfaces often! Kitchen counters should be cleaned after every meal preparation Tables should be cleaned after every meal Remember: Cockroaches like food, they won't come around if there isn't any! Bed bugs like to hide! They can be found in places like: cracks and electical outlets in walls behind wallpaper, base boards and picture frames between beds and around the creases of mattresses in bedding materials. They have a rather pungent odor which is caused by an oil-like liquid they emit. Bed bugs are often carried into houses by clothes, luggage, furniture, and bedding. Or sometimes even by humans. Clutter Control: Use plastic bins for storage, roaches and bedbugs like cardboard boxes Do laundry often, at least once weekly Use a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid OR put food garbage in a separate bag and remove every day Wash or Rinse dishes after they are used, food debris will attract cockroaches Standing water will also attract cockroaches, so don't soak dishes for too long Other surfaces to consider: Your fridge is COVERED in food debris, wipe down the outside and inside at least one time per month Stovetops and ovens capture grease and food debris, clean the oven once a month, and the stove top every time you cook. Also wipe down the wall by the stove, it captures grease as well Floors should be swept after every meal, and cleaned weekly You will need: An all-purpose cleaner for counters, sinks and other surfaces An abrasive cleaner for the tub and other hard-to-clean surfaces Toilet cleaner and a brush Glass cleaner for windows and mirrors Oven cleaner, or set your oven to self-clean one time per month Rags and sponges can be purchased at Dollar Tree You can also save money and make your own out of old clothes or towels You will need: Baking soda White Vinegar Rubbing Alcohol Clear, non-sudsing ammonia Clear laundry detergent All-Purpose Cleaner: 1 Tablespoon clear, non-sudsing ammonia 1 Tablespoon clear laundry detergent 2 Cups water Make your own earth-friendly Cleaners Rags or sponges All of these items can be purchased at Dollar Tree $1+tax each Cleaning the Bathroom Clean the inside and outside of the toilet once a week Clean the shower/tub once a week Clean the floor often, sweep daily and clean when needed Clean the sink and counters every few days If you do not have a vaccuum, sweep your carpet daily

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