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Hot Chocolate

Transcript: Esperanza By: Cortland Sperry and Deante Smith ”She had come back to show mama that she had triumphed in life” Gertrudis Tita says to Mama Elena's ghost, "I know who I am! A person who has a perfect right to live her life the way she pleases. Once and for all, leave me alone; I won't put up with you! I hate you, I've always hated you!" Esperaznza Tita says to Mama Elena, "Here's what I do with your orders! I'm sick of them! I'm sick of obeying you!" Beginning Heirarchy of Family Works Cited Anderson, Claudia. Gertrudis. Digital image. Sunday Observer. Lake House Copyright, 23 May 2010. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. <>. Deschene, Lori. Self Growth. Digital image. Tiny Buddha. N.p., 2015. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. <>. Esperanza. Digital image. Blogspot. N.p., 28 Apr. 2015. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. <>. Mama Elena. Digital image. Glogster. N.p., 2012. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. <>. Self Growth. Digital image. Digital Bloggers. Digital Bloggers, 2015. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. <>. Self Growth. Digital image. Spiritual River. Spiritual River, 2015. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. <>. Tita. Digital image. Wordpress. Wordpress, 14 Aug. 2012. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. <>. When Alex and Esperanza got married, Esperanza changed the whole outlook of the family forever. Tita told Chencha her decision never to go back to the ranch again, she asked her to tell Mama Elena. Mama Elena Tita Rosaura tried everything to prevent the marriage. From the first, she was flatly and frankly opposed. Pedro and Tita pleaded Esperanza's case, which had started a struggle to the death between them. Having brought off the wedding between Alex and Esperanza was Tita's greatest triumph. When she returned to the ranch she had many stories of how she had become a independent woman and fought in the war. Self Growth In Like Water For Chocolate Gertrudise “When they got close enough, they could see that the person in charge of that troop was none other than her sister Gertrudise” Tita

hot chocolate

Transcript: Hot Chocolate THE END! Experiement Hypothesis 1. Grab the candy bar. 2. Unwrap the candy bar. 3.Get a plate. 4.Lay one rectangle of the chocolate bar on the plate. 5. Open the microwave. 6. Put the plate with the chocolate in the microwave gently. 7.Close the door 8. When the chocolate starts to melt take it out. 9.Record data Test 1 After we did all of our tests we analyzed all of the times and then recorded them into our data table. Cookies and Cream- $1.06 Cookies and Cream Hersheys Dark Chocolate- $1.31 Question 25 Analyze 120 81 Our hypothesis was that the air delight chocolate would melt the quickest in the microwave. Our Hypothesis was incorrect because the cookies and cream took the shortest amount of time in the microwave to melt. If we could change anything in our experiment, we would wait for the microwave to cool down before putting in the next chocolate bar so the heat from the microwave doesnt have an effect on the next one. Our Commercial! Milk Chocolate 81 71 Almonds We think that the Hershey Air Delight will melt the fastest because it has less density. 50 Average Hersheys Air Delight- $1.49 Test 3 23 Dark Chocolate 101 64 65 27 50 50 47 Conclusion 0:58 52 Almonds- $1.31 114 What type of Hershey Chocolate will melt the fastest within the time of 2:00 in the microwave? Hersheys Milk Chocolate- $0.93 Air Delight 51 References Research 78 Test 2 BY: savannah palmer, Grace Crawford and Tevin Kavanaugh 27

Hot Chocolate

Transcript: Even though Hot Chocolate may be delicious... it can help with many things such as... Thinking, treatment, oxygen to the brain, blood flow and many more. It may be unhealthy depending what you may put in your beverage. Whip Cream, Candy Canes, Sprinkles may not be the healthiest option for you! People have been calling this beverage many different things. I personally call it Hot Chocolate. Others may say... Hot Cocoa/ Cocoa Drinking Chocolate Others make their own names according to what they made! Such as Cookies and Cream Frozen Hot Chocolate. The first people who made this beverage originally said "Cocoa Beverage" How It Is Used Here in Canada most of the population use Hot Chocolate as a normal drink, you have it during the day or when you would like. Such as England it as seen as more as an after dinner treat. In Germany people often see as only children may be aloud to drink the beverage. In Paris it is appreciated if they only used raw ingredients. History of Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate Amazing Places In the beginning Hot Chocolate was very expensive. Cocoa Beans only grew in South America. It became popular Europe after that news. It was originated in the 16 century in Mexico. People make their Hot Chocolate in different ways. If you are lazy like me you will use the mixture. Others make their own chocolate, whip cream and more. Hot Chocolate is by far my favorite beverage ever! It is thick, almost bitter, tasty and it screams winter to me. Once again it is great on a cold windy day when your are wrapped up in a blanket feeling so cozy! I hope you enjoyed my Prezi on Hot Chocolate! Additional Toppings How Hot Chocolate Affects You Fact There are many amazing places to get Hot Chocolate! Some of the most famous are in... London, Paris, Switzerland, New York, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, Canada and many more! Of coarse you have the wonderful option of making it yourself. There is a difference between Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa! Hot Chocolate is made directly from a bar chocolate, which already contains sugar, coco and more. Hot Cocoa is made from power, ground cocoa beans and more. So apparently there is a slight difference! Additional topping can be a great thing to add to your Hot Chocolate! Some of those things can be... Marshmallows Candy Cane Sprinkles Cinnamon Whip Cream and More! Why I Love Hot Chocolate! Hot Chocolate is a delicious beverage to have during the winter. Usually when I feel cold it will warm me right up! In my opinion Hot Chocolate is definitely the drink that resembles winter. There are many different additional toppings to add to make it even better than it already is! It is absolutely my favorite winter beverage to have! Different Names

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