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Transcript: Penalties 1st degree- Death Penalty possible Manslaughter- Probation to 10 yrs. is usual - life in prison 2nd Degree- Rare- life in prison - more usual - 10 yrs. - extreme- 20yrs. Why Do People Kill? Reasons for killing : - organized crime - revenge - self-protection - beneficial factors - illness/mental instabilities - related crimes - relationship problems - robbery - matters of sex - narcotics - jealousy /unfaithfulness - emotional disputes Manslaughter - voluntary manslaughter - knew the situation was dangerous -involuntary manslaughter - you didn't necessary knows the situation was dangerous Facts About Homicide : - homicide is commonly thought of as criminal, it refers to the act which can sometimes be legal - Also known as murder Homicide Murder Suspects: -70% are ages 17-34 -90% males -51% blacks -46% whites - most are in an emotional state of extreme anger when they kill - typically they don't have a plan legal definition: is an act of a human killing another human Victims of Criminal Homicide -77% are between the ages - 44% known their killer of 20 & 24 - 13 % are related - residences are the most - 31% are acquainted common place for all homicides to take place - 78% of all victims are male - 9% are male juveniles - racially are about even - Homicide is the leading cause of death among black males ages 25 - 34 Third Degree - considered manslaughter in most states - creating a dangerous situation that leads to death -murder caused without premeditation and willfulness -lack of malice How do people arise to kill ?? - arguments - fights - drug deals - domestic disputes U.S. Statistics - current US annual rate of criminal homicide is 16,000 - homicide accounts for only about 1% of the total violent crime - Louisiana the highest murder rate of 11.2% in 2011 - Tenn. has a 5.8% murder rate -regardless of what politicians say about gun control the homicide rate has been failing for 21 consecutive years. When the greatest killings occur? - July & August - during the evening/night hours - during holidays - southern states - on the weekends - large metropolitan areas Types of Murder - First Degree - Second Degree - Third Degree - Manslaughter - Justifiable homicide Homicide Investigation Procedures 3 Main Areas - the deceased - crime scene -medical expertise - one reason that blacks are the ones that are involved with homicides because a large number of black choose the gang "lifestyle" Second Degree - heat of the moment - no premeditation - sometimes connected to commission of another crime Why so many killings??? - relationship of drugs to murder is unmistakable - rapid growth of drugs gangs, particularly dealing with cocaine - 41% of Washington D.C. homicides deal with drugs - 56% of Savannah, GA, homicides deal with drugs First Degree - Pre-meditation - Fully conscious of the act Justifiable homicide - unusual murder committed to protect yourself or someone in your immediate area from imminent danger Weapons used in Homicide - There are 7.5 million ways proven to kill someone - Main weapons of choice - 53%- hand guns - 8%- rifles or shotguns - Remainder of weapons - 30% knives - blunt object - direct violence - poisons - hands , feet, fists - fire Test Questions: 1. What are the Homicide Investigation Procedures? 2. How many proven ways are there to kill someone? 3. What is justifiable homicide?


Transcript: Justifiable Homicide: reasonable belief that a serious crime is being committed and in an attempt to prevent the crime. Essentially, it is a homicide with a good excuse. It may also be in self-defense, in defense of others, or an action taken in the line of duty, such as one by a police officer -In Canada Homicide Excusable Homicide: homicide committed accidentally or with sufficient provocation while doing some lawful activity. For example, if someone is physically attacked in a parking garage and kills the attacker while defending himself, that would be excusable homicide Definitions Punishment/Penalties Homicide Case Criminal Homicide: the unlawful killing of another. It is usually divided into categories based on the intent of the person. Some categories include murder, manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide. The more intentional the behavior, the higher the level of charge and punishment will be Definition: the killing of one human being by another. a person who kills another; murderer. The Worst Crime With his trial held at the British Columbia Supreme Court, Vancouver pig farmer Robert William Pickton was accused of murdering 26 women. Pickton is no stranger to the law, and was also charged with attempted murder in 1997. However, it was by sheer luck that the more recent case, which began in 2002, was brought on. While searching Pickton’s property for illegal firearms, police found personal belongings of women that had been reported missing. Subsequent searches revealed body parts, such as jawbones belonging to some of the missing women, as well as skulls that had been sawed in half with the victim’s feet and hands inside for good measure. Many other remains have yet to be found. Although in 2004, it was disclosed that some of the flesh from Pickton’s victims may have been ground up and given out to his friends and farm visitors as part of the pork he sold from the farm. Pickton has been charged with 26 counts of first-degree murder. Maximum Punishment is imprisoment for life 25 years with no parole. In general -25 years Where the offender was 16 or 17 years old at time of the offence 10 years Where the offender was 14 or 15 years old at time of the offence 7 years


Transcript: Whitney and Emily Warren - Self-protection Facts and Statistics Types of Murder - Most homicide victims are men - Estimated that we have three quarter's of a million people in our midst who are wounded Americans, all victims of the murders of just the past decade. Homicide Example 2. Impact of other life changes McKinney murders were: Shocking Heartbreaking Devestating to the families Lessons learned: Life is fragile Tragedy can strike at anytime We are not in control - Organized Crime - Nearly 17,000 men, women, and children are victims of homicide in the United States every year. - Murder - Manslaughter (voluntary, involuntary) - Justifiable Homicide (protection, capital punishment) - Criminal Homicide (mentally disabled) Closing WHAT ARE COMMON REACTIONS AND STRESSORS? 3. Demands on the family -Fully concious of the act -"Malice Aforethought" Third Degree 1. Notification itself Aftermath of McKinney Homicide - Relationship problems - Illness/ Mental Instabilty - Financial Gain - The highest number of homicide victims in the US each year are typically 10-24 years old 4. Role changes for survivors Noun The deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder. Synonyms murder - murderer - killer - assassination - assassin - "heat of the moment" - No aforethought A community scorned: Prayer nights at the local churches Hard for many to grieve because arrest hadn't been made Feelings of confusion and loss Football team bonded in a powerful way Two High Schools in town came together -manslaughter in most states -creating a dangerous situation that leads to death - lack of malice Video Homicide - Revenge First Degree hom·i·cide McKinney 2004 Homicide Reasons for killing... 6. The question "Why?" Second Degree Activity... 5. Comfort in religion Hometown Robbery turned deadly Wrong place at the wrong time Years until arrest of murderer is made "Nobody realizes how delicate a life is, until it is taken..."

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