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Transcript: Alaa AlAhmadi 1501051 Storage/Retrieval Holography is a technique which enables three-dimensional images (holograms) to be made. It involves the use of a laser, interference, and diffraction, light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the recording. Coming generations will see holograms become an everyday experience. They will be present from entertainment, to saving someone's life through holographic medical imaging Identity protection Interaction with images more naturally intangible simpler interfaces and intuitive use Using augmented reality more generally and more fields everyday Higher storage capacity Increased feasibility of objects (depth) Ability to combine with other technologies Can show actual 3 dimensions The holographic display market is estimated to reach up to $3.57 billion by 2020; growing at a annual growth rate of 30.23% from 2014 to 2020. The consumers are spending higher percentage of their income on consumer electronic devices the younger consumers tend to buy the most recently introduced and technologically advanced products • Conference. • Advertisements and consumer packaging of products • speed the progress of development and research • Quality and reduce error rates in production • High capacity data storage. • Develop competitive advantages High production costs. still developing technology Lack of studies on its impact in different areas of the human being. Do not produce images of complex movement Require complicated precise machinery to produce and view an image Time consuming when it comes to constructing images Transfer of information Advantages Vs Disadvantages Muneera Alkhayal 1501029 Future Application Instructor What is the Holography? Interaction Holography relation to MIS Dr. Shaymaa M. Rashad Future of Holography Hanan Alraddadi 1501043 Holography Technology Advertisement Medical Manufacturing Airplane pilots Security Communication Art Disadvantages Processing Aisha Alzaidi 1501058 Presentation Acquisition Advantages Concept Hologram instead of traffic lights. Microsoft HoloLens. Holographic televisions . Holographic motion picture. Holographic data storage. Optical computers . Hologram Integration into MIS The Applications of Holography By Team Management Information systems

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Transcript: 1958: The idea of the laser was published in by Arthur Shawlow and Charles Townes. 1960: Theodore Maiman built the first working ruby laser. 1977: the US Patent Office awarded the basic patent for the laser to Gordon Gould 1971 : Dennis Gabor gets Nobel Prize 2011 : colored hologram in Japan DISADVANTAGES >It's cost effective >It's difficult to replicate >Easily applied on products >It's difficult to alter or transpose >It's verifiable by its specific manufacture Light Interference Advantages and Disadvantages of Hologram? Our project is simple. A mix of mechanical and infrared camera-tracking technology was used to create a realistic holographic image. Holography is based on the principle of interference. >Production cost is much higher that 2D >Not easily see under Florescent Lighting >Requires above lighting >Application to products is costly >Time consuming when it comes to constructing images How our project will help? CNN 'hologram' Future Constructive interference occurs when the features of two waves (crests, troughs, wavelength) completely match. When they are together, their amplitudes combine. Wave interference simulation What is our project ? ADVANTAGES: Is a TransScreen image really 3D? A 3D holographic transparent projection screen that displays an image floating in space. It is a 4 mil thick polyester film with 6 coatings to capture the image. A green-screen environment inside a specially constructed tent No, Without getting too technical, people always see in 2D, it's the brain that tells us it's 3D due to depth of field cues. What is a TransScreen? Anderson Cooper interviewed Jessica Yellin American television journalist via hologram Such equipment does not come cheaply: It cost CNN $70,000. History Knowledge on Holograms Constructive vs. Destructive Interference Bring a real life 3D holographic projections that can be combined in an interacted environment with other live objects How it works ? Hologram To create the image, CNN used 40 High-definition cameras to film A hologram captures the interference pattern between two or more beams of coherent light (i.e. laser light). One beam is shone directly on the recording medium and acts as a reference to the light scattered from the illuminated scene. Destructive interference occurs when these features are completely opposite (like when one wave's crest lines up with another wave's trough). The resultant amplitude is less than the larger amplitude. Holograms have come a long way. Holograms consists of light, and refraction. Holograms develops a free floating 3D image in front of your eyes.

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