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Hollywood Squares Pt.2

Transcript: Hollywood Squares A statement of stockholder's equity is normally not prepared when: a. There is a change in paid-in capital accounts b. There is a change in stock accounts c. Only the date of record is announced for declaring a dividend d. There is a purchase of treasury stock c. Only the date of record is announced for declaring a dividend In preparing the cash flows from financing activities section of the statement of cash flows, which types of accounts are analyzed for changes? a. All liabilities and stockholder's equity b. Current liabilities and stockholder's equity c. Long term liabilities and stockholder's equity d. Long term assets c. Long term liabilities and stockholders equity Given the following framework for the statement of cash flows, what is missing? b. cash flows from financing activities Assets Balance Sheet Liabilities b. Liquidity A companies ability to convert assets into cash is called: a. Profitability b. Liquidity c. Sustainability d. Solvency a. operating Cash flows from ____ activities are the cash flows from transactions that affect the debt and equity of the company: a. Investing b. Operating c. Financing d. Purchasing c. Financing Cash flows from _____ activities are the cash flows from transactions that affect the net income of the company: a. Operating b. Investing c. Financing d. Purchasing Credit Debit Expenses Question Answer A. Sales Question Answer In a common sized income statement, which of the following is given the percentage of 100%? a. Sales b. Net income c. Plant, property, equipment d. Total liabilities Question Answer Answer Question Answer Question Which of the following analytical methods involves the analysis of increases and decreases in the amount and percentage of comparative financial statement items? a. Horizontal Analysis b. Vertical Analysis c. Common Sized Analysis d. Percent of Total Analysis a. Horizontal Analysis d. Banks and other short term creditors Which type of Stakeholder is interested in the liquidity of the company? a. Bond holders and other long term creditors b. Customers c. Stockholder's d. Banks and other short term creditors Book Value Dividends Profit Answer Question Answer Question Answer Question Question Answer Answer Question

Hollywood Squares

Transcript: 11*3=33 8*3=24 4*4=16 11*12=132 10*7=70 8*2=16 12*2=24 9*2=18 6*4=24 3*6=18 Payton's Paper: Payton guessed numbers that were easy and go together to make the inside numbers and change if needed. Final Ideas: We put both of our ideas together to find out what the numbers that went in each row and column were. Thank you!!!! 4 The purpose is to find the numbers that go into the empty squares. 30 48 6 Courtney's Paper: 32 54 5 5 4 Step Three: We then figured out the rest of the first row and first column only using numbers 2-12 once. After finding all of the numbers that fit each row and column, we then multiplied the two numbers to get the sum. 2 30 1.Table 2.Guess & Check Out of the eleven numbers, what are the numbers to the first row and first column using only one number twice? 16 June 3 2014 By: Payton and Courtney 6 Strategy 72 18 8 The number 2 - 12 are used to generate the following matrix. Use each number to fill in the first row and the first column to generate the given pattern. 3 2 50 9 33 11 18 7 Steps 10 . 24 4 16 . 12 132 96 24 28 30 36 Ideas: 40 24 70 Period 8 30 Step two: We found the two numbers that evenly multiplied together, would equal the sums already in the grid. 12 60 55 132 10 77 ♥ Only use numbers 2 - 12 ♥ Only use one number twice ♥ Have to be multiplied by each other to create the number in the middle 70 11*3 20 Mrs. Stark 8 40 10 24 33 Question What is guessing and checking? 24 35 11 18 7 12 14 99 Purpose: 16 Key Information 9 Hollywood Squares 56 44 8 Step one: Look at the table and try to find the easiest number to go along the the outside that can be multiplied by one another which equals the number on the inside. 33 4 132 Problem 3 70 Problem Solving 7 6 24 90 TABLE 20 120 18 Question Strategy Purpose Steps Ideas

Hollywood Squares

Transcript: 12 72 54 36 18 63 99 Finally we figured out the very first row and column which help us fill out the rest of the matrix. The numbers in the first row were, 8, 6, 4, 7, 11. The first column was, 9, 4, 3, 5, 12, 10. The number that was repeated was 4. Problem: To solve a matrix you have to use the numbers 2-12. Use each number to fill in the first row and column to create the pattern. Only one number can be used twice. 96 72 48 24 84 132 10 32 24 16 8 28 44 4 Hollywood Squares Laya B. and Audrey E. Strategies used: 40 30 20 10 35 55 9 3 Process/Explanation: The strategies we mainly used would be: guess and check and logical reasoning. The reason we used guess and check was because it was the most logical strategy to use for our problem. We used logical reasoning to determine whether or the combinations were logical or illogical . For example 33, it can only be 3 times 11 in the numbers 2-12 that would give 33. Conclusion/Answer: First, when we were given the matrix there were numbers that were already in it. The numbers given to us were:18,16,24,30,33,132,70. Since we were only allowed to use numbers 2-12, we immediately figured out that 3 times 11 would be the product of 33. 3x8=24, so since number 3 was used, we cant use it again. 2x9=18, 4x4=16,6x5=30,12x11=132, 7x10=70. These are the number we used to figure out the pattern. After we found the pattern, we filled out the remaining squares with the product of each combination. 80 60 40 20 70 110 5 24 18 12 6 21 33 The Matrix 1 8 6 4 2 7 11

Hollywood Squares

Transcript: 17. Compare and Contrast Martin Luther Kings and Malcolm X's beliefs. Answer 3: TRUE 23. What was the main racial segregation issue Truman pushed for in the 1940s? Answer 25: National Association for the Advancement of Colored people. It aimed for full equality among the races. 4. " The great Society is a place where every child can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talents."-What were the main goals of LBJ's Great Society? Answer 8: It was used as a meeting place for the African American civil rights leaders. CORE and SCLC were a couple of the civil rights groups that met at the Birmingham church. 16. Explain what happened with the Little Rock Nine? Answer 18: to carry on nonviolent protesting in the south against "second-class citizenship" Answer 23: Truman put in an executive order to integrate the armed forces after Congress shot down his other desegregation proposals. 21. What were the people of the Selma to Montgomery March protesting for? 7. What did the demonstrators of the march on Washington want to accomplinsh ? THE END Answer 4: Provide better education, fight poverty, open the doors to non-European immigrants, and environment awareness. 6. Why was it so crucial that the people of the Montgomery bus boycott road the buses through the southern state lines? 9. The 26th amendment was passed in 1971 during the Vietnam war. What privilege did this amendment grant? 26. What were the members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) trying to accomplish ? Answer: Banned state-sanctioned prayer in public schools, limited power to censor books and films. Free speech (wearing of the black armbands for students. 1. Name the effects of detente and its purpose. STARRING Answer 9: It allowed people to vote at the age of 18. Many citizens felt that if one was old enough to serve in a war then they should be allowed to vote. Answer 21: Voting Rights. Law enforcement met the marchers on the other side of the Edmund Pettis Bridge and clubbed them and used tear gas on them. 11. What very influential lawyer fought with NAACP to take cases to court to end segregation, the most famous of which was Brow vs Board of education ? Answer 5: husbands responsibility to provide for the family Cinthyia Jade Kelly and Grace Answer 22: Truman Doctrine. $400 in military and economic aid for Greece and Turkey in order to allow them to resit Soviet influence and their push for Communism. 13. What Supreme Court case ruled "Seperate but equal"? Give examples of how this was used 8. The baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed in 1963. This church held services and Sunday schools every Sunday. What was the other primary purpose of the Birmingham Church? Answer 15: Rosa Parks. Montgomery Bus Boycott HOLLYWOOD SQUARES Answer 12: George McLaurin Answer 17: king was all for non-violence and Malcolm X was suspicious of whites, and willing to use "any means necessary" to achieve equality. Answer 11: Thurgood Marshall Answer 7: They wanted civil rights and economic equality for African Americans 19. Who's teachings did King base his ideas off of ? 18. Explain the main purpose of the SCLC (southern Christian Leadership Confrence). Answer 16: 9 students at little rock high school were kept out by the principal with the national guard. Answer 6: Because they wanted to make the bus segregation a federal issue Answer 2: President Nixon 12. What individual directly challenged the state segregation law by applying to the University of Oklahoma and was later the first African American admitted by court ruling ? 14. Thurgood Marshall took this case to court and the court ruled the desegregation of schools.... 20. Describe the reforms of the Warren Court... 2. Realpolitik, stagflation and rejection of dependency on foreign oil are characteristics of what presidents foreign policy? 25. Describe he NAACP. 24. Explain how Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher was influential to desegregation 10. What was the Lasting impact of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Answer 10: All pieces of legislation that was an unfair form of discrimination towards African Americans, Women and minorities were out voted. Anwer 14: Brown V. Board of Education Answer 27: Strength in the civil rights act of 1964. created equal employment opportunities etc. 15. This individual was an NAACP officer wo was planted to sit in the front row of the colored section and refused to give up his/her seat for a white person. Who was this person and what movement did she begin ? Answer 19: Jesus, Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi, A. Philip Randolph. Answer 26: to create the most important student activist movement in the nations history set out to reshape the civil rights movement 22. " It must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures." - Truman To what was president Truman referring to in the quote and what did this plan entail? Answer 13. Plessy v. Ferguson: segregated

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