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Hockey Presentation

Transcript: In most ice hockey games there's body contact, this allows you to hit your opponent roughly to control the puck. But there are certain rules that apply. For all hits, the opponent must be within 5 seconds of having possession of the puck. Taking 3 or more strides towards your opponent and/or leaving your feet while delivering your check is an illegal hit. This is called charging. Sending your opponent violently into the boards causing a loud sound is called boarding. When hitting your opponent, you must not be able to see your opponents jersey number (on the back) if you do, this is called hitting from behind. Last but not least if you attempt to hit your opponent and accidentally or purposely touch his head you will be penalized for hitting to the head. There's different types of hits, shoulder check, hip check, front check, and cross check. The shoulder check is the most common check in hockey. To do a shoulder check you must bend your knees and lean in (like your leaning on a wall) with the shoulder your opponent is on. Hip checks rarely happen, but in order to do a good hip check your opponent must be skating towards you, you must pivot your hip towards him, bend down (like your touching the ground), and let him skate into you. A front check is when your hands are close to your chest, your elbows are about shoulder width apart, and you have a pushing motion towards your opponent. Front checks often occur when you are skating towards your opponent after he releases the puck. A cross check is when you have 2 hands on your stick (shoulder width apart), you lift it so it's horizontal, bend your arms so the shaft is touching your chest, and push so that the shaft makes contact with your opponent. The cross check is also rare but illegal. Most cross checks happen after the whistle is blown to stop the play. Here's a video on good hard legal hits some of which we talked about. Top 10 NHL hits. Hockey Body Contact Thanks for watching :)

Hockey presentation

Transcript: By: john wick Field hockey Our Company What is filed hockey Field hockey is a game similar to normal hockey, but instead of playing on ice we play on a field. The game was first played on England since the 19th century . The game of field hockey is played widely across the world. Field hockey is the second largest team sport in the world played in around 100 countries. In Canada it is a popular family orientated sport, played mainly in clubs by both men and women. At a Glance Fun facts about field hokey At the London 2012 Olympics, hockey was the 3rd most spectated sport. Celebrities Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence and Heath Ledger all played hockey Men’s hockey has the fastest swing speed of any sport reaching around 103 miles per hour Hockey was originally called "shinty" History What is a penalty shot? A penalty shot is awarded when a player from the opposite team makes a foul that prevents you of scoring or, for an intentional offense in the circle by a defender against an opponent who has possession of the ball or an opportunity to play the ball. Our Product What is a penalty corner? A penalty corner is awarded when a defender does a foul in the circle and it doesn’t prevent a goal to happen. Testimonials What is an obstruction? Is an penalty for using the body to prevent opponents from getting the ball, it´s called for blocking an opponent. Shin pads, goggles, and mouth guards must be used to play. Gloves may also be used to improve grip and help protect the hands. Field hockey goalies must wear extra protective equipment including a helmet with a cage that protects the face, chest pad, chin pads, and kicker covers on the shoes. Field hockey equipment: Testimonials In field hockey, players are only aloud to lift the stick until the height of their waste, if they lift it more the player will suffer a foul and it can cause serious injury s to one other player. What height can we lift the stick? Testimonials Work cited: Testimonials The end Testimonials

Hockey Presentation

Transcript: Have I acheived these goals To play in the M1 mens team Make the U15 and 16 schoolboys teams To learn and perfect the trap in penalty corners Improve my fitness, sprinting and strength in the pre-season Complete a thorough pre-season To win a priemership I could not have been happier with making both the u16s and u15s teams this year. I have benefited a lot from these tours and want to push to do more in the years to come. In Hobart I got a feel for state hockey and recently in the u15 boys I was able to play with confidence. This showed in the amount of the ball I received and the great plays I was able to set up. Teams and my Coaches Henley 8/9 and open boys team- Mr Cibich U15 boys Port Adelaide - Adrian Zelda, Josh Fitzgerald U18 boys Port Adelaide - Beau Wesley Alisauskas M1 Port Adelaide - John Haynes, Mark Victory U16 schoolboys - Joel Langley, Geoff Mills U15 State - Micheal Lubke Yes other than winning a premiership I have achieved all of these goals. I am part of the M1 mens team I played for the U16 and 15 teams and learned so much I am a confident APC trapper I have improved my fitness, sprinting and strength and i completed a thorough pre-season Goals for 2014 Play more games for Premier League Win 2 premierships for Port Adelaide Make the 16 schoolboys Make the Hockey SA under 18 team To receive best and fairest for M1s Help coach a junior team Receive a SASI scholarship My 2013 Goals Cameron Higgins Season Presentation Coaches Review My State Trips u15 and u16

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