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Transcript: Used for transfers from one surface or place to the next but are not frequently used. LEARNING Electronic versions of printed books that can be viewed online via any PC connected to the Internet. These "books" consist of various reading levels and genre of materials (including textbooks). They are very effective when used with visually impaired as well as lower reading level readers. Some examples of popular referenced titles would be - Reader Rabbit Bailey's Book House Electronic Communication Boards Electronic devices used to hold (stabilize) a book for a student to turn the pages when needed. Some of the devices also read the text to the student. MANIPULATION Electric or Electronic systems used by multiple-handicapped students to move objects (i.e. robotic arms, wheelchairs, etc.). They are activated by alternative extremities such as toes, heads, sip & puff controls, etc. Electronic Counterparts Electric Hoists utilized for individuals who are deaf or Hard of Hearing. These devices assist the user to communicate through the use of a electronic keyboarding device. Page Turners Telecommunication Devices SPED and HIGH TECH ECBs are electronic and more frequently utilize programs such as Boardmaker, as a resource for collecting symbols for communication of intentions. With this program you have the ability to create, modify and develop communication boards that are more detailed and tailored to the individual. COMMUNICATION Computer Programs and Software These devices would include electronic wheelchairs and scooters. Electronic Books MOBILITY Switch Systems


Transcript: What type of security must be established to ensure confidentiality of the electronic health record? Electronic Health Records (EHR's) are an alternative digital version of a patient's paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available and securely to authorized users. Employees handling private patient information should always be aware that other patients do not have easy access to computer monitors, patient charts, and should always be aware of where they leave information and proper discard patient information that is no longer needed. What are EHRs? Patient Privacy can be protected in many ways What is HITECH Act? The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was created to promote the use of electronic health records ( EHR) and supporting technology in the United States. How can patient privacy be protected with the use of electronic records? HITECH To ensure security of electronic health records providers must establish access control tools like passwords and pin numbers so there is limit access to patient information to only authorized individuals. Although EHR's are secured computers can be breached this occurs when computers are not up to date with the latest anti-virus software, not having adequate monitoring procedures, not installing patches for known exploits. Many breaches occur because employees use the computer for personal use and check their mail and many of that mail can be spam mail. HITECH was enacted by President Obama in February 17, 2009 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The creation of the HITECH widens the privacy and security protections that are available under HIPAA; it also increases the potential legal liability for non-compliance, and provides more enforcement. How do security breaches occur? The use of electronic health records can protects a patient's privacy because since everything is done electronic there is no paperwork needed . The patient's information is stored in the computer and only authorized personals have access to them and the information is even secured by passwords.


Transcript: HITECH Mercedes Garcia Treanesha Bullion Olivia Is short for Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act HITECH HITECH Part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Creates incentives related to health care information technology The HITECH Act What is the HITECH Act 1 2 help the expansion of the exchange of electronic protected health information Between: Doctors Hospitals cutting down on the cost of health care by sharing EHR EHR Electronic health record What is in an EHR VALUES History laboratory data and radiology reports Treatment Office Visits What is in an EHR Progress notes Problems Medications Vital signs immunizations TEAM TEAM Who can see EHRs Patient Doctor Physician Assistants Nurses Technologists and Technicians Therapists and Rehabilitation Specialists Pharmacists Data Breach Breaches occurs when a cybercriminal successfully infiltrates a data source and extracts sensitive information Research Research They looks for weaknesses in the company’s security People Networks Systems Attack Attack Then they make the initial contact using either a network or social attack Network/Social Attack Network/ Social Attack A network attack occurs when a cybercriminal uses infrastructure, system, and application weaknesses to infiltrate an organization’s network Tricking Baiting employees Access to the company’s network. Login credentials Opening attachment. Exfiltration They move through the computer and find confidential data Exfiltration Privacy Protection HIPPA Security and Privacy Types of Security health care providers set up: Security Physical Administrative Technical safeguards access controls: Pin numbers or password Encrypting our stored information Audit trail that records who accessed your information Changes that are made Title I of HIPPA is concerned with the portability of health insurance protecting the rights of workers between jobs ensure health insurance coverage is maintained HITECH and HIPPA Changes TitleTitleII of HIPPA HIPPA Title II of HIPAA includes:The HITECH Act also strengthened the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules with respect to electronic health and medical records. Administrative provisions Patient privacy protections Security controls: health and medical records other forms of protected health information (PHI). The HITECH Act: strengthened the HIPAA Privacy Security Rules with respect electronic health medical records. HITECH ACT and HIPPA The HITECH Act, which was published on January 25, 2013, made several changes to HIPAA and introduced new requirements Patients Given Option of Obtaining Health and Medical Records in Electronic Form HITECH, HIPPA, and Breach Notifications While the HIPAA Privacy Rule gave patients and health plan members the right to obtain copies of their Protected Health Information (PHI) HITECH Act increased those rights to include the option of being provided with copies of health and medical records in electronic form The HITECH Act introduced a new requirement for issuing notifications to individuals whose electronic protected health information was exposed in a security breach if the information was not encrypted. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights must also be notified of breaches Small breaches must also be reported


Transcript: ch jt Hitech is.. Health Information technology for Economic and Clinical Health act. How can patient privacy be protected with the use of electronic records? ch Cristal H & Justin T ch How do computer breaches occur? ch How do computer breaches occur? What is Hitech? what type of security must be established to ensure confidentiality of the electronic health record? jt jt They are unrelated but help by complimentng each other. HITECH's breach notification rule requires healthcare providers and other HIPAA abiding users to notify affected individuals of a breach HITECH requires that any technology standards created under HITECH do not undermine HIPaA privacy and laws. How have HITECH and HIPAA impacted the role of the medical biller? Holding on to privacy The Hitech act is a incentive program for physicians that was signed by president Obama on febuary 17, 2009 The physians are given finanical incentives to adpot certified EHR's which the goverment belived would build a national health information network that would bring better quality care, better patient saftey and lower cost. Access control; only allow acces of patient information to authorized personnel. For ex. doctor or nurse Encrypting information computer breaches can occur in many different ways "phising" people who work for an organization and purposely sell personal info. unencrypyted data hackers misplaced or stolen laptops or other electronic devices Ehr's are Electronic Health Records. electronic version of patient's medical records that makes information needed available instantly and securly to only authorized users. what are EHR's ch Reference a person "Phish" Person who works for an organization and purposely sells personal info uncrypted data transfers that hackers intercept misplaced/ stolen items like laptops cell phones or computers encryption auditing unique usernames and passwords auto time-out emergency access What is The Hitech act?


Transcript: Donna Melissa Sophia Evelyn THE FANTASTIC FOUR WHAT IS HITECH Lesson profile Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Introduction Standards Why HITECH act went into effect: 1 Created to motivate the implementation of electronic health records (EMR) 2 HITECH went into action in 2009 to protect health information between doctors and hospitals. 3 This act was designed to cut down the cost of healthcare. HITECHs Purpose Objectives The HITECH act geared towards providing healthcare providers monetary incentives by demonstrating meaningful use of EHR. Penalties went into effect for those who did not adhere to the regulations of the EHR system. Essential understandings Materials What are EHRs ? Materials / equipment Electronic Health Record ~EHRs is a digital version of a patients chart. ~A more in depth view of a patients care ~EHRs are built to share information with other health care providers and organizations MPI Procedure How have HITECH and HIPAA impacted the role of the medical biller? EO Use of new technology Be more responsible for patient security and privacy Medical biller has to know how to use EHR's How Can Patient Privacy Be Protected With The Use Of Electronic Record ? Assessment SP Assessment activity HIPAA Privacy Rule Secure Passwords Firewall MBC 101 Q1 2020 Integrated Electronic Health Records, Shanholtzer 7 SP Notes DATA BREACH Recording key strokes. Ransomware Password guessing But most commin are Virus, & Malware Title HIPAA Privacy Rule What Type Of Security Must Be Established To Ensure Confidentiality Of The Electronic Health Record ? Firewall Data Encryption Technical Safeguards Example : Firewall , Anti-virus software Links and websites Used for research Title MBC 101 Q1 2020 Integrated Electronic Health Records, Shanholtzer 7

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