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Transcript: 10. 'm just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America 11. Stolen from Africa, brought to America 12. Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America 13. Dreadie, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 14. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 15. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 16. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 17. Buffalo soldier troddin' through the land, wo-ho-ooh Said he wanna ran and then you wanna hand 18. Troddin' through the land, yea-hea, yea-ea 19. Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America 20. Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta 21. Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 22. Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean 23. Singing, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 24. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 25. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 26. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy When they arrived in America they were fighting for survival African Americans were brought from Africa to server in a war metaphor Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 22. Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean heart of america They sailed on a boat 27. Troddin' through San Juan in the arms of America Troddin' through Jamaica, a buffalo soldier Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta 28. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier 11. Stolen from Africa, brought to America heart of the caribbean Metaphor Repitition 21. Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 1. Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of 2. America Stolen from Africa, brought to America Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 3. I mean it when I analyze the stench To me it makes a lot of sense 4. How the dreadlock rasta was the buffalo soldier 5. And he was taken from Africa, brought to America Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 6. Said he was a buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta Buffalo soldier in the heart of America 7. If you know your history 8. Then you would know where you're coming from 9. Then you wouldn't have to ask me Who the 'eck do I think I am By: Ruben Arutunian

cultural powerpoint

Transcript: Family History Grandma and aunt were moved to Chicago after the war. Lived there while my grandpa was in the army. After the army, grandpa moved to Chicago and did body and fender work. Grandpa Chris was born in 1947 and they returned to California. Moved from their old home in Venice to their current one in Santa Monica. International Medical Corps is expanding its network of local partners to deliver critical health, mental health and livelihoods services to communities affected by the tsunami. Japan's History Part 2 by the International Monetary Fund (2011)[2] List by the World Bank (1990-2010)[3] List by the CIA World Factbook (2000-2011)[4] Rank Country/Region GDP (millions of US$) World 69,659,626[5] 9999999 European Union &1000000001757769100000017,577,691[5] 1 United States &1000000001509402500000015,094,025 2 China &100000000072981470000007,298,147n2 3 Japan &100000000058694710000005,869,471 4 Germany &100000000035770310000003,577,031 5 France &100000000027763240000002,776,324 6 Brazil &100000000024929080000002,492,908 7 United Kingdom &100000000024175700000002,417,570 8 Italy &100000000021987300000002,198,730 9 Russia &100000000018504010000001,850,401 10 Canada &100000000017368690000001,736,869 11 India &100000000016761430000001,676,143 12 Spain &100000000014935130000001,493,513 13 Australia &100000000014882210000001,488,221 14 Mexico &100000000011547840000001,154,784 15 Korea, South &100000000011162470000001,116,247 16 Indonesia &10000000000845680000000845,680 17 Netherlands &10000000000840433000000840,433 18 Turkey &10000000000778089000000778,089 19 Switzerland &10000000000636059000000636,059 20 Saudi Arabia &10000000000577595000000577,595 21 Sweden &10000000000538237000000538,237 22 Poland &10000000000513821000000513,821 23 Belgium &10000000000513396000000513,396 24 Norway &10000000000483650000000483,650 25 Iran &10000000000482445000000482,445 26 Taiwan &10000000000466832000000466,832 27 Argentina &10000000000447644000000447,644 28 Austria &10000000000419243000000419,243 29 South Africa &10000000000408074000000408,074 30 United Arab Emirates &10000000000360136000000360,136 31 Thailand &10000000000345649000000345,649 32 Denmark &10000000000333238000000333,238 33 Colombia &10000000000328422000000328,422 34 Venezuela &10000000000315841000000315,841 35 Greece &10000000000303065000000303,065 36 Malaysia &10000000000278680000000278,680 37 Finland &10000000000266553000000266,553 38 Singapore &10000000000259849000000259,849 39 Chile &10000000000248411000000248,411 9999999 ' Hong Kong &10000000000243302000000243,302 40 Israel &10000000000242897000000242,897 41 Nigeria &10000000000238920000000238,920 42 Portugal &10000000000238880000000238,880 43 Egypt &10000000000235719000000235,719 44 Ireland &10000000000217669000000217,669 45 Czech Republic &10000000000215265000000215,265 46 Philippines &10000000000213129000000213,129 47 Pakistan &10000000000210566000000210,566 48 Algeria &10000000000190709000000190,709 49 Romania &10000000000189776000000189,776 50 Kazakhstan &10000000000178312000000178,312 51 Kuwait &10000000000176667000000176,667 52 Qatar &10000000000173847000000173,847 53 Peru &10000000000173502000000173,502 54 Ukraine &10000000000164960000000164,960 55 New Zealand &10000000000161851000000161,851 56 Hungary &10000000000140303000000140,303 57 Vietnam &10000000000122722000000122,722 58 Iraq &10000000000115388000000115,388 59 Bangladesh &10000000000113032000000113,032 60 Angola &10000000000100948000000100,948 61 Morocco &1000000000009924100000099,241 62 Slovakia &1000000000009608900000096,089 63 Oman &1000000000007188800000071,888 64 Ecuador &1000000000006638100000066,381 65 Sudan + South Sudan &1000000000006475000000064,750 66 Croatia &1000000000006384200000063,842 67 Azerbaijan &1000000000006232100000062,321 68 Sri Lanka &1000000000005909500000059,095 69 Luxembourg &1000000000005841200000058,412 70 Dominican Republic &1000000000005670000000056,700 71 Belarus &1000000000005548300000055,483 72 Bulgaria &1000000000005351400000053,514 73 Burma &1000000000005192500000051,925 74 Slovenia &1000000000004958800000049,588 75 Guatemala &1000000000004689700000046,897 76 Uruguay &1000000000004687200000046,872 77 Tunisia &1000000000004636000000046,360 78 Uzbekistan &1000000000004535300000045,353 79 Serbia &1000000000004506400000045,064 80 Lithuania &1000000000004271800000042,718 81 Costa Rica &1000000000004094700000040,947 82 Lebanon &1000000000003903900000039,039 83 Ghana &1000000000003715800000037,158 84 Libya &1000000000003687400000036,874 85 Kenya &1000000000003479600000034,796 86 Yemen &1000000000003367500000033,675 87 Ethiopia &1000000000003125600000031,256 88 Panama &1000000000003056900000030,569 89 Jordan &1000000000002923300000029,233 90 Latvia &1000000000002825200000028,252 91 Bahrain &1000000000002610800000026,108 92 Cameroon &1000000000002575900000025,759 93 Turkmenistan &1000000000002574200000025,742 94 Cyprus &1000000000002494900000024,949 95 Bolivia &1000000000002460400000024,604 96 Cote d'Ivoire

Cultural Background

Transcript: The poem October is about the month of October, and how the weather is changing, all the animals are getting ready to hibernate, and are preparing themselves for the winter that is to come. Paraphrase Her, is about a break up Gary Soto had with a girl when he was seventeen, they meet up at a bar ten years later, and hung out remembering when they used to date, and even though they can never be together anymore they now know they can move on. How things work figurative language Oranges the first time i walked with a girl , i was twelve , cold and had two oranges in my jacket. December winter , cold enough too see my breath. As i walked toward her house, the one with the porch light that was never off . A dog barked at me until she came out taking off her gloves. She smiled and i could see her makeup , i smiled and led her down the street until we ended up in front of a drugstore. We entered and looked down the aisle , i asked if she wanted anything and she placed a chocolate on the counter and i placed 2 oranges down . The cashier and i locked eyes and she knew what it was about . We walked out into the cold of December , i took her hand and she unwrapped a chocolate and i peeled my orange , so bright compared to the scenery of winter someone might have though i had a fire in my hands. how things work paraphrase Gary Soto was one of the many young Mexican- American children growing up in a poor mexican hood in Fresno,California. His parents worked for the agricultural state doing typical work such as picking grapes , oranges and cotton for very little pay. A little after he turned 5 his father died due to a work related incident, this left his family too fend for themselves. Soon after they moved too a rougher part of because of financial reasons , because of this Gary was never really encouraged for his education and spent the time he did go to school chasing girls . Cultural Background First i forgot your voice, then the photo you gave me then all at once i forgot you. I no longer see you as what i once thought of you. your voice never came back;at night i was left to my thoughts and a type writer That couldn't make things right. This Spring, ten years later we see eachother and cross the bay to North Beach And you and i enter a bar to let go of our sorrow. I try to make you recall of all the times together but youve tried to forget . i take your hand and try to live my moment i never got at 17. Tonight no one cares, and i fail at my attempt, though im okay with what we've become. Drunk we pay and you hug me tight and send me walking slowly down a side street I arrive too a ticketed car and the inevitable begger ;"spare change." How things Work Oranges is about Gary Soto taking a girl out on a date trying too woo her but keeping in mind the way he's living at the moment he didn't have enough money too pay for what the girl wanted. Oranges is all he had, so he used it as a form of currency and the cashier took this into consideration and let him slide. Her paraphrase October figurative language a cold day through October, the frost has even arrived this morning, Weather has calmed sunlight spread and reveled sparrows over head and the bare sycamore An owl shuffled around a nest with a lizard flapping in its beak. mice and ants hide away under flat ground. A coyote squats behid granite aware of thw winter to come. October Oranges figurative language tone and mood October paraphrase This poem is how Soto believes the world of money works, he Her figurative language Gary Soto " As you shivered like a machine, that someone would see us." this phrase is a simile , Him and a girl were doing things they were afraid of being caught for. HER ''Cold, and weighted down with two oranges in my jacket.'' is an example of hyperbole because two oranges can't weigh him down. ''Her house, the one whose porch light burned yellow night and day in any weather.'' is an example of hyperbole because a light can't burn day and night. ''I turned to the candies tiered like bleachers,'' is an example of simile because its comparing the candy to bleachers. ''Fog hanging like old coats between the tress" this is another form of simile comparing the fog to old coats " Someone might have thought that i was making a fire in my hands. " this is a metaphor because its comparing the orange to fire

The Hispanic Background

Transcript: The Hispanic Background Religious and Economic Reforms The crown took one-third of tithe money and all proceeds from indulgances Put Observants in charge of the church, stricter followers of ecclesiastical law and got rid of secular religion Isaballine religious reform- ensured that the faith would be carried to the Indies (and New World) by an elite force of clergy who were distinguished by their zeal, learning, and commitment Spanish Inquisition- killing of many Jews and the exodus of thousands from the country- greatly hurt the economy because of the positions of wealth held by many Jews Economic- banned export of gold and silver, encouraged foreign artisans to settle in Spain, and banned import of goods also made in Spain to encourage buying of homeland goods Standardized weights and measurements, navigation acts and shipbuilding, new currency Foreign Policy Conquest of Granada- breaking the last Muslim stronghold Regain territory once owned by Aragon from the French and some Italian territory By 1512 (just before Ferdinand's death) Spain became the leading power of military might in Europe by uniting the Spanish kingdoms and expelling foreign influence Exploration and adventuring was dominated by the Spanish as they made it farther in the New World much faster than anyone else, all funded by the crown of Ferdinand and Isabella Influx of American gold played the largest role in Spanish wealth during this period Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr How Isabelle and Ferdinand regained control of their kingdom Resortation Under Ferdinand and Isabella Economy Instead of just Catilian towns, the Reconquest prompted the growth of municipalities fueros- charters of liberties- created to attract settles to conquered territory Cortes- parliment, town consultative body- town administrative- autonomous Hermandades- military associations of towns, mostly defensive- could do little without the aid of the king As the Moors were pushed out, the nobles began to war against each other and the king- low point- Henry IV (1454-1474) Aragon- 3 major states Castile- largest and most powerful of the Spanish kingdoms that played the leading role in the conquest Castile became very wealthy as it progressively gained territory, along with estates and farms (sheep became a valuable commodity) dominated by the nobility Profits from renting land along with the sale of wool gave Castile the economic power needed to fuel the conquest Aragon- Barcelona was center of powerful fleets and profitable textile industry Aragon- ruling class not land-owning nobility, but commercial and industrial oligarchy The Black Death was crippling, especially to Aragon Political Structures Spain was invaded by the Moors (Muslims from North Africa) in 711 The Moors allowed the inhabitants of Spain to practice their own religion in exchange for paying a special tax The Moors never had full control over society that had been in place for years, especially in the North The Reconquest begain as a struggle to regain lost lands but later became a crusade Background Married in 1469 to ensure political stability in the two regions of Castile and Aragon. More a move for power on the Castilian side (Isabella) Ferdinand freed thousands of sefs and made them landowners, Isabella created the Santa Hermandad, a police force to restore order Reforms were aimed at giving control and power back to the crown. They did this by forcing towns and nobles to pay tribute long forgotten and appointing officials instead of election by the people. They tightened the reigns on policy long forgotten. alcabala- sales tax

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