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Transcript: SACRED RITUALS they are events full of symbolism, color and sacred rituals that symbolize the union between two families. These ceremonies differ greatly from the concept of western wedding and much more depending on the region, the caste and the family that celebrates them. SACRED RITUALS COUPLE COUPLE SYMBOLISM SYMBOLISM CULTURE In Hindu culture weddings symbolize a union between families rather than a mere link between a man and a woman. Ceremonial rituals begin at the same time that the parents of the bride choose a husband for their daughter. Then, the couple and their families visit together the priest, known as Brahman, who must approve the wedding, and choose the date and time of the wedding based on the position of the stars. The importance of family unity is again symbolized in a curious ritual called Barat, which occurs the day before the wedding, and in which the groom together with his family and friends makes a procession on horseback to the house of his future wife demonstrating the respect and union that will exist between both families. CULTURE CEREMONY One of the main attractions of Hindu weddings are the gowns of the bride and groom and guests at the ceremony. The groom usually wears a suit full of colorful embroideries, and the bride usually wears a red dress with gold ornaments, known as sari, although during the wedding it is normal to change several times of dress. In addition, women close to the bride paint their hands and feet with henna creating beautiful symbols and mosaics that include the groom's initials. The dress and the adornments are complemented with dozens of jewels that give a touch of grandeur and luxury to the celebration. CEREMONY PAINTING IN THE HANDS WITH HENNA PAINTING IN THE HANDS WITH HENNA SARI SARI JEWELS JEWELS RITUALS In addition to their colorful costumes, Hindu weddings are unique thanks to the rituals that make up the ceremony. These rituals have been passed down from generation to generation for more than 40 centuries and are carried out by Brahmin in Sanskrit language. All of them represent the sacred trust between the couple and seek to teach the couple to manage their future life together, fulfilling a series of objectives such as the Dharma -to comply with religious duties-, the Praja -having offspring- and the Krama -get sexual pleasure-. RITUALS FINALLY During the ceremony the assistants sit around an altar with fire and three rituals take place. The first is the Homa offering of fire, the second the Panigrahena of union between the couple and the third the Saptapadi in which the bride and groom go around the fire 7 times, sing mantras and read sacred texts. To conclude the ceremony, the groom ties a necklace of flowers on the neck of his new wife as a sign of acceptance and sprinkles red hair on his hair, indicating that she is already a married woman. FINALLY MOVIE MOVIE

Hindu Wedding

Transcript: All ceremonies begin with a prayer to Lord Ganesh The standardized Shinto wedding ritual is very recent, being based on the ceremony used for the wedding of Crown Prince Yoshihito and Princess Sado in 1900. Wardrobe Akshatropanam & Panigrahanam Ganesh Puja (Marriage commitment) Mangalsutrabandhanam (Prayer) (Welcoming the groom and his family) Womens Place (Purification Rite) Tamagushi Hoten (Marriage vows) Shinzoku-hai (Presenting the Sakaki Branch) The priest requests all the planets, Gods, and Goddesses to bless the couple with a happy and healthy married life. Kannyadaan Kafni and pijamo Vadhu Aagman San San Kudo Saptapadi The marriage is not an union between the bride and groom, but an union between families Norito-sojo Mangalashtak Women wears a white kimono and elborate headpiece White hood is attached to the white kimono Wardrobe The couple lights the Agni, the holy fire that symbolizes light, power and knowledge, and acts as a witness to the ceremony. Laja Homa & Agni Pradakshin Mens (Guests drink Sake) Seishi Sodoku The Ceremony Swagatam & Madhuperk Shinto Wedding (wedding vow) (worshiping the sacred fire) Hindu Wedding (Vedas/Vivah) (Prayers to Lord Ganesh) (Arrival of the bride) (Starting the marriage journey) (blessings) Exchange of symbolic gifts Most of them are held at hotels or ceremony halls where chapels and shrines are conveniently located within the facilities (exchanging of Sake) The bride and groom show their content by showering each other with rice Men Black kimono The bride's family welcomes them with Aarti and sweets. Ceremony Ashirvad take place outside on earth under an canopy (mandop) Place (Giving away of the bride) Yubi-wa Kokan (expectations from married life) (Request of Blessings) Vivaah Homa Shubatsu (Exchanging of rings) Red or white sari henna over entire hands Bride is brought to the mandap typically by her maternal uncle, along with bridesmaids, and grooms’ men.

Hindu Wedding

Transcript: The first tradition of this day is the bharat, which consists in the parade of the groom from leaving the house with his family, girlfriend and goes through all its train and march to the place where they held religious consecration. The groom may ride an elephant or a horse, with the youngest child in his family raised arms. The bride is prepared for the elderly of the family, who are responsible for giving advice and smear their bodies with turmeric paste for good luck, sweeten the nature and fertility. In addition, older men make delivery of the bracelets, their beauty filled with gold. The women put turmeric on the groom for good luck, give flowers and rose petals bathe for him to go with an open mind to marriage. The beginning The mandapa is a traditional ceremony which performs any ritual. Is this all that the priest needs to perform the marriage. It is during this ceremony the bride and groom must give 7 rounds to fire. In celebration, lunch served with a traditional menu includes lamb, fish, lots of vegetables, curry and sweets. The richness of this ritual ceremonial wedding is complemented by rich and colorful costumes of the couple. Each separately Full of symbolism, music, and beauty a wedding under the Hindu religion involves three days of celebrations that are intended to teach the couple's experiences and lessons necessary for married life. During the activity, a mehndi is preformed a tradition devoted to decorate and enhance the beauty of the bride. Is the art of beautifying the extremities of the bride with henna paintings. Later, he will find it for good luck. After all guests must entertain the couple, and they dance or play a game. Hindu weding

Hindu wedding

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Hindu Wedding

Transcript: Widows -technically outlawed - If they are arranged, there had to have been consent from the bride and groom - child weddings are illegal *** there have been cases where it still holds true- slow changes*** Strict rules on marrying within caste. Can have serious repercussions if you marry out side of your caste. Brahmins- Priests Khsatriyas- Warriors Vaishyas- Merchants/ Land owners Shudras- Servants Untouchables- cobblers, street sweeper, latrine cleaners - burden -live together -dress in white saris - joyless life - to remarry is looked down upon Stage in Life: Once the male has found a job they will then think of marriage Religious Connection? North: - Big procession and garland exchange -Hiding of the grooms shoes for money South: - Morning of the big day, groom throws a fit saying that he does not want to marry and wants to take up sainthood. Bride's father/ brother tries to convince him to go through with the marriage. 1. Grooms arrival 2. Brought to a decorated alter - offered sweets, food and drink 3. Grooms family gives bride jewerly and gifts - marks her as a married women 4.Kanyadaan- giving away of the bride 5. Sacred fire is lit- vows are made 6.Sacred Thread ( mangalsutram/Thali) - tied 3 times 7. Climbing over the rock together 8. Walk around the fire 4 times 9. Circling the fire 7 times- clockwise 10. 7 steps together 11. Blessings from the family 3 hours long- not including many other smaller rituals before and after Held in brides home Done around a fire (Agni Homam) Agni- fire god- considered the main witness to the marriage - Duty -Fulfilling life stage - prayers made throughout the ceremony - Bride: Prays to the goddess Parvathi - Groom: Prays to the elephant headed Indian Deity Ganesha Important Ceremonies Arranged Marriages The Ceremony Caste System Hindu Wedding North and South

Hindu Wedding

Transcript: By: Sussy Ceja & Jesus Baca Similarities Marriage Rolls Ceremony (Wedding Rituals) Marriage Functions (8 Types of Marriages) -Saptapadi – is the most important ritual -The typical Hindu wedding can last about a week. american can be short like 15 min. 1. Brahma marriage - The Brahma marriage is the marriage of one's daughter, after decking her with costly garments and with presents of jewels, to a man of good conduct learned in the Vedas, and invited by oneself. 2. Daiva marriage - The Daiva rite is the marriage of one's daughter, decked with ornaments to a priest who duly officiates at a religious ceremony, during the course of its performance. 3. Arsha marriage - Arsha marriage is when the father gives away his daughter, after receiving from the bridegroom a cow and a bull or two pairs of either as bride price. 4. Prajapatya marriage - Prajapatya is when a girl's father gives her in marriage to the bridegroom, treating him with respect, and addresses them: 'May both of you perform together your duties'. 5. Gandharva marriage - The voluntary union of a maiden and her lover which springs from sexual desire is called Gandharva marriage. 6. Asura marriage - Asura marriage is when the bridegroom receives a maiden, after having given of his own free will as much wealth as he can afford, to the bride and her kinsmen. 7. Rakshasa marriage - Rakshasa marriage is the marriage of a maiden involving her forcible abduction from her home after her kinsmen have been slain or wounded. 8. Paishacha marriage - When a man by stealth seduces a girl who is sleeping, intoxicated, or mentally challenged, it is called Paishacha marriage. This is condemned in the Manusmriti as a base and sinful ac they are to uphold their family name by remaining truthful and faithful this are some common duties and obligations: 1. participate in the creation of progeny 2. look after each other through thick and thin. Hindu Marriages 1. when married the christian bride (and husband) will wear a ring to show her marriage, in Hinduism the woman usually places a small red circle on her forehead to show her marriage. 2. the father of the bride believes that they are no longer the responsibility of their child but hand over that responsibility to the husband, this is common in both religions. 3. and finally both religion vow to the partner that they will stay faithful - In India, a wedding is a chance to show off the wealth and hospitality of the bride’s family. The father of the bride will often invite as many people as he possibly can afford. Americans usually only reserve wedding invitations for close family and friends -Kanyadaan – the giving away of daughter by the father differences -Panigrahana – a ritual in presence of fire, where the groom takes the bride's hand as a sign of their union

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