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High Level Presentation Template

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High-Level Execution

Transcript: High-Level Execution PRDL (Purchaser's Reference Document List) in order to keep everything in order form customer side SPRS (Supplier Product Review Status) similar document for suppliers Wait for customer response usually 2-3 revisions/cycle before final approval SAME STEPS ARE DONE FOR PROCEDURES Once procedures and drawings are approved, suppliers start the manufacturing process continue to monitor progress, sending updates and pictures as necessary Marketing/Networking Efforts If no Purchase Order hold off on finding any suppliers keep customer updated, checking in every once in a while periodically (every 6 weeks) check in to see if customer would like to continue doing business, discuss SCW Commerce send RFQ (Request for Quotation) package goes to different suppliers in order to stay competitive sometimes the same products will be ordered, but will have different tags and/or colors review RFQ Hold Effort Delivery Method our usual suppliers include: Gujurat Otofilt, Realtech Industries if they are not approved, send out a template to gather all information it is imperative to do background research on these new companies, including marketing research, to find reliable suppliers for future business Supplier Add-on Template (shown in next slide) allows suppliers to add their information for us to keep on file ask for AS MUCH information as possible *SHOULD NOT TAKE LONGER THAN 2 WEEKS* Send to Suitable Suppliers Quote Purchase Order Follow Up End SHOULD NOT BE LONGER THAN 2 WEEKS Recieve quote back from supplier review carefully, checking for accuracy Make sure they are quoting what we are asking for Quantity, material, expected time for delivery Add our mark-up to price, making it an SCW Commerce quote After checking for accuracy, submit SCWC quote back to customer continue to follow up with both supplier and customer during this period submit GAD (General Arraignment Drawing) send PO acknowledgment to customer Issue PO to supplier check for correct customer, quantity, address have terms and conditions sent to suppliers as well Once PO acknowledgment is sent back from supplier, set up tracking calendar set reminders to make sure suppliers are on schedule with their order **some customers have expectations of how frequently they are updated on status (check PO)** wait for supplier to submit formal drawing review drawings for accuracy, then submit to end customers for their approval Pre-Manufacturing Process start finalizing delivery methods check PO to confirm delivery with INCO terms set already certain suppliers work with freight forwarders (check to confirm) send tracking information to customer in order for them to check on order status as well set up means to receive payment check to make sure there are no liquidated damages to subtract continue communicating with customers to find what they are looking for, whether it be material type, delivery date, etc make sure to have multiple, suitable suppliers readily available to communicate customer needs with continue discussing with customer, understanding what they want, giving them different options (of suppliers) research the market in order to find new suppliers that can fill customer's needs

High Level

Transcript: Distinctions ONLY NEED TO SHOW MOTIVATING FACTOR! 1. The totality of the circumstances surrounding my employment at TXU companies is part of the evidence 2. You have not covered the majority of my work at TXU, my time as a contractor has not been covered 3. In the entirety of my time at TXU I was never written up or evaluated poorly -- quite the opposite 1. replaced by 2 people 2. given a $50k raise ($25/hr) 3. manager requested KForce give me a bonus 4. asked back 3 times 5. offered job multiple times (Natalie, Linda) 4. Model corporate citizen, even more so as an employee 1. Like Family poster 2. Various PR events - Mayor, 4 Seasons 3. United Way chair 4. WR Marathon Relay 5. Meals on Wheels 5. Aug 30 - Sunday phone call changed everything - sealed my doom 1. Jim Grant was my superior or customer the entire time (100% influence!) 6. Sept 1 - Abusive meeting - went to HR - truly scared 1. Led to a meeting where a PIP was waved "be careful or you'll find yourself under one of these" 7. Jan 2010 - Workload increased dramatically 1. Bury alive comments from Lisa - Overload to make me resign 2. Over 40 hours per month of additional work 3. Feb made to take a vacation day to take son to doctor, offered to make up time and told no, Wang continues to remove ability to perfrom caregiver duties 9. Mid-April - Second abusive meeting by Jim Grant 1. Had a choice - go to HR or leave dept - felt had no other choice 2. April 20 - Tell Wang applying for another position 3. April 22 - Wang retaliates by starting process for PIP 4. PIP shuts down opportunities to leave dept (retaliation, pretext) 10. Documented EVERYTHING - HR turned a blind eye 1. With Carrie Kirby - "Shit Happens" alone should have warranted an investigation 2. During the Appeal - understood discrimination, retaliation, harassment and made HR aware - blind eye again 3. Simply told "no comparator" by Brian Hinton and dismissed 4. Grant had influence entire time, also during PIP 5. Good reviews, no indication of performance issues putting me on the edge of a PIP HUGE AMOUNT OF CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE CAN'T COVER IT ALL 1. What to do if they ask about May 10 email and specifics? Questions for Bill Important things to get in 1. FLOORED to get a PIP for performance reasons, Performance was never an issue!! There is no proof that performance was an issue, it was ALL MADE UP after I told Wang I was going to leave!! 2. Continually bring up - HE DIDN'T TREAT MEN LIKE THIS 1. The "totality of my employment" is evidence 2. "They will bury you alive, dig you back up and bury you again" comment from Lisa in Jan 2010 3. "They are trying to make you quit" comment from Lisa in Feb 2010 4. Hand in face 5. Directors meeting where Jim Grant says "Roxanne is not going to make it" Was told the first week of PIP, Directors meeting occurred just prior to PIP 6. Wang says I will not pass PIP before it is complete, schedules a meeting with HR before last meeting with me!! 7. Clarify Sunday call 8. Clarify abusive meeting 9. Marcia - you are distracting me, pleasae act normal 10. Another errata sheet? "I choose to retain all my rights applicable under law" 11. I AM PASSIONATE BECAUSE I AM SPEAKING FOR WORKING MOTHERS EVERYWHERE AND THE ISSUES THEY FACE EVERY DAY What evidence do you have?

High Level Pay for High Level HR

Transcript: HR executives feel a global responsibility for all human resources functions and internal communications. Responsible for the strategic planning of the human resource function-including recruitment, training, organizational development, compensation and employee relations A look into how Human Resource experts are becoming the heart and soul of the people side of business The increasing challenge of the people side of business is the reason Human Resource experts have become such an integral part of every company! What Does All This Mean? Global Out Reach: A MUST! HR EXECUTIVES PAY In retail, customer satisfaction and retention are directly tied to maximizing business growth opportunities HR Executive Business Strategy with their HR department, they are strategically planning how to gain our loyalty Airlines are becoming one of leading industries to reward their HR exectutives with high pay. In manufacturing, issues relating to labor relations and workforce per-capita cost are critical to operational success Financial Services and Transportation Financial Services Retail industry - This means HR experts are one of the fastest growing occupations with the highest potential pay HR Executives are maximizing business growth through customer satisfaction and retention Manufacturing Industry Because the role has expanded the required pay for the top experts has increased faster then anyone could have expected "Looking at the changes in business today, there's no question that human capital is the true differentiator for organizations" -Beth Sexton, senior vice president of human resources at IKON Office Solutions High-pay for High-Level HR COMPANIES ARE TRYING TO REACH US! Attracting and retaining workers with key specialized skill sets, along with labor relations and rightsizing challenges-are key to business strategy. The importance of Human Resources has led to many new companies sprouting up to help your business become successfull. - HR is playing an increasing role in Retail and Manufacturing because of the global outreach of each industry. SHOW ME THE MONEY! high-pay potential because of the strategies used to attract new clients and keep old customers. With people and goods being transferred from point A to point B, HR Executives from transportation companies have relied on HR executives to continue the growth of their relationships with customers and clients. The people side of the business is one of the biggest and fastest growing parts of a company Transportation by; Joe Vocino HRMagazine HR executives from financial services have grown exponentially with the amount of global business being done everyday HR Executives attention to Labor relations and per-capita costs are essential duties. HR: An extension of the Company "The role of HR director is defined as being responsible for the strategic planning of the human resource function-including recruitment, training, organizational development, compensation and employee relations" - Joe Vocino

High Level Plan

Transcript: The system will be in all patient care areas of the hospital including to the patient portal, labs, radiology and physician office. The EHR will be used by all clinical disciplines and ancillary staff including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, housekeeping personel and administrative staff The scope of this EHR project will include the following applications: - -CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) -Clinical documentation -Clinical messaging -Results reporting -Clinical decision support -Claim Scrubbers Bulk scan rest: Retrievable subcategories Consults Imaging/Diagnostic Tests Lab/Micro Progress Notes Physical Exams Alternative Solutions Create Office Champions (Physician, RN, etc.) Incorporate the EHR Vendor On-site Training and Support Create Office Superusers Migration: Project Scope Who? Project Manager - Group 5 Physicians RN’s and MA’s Ancillary Staff Stakeholders EHR Vendor Billing: What is the time frame for implementation? 6 - 8 months -Training Time -Migration Time -Dip in productivity When? Derek Ensign, Chris Saenz, Turab Syed, Charles Sisemseghan, Jessica White Questions? Project Charter Roll out: 6-8 month period Training: 3, 3, and 4 Pulling staff from other areas High Level Plan Risk Concerns Change Management (Resistance) Employee Buy-In Training Time Productivity Loss Who? Why? PRODUCT FEATURES The implementation will begin with a kick off meeting of all staff on Monday July, 20th 2015 at 9:00am. It is anticipated that the implementation will take 6-8months beginning July 20th 2015 and concluding with a go live on the EHR software on February 28th 2016 Project Scope Goal: Minimize all revenue management risk Current billing system to be interfaced on back end Negotiated to be tasked to vendor Massive preload started 3 months prior to go live (all pts seen last yr) Discretely scan: All billing info Clinical data 90% used: vitals, allergies, probs, meds Last 3 progress notes Who? Change Management Focus and Support Circulating Champions: Physician, RN & Admin 1st 2 months after go-live Assistance with: point-of-care coding documentation workflow management RN assigned to final sweep at time of next appt All charts to be shredded after final sweep Goal: Once in, all in-No paper after electronic! Catch up "Admin Day" for all staff every Friday First 6 months Vendor rep on site for assistance To ensure Meaningful Stage 1 and 2 Increase efficiency Reduce errors Financial Penalties Keep up with everyone else Implementing an EHR for a 10 Physician Clinic Who? Areas of Focus Achieve Complete Buy-In Staff Experienced in EHR Implementation Ensure Proper Training and Support Reduced Productivity Mitigation

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