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Transcript: 1) Ginseng dry extract Ginseng 2) nigella sativa seeds Nigella sativa Ginseng&Nigella Thank you Formula 4 (ginseng and nigella) Information on any standardized extract Nigella sativa Black seed Nigella seed extract (4:1) standardized to contain 5% thymoquinone used in dose of 50-57 mg in the form of capsules Also available in the form of oil, creams, gels and lotion Medical use Mode of action Difference between Adaptogens and CNS stimulants Long term used causes ginseng abuse syndrome CNS excitation Nervousness Insomnia Elevated blood pressure Active constituent Mode of action Adaptogen Immunostimulant Tonic Respiratory problems Nutritional supplement Source Side effects Seeds is the part used Plants which increase the ability of the organism to adapt to different stressors, balance the immune system, increase performance and vitality and accelerate convalescence. -Explaining the effect of adaptogens is difficult as they influence each individual differently. Combinations Information on any standardized extract Golden root Gotu kola Cat’s claw Astragalus Shizandra Names Part used Active constituent Medical use Mode of action Side effects Information on any standardized extract Nigella is very rich in sugars, all essential amino acids minerals and vitamins Root is the part used Daily dose is 1-2 gm crude drug or 200 mg of a concentrated aqueous extract standardized to contain 4% ginsenosides in the form of infusion ,capsules or extract Adaptogen Immunostimulant Tonic Hypoglycemic Name Active constituent Egyptian market Name Triterpenoid saponin glycosides (ginsenoside = panaxosides) Polysaccharide glycans (panaxans) Adaptogens Side effects Omega 3 and omega 6 are necessary for forming prostaglandins which strengthen the immune system and prevent infection Raises interferon production Increases cells of the immune system Properties of adaptogens: Content Medical use In stimulants, the level of performance reaches its maximum followed by a corresponding decrease below the average level of performance with a feeling of exhaustion. Adaptogens are non-specific in action i.e. they increase resistance of the body to a broad spectrum of harmful factors (physical, chemical, biological…) Adaptogens have a normalizing effect on the body i.e. tone down by hyper functioning systems and strengthen hypo functioning systems - Ginseng ginseng+Nigella+bran Baraka Nigella Nigellar nigella Ginsaco nigella+ginseng Part used Herbal lab Essential (volatile) oils: Thymoquinone fixed (fatty) oils: Omega 3 Omega 6 CONTACT DERMATITIS KIDNEY OR LIVER DAMAGE Ginsenosides increase corticosteroids which enhance adaptogenic effect Ginseng augment adrenal synthesis of corticosteroids which play a significant role in the adaptation capabilities of the body to stress Panax ginseng Traditional Chinese herb Part used


Transcript: No, it will not harm the environment Herbal Soap Materials: We can get lots of herbs from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon) and Bangladesh, and we also need clay that can be found in Bangladesh. Some herbs found in the Middle East are: .Jasmine .Olive oil .Laurel .Papaya .Lemon .Camo mile Bangladesh: .Pineapple .Jack fruit .Mango Our Factory will be in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Bangladesh , because the workers wages here are reasonable. Economic Sector: We will make sure that the people who make the herbs are getting paid fairly. It will be fair trade We are taking advantage of globalization, by trading. There are a lot of herbs in other countries that we can use to make our soaps, so we will trade to get them. Herbs Our Product Herbal Soap Products World's #1 Soap Herbal Soap The owners will be us and our headquarters will be in Bangladesh, Dhaka We will only use natural resources, and our packaging will be made out of recycled paper. We will not use any harmful chemicals. . Our Headquarters will be in Dhaka and our employees will be local people, because in Dhaka there are a lot of people, so a lot of people will know about it. We place our product in the secondary sector, because we are making a product. Will it harm the environment? Owners: . Herbal Soap The people who are going to benefit from the profits is the worker. They will get most of the money, for the for what they have sold. Countries to be made in Herbal Soap Herbal Soap Environment What is it? Information Materials Information


Transcript: 1.ampalaya 2.akapulko 3.bawang 4.bayabas 5.lagundi 6.niyog- niyogan Example of herbal medicine Since then the Philippine department of health(DOH)trough its traditional health program has endorsed 10 medicinal plants to be used as herbal medicine in the Philippines due to its health benefits. Traditional medicine has been practice since ancient times in every culture through out the world and has been an integral part of human evolution and development. The president Fidel V. Ramos appreciated the importance the importance of the traditional herbal medicine program and sign in to law republic act 8423 (R.A.8423). 4.bayabas-a Philippine herbal medicine used as antiseptic,anti inflammatory anti spasmodic,antioxidant hepatoprotective anti-allergy,antimicrobial,anti cough,anti diabetic and anti genotoxic in folkloric medicine. In recognition of the deep seated practice of traditional medicine as an alternative modality for treating and preventing diseases in the Philippines 2.akapulko-a medicinal plant called"ringworn bush or scrub"and "akapulko "in English.this Philippine herbal medicine is used to treat tinea infections,insect bytes,ringworms,eczema scabies and itchiness. Herbal Herbal The evolution of the Philippine traditional medicine is an interesting study that is influenced by religion mysticism magic,superstition,folkloric herbalism and western medicine. 3.Bawang-common name in English is"garlic".bawang is used in Philippine herbal medicine to treat infection with antibacterial,noninflammatory,anti cancer and anti-hypertensive properties .it is widely used to redused cholesterol level in blood. This give to the creation of the Philippine institute of traditional and alternative health care(PITAHC). 1. ampalaya-as medicinal plant called "or" bitter gourd "in English.this Philippine herbal medicine has be found to be effective in the treatment of diabetes (diabetes mellitus)hemofroids The department of health (DOH) trough its former secretary Juan M. flavier launched the traditional medicine program in 1992.this program aims to promote an effective and safe use traditional medicine. 5.lagundi-known as leaved chaste tree in English is used in Philippine herbal medicine to treat cough colds and is also used as a relief for asthma pharyngitis,rheumatism,dyspepsia boils,and diarrhea. 7.niyog-niyogan-is a vine known as "chinese honey suckle".this Philippine herbal medicine used to eliminate intestinal parasites.

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Herbal-Herbal interaction

Transcript: Interaction between constituents: ليئارسا ةنوتيز ةفصو constituants: Side effect: We get data from ten herbal suppliers about many herbal combination also, we get data about some herbal tea bags then we investigated the interaction among their constituents. Herbs are medicinal plants "Phytomedicinals". That can be administered as the whole plant or plant parts or by extracting one or more ingredients with solvents to yield tinctures,tea or other extracts. constituents: step 3 نيفارب تيز،نوتيز تيز،جلمألا ةبشع، سألا ةبشع نبللا راردا ةدايز : سوسقرعلا نبللا راردا للقت: ةيرمرملا نوراسا،ليئارسا نوتيز Constituents : purified senna extract and peppermint oil. Uses: laxative and antispasmodic Side effects : GIT upset may occur Interactions: interact with digitalis Uses: Bronchicum syrup لحنلا تاكلم ءاذغ،لخنلا علط،حاقل بوبح،جنسنج ضيبا لسع Step 1 Herbal drugs are considered less potent than prescribed medicines. The latter usually contain one highly concentrated active ingredient, while herbs may have several active ingredients that are chemically similar. Herbal ingredients work synergistically to contribute to,or detract from the therapeutic effect of each individual ingredient. Herbal tea bags Introduction Uses: constituents: constituents: ةينوزخملا ةمعانلا ةفصو Side effect: جنوباب،شوقدرب،ةيرمرم No side effects ةعانملا ةيوقتل Senna laxative روذبلا ةفصو لبجلا علطةفصو We collected data from pharmaceutical combinations and also investigated if they have adverse interaction or not. ىلكلا تاوصح First one : they cancel the effect of each other Second one : they enhance the action of each other Third one : there action becomes harmful together So that , the herbal supplier is not a trusted source for such combination , and the pharmacist is the one we should ask , beside that , the pharmacist always should update and improve his herbal knowledge. Constituent : Halfabar extract Uses : acts as an efficient preparation for expulsion of uretic calculi (for urinary tract ). Adverse effects : rarely nausea may occur. Interactions : don’t use with kidney failure patients. The half bar has diuretic effect ,so it can‎’t be used in combination with herbs as valerian and liquorice because they have anti diuretic effect. No side effect primrose tablet Aim of the project Mentholax No side effect ىبصعلا نولوقلا ةفصو Conclusion Step 4 Uses: constituents: No side effects Side effect: Uses: Uses: ىلكلا حالمأ جالعل Constituent: extract of Echinacae purpurea Uses : dietary substance to improve natural body immunity. Adverse effects : Health risks companies: Lipton ,Root ,Isis , Royal , Sekem. رعشلا طقاستل Main constituent : thyme extract. Uses : cough sedative. Side effects : hypersensitivity , affects the blood pressure and abdominal pain. Interaction : no interaction. We gathered information about many herbs that have interactions with each other. No side effect Uses: Herbal-Herbal interaction in herbal combinations and pharmaceutical products. ىبصعلا نولوقلا جالعل Balsam سوسقرع،ىصح نومك،ةكربلا ةبح،ةيرمرم،رمش،تبش روذب،ىصح ةربزك سألا ةفصو Main constituents : calcium sennosides (A and B) and inactive constituents , calcium , streate , ethyl alcohol Uses: act as laxative which peroxides colon specific action which is gentle effective Adverse effect : Abdominal discovery and mild cramps . These drug interaction are possible but don’t always occur Sennoside A and B are compatible with wide variety of powdered excipient with no interaction Immunvita constituents: Ginseng tablets Constituents : Thyme leaves, Guava leaves, Tilia flowers and Fennel oil . Uses:treatment of cough. Interaction: may interact with aspirin , warfaren. Side effect: Mebo ointment Proximal Main constituent : Ginseng root . Uses : anti-stress , immune system modulation and CNS stimulant . Side effects : agitation , diarrhea , headache , Nervousness and sleeping troubles. Interaction : interact with dill causing hypotension and with ephedra they cancel the effect of each other. نولوقلا جالعل Examples: To know and improve the awareness that two herbs or more can interact with each other then we have one of these effects : synergistic effect antagonistic effect so that we should be aware of what we are prescribe , dispense or use , as well as working on spreading the awareness about Herbal-Herbal interaction. Side effect: ليبزنج و ةفرق- ىاش و نوميل عانعن و رتعز نوميل و نوسني We collected data from audiences and analyzed them in statistics. سنودقبلا دوجول ةعاضرلا ءانثأ نبللا فافج مدلا ىف ركسلا ىوتسم للقت :ةربزكلا مدلا ىف ركسلا ىوتسم للقت :ةكربلا ةبح we have concluded that each herb has it's own action that we could get benefit from it , on the other hand , if two herbs are combined together there's a possibility to be in danger , as there is 3 possible actions for the combination :- Side effect: Main constituents : primrose oil. Uses: in pregnant for high blood pressure , shortening labor and preventing late delivery _ for premenstrual symptoms and breast pain Adverse effect :

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