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Helping Hands Powerpoint Template

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Helping Hands

Transcript: -Implement more programs -Offer help to more people -Provide education opportunities and funds The Beginning Lunch Nook Staff & "Show those who join us that we care for them" OR The only paid worker is Helen How YOU can Help The volunteers do jobs such as: -Serve coffee -Clean -Socialize -Sort clothes "We have gone from the crazy Jesus lady with lots of clothes..that now provides social support, and connections to needed community services.." What would you do with the Grant? Barton Barber -Peer group for women in the sex trade -Encourages women to take steps to a better life -Talk about their journeys, and offer support Barton Cafe -Once a month people can come in and eat a meal -Time together to talk and relax -Free coffee for locals -Offers evenings of local art, music, and conversation Other than that, local churches and organizations donate money to the charity All the others are volunteers to different programs -Free haircuts from 9:30-2:30 for anyone in need of one Fund-raising A Place for Grace -Hairdressers volunteering their time to help out -Helen Norris is the founder of the organization -Began with donated money worth only 4 months of rent -With no volunteers, the charity began by giving out free things to the less fortunate Mama's Place The grant could help more than 300 people per week -Men's group to build relationships and community -Talk about their life and struggles Once a year in March they host a Gala fundraiser which is most their funding Donate your Shoppers Drugmart Optimum Points to the charity to purchase hygiene items Jimmy's Place Programs Donate your used items -Men's and women's clothing, shoes -Blankets, pillows, sheets -Curtains, towels, cloths -Gives women the opportunity to talk freely and openly "We open up our lives and can become part of theirs" -Gather like family for snacks and drinks "Everyone has a voice and a place" This charity is not funded by government Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Transcript: Helping Hands Special Events brought in $37,300 Major Gifts Major gift considered to be $1000 and higher. Annual Campaign Keeping in touch with Major Donors Mailings Easter September Christmas Send e-mails to Generation X and Y Donors Annual Banquet Sent out just over 2000 invitations 750 people came cost $45 to attend raffle tickes with numerous prizes raised $25,000 Capital Projects Annual Goals $150,000 Each Year Roughly $30,000 from mailings 37,000 from annual events $82,000 continual and increased donations Special Events Mailings Include Basic Info. about Helping Hands Programs Offered Building Project Graduated Giving Info. Raising $30,000 to expand our current building Through expansion more education will be provided more meals and other services can be rendered Methods Lead gift - $6,000 Investor - $3,000 Sustainer - $1,500 Supporter - $750 Increase Donor Run In My Shoes 5k Run $25 fee or fundraise 232 people ran Raised $12,300 from event Giving Recognition! First Time Donor Annual Events 5K Run Banquet Renewed Donor Donor Development Visit Tour Prompt Thank You's Personal Stories about our success Newsletter Annual Report Personal Calls Mission: Helping Hands is committed to empowering the afflicted and powerless by providing resouces to strengthen our community. Who are we specifically looking at for donations What are we highlighting? How much are we asking for each donor to make? The money donated will go towards? Major Gift Donors will get: Wall Plaque Mentioned During Major Events Promotion in Pamphlets/articles Donor Base

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