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Transcript: Helicopter Advancements Nicolas Florine Sikorsky paved the way for mass helicopter production. By the end of WWII he had produced over 400 helicopters. First Helicopter First flight occured in 1907. Paul Cornu developed and tested the helicopter Helicopter innovation and production was stimulated by WWII and the need for another dimension in war Paul Cornu's helicopter that he developed had two counter rotating rotors that were driven by a 24 horsepower engine Sikorsky Individuals His company, Sikorsky Aircraft, still produces many helicopters today A major advancement that made the helicopters possible was the engine. When Paul Cornu developed the first helicopter he had to have an engine to turn the blades Florine The Germans were the first to use them in WWII and they used them for medical evacuation, transport, and observation The helicopter achieved a height of one foot and stayed aloft for 20 seconds developed first helicopter that would be mass produced for the U.S. armed forces Developed the first helicopter for civilian use called the Bell 47 Time Period Date of Achievement "Tarhe" Sikorsky S-65 Future Achivements Sikorsky S-64 "Black Hawk" Sikorsky MH-53 Igor Sikorsky built the first twin tandem engine that achieved free flight "Super Stallion" D'Ascanio Corradino D'Ascanio built and tested the first coaxial helicopter It is the first free flight with a helicopter recorded Sikorsky S-70 "Pavelow" They have designed and built many military helicopters including... Bell Aircraft


Transcript: The helicopter of today Helicopter The name Helicopter came from the words helico which meant spiraling and the word pter meaning wings. The man that invented the first helicopter was Igor Sikorsky George de Bothezat a Russian engineer was the first to fly a helicopter successfully for 90 seconds in Dayton in Ohio 1922. The flight was also the first successful flight sponsored by the U.S. Army since then helicopter flight has not only helped our country in war but also helped the people who live in it First Helicopter Why was the helicopter invented? Helicopters in Korean War During the Korean war helicopters lowered the death rate because it was used as a aerial ambulance which caused a great push in war compared to the previous year. After the Korean war the Helicopter was designed to carry 45 soldiers or almost 100 civilians. After this improvement the Helicopter began being not only for saving people and transportation but as well as a gunship, aerial assault, and command centers Since man first made air transportation it has majorly improved from it taking days to get place to place to now where it only takes a few hours to do so, helicopters have been a major step toward the creation of transportation through the air Helicopters in war Template by Missing Link Images from Free flight The helicopter was created because it was smaller than a plane which gave it the ability to land where airplanes couldn't. Another the helicopter was invented was to serve a similar purpose as the plane which was to find the fastest way to get places


Transcript: Paul Cornu's helicopter in 1907 helico Introduction History First Flights Development Design features Use and application Introduction Anti-torque features Leishman, G.J. (2006) Principles of Helicopter Aerodynamics. 2nd edn. New York: Cambridge University Press Early Design “Aerial screw” created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1480s spiral Thank you for listening! A helicopter is a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by rotors. Igor Sikorsky: the father of helicopter Turboshaft : A form of gas turbine which produces shaft power. gas turbine engine pter The rotor system, or more simply rotor, is the rotating part of a helicopter that generates lift. wings References Rotor system Chinese bamboo flying toy in around 400BC Transportation of people and cargo Military uses Fire-fighting Search and rescue Tourism Agriculture The Development And Application Of Helicopters Yunkai Wang (Kevin) The University of Manchester PS10b Group 14 Tutor: Wendy 2015 Igor Sikorsky in the VS-300 at the end of 1941 Engines History Aircraft engine Treager, I.E (1996) Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology. 3rd edn. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies turbojet turbofan turboprop turboshaft propfan Use a small tail rotor to counter the torque effect. Design features Overview Development Use and application A turbine engine used in the Mi-2 helicopter piston engine Any questions? First Flights coined by a French writer Ponton in 1861 main rotor Origin of the name ambulance helicopter tail rotor

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