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Transcript: Gritty Brodey Johnson Avid/CORE PER 7 May 9 Interviewing my mom researching on WhistlinDiesel Date 1 WhistlinDiesel WhistlinDiesel Who is he? WhistlinDiesel is a guy actually named cody he has a lot of money and dose not know what to do with it so he spends it "We're just gonna see what [the Hilux is like] after a normal day on the farm, normal driving conditions, what a normal person would do… averagely… over the course of 25 years, in one day. No crazy tests, just averageness." Grity He was wrecking things too fast and not a lot of people knew of him so he started wrecking things that people really liked and he used his haters to make more money. How he became famous Other approaches He became famous for buying nice things and wrecking them. Mom Aka Cory Cory I asked her some questions and these are her responses What is one long-term goal (personal or professional) you have/have had? When I was younger I wanted to help animals. Have you ever failed along the way while trying to achieve this goal? What obstacles stood in the way of achieving your goal? been able to help lots of animals. Life, money and working got in the way of that goal. Did you ever think of giving up? What made you persevere? I don’t help a lot of animals but I have been able to have 2 dogs that are living their best life with my family. I am most proud of my love for my step-son Brodey. When I first came into this life it was hard but made me feel a part of his life. He has become like my own child and I’m so proud of that. What accomplishment are you most proud of? Why? When faced with hard times and choices my advice is pray on it, keep going and power through. Life is hard but you can always find good and reason to keep going for your dreams. What piece of advice would you give me about failure/goals/grit? Why I thinks shes Gritty She worked her way from being a vet to a person that runs a office


Transcript: #GrittyintheCity The Avengers-EMBA 19 Campaign Challenge Improve overall fan attendance and awareness for Flyers "Soften" the Gritty brand to improve children interaction Enhance family experience for game attendance Improve posting on game day and post game to promote single game attendance Develop the next generation of Flyers fans What is the campaign goal? Target Audience Parents of children aged 8 to 14 years old Disposable income Located within 50 mile radius of Philadelphia including Lehigh Valley, Delaware, and South Jersey Target Audience Where Gritty is from He was born and raised in Philadelphia with dreams of playing hockey....and growing a beard Who Gritty is: He loves everyone, wants everyone to be included, and have fun He LOVES the Flyers and wants everyone to LOVE the Flyers too! He eats a lot of carrots...that's why he's orange Gritty's Story Storyline Social Media posts of Gritty learning about the city that is kid friendly and educational This will teach kids about the Delaware Valley (Flyers Market) and learning about the history ala Dora The Explorer This will provide family friendly content that will also promote the Flyers and Gritty It's a Gritty City and we just live in it Gritty's World Instagram and Twitter #GrittyintheCity: share photos of him in the community #Grittygang: people sharing photos of themselves as Gritty or Gritty apparel/merchandise Will also have a fan club page with special ticket offers, merchandise, meet and greet with Gritty and Flyers Instagram Specific A "Gritty Filter" that your kids/family take selfies to have posted on the Jumbotron Social Media Campaign Social Media Platforms


Transcript: Michael and Michael J. Period 8, Avid 5/9/22 Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963. He's also a famous NBA player Quote Quotes "I can't help failure, everyone fails at something." "Stop it get some help." "Once you leave the ground, you fly. Some people fly longer than others." Why I think he's gritty Why I think he's Gritty. Michael Jordan's determination and struggle displayed a lot of grit. His goals were set high and he was really determined to reach them. He even got cut out of his high school basketball team. And still continued to try. Interview Questions with Demarcus Bartholomew Interview Demarcus Bartholomew's long term goal was to earn a college degree. Something that got in the way of Demarcus goal was lack of motivation. How he had more motivation to persevere...? My parents were yelling at him. And I guess that gave Demarcus some motivation More interview questions Interview Questions Something that he's proud of is that he actually accomplished his goal and got a college degree. He said said some advice he would give you is actually go to class, and work hard. My own questions: How has failure helped you? He said failure has helped him because when he failed my parents got mad at him and that somehow gave him motivation. More interview questions More interview questions My own questions: If you stopped how different would you be now? Demarcus Bartholomew said if he didn't have any motivation he'd probably be working at McDonald's. What does grit mean to you? Courage and Resolve.

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