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Hannah and Grey

Transcript: Hannah and Grey (A parody of Hansel and Gretel) Call to adventure Call to adventure Hannah and Grey Leder are brother and sister They live in San Diego California. Hannah and Grey are privileged. They have a big house with a pool and payed off cars Lived with their mother for 18 whole years They are also jobless. What the hero wants What the hero wants Their neurosurgeon mother, Dr. Leder, kicks them both out of their home and forces them to get a job. They have no money No food in their stomachs Need a house or apartment Crossing the first threshold Crossing the first threshold Hannah and Grey apply for a janitorial job in Los Angeles at a public middle school The siblings see the principle- principle Jefferson- give a swirly to a kid with red glasses They find out that the principle is the cause for many missing children While investigating, they fall into another dimension where cleaning supplies are mysterious creatures Challenges Challenges Hannah and Grey follow a trail of paper towels to various bizarre locations They need to fight off Bleach Boy and Windex Warrior Killing these monsters gives them special weapons and tools Hannah and grey make friends with a flying sponge They see a slimy path of mop water leading into a cave In the cave they see a Swiffer Sweeper that looks like principle Jefferson who is holding the boy and many other children captive The revelation The revelation Hannah and Grey defeat principle Jefferson with the help of the sponge They retrieve the boy in red glasses and other kids who are stuck to a urinal cake Then use the flying sponge to escape the toilet dimension The children return to their worried parents The siblings close off the toilets permanently to prevent any more damage Transformation Transformation Hannah and Grey receive a medal of honor They become co-principles at the LA middle school Once they claim their reward for all of the missing children, they build a new school They finally buy their own houses in Beverly Hills in hopes to impress their mother Return Return They return to their mother They apologize for being irresponsible and not searching for success They converse with their mother and ask for forgiveness An amber alert sends out for two more missing children Change Change And so they go onto their next conquest The Leder siblings now fight crime against rampaged supplies They hope to get revenge for all of the missing children Through all of these trials, Hannah and Grey realize that it is important to give these children a future They don't want the kids to end up like themselves with no life or job They choose to inspire the kids to try their hardest (and not to tolerate swirlies.)

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