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Transcript: GREETING CARD Topic Definition Definition of Greeting Card A greeting card is a card with a picture and a message that you send to somebody to congratulate them on a special occasion, such us on their birthday. Purpose of Greeting Card The purpose of greeting card is to congratulate, to wish or to show sympathy for someone’s achievement. The purpose of Greeting Card Generic Stucture of Greeting Card Generic Structure of Greeting Card The Generic Structure of Greeting Card is actually depended of design form of the card, however, the important thing of the card is at least it content of some element as below: 1. Receiver To whom the greeting is sent for. Write down the name of receiver if it is needed. 2. Body The body of greeting card usually consists of interesting words added by substance as the following: Quote : these words related to the activity. Picture : the greeting is inserted with interesting picture. Expression : using Congratulation Expression or Sympathy Expression. 3. Sender It is better to write down the sender of the greeting card. Part of Greeting Card Parts of Greeting card 1. Front : The cover or front of the card may only be an image, text, or a combination of text and image. 2. Inside message : Some greeting card are blank inside. You can write your own message. 3. Back : When making your own greeting cards, you might want to include your name and date, a personal stamp, or a logo. You can also leave it empty. Expressions of Greeting Card Congratulations on your newly born baby! Happy Birthday! Congratulation on your wedding! Happy New Year! Happy Lebaran Day! Happy Iedul Fitr! Merry Christmas! May all your dreams come true! Best wishes for you! Etc. Expression of Greeting Card There are some Expressions can be used in greeting card, such as: Examples of Greeting Cards 1. What is the greeting card about? 2. To whom do you send the card? 3. Why do you send the card? 4. When do you send the card? Topic 1. What is the greeting card about? 2. To whom do you send the card? 3. Why do you send the card? 4. When do you send the card? Topic 1. What is the greeting card about? 2. To whom do you send the card? 3. Why do you send the card? 4. When do you send the card?

Greeting card

Transcript: Greeting Card E- LEARNING Miss Putri What is...? What is...? Greeting Card Lesson Plan We will be discussing Explain the social function Identify elements of text Make greeting card Present student's work Observing Congratulation !!! Elements Elements of The Text Social Function Social Function To congratulate someone To show symphathy and happiness Structure Structure Expression Receiver Body Sender Language Feature Language Feature Greeting expressions: Happy Birthday, Happy Teacher's Day, Merry Christmas, Congratulations, our deep sympathy, sorry for your loss, dan lain-lain Wishing words/sentences: Wish you all the best, hope you get good scores, good luck, get well soon,etc Salutation: Sincerely, love, hug and kiss, your best friend, regards, etc Pronouns: I, my, me, mine, you, your, yours, we, our, us, ours, etc Group Work Student's Work Part 1 Part 1 Identify your Greeting Card that you find out before! Who is the sender and the receiver? What is the social function of the text? Is there any kinds of expression in your text? If yes, please mention it! Why did the sender write greeting card to the receiver? What is the relationship between the sender and receiver? Part 2 Part 2 Make the outline of greeting card and present it in front of your friends! Who is the receiver? Why you send the greeting card? Who is the sender What’s Next What’s Next? Your Project! Your Project! Develop your outline that you made before into a greeting card. After that, present your work in a video recording. Good Luck Next Lesson Next Lesson Personal Letter

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